355: Let someone walk you to your artistic dreams (w/ Piper Talladay)


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Piper Talladay is a contemporary realist painter currently residing in Tacoma, Washington, but working with clients across the United States. Her work is centered around equine portraiture, rendered in oil.

In addition to her own work, Piper is head instructor at Evolve Artist, an online academy that trains students around the world in traditional oil painting.

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In this episode, Piper discusses:

-The limiting belief that she could not grow up to be a working artist.

-The differences between The Evolve Artist Program and traditional art schools.

-How the technical mastery is missing from most art colleges and schools.

-The foundational artistic skills (and portfolio) that you need to have before applying to an art school as opposed to needing no foundational skills to start The Evolve Artist Program.

-Why she honed in on equine portraiture.

-How her art business began to grow organically.

-Her resistance of not making her personal work a priority.

-What a typical day looks like for her.

-The importance of early success and the instructor accessibility in The Evolve Artist Program.

-How instructors are actually able to watch you work.

-What she would say to anyone who is on the fence about Evolve Artist.

Piper's Final Push will encourage you to find and surround yourself with a creative community! Quotes:

“Being an artist was something that I always wanted, but I didn’t think it was possible.”

“I have a hard time painting if I know that I have unanswered e-mails.”

“When you’re becoming an artist you need someone to commit to coming alongside you and walking with you until you’re where you want to be.”

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