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This week on YFT, Brandi and Wells are once again planes crossing in the night, with Wells heading to New York to record GMA with Tyler C (how you doin’?) and Brandi on her way to LA. Later this week, they will be reunited and it will feel so good (cue music), but in the meantime they’re talking about The Oscars, Pilot Pete’s remaining women, and releasing all their complaints from the past week. Brandi and Wells discuss Peter’s love of emotionally distressed women and update their predictions for the outcome of this season, including a very interesting fan theory about a certain producer. Brandi makes a big announcement (no, she’s not pregnant) and shares how you can see her on tour this summer as she DJs her way across the country with Sam Hunt. The hosts share some least fave things from this week, including a fight with a driver about LA traffic (suh-dumb), a fake AF kale salad at Restoration Hardware (no thank you), and some weird images Wells has been receiving on Snapchat (no, not nudes). Stay tuned for next week where Your Favorite Thing will be coming to you with a special in-person LA episode. Happy Valentine’s Day, YFTers!

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