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Big in Japan
Bilingual Owarai comedians residing in Tokyo talk about what's big in Japan.
Wanna know what life in Japan is REALLY like? Everything you need (and didn't think need) to know about life in and around Tokyo with a bit of comedy sprinkled on top.
Tokyo Splosion is a bi-weekly comedy podcast from the bowels of the world's most tentacled mega city. The show's mysteries, improv bits, tall tales, and friendliness will appeal to even those with little to no interest in Tokyo or Japan.
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In this episode: Alek skateboards on a Japanese mountain and his butt gets gross, then the boys find themselves interfering with a strange government conspiracy involving tiny stink clones. Finally, Alek teaches us how to identify konbini manga porn. Special mentions: Brady Foster (@zookelow, | Intro music by clintbreeze. ...…
No official episode this time. I just wanted to say "hi" and let you all know that I am still out here and I will be back with lots more content really soon.
Potty talk and questions from our listners.
A quick and rough episode answering a few questions before I head off into the night
-The sexy history of Kabuki Theater -Getting searched by the Japanese Police -Getting adopted as an adult in Japan -Japanese Ghosts -Nick’s embarrassing story JJ’s Twitch: J2tehj2
In this shorter episode I give my breakdown of themes that repeat on Japanese TV shows, then we finish up the list of Japanese passions from the previous episode.
In this episode: Kyle returns to the physical realm from his newly completed metaphysical chrysalis bearing good news of beer foam, sad tiny food, taking it slow in Tokyo, and other stuff too. Special mentions: @KintsugiStyle, @love2chiitan, @Ant_Cleveland, @joeyjiuliani, @GaijinWota | Intro music by | Featured track: M ...…
Big in Japan Episode 13: Nick’s narccisistic updates: Nogieigo Season 2, McDonalds Japan commercial! -The new Japanese copyright infringement fiasco! -Shinkansen knife attack. -The Tokyo mindset= “Don’t be a hero!” -Shooting JAV in public.
This is a two part episode recorded over two days. You will hear me talk about my crazy schedule, a spider situation out of a horror movie, skin care in Japan, and FINALLY we get into a list related topic.
-The football incident. -AKB’s Miki Nishino. Where is she today? -Yoshimoto money -Sashihara Scandal -Shoplifters movie -Poor people in Japan
In this episode: Alek is back on his AMV shit, Kyle's effort to be nicer to Alek has extreme repercussions, and Alek espouses hateful rhetoric against bearotaurs. Ah jeez, what an ep! Special mentions: Dori (@Bigwasp80), Dead Frogs Podcast (@dead_frogs), Viddy Well (@ViddyWellBlog), Rainbow Tofu (@KitsuneTofu), and Zac (@GaijinWota). | Intro mu ...…
We got a great email from Lisa ranging from my language to homelessness, shut ins, and trash here in Japan. Her email inspired me to expand on several topics and it made for a well rounded episode in my opinion. Many thanks to her!
Big in Japan Episode:11 -What are Japanese “Chikan?” -The worst Kanji Tattoos westerners put on themselves. -The real reason Tattoos are taboo in Japan (Not because of Yakuza). -Weed and other Drugs in Japan. -The difference between Japanese high schools and American high schools. -The Radwimps “Hinomaru” fiasco.…
In this episode I explain my late podcast upload, break down some of the unexpected events that happened at the festival I attended last week, and give some insight on how living in Japan can be a headache sometimes (just ask Airbnb)
This week is all about pulling yourself up by your own butt straps, and getting out there and hitting the pavement to improve your Japanese speaking ability. You'll learn some real advice sprinkled with generous amounts of nonsense and good times. Special mentions: Super Fun Time Trivia Podcast, Hanzai Podcast and the musical stylings of @to6ok ...…
Big in Japan Episode:10 -The famous Black Samurai and the effect Gaki no Tsukai had on his carrier. Born and raised blackface. -Hyokkorihan and copyright issues in the Japanese entertainment industry. -Nogizaka 46’s Mai Shiraishi gets death threats.
The day before the annual festival I participate in I give a bit of info on what I expect I will be doing, and some other inside info on festival life in Japan.
Kyle and Alek are back together for some old fashioned ToSplo fun, including: Alek boards the ship to the eternal Grey Havens of Nagano, Ramen slurping ring of power, Dentists in Japan, Skateboarding problems, Accidental cat food reprised, More! | Intro music by | Featured track: Mystical Composer by Kikuchi Momoko (菊池桃子)…
Big in Japan Episode 9: Slave Idol Contracts -What It’s like to work as a female idol in Japan -Rola leaving her agency -Nick’s stories about meeting Rola -Stephen’s police story -Ippatsu Gags -Questions from our listeners
Half robot, half prince, all wonderful fake bit artist Robotprins joined Kyle, Zac and Sam to discuss: Getting anatomical and making music in Japan Robotprins's favorite Mega Man music Working with YMCK on their newest album, and performing with them live Chip tunes vs. fake bit Creating the signature Robotprins sound Featured Track: ミラクルグラヴィティ ...…
We finally get to the 2nd part of the historical conversation we started a few weeks ago, but before that we talk about a (very Japanese) controversy that blew up here over the past week, plus movie and article advice for your entertainment purposes.
Big in Japan Episode 8: RetroGaijin Today’s special guest is… The American Twitch master in Japan… RetroGaijin! Games, Japan life, Otaku life, Twitch talk and Japanese Brothels. Check it out on iTunes, Youtube and Libsyn.
This episode was different than originally planned (my apologies), but we went through a list of 45 unique places to visit in Tokyo, with my added commentary, over a beer.
This week Kyle, Cal and Sam talked to K-Jin from KoreanClass101 and YouTuber Megster about: K-Jin's super hardcore high school Severe discipline vs. unstructured passion Adapting to life as a foreigner in Japan, the US and Canada South and North Korea optimism More! Intro music by Special thanks: K-Jin from KoreanClass1 ...…
Big in Japan Live from Tokyo. -Yoshimotozaka 46 results. -Jero quitting the Enka world! -Tokio Yamaguchi quitting Johnny’s Check it out on, iTunes, Lisbyn and Youtube!
This is part one of an in-depth discussion about Japan's post war economy. Don't worry, I keep things fairly light-hearted, but it is filled with info that I have compiled over my stay here and I wish I knew before coming.
Kyle was joined by his pals Cal and Zac during Tokyo Splosion's all day live stream on May 3, 2018. And whatta ya know, we accidentally made a super informative episode about how to see Japan by local train, going to live music events in Japan, being thrifty to make your money go further, and more fun stuff! Special thanks to JaDan (@jadandanda ...…
Big in Japan Episode 6: Real Yakuza Stories -Japanese apartments =Norwegian prisons? -Actual Yakuza encounters -Going out with a chick who was married to the mob -Yakuza= Middle School Sopranos? -Yakuza man love baby. Check it out on iTunes, Libsyn and Youtube.
A bit of short, rambling episode covering everything from Costco's Tiramisu to boy band break ups. My apologies for the crazy episode, but we found a nice topic for the next one.
-Tokio Yamaguchi’s big ass scandal. -The dark side of Idol companies in Japan. -Japanese Sexy Yoga?! -Yoshimotozaka and NogiEigo updates!
We wrap up our corporate conversation with a few stories (good and bad), dish on Golden Week in Japan, I give a kawaii anime recommendation, and go off on a rant several usual.
This week: Put some stank on whitey, Alek thing or American thing?, curry dynamics, the Alek Lake anagram, remembering Isao Takahata, Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Miraculous Sloth Syrup. Special mentions: Sofa King Podcast (@sofakingpodcast), Tokyo Munchies (@tokyo_munchies), Screaming Metal (@millisbrent), BIG thank you to Mike Austin and his swee ...…
-Translating Hentai Manga -What it’s like to pull your wee wee out on Japanese TV. -Cheating in Japan
This time we have a full plate. I continue the discussion from the previous episode, but not before talking about everything from the diet here in Japan to pervy late night anime.
This week: Cat Stevens writes and performs an oddly uplifting song about Tipper Gore-esque censorship of our episode art, duped by canned coffee branding, How to get over the fear of mistakes when speaking a new language We get to the bottom of dog strollers in Japan So much more! Special mentions: Ice and the Face podcast, Name of God podcast, ...…
-The Sumo incident: Hey! No women in the Sumo ring! - Stephen gives us some info on the new Yoshimoto/Akimoto Yasushi collaboration. -nmb48 -The difference between Kanto and Kansai.
In this episode I share some baseball experiences I have had over here along with how Shohei Otani mania is sweeping the country, discuss how people in Japan find restaurants, and finally set up a conversation on the changes in Japan's corporate landscape.
This week: Flexin' butt and hammerin' gams at the gym, creatine keynote, driving tests in Japan, any old blanket, index finger pull the trigger game center game center game center, and more? Special mentions: Sharp - the Podcast, Super Pee Pee Time podcast, FUTURESPEAK podcast, Gareth's Random Ramblings podcast, Craig Hoffman, @millisbrent on T ...…
-Japanese shows that piss off tourists. -Why Japanese TV is fake. -Public intoxication in Japan -Japanese Pizza guys and buttholes -fetishes and crime Check it out!
This week: Genuine slurper, swastika house, Alek's coin sorting philosophy, the thing you need to find the thing the thing cannot be found, is having tattoos in Japan a big deal? And more! BIG special thanks to: Sofa King Podcast, Craig Hoffman (Grey, Grizzled, and Gaijin blog,) and @yoav85! | Intro music by | Featured ...…
We have an info packed episode where I go off on a rant about the concept of "patience" in Japan plus give some tips on picking up the culture and how helpful that can be. Later we get into an interesting sumo related situation that happened this week in Japan and how it relates to honor here.
In this quick episode I explain a bit about entering a Japanese company, explain why the episode was a bit late, and give an anecdote about an interesting person I saw on the streets of Tokyo this past week.
This week: Alek the evil hedgehog, English thirsties, the Kumagaya rugby/swimming bait and switch, shoplifting education, Ian the Aeon pencil pusher, food on sticks, the guitar mountain council, it's easier to smoke inside than outside in Japan for some reason, and oh boy so much more, guys. | Intro music by | Featured ...…
Hope you brought your can opener, because here's a nice lukewarm can of the creamiest snippets of podcast corn that we've managed to strain out from our first 30 episodes. Pry that sharp metal lid carefully, don't cut your little fingies now, and here's what you'll see: Takasaki Cats Mystery Pts. I, II & III, Dr. Jeffry, The Grossest Little Rob ...…
In this episode, Nick, Lethin, Stephen and Black Samurai introduce themselves. Then, the conversation quickly leads to the dark side of the Japanese entertainment industry and a glimpse into what Japanese comedy actually is.
This time we got into a good article and discussion about karaoke in Japan. We had tips, embarrassing stories, much more. Before that there is a bit of rant from me, so skip to minute 15 if you don't want to hear any of that stuff.
Even though my throat bothered me the whole time, I powered though over the course of two nights and completed our discussion of cherry blossom season in Japan. Before that we started off with a quick supplementary earthquake discussion.
This week: Alek is visited by a mysterious butthole specter named Davis. Davis spends the episode giving Alek a window into Tokyo Splosion's hanami past in order to divert their path from an imminent threat. Alek has trouble convincing Kyle that the encounter actually happened. | Intro music by | Featured track: Hisen b ...…
The first half of this episode was primarily a Black Panther rant, but after that we spun off into some other useful anecdotal info about life here including a random bit of drama I encountered on the train.
This week: Japan is trying to kill Alek's wife, life in Japan with dietary restrictions, a friend gets headbutted, an oddly race-centric Japanese English textbook, and Andrew W.K. pizza. | Intro music by | Featured track: A都市の秋 by Lamp
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