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Culture Gabfest
New York Times critic Dwight Garner says “The Slate Culture Gabfest is one of the highlights of my week.” The award-winning Culturefest features Slate culture critics Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner debating the week in culture, from highbrow to pop.
Pop Culture Happy Hour is a fun and freewheeling chat about the latest movies, television, books, comics and music.
Talk Is Jericho
Recorded from all over the globe, multiple time world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy and New York Times best-selling author Chris Jericho rocks the podcast world with "Talk Is Jericho," his unique take on all things pop culture and entertainment. Sit down with Chris as he interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, music, television, movies, comedy, and the paranormal!! All-ages welcome. No ID required!
Who Charted?
Howard Kremer and his trusty chart keeper Kulap Vilaysack are here with the charts of the week. Learn what is hitting in music and movies, and get to know some of your favorite comedians with games like Chart Roulette.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
Jalen & Jacoby
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby give the people what they want, breaking down sports and pop culture as only they can.
Channel 33
If you are an avid follower of pop culture and the media landscape, Channel 33 is a must-listen. Thanks to 'The Press Box,' 'Jam Session,' 'The Big Picture,' and 'Damage Control,' you will be up to date, well educated, and armed with the smartest takes on movies, TV, celebrity culture, and all media contretemps.
The Read
Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.)As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city.The Read is part of the L ...
The Watch
Every week, The Ringer's Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music.
It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble - the official free audio podcast from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.
Welcome to The Dinner Party Download, a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation: “public radio’s arts & leisure section.” In every episode you’ll learn a joke; bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail recipe; meet artists of note; have your burning etiquette questions answered; savor an emerging food trend; and hear your new favorite song. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.
Actor/Director Michael Rapaport shares his strong, funny & offensive points of view on life, sports, music, film & everything in between on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST
The Peabody Award-winning Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, from PRI, is a smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt introduces the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy – so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life. Produced in association with Slate.
In which we ask the important questions in pop culture and dissect fictional universes. Because seriously, who deals with super weapon sanitation and imperial employee agreements? If you’re looking for serious discussions, this isn't the podcast you're looking for and we are so sorry about that joke.New episode every Monday!
That Pop This Life is a podcast where long-time friends Karly & Cynthia talk about pop culture, life and the ridiculousness it all. You can reach us at and find all our podcasts at
Popular culture, poetry, music and visual arts and the roles they play in our society.
International Waters is a pop culture comedy quiz show where land laws do not apply. Join host Dave Holmes and competing teams of world-famous comedians from the US and UK in a hilarious and lively test of pop culture knowledge (and the ability to make up baloney when that knowledge fails). It's part panel show, part trivia quiz and all laughs. It's also a little embarrassed it wrote that last sentence.
Controversial best-selling author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis delivers a weekly glimpse into one of popular culture's most fascinating minds. The entertainment industry's top writers, directors, actors and musicians will join Bret to discuss the issues and complexities that keep the creative world turning as we experience this intriguing period in our planet's history. The same sensibilities that have formed Bret's impressive catalog in literature and film will be on display with each ...
Our Culture editor and his guests discuss what has piqued their interest in our one-stop shop for lively reports and in-depth interviews on the newest and finest in art, film, books and the media business.
Another Round
Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.
Still Processing
Step inside the confession booth of Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, two culture writers for The New York Times. They devour TV, movies, art, music and the internet to find the things that move them — to tears, awe and anger. Still Processing is where they try to understand the pleasures and pathologies of America in 2018.
Flâneur and irrepressible commentator, Rick Edwards, and Editor-at-Large of the New Scientist, Dr. Michael Brooks, delve into the science behind popular culture.
Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz give the latest TV, films, books, albums and games the serious treatment you didn’t even know they needed.
From the co-creators of CinemaSins: Chris Atkinson and Jeremy Scott, who provide your favorite movie and culture nitpicking, are joined by Barrett Share, writer for Music Video Sins, and other guests to discuss, analyze, and ridicule the world of entertainment.
Black Girls Talking
Black Girls Talking is a podcast wherein 4 black girls discuss pop culture, Beyonce, & the pursuit of the perfect body oil.
The High Low
A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
Movies, TV, Books, Music, & Booze.
A weekly podcast that's all about pop culture and the big pictures around it.
Welcome to the Nerd Culture Podcast! Where a group of friends discuss all things Nerd, including Movies, TV, Comics, Books, Games, and anything else we find interesting from the world of nerd culture. So come and join the fun, we'll keep a Romulan Ale cold just for you!
Origins, created and hosted by James Andrew Miller -- the award-winning journalist and best-selling author of books on Saturday Night Live, ESPN, and CAA, the Creative Artist Agency --will explore the brave beginnings of the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, business, or even human relationships to explain how greatness starts and how critical happenings come to be. Listeners will hear firsthand from those who were "there at the start," who hatched The Great Ideas, or who arrived ...
A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.
Full Frontal is a program about music, pop-culture, TV and movies. Hosted by 1/2 of All Time Low – Singer Alex Gaskarth and Guitarist Jack Barakat.
How Dare You
New episodes every Monday.Two friends who take things way too personally try to convince the world it’s got it all wrong when it comes to pop culture. Listen in as they swap their under-qualified and unapologetic opinions of movies, television, music and books in a reference-packed podcast filled with laughing, crying, but mostly arguing to the point of threatening bodily harm. It’s like if Dame Maggie Smith were a podcast. If this doesn’t sound interesting to you, frankly... how dare you!
I Think You’re Interesting is a weekly interview podcast hosted by Vox critic at large Todd VanDerWerff, featuring both well-known and more obscure figures from the worlds of the arts, entertainment, and pop culture. Each week, guests will dive into their influences, their inspirations, and their careers, in frank, uncensored fashion.
Interviews with Scholars of Popular Culture about their New Books
Overthinking It subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve.
Articles and interviews from Playboy magazine, plus online exclusives. Because we all read Playboy for the articles. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Overinvested is a weekly podcast from pop culture obsessives Gavia Baker-Whitelaw and Morgan Leigh Davies. Each episode, Gavia and Morgan dive into a film, TV show, or comic they just can't stop thinking about.
The podcast with lots of sass. Hosts Lola & Babz provide hilarious unabashed social commentary on all things pop culture, relationships, and whatever else comes to mind. And they drink while doing it.
Open Run
Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis swap notes on basketball, art, and life with a slew of special guests.
Podzilla 1985
The guys and gals of Podzilla 1985 cover all things pop culture - from video games to politics, religion to wrestling, and everything in between.
Thirty Twenty Ten
A pop culture time machine! Each episode covers one week that very week from 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago, which means each show is loaded with forgotten movies, timeless TV episodes and songs best left to the past. We'll examine TV, movies, music and video games from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Come remember with us!
Your daily arts & culture update, brought to you by Slate. Hear more Slate articles at Want to hear a daily selection of the magazine’s best stories? Learn more at A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
The show that discusses anything pop culture! From movies, video games, TV, comic books and more tune in for Pop Culture Problems!
Grantland Pop Culture
Grantland Pop Culture is a varied collection of podcasts hosted by Grantland writers and friends of the site.
When It Was Cool Podcast is hosted by veteran podcaster Karl Stern. When It Was Cool Podcast features reviews, conversation, and nostalgia about pop culture from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990's including comics, television, toys, music, movies, and more. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Super Friends, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Six Million Dollar Man, Mego, Transformers, classic rock music, and much more.
The People's Podcast
Beats and Eats is a pop-culture podcast, featuring conversation ranging from music to movies to entertainment to film, food and wine. Ty Ray and Nick Gelso have opened the "Virtual Lounge" for a happy hour for your mind...
On the Low Podcast
Join Yvette @iamyvettehenry, CynTea @acupofcyntea and Jessica Perry @msjp3.o as they bring you the week's most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in Pop culture, Music and Current affairs. Join in on the conversation using the hashtag #onthelowpod on Twitter.Email:
Pop My Culture is a weekly-ish podcast hosted by comedic actors and improvisers Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland. Join these two entertainment nerds and their special guests as they discuss movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, etc. without all those pesky “serious” topics like politics, religion and the environment. I mean, you can tune into Fresh Air for that. We’ll just tackle the trivial watercooler stuff, ok?
"Naturally Nicole" features discussion on everything from the joys of messy motherhood to the hottest topics in pop culture with off-the-cuff commentary that most people would only dare to say in their heads! And you never know which of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's famous friends may drop by to join in! Support "Naturally Nicole" with your purchases through, click this link!
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The word of the day is music, and tonight we count down 10 of our favorite albums of all time. Except for Mandy. Mandy got 20. Mr. 100 shares a personal story relating to the MF'er of the week, and as always - unnecessary swearing!
The Ringer’s Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss the news that multiple Kanye West albums are coming out in June and what they’re expecting from them (02:30) before jumping into what makes ‘Atlanta’ so special (13:20). Then they are joined by Elwood Reid, executive producer of ‘The Chi,’ for a special Doubledown Book Club to talk about ‘The L ...…
This week the Heat team gush over Beyonce and her killer Coachella performance. Let's face it, it's just called Beychella now right? They also dissect all the social media posts from the Kardashian's post-Khloe giving birth. Will any of them ever reference Tristan and those pesky cheating rumours? and finally Victoria Beckham turned 44, which i ...…
Three stories from the American Icons series. How “Amazing Grace,” a song written by a slave trader, came to be a civil rights anthem. Plus, a novel that featured “Amazing Grace” and helped popularize it, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book helped promote the abolitionist cause, yet the term “Uncle Tom” became a pejorative for peo ...…
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk the Cavaliers state of mind, Kawhi's text message buddies, MIssing MVP in Houston, OKC's real big 3, plus more of your Twitter and VM's!!!
Inspired by the 109-year-old novel ‘The Machine Stops’ which remarkably predicted the internet as we know it today, Rick and Michael explore whether someone could ever switch our machine off - and if the internet might someday ‘wake up’? Featuring: Prof Milton Mueller
Bitch, you know why we're here...By (
Grand Theft Auto IV is officially ten-years-old, Flight of the Conchords make their audio debut, INXS is on the charts, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens and they have an entire network to promote it, and Sliding Doors becomes a verb. All... Read more
Here’s what happened on this episode of The Crispy Noodle Podcast: Introduction — It’s Rich’s birthday; Rich threw axes; Philadelphia weather is really weird Sports Sampler 2-Minute Drill: Eagles cut newly acquired CB Daryl Worley after he gets in trouble with the law; Dez Bryant released from the Cowboys What will the Eagles do with the NFL Dr ...…
On this edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast from Karl and Tonya discuss the recent Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Don Felder concert. They talk about tonight's Eagles concert. Tonya brings up Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) which leads into a discussion of the old Delta blues song Midnight Special which has a very interestin ...…
We relive some of the great performances from the Sessions’ archives. Music by Bill Ryder-Jones, Jamie Woon, Sunflower Bean and Jaakko Eino Kalevi.
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss what Virginia Woolf called 'one of the few English novels written for grown-up people'. It was written by George Eliot, the pen name of Mary Anne Evans (1819-80), published in 8 parts in 1871-72, and was originally two separate stories which became woven together. One, 'Middlemarch', focused on a doctor, Tertius ...…
The boys are back and PJ wishes the Major League commentary never happened. TM completely disagrees. April is a busy time for Sport, and we even discuss the NBA and NHL Playoffs. There’s alot of MLB talk, a belated recap of the Masters, 3 BSV’s and they review the HBO documentary on Andre the Giant. TM comes prepared with a new Segment Sounder ...…
One upon a time, a certain commercial featuring Martin Scorcese had a very special impact on CT and Jeeg. Learn more about that in this Extra Helping and maybe maybe maybe maybe you'll learn something about yourself too. Thanks to Derek Dahlsad for saving this gem for posterity and for posting a whole bunch of 80s and 90s goodies on his YouTube ...…
We were so blown away by Beyoncé’s performance at the Coachella music festival that we decided to scrap our previous plans and dedicate this week’s entire episode to it. We think her performance will go down in the annals of American pop music as one of the greatest live shows ever. We close read some of our favorite moments, including her beau ...…
We join the wrestling world today in mourning the passing of legendary grappler Bruno Sammartino. We also talk about the superstar shake up tonight, along with Greatest Royal Rumble news, discussion about today's wrestling fans, and much more!
The Gringo Mandingo aka Michael Rapaport kicks us off SOLO to discuss: Commentary Straight to the Fans. Then Gerald Joins to discuss: His Rebuttal, A Prejudice Starbucks Barista, A 2 ON 2 BASKETBALL CHALLENGE to “Very Smart Brothers”, The Kawhi Leonard Situation, Drake Heckling Kelly Oubre Jr., a Gerald Moody Dunk Update, Sick F*cks of the Week ...…
TIJ pays tribute to the late, great Bruno Sammartino with this encore presentation of an episode originally recording in December of 2016 and first released in June of 2017. He’s a legend, a pioneer, and held the World Championship for 12 years! Bruno Sammartino’s on TIJ! It’s an epic interview covering Bruno’s childhood in Italy, including how ...…
The Ringer's Juliet Litman and Amanda Dobbins discuss Khloe Kardashian giving birth in the midst of her boyfriend's cheating scandal (0:38), Beyoncé's Coachella takeover (22:07), and Gwyneth Paltrow's engagement party, which definitely wasn't a wedding (33:35). More from The Ringer: The Beyoncé-at-Coachella Exit Survey…
Some excellent e-mails on voice notes in The High Low mailbag this week - turns out The HL listeners are more than a little bit obsessed with voice notes. On this week’s agenda: a butt-load of article recommendations from Pandora (Christie Watson’s book about the NHS had Pandora in a puddle), some stellar advice from Dolly on how to survive you ...…
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk socially awkward athletes, Philly newest littlest mascot, Eric Bledsoe vs Terry Rozier, Warriors bandwagon, plus more of your Twitter and VM's
Designing Women, Frasier, 24, Fargo, Legion, some of the best TV shows of the past 30-plus years have one terrific actress in common: Jean Smart. Tall, striking, and bold, Smart has carved out a path in Hollywood that involves never doing the same thing twice — to the degree that her immediate follow-up to the sitcom Designing Women was a role ...…
According to the calendar, Spring has arrived. But are we happy about it? Pollen, tornados, and are just a few of the NOs of the season. Plus, the latest in pop culture news. MENTIONS Overcast for iOS Dixie Alley At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider Hunter at Target Spring Trends via Vogue RMS Titanic The Sandlot The Last Beholder by Megan Be ...…
Actor and comedian Jon Daly joins Howard and Natasha this week for all the latest charts in pop culture! Jon talks about his Twitter feud with rapper Lil Xan while they count down Billboard 100’s Top 5. Plus, they touch on the wrestler-to-actor trend during the Movie Chart and we get a taste of Jon’s musical diss stylings while the gang counts ...…
Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss the hit horror film A Quiet Place, the new adaptation of Howard's End on the BBC and Starz, and Barbara Ehrenreich's essay: "Why I'm Giving Up On Preventative Care". Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, and Pete Dunne have been tearing it up on the British indie wrestling scene for years, and are now making waves in the States at NXT. Hear how they got signed to WWE, what Steven Regal did for their respective careers, what they hope to accomplish in the States, and some of the biggest differences between England and Am ...…
Star Trek vs. Star Wars? The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones? Gale vs. Peeta? Batman vs. Superman? The gang breaks down their favorite pop culture dichotomies. Guest: NPR Books editor Petra Mayer. (This segment originally aired on November 14, 2014.)
Mr. 100 and the Five Star Man are back after almost a month off, and they bring with them a smorgasbord of topics. From Starbucks controversy to porn addiction, you can expect the unexpected tonight!
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Philly's frustrated big man, BBB makin' roster moves, Miami Heats Flash of greatness, plus more of your Twitter and VM's!!!
Video games have changed over the years and new genres have emerged but also the way games are sold. John and Josh discuss the good and bad of freemium games and as always what they love and hate about the world.
Caroline and Anna discuss the horror film A Quiet Place (major spoilers from 14m20s), the second series of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and the ITV reality show Bromans. Next on the SRSLY Book Club: The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy. Get your copy here. Let us know your thoughts on #SRSLYbookclub. Find the show notes at ...…
Episode 8 is full of thrills, chills and a few spills. I don’t know what that means, but I DO know we’re almost at the finish line on season 3 of Ash Vs Evil Dead, so download now! #BingeMedia #PodcastNetwork #BingeOn
The Ringer's Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker discuss the news of Sean Hannity being Michael Cohen's third client (02:00), the "Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week" (15:015), the James Comey book tour (19:15), and the media's coverage of the missile strike on Syria (39:30).
Now that it’s conquered the cineplex and Netflix, Marvel is going after your earbuds — with its first scripted podcast,Wolverine: The Long Night. It tells the story of Special Agents Pierce and Marshall, who arrive in a small Alaskan fishing town to investigate a series of mysterious murders and a suspicious loner living in the woods. Producers ...…
The Gatekeepers of Disruptive Behavior aka The Disco 2 aka Michael Rapaport & Gerald Moody are here to go Hard Body Karate and discuss: The NBA Playoff Picture, Hating LeBron James as a basketball player & being sued for his Barber Shop Show, Saluting A Stickman: John Stamos has a son, Teaching True Thompson her family tree, an Elvis Presley Do ...…
It's a three way dance where Jeeg, Pax, and CT discuss some of the first and most recent personal and pop culture events in their lives. The nerds cover basics like first car and first movie theater experience, but along the way veer into oddities like George Bush erasing the Flash, navigating life without TV Guide, the joys of 14.4 modems, and ...…
Bowen Yang, Michelle de Swarte, Tom Cowell and Matt Rogers join host, Dave Holmes, to discuss computer problems, tax write-offs and more. Michelle wants to plug her upcoming one-woman show in August in Edinburgh and recommends the comedian Thanyia Moore. Tom wants to plug his podcast A Great Listening Experience and recommends Laura Swisher.…
The Ringer’s Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss Andy’s upcoming pilot for USA, ‘Briarpatch,’ and how that project came to be (2:00). Then they catch up on ‘Better Call Saul’ (13:00). Later, Chris and Andy discuss whether they are in or out on Phoebe Waller-Bridge's ‘Killing Eve’ (27:00) and the upcoming all-female ‘Ocean’s 8’ heist spinoff ( ...…
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Kawhi Leonard and his people, Sammy Watkin's failed tweet, our extremely early NBA Playoff 1st round predictions, plus more Twitter and VM's!!
Peter White, international editor for ‘Hollywood Deadline’ joins Robert Bound to discuss ‘Pilot TV’ – the new magazine from the people behind ‘Empire’ – that’s dedicated to cinematic television, and ‘Killing Eve’, the darkly comedic new thriller from Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
In which our heroes are joined live from the Melbourne International Comedy Fest by Martin Dunlop, Claire Sullivan and Rhys Nicholson to ask the hard hitting question; What is the Best Fictional Universe to Live in? (Again Again Again?) Join our brand new facebook group here; Check out our upcomi ...…
There's countless ways to stay current with everything that's going on in the world. Twitter has moments, Facebook has trending stories, Reddit has r/all. But what about on TV? That's where news comedy comes into play. From Laugh In to Weekend Update to the Daily Show people have been getting their news from comedians for decades. But why do we ...…
Pat pays tribute to his late brother by sharing the songs they bonded over. John, meanwhile, is his usual damn fool self.
This week’s Retroist Podcast is about the 1985 cult film classic, “Gymkata” I begin the podcast talking about my first exposure to the film. How I found the concept of combining gymnastics and karate compelling at first, but ultimately came to find this idea strange. Finally I summarize my own martial arts style and how […] The post Retroist Gy ...…
Maria and Ricky honor the fifteenth anniversary of Kelly Clarkson's very first album, Thankful.By (Maria Brownmiller & Ricky Armendariz).
The Cinematic Road Trip zooms into the great states of Indiana and Iowa this week, one of which is near and dear to the hearts of the fellas. There's room for discussion about sports, sex and much, much more! Also, the guys talk about several current movies that are creating some good buzz this season; A Quiet Place, Blockers, and Ready Player ...…
“Peace Is Not Something You Wish For; It’s something you make, something you do. Something you are and something you give away.’- John LennonBeyonce relieves us of our edges again during an epic performance at the 2018 Coachella, or Beychella as it will be known from this point on. Nicki Minaj wants us to believe that she has feelings in her la ...…
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