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Led by James Naughtie, a group of readers talk to acclaimed authors about their best-known novels
Audio Book Club
Join Slate's critics for monthly discussions of new and important books. Read the book club selections and then listen in as our critics hold lively - and sometimes heated - debates about the works. Part of the Panoply Network.
World Book Club
The world's great authors discuss their best-known novel.
Comic Book Club
A Live Comic Book Talk Show!
Banging Book Club
We are Banging Book Club, three friends who decided to read a book about sex and gender every month. Every episode we bang out the blunders and best bits of our reads, on top of a little bit about our own experiences with all things banging. Basically, we’re the baddest bitches in the sex book genre and we want to take you along for the ride. For updates and a reading list follow us on Twitter & Instagram @bangingbookclub
Bring Psychology To Life! Psychology enthusiasts from around the world meet up for lively skype conversations about important psych books. Our emphasis is on how these ideas are relevant in our own lives.
Skyrim Book Club
An audio archive of all the literature and lore in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Where we discuss an hour of a Ruby book each week
Join us to discuss the latest in popular science books. We interview authors and dissect the issues raised by each book. It's a book review with a difference.
Three friends gather to talk about the newest Star Wars books with the world.
Join The Verge team each month as we discuss great works of science fiction, fantasy, and literature chosen for The Verge Book Club.
Book Club Appetizer is the snackable podcast to help you kick off your book club meetings or enhance your solo reading adventures. Every month, hosts Abbe and Emma—two book addicts from Read It Forward—select a tantalizing book that’s ripe for discussion, then recap the plot and characters, and invite the author into the studio for an interview and a brief reading.
Peaceful leadership advocate & mentor Maya Mathias hosts The Executive Book Club podcast, a meeting place for curious minds and battle-weary souls. Maya helps executives, business owners and non-profit leaders tap into the insights of leaders and critical thinkers who have come before us, and shares ways to integrate their practical wisdom, accelerate the soul-searching process and experience profound success amidst the stresses and strains of executive life. Each episode of the Executive Bo ...
Sit back and hear about the books that you should reading from the writers you may not know.
8 Bit Book Club
The only book club that makes you dumber! Join Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner for a weekly chat about video game novels.
Book Club for Kids
The place where young readers meet to talk about books. The show includes a celebrity reader and an interview with the author. The host is award winning public radio journalist Kitty Felde. Book Club won the Literacy in Media Award.
The Idle Book Club
A monthly book club podcast conducted by a few amateur book lovers.
Three friends ready through and discuss the Harry Potter book series
Reviewing books new and old in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres
Living in today's world, there are times when we long to get away from the hubbub of our lives. Picking up a good book and getting lost in its pages is an excellent escape. In this podcast, we will discuss the works of author Stephen King. We'll discuss one book at a time, covering about 5-6 chapters (maybe more) in each episode until the book is completed, and then move on to the next one. Please join the fun and thrills as we explore and discuss Stephen King's works.
LBC Book Club FREE
If you love books here's Iain Dale as he talks to top authors about their books. If you want more subscribe and hear the whole of Iain's show without the interuptions.
A monthly book club podcast conducted by a few amateur book lovers.
Mamamia Book Club
Whether you're a big juicy book worm or you want to include more reading into your life, the podcast book club is the place. Read the book club selections then join Monique Bowley, Jackie Lunn and guests as they dive between the pages of some brilliant, (and not so brilliant) reads. Should you shelve it or shove it? Recommend it to a friend or forget it ever happened? Listen in as we debate the works.
MangaPod Book Club
Weekly podcast in which we read part or all of a manga and then come together with friendship and randomness to discuss it. Spoilers likely :D
CS Book Club
Computer Science for Everyone
Follow along as six friends journey chapter-by-chapter through the entire Harry Potter canon! Savor the story with us as we discuss the literary, philosophical, religious, and socio-cultural dimensions of J. K. Rowling’s modern classic. Each episode of this read-through focuses on a couple chapters, exploring themes, analyzing characters, chasing allusions, and simply enjoying the wizarding world that’s captured our imaginations. Pull up a chair and join the club!
Comic Book Club
A Live Comic Book Talk Show!
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is as comfortable in the library as he is dodging a pass rush. His love of books even prompted him to start his own book club in 2016, and now the Andrew Luck Book Club has found a home on WFYI Public Radio. Listen in to his podcast on the last Monday night of each month at 9 p.m. on 90.1 FM.
The Book Club
Hosted by Jennifer Byrne, The Book Club is ABC TV's first nationally televised book club. A forum for literary debate and conversation not easily found elsewhere.
Netflix Book Club
Every week we watch a movie that's streaming on Netflix, then we talk about it.
Mega City Book Club
Mega City Book Club is a podcast about collected editions of the British comic 2000AD published by Rebellion. Each episode host Eamonn Clarke is joined by a different guest to discuss a 2000AD book of their choice. You can find out more at and if you have a book you would like to discuss then get in touch at
The UIE Book Club
The UIE Book Club is a live interview show featuring in-depth conversations about usability, content, and more, with the authors themselves. Hosted by Jared Spool.
AAMBC Radio is a show stopper for all authors and is syndicated on a national on line radio show, reaching thousands of listeners. Launched in 2008 AAMBC has interview hundreds of authors and poets with the mission of exposing all talents. We’ve hosted greats such as Kimberla Lawson Roby, Mary B. Morrison, Mary Monroe, Rosalyn McMillan, and many great talents who have went on to make history. Every Tuesday tune in for our fun, sassy, and hilarious chat as we bring on guest to expose their la ...
Alison Jones, publisher and book coach, explores business books from both a writer's and a reader's perspective. Interviews with authors, publishers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, tech wizards, social media strategists, PR and marketing experts and others involved in helping businesses tell their story effectively.
Arabic Book Club
Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is a student-centered international research university offering highly ranked undergraduate, graduate and professional programs preparing the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a positive difference in the world. The outstanding students, faculty, alumni and professionals of Georgetown are dedicated to real-world applications of research, scholarship, faith and service. Founded in 1919, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is ...
A Book Club/Review of the Horus Heresy series from the Garagehammer crew
Fluency Book Club
The Fluency Book Club makes learning English easy, and reading enjoyable! The audio is from Also visit for more great stuff!
Where we discuss an hour of a Ruby book each week
Join us as we discuss whole books in one shot, once a month!
A candid conversation about books, movies, culture, and politics with the Conservative Book Club’s Editor in Chief, Christopher Malagisi. Listen to exclusive one-on-one interviews with your favorite authors and public leaders, thoughtful political and cultural commentary, and book and movie reviews each week!
Jeff Goad, Ngo Vinh-Hoi, and a rotating roster of special guests discuss the classic adventure, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and weird fiction that inspired the creation of the world's first roleplaying game.
FitCast Book Club
Every other week Kevin discusses a recently read book in the subjects of business, personal development, mindset, and related fields with a guest. We discuss the main points, how we applied them, and the difference they made.
Two friends have had a book club for a very very long time. It was mostly an excuse to drink and gossip. In January of 2016, they found renewed purpose in their sadness over the death of David Bowie. They decided to stop mucking around and actually get some reading done - from the list of books that he loved.
A Roundtable Comic Book Club Podcast
The Book Club Review
Kate and Laura on the books that get you talking. Every episode we sit down to chat about the books read most recently by our book clubs. What did we make of them? Did they spark debate? And whether we loved them or loathed them, we always try to answer the big question: were they great book club books? We don't want to spoil the books for you, we want you to be inspired to read them yourself, so we make every effort to ensure our shows are spoiler free.
Smug Book Club
Tired of the same-old serious book analysis in podcasts? Well, we were. To solve this, Ryan and Callum started Smug Book Club. A podcast that gets literature 'lit' and puts the 'ok' into books. Expect foul-language and spoilers, but don't worry if you haven't read the novel, we've done it for you.Follow us on Twitter: @SmugBookClub
A Harry Potter book club for grownups. Heather Price-Wright and Alex Dalenberg make their way through the Harry Potter books, chapter by chapter. We analyze avada kedavra. We dissect Dumbledore. We question quidditch. And we hail Hermione. Join us as we go as deep as you've always wanted to into the books that defined our childhoods. Alohamora—the door is open.
A weekly study of a variety of theological books.
What do your favorite movies look like on paper? Do characters still read well without the actors behind them? Does the action read clear? Does the story even 'story' well?! Matt Dernlan and Hunter Rising ask all these questions and more each week on Screenplay Book Club. Every Thursday, the two amateur screenwriters break down a film script for its themes, principles, and a few things to consider all while peppering in jokes along the way.
Three Yiddish translators and one podcast producer read works of Yiddish literature and then share impressions and insights. The idea is for you to read these stories too and then to participate in the discussion. We are reading Yiddish literature that is available in English translation, and since some of these English versions are terrible, the Yiddish experts are here to tell the rest of us what we are missing out on.
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Welcome to another episode of the Bowie Book Club, where wild speculation and grasping for straws about Bowie’s favorite books has reigned supreme since 2016. This time we read three issues from the second volume of the underground/art/indie/lowbrow/highbrow comic book compliation Raw, edited and published by Art Speigelman and Francoise Mouly. ...…
Art Credit This week, we begin our discussion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Dear Mr. Potter with the first two chapters; in There And Back Again, we crown King Elessar and move into the last part of the story with chapters five and six of Book Six of The Lord of the Rings; and finally, we continue our new patron-exclusive Book ...…
Mentioned in this episode: Tuesday Poets: Eastside Murder Mystery: MakeSB: Edson Smith Photo Collection: ...…
In this episode of the Mom Wants More Summer Book Club series I am chatting with author, Katie Reid about her new book, releasing today, Made Like Martha. Katie M. Reid is a wife and mom to five loud and wonderful children (ages 2-14). She is also a national speaker and author of the new book, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets ...…
This week, we have a sudden realization about slushies, talk about our recent food innovations, and we break into one of the highest grossing movies ever as we discuss James Cameron's Avatar! Things to Consider: Peace vs. power Building a world How to write a love story Matt's Thing: Won't You Be My Neighbor Hunter's Thing: Sea of Rust by C. Ro ...…
Oh, the Lemon Drop. So delicious and so simple, at least until the peanut gallery chimes in with suggestions like "Set it on fire!" In this week's episode, Alicia commits to finally reading A Wrinkle in Time for our drunk book club on Patreon. We give shout outs to the podcasts Tasteless with Emily Higgins, Disney's Follies, and I'm Horrified, ...…
Hello and welcome back to a show that remembers when Mr. T was wearing gold chains and was BA Barackus on the A-Team, not selling the Flavorwave oven on the Shopping Channel, or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older! This week we discuss a true Now That I’m Older topic, drinking when we were younger. Nowadays, Kenny barely drinks and when S ...…
In this episode, we interview Matt and Nikki of Passport Joy. They are a married American couple who quit their jobs to travel together and have documented their journeys on their blog and podcast. We talk with them about their work life before leaving for their round the world journey and how they juggle a podcast, blog, and their travels toge ...…
Welcome back to Looks and Books with Cat & Olly! Gird your loins everyone because today's episode is a doozy: that's right, we're discussing all things The Devil Wears Prada! ...The film, not the book. Yet. We'll get to that. Join us for a very special episode of Looks and The Book (you know, the one that should be left on the table wth the flo ...…
Let's revist Brave New World one more time! Was Huxley a prophetic genius or did he make a few lucky guesses? Also, a small intro for our next book A Handmaids Tale!
This week "The book club" aka Holly, Lauren, and I talk about the first book in the Mistborn series, The Final Empire. Please read this book before listening it's completely worth the time you need to invest. We have a short spoiler free section. Spoilers start around 14:10 and end at 1:02:50. Email at follow on tw ...…
In this episode Alice Smith leads a book group discussion with Rosie Stronach and Ellie Clark. Ray Bradbury's dystopian sci-fi classic Fahrenheit 451 is the subject of the discussion.
The Wine Social Podcast was created by Jessica Dooley and Alex. Editing done by Jessica Dooley. Content Warning EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ABUSE CHILD ABUSE MURDER SLAVERY Facebook: Instagram: @TheWineSocialPodcast Twitter: @WineSocialPod Author Information: Website: htt ...…
This episode we're discussing A Million Junes by Emily Henry, which is basically a magical and modern version of Romeo & Juliet (without anyone dying). This book was so cute... we both really, really loved it! We are also talking about some major highs and lows, Grace's time on Cape Cod with her family, our current obsessions (both beauty relat ...…
We start a book club! We love reading and decided that we wanted to talk about it. Please feel free to read the book first and then join our discussion. It gets a bit heated. From the book cover: Every story needs a hero. Every story needs a villain. Every story needs a secret. Wink is the odd, mysterious neighbor girl, wild red hair and freckl ...…
This episode we battle through a plethora of technical difficulties to bring you our thoughts on E3 2018 and discuss our book club game of the month, The Firemen (SNES). Join us, won't you? Music: DigiE - Breaking the Ice (OCRemix #1588) Kazumi Totaka - Mii Theme
If you put your goals together at the beginning of the year and then forgot about them, you'll want to check out today's podcast for some helpful tips on how to not only make the current mid-year review season more useful to you, but also, for some tips on how to use the goals/review process to your professional benefit going forward. Resources ...…
Freddie’s Whispers. Reading fan mail. Klint’s more universally appealing than Ben. Shamelessly introducing Podcast Virgin (discount code supdude). Shotgun questions and answers – Rebecca interrupts by quietly ripping paper. Book Club – Attempting to read passages from the Thrifty Kitchen in different accents and impressions. When does the hango ...…
This episode we analyze our rewatch of The Incredibles and its new sequel Incredibles 2! We discuss how our perspective has shifted by watching these movies with an adult lens, the many parallels and metaphors to real life, and our recommendations and opinions about whether Incredibles 2 was truly done right. We also dedicate some time to the a ...…
With Patrick out of the country this week, we thought we'd play an old favorite that many of you have not heard. Please Enjoy! This week we explore a rare and underappreciated skill through the lens of an incredible story. My guest is Eric Maddox, whose name you probably don’t know but won’t soon forget. Just trust me that you need to listen to ...…
Michael and Hannah take listener feedback about their first three episodes! They hear from Jack Reacher fans, get tips on how to finally tackle Moby Dick, and compare Tony and Tina’s to the Italian Wedding in the Old Neighborhood. They also introduce a new segment, “I Did It for the Tote.” Thanks to all our listeners for their extraordinary fee ...…
Courtney and Melyssa talk about The Princess Companion by Melanie Cellier for the DMH Book Club Summer Reading. We discuss the retelling of the classic story The Princess and the Pea and how Cellier retells this story via Alyssa's perspective. Does she succeed in providing the escapism we all want in our fairy tales? Support us by becoming a DM ...…
Tremayne Moore is the founder of Mayntre Manuscripts, LLC, a publishing company with a vision of writing to write the broken soul. Like the one in six men who were sexually abused before the age of sixteen, Moore knows what it feels like to be broken. Molested by a close family member, Tremayne spent much of his childhood in fear and yearning f ...…
We discuss the new Stephen King book! And Tom Hanks!
What is #JTrainsBookClub ?? Find out now!!! 🔥🔥🔥
In this weeks episode we chat to a woman who has had a huge impact on me since meeting her 18months ago. Mel Wells is the author of The Goddess Revolution, bestselling book about making peace with food, loving your body and reclaiming your life. Her second book Hungry for More is about to hit the shelves!We caught up with Mel on all things mani ...…
On this week’s episode, Katie and Chelsea host another book club style episode to dissect the young adult, thriller, fiction novel, 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough. This episode does contain spoilers for this novel, so please listen with caution if you are planning to read this novel. Katie and Chelsea also talk about their week and a bit about ...…
In this episode we discuss the first two chapters of the legendary book "you cant teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar" by David Sandler
Hagrid is back, and he recounts his tale (or is it his tail?) of his time with the giants for the three nosiest kids at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn conflicting information about Gurgs, gain new respect for Olympe (she’s not afraid of roughin’ it), and continue to question exactly how Hagrid got his disturbing injuries. And Hagrid i ...…
Find out more at Trigger warning: this podcast discusses self-harm, suicide, mood fluctuations, cyclothymia and negotiating a new relationship with mental illness. Get our next book here If you feel suicidal call 999 immediately. If you cannot wait for our next episodes you can get advanced access by going to Patreo ...…
ohn Barksdale addresses the age old question: Who is God and what is He like? .By (Journey Church Colorado).
This week on The Reading Life: Susan Larson talks with novelist Kent Wascom, whose third novel in the Woolsack saga is “The New Inheritors.” We’ll also hear from Heather Veneziano, one of the editors and contributors to "Gateway to New Orleans, Bayou St. John, 1708-2018,” a gorgeous history/architectural survey of one of the city's most beloved ...…
This week Lauren reads the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler. The book outlines a straight forward and simple approach to eating that relates back to our ancestors way of life. The diet involves eating lighter meals throughtout the day to keep energy high while having larger more satifying meals in the evening. Learn a new lifestyle that heightens ...…
Special Guest Expert - Anthony Gary Audio-Only Version: Special Guest Expert - Anthony Gary Video Version with Transcription (Read As You Watch!): Special Guest Expert - Anthony Gary : Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success i ...…
Humblebrag: we maaaaaybe have the best friends in the world. The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library bring in an incredible amount of funds to our library each year, making possible things like Book Club in a Bag, Read Across Lawrence, Summer Reading, Volunteer Recognition, all our cool LPL swag and much, much more!To celebrate their upcomin ...…
We're done with Order of the Phoenix! Five books down—can you believe it? This week, Dumbledore gives the Sparknotes for the whole series; Harry is rightfully pissed; Kreacher pulls a reverse Dobby; Luna does emotional labor, as does Nearly Headless Nick; Mad Eye gets his point across; and we're genuinely say about Sirius—seriously. Plus: WARNI ...…
We reviewed the Thomas Fincham book, "The Silent Reporter." This introduces Hyder Ali, a Muslim man who works for the local newspaper. He discovers that his mentor, Professor Eric Freeland has committed suicide. Hyder teams up with Professor Freeland's daughter to prove that it was not a suicide but that the professor was murdered.…
YouTube is a great resource for everything from videos on how to unclog a toilet to cute pet videos. YouTube is also a great place for readers and lovers of books. There are a group of people who create videos about the books they have and want to read. The name of this community of video creators is BookTube and the people who create these vid ...…
The National Children’s Study Symposium, Health Disparities Among Children of Immigrants, was convened in December 2011 to help develop a framework for the Study to acquire information on the children of immigrants. Mandated by Congress in the Children’s Health Act of 2000, the National Children’s Study is a national longitudinal study to exami ...…
In today's episode, I introduce a new segment called BlockBUSTED, and determine whether the 2018 film Book Club is worth a watch or not.Thank you for listening, please SUBSCRIBE here and on ITUNES, and don’t forget to check out my Twitter and YouTube accounts!Twitter: @ToledoTalksYouTube: Tobias KacsandyIntro and Outro Music: Where Am I – Text ...…
No one ever said building an Intentional Bookshelf would be cheap - especially considering children's books are quite expensive.In this episode we walk through 6 different ways to save money on books (and why you should always apply a filter, even when you're searching for books on clearance).Read the blog post: ...…
Download This month on the Vorkosicast, Robin and Nanci discuss Brothers in Arms, the sixth book in the Vorkosigan saga. This podcast has been brought to you in part by your support on Patreon! If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to the Tosche Station Book Club on iTunes or you can subscribe to […]…
Tandy makes a new friend, Ty tests his powers, and O’Reilly pushes too hard as our Cloak & Dagger podcast recaps “Funhouse Mirrors” The post Cloak & Jabber: “Funhouse Mirrors” appeared first on Comic Book Club.
This week's especially silly references include: From War and Peace - War and Peace (and Vampires) Regrets - A story about Sonya and Dolokhov, the ship that never did quite sail. War and Peace on Archive of Our Own - a different fanfiction website. Be aware that there are separate categories for the book, the 2016 BBC miniseries, and ...…
BookClubbing with Steven Camden by World Book Day UK
Welcome again to Page Turn: the Largo Public Library Podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends! The Spanish Language Book Review begins at 10:30 and ends at 13:15 The English Language Transcript can be found below Episode three’s Reader’s Advisory is The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt. If you like The Sisters Brothers you should also ...…
Despite a booming economy, according to Ken Pasch, today’s leaders are failing. They insist they’re engaged, and believe they listen. But employees don’t agree. In recent studies, 52 percent of employees say business leaders aren’t ethical. 70 percent feel their opinions don’t count. And as many as 79 percent report they’re not managed in a mot ...…
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