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Callin' It
Callin' It is a Boston based Sports and Entertainment podcast hosted by Alex Barth & Alex Lebowitz. New Episodes every Monday. Follow the show on Twitter @CallinItPodcast
Wisdom Nuggets
Hacking life, consciousness and all things awesome, you'll get the best insights on living greatly! Need a dose of inspiration or a swift kick in the pants? This show's for YOU 💯
Street Fight Radio
Podcast by Street Fight Radio
This channel was composed with the listeners in mind. We discuss topics that include Social Media, Food Television, Society and Culture. We also include riddles that excite the mind and would have you coming back for more.
N*ggaz Wit Beardz
For business inquiries
F- ya motha!
On this podcast I discuss random happenings in America from pop culture, hip hop, employment, sex, street culture, politics and even gender wars! My personal take and opinions...and if you don't like it....Fuck ya motha! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to the GlowVolution podcast, where I shine - you shine - we shine. You can keep it True & Real = TREAL ... or Keep it Moving = KIM
Real Nerd Hours
Podcast by Denzel Walkes & Chet Brown
Come hang loose with Tyler and Sean while they talk about the daily struggles of life and a wide variety of other topics.
Helping You Design Great Games People Love
A podcast for black millennials highlighting black voices and perspectives while discussing the politics of pop culture. New Episodes Bi-Weekly.
A call-in talk show, hosted by Miles. Broadcasting live every Wednesday night at 7pm (pacific).
Queen City Poly
Queen City Poly is a podcast dedicated to connecting real people with real solutions for their relationship goals. Focused on communication, consent, and autonomy, we discuss polyamory and ethical non-monogamy as well as broader topics concerning open relationships of all structures and configurations (polyamorous and otherwise). We even call on monogamous friends and special guests to share their views on love, sex, family, psychology, sociology, and other tangents that spark our curious mi ...
The Realest Podcast. I touch on the right topics. Have a real listen. @Carchronicles313 on Instagram #Carchronicles313 #OpenDiscussion #IDontEditShit CashApp $Moguldpycr For Donations CarChronicles 313 on Youtube Cover art photo provided by chuttersnap on Unsplash: Become a supporter of this podcast:
BlackCookie Radio
Black and Delicious.
Club Zero
Welcome to Club Zero podcast, where amazing people are pushed to do amazing things happen. Cover art photo by < href="">
Geek House
Dude Wrong Door
Tim, Jan, and Dallas host the Official Dude Wrong Door Podcast weekly with jokes and comments on what is going on in the world of video games, movies, comics, and more!
Blue Bomber Talk
The Blue Bomber Talk podcast contains both Blue Bomber and general CFL thoughts and analysis from blogger John Hodge and all-around nice guy Tim Hodge.
Dedicated to exploring joy, happiness and progression.
The Mongcast
The Mongs are the interns / production team that keep the Talkin' Shit with Eddie Ifft afloat... or do they? Listen in each week as they give you the real, true story of what goes on behind the scenes with Eddie Ifft.
DMST Podcast
Welcome to the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast!! Join @DJBrainstorm4u, @therealbigdev216, and @Playboydadj weekly as they bring you their take on life, relationships, culture, music and more on a weekly basis. Everything presented from the black male's point of view. At times offensive...At times off the wall...At times crazy...But always 100% real. When other podcasts talk sh*t we talk real life!! Rock with us!!
Blues came a callin' at an early age in my Grandfather’s tobacco fields. Granddad’s help would sing work songs and field hollers as they primed tobacco walking bent over in the long, long rows of those tobacco fields. That’s where my fascination and my appreciation of Blues music began. The spirit of the music has been with me ever since. Living, Loving, Fighting, Forgiving, Ruin and Redemption are the stories of living life. Blues Music encompasses those stories in song. And those songs spa ...
The Hobby and Game ramblings of 4 average guys
Hold The Mayo
Comedian and podcast host extraordinaire Jay Mayo hilariously stumbles through life's challenges and evaluates his poor life decisions. New episodes every Tuesday
Talk 360: Where there's no getting 'round being real!Two parts wit; one part grit. Talk 360 is two girls’ takes on current events, culture, society and relationships. Each week join Keesa and Djevna as they bring a pragmatic view to real life issues. Their musings are meant to provoke thoughtful conversations on controversial topics with some laughs along the way. You don’t have to agree, but you’ll always leave informed.
An in depth look at games, gamers, and why we play
Early Bird News
We deliver the morning news as soon as we're awake!
Kross Well
В рейтинге TOP 100 на сайте PromoDJ лучший ди-джей и радиошоу / подкаст во многих чартах (House, Electro House, Progressive House ...), Кросс Ну (основанный в Марокко) начал играть с колесами с 15 лет ( еще в 2008 году), как любитель, но день за другим, а через год после другого Кросс Ну начал искать себя в этой области. И именно в августе 2014 года,...
RealBlackDigitalRadio is a radio networ.
Welcome to FFR we currently have a few different shows to offer you we have a tuesday morning show at 9am GMT called Anarchos that is a show about anarchism among other things and we have the Friday evening show at 9pm GMT called the commie and the conspiracy theorist make sure to check em both out
"it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing."
Gary Knight hosting and discussing the NY sports teams and their play. Never a dull moment, and almost never a popular opinion! Call in and speak your mind!
The Weekly teaching of Pastor Albert Lee of ReGeneration Church, in Oakland, California, from the Sunday services. Come join us at 238 East 15th Street, at 9am or 10:45am every Sunday.
When Blacking it Up ends? We #AfterBlack
Hi! :DI'm the "host" of this BTR web space -- my name is Norbert Mayer-Wittmann.I know something about domains + domain names (if you want, go ahead and ask me a question :)Here, I hope to build community with others who are interested in participating in online social networks / business communities (whether to advertise or promote ideas, products, services -- or even for internet/network marketing) ... actually: I find ANY kind of interaction interesting!So pull up a chair and let's start ...
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show series
Night school is an explainer series that we do for the Patreon! On this episode, we're doing Kingdom Hearts with a couple friends, Lani and Charles! The remainder of the episodes are available on the Patreon.
Follow the show everywhere: @dmstboyzEmail the show: Follow Dev on Instagram and Twitter: @therealbigdev216Follow Playboy on Instagram: @playboy_james3 Follow Brainstorm on Instagram and Twitter: @djbrainstorm4u
Some weird and wonderful news. Hey! Listen!
This week Jay talks about why he's been on hiatus, Jon Cross' wedding, the new people that he's met, and we get a Dating For Stories update. He also rants about his dad moving to Florida, The garbage person working at the Salvation army, and what the term "be better" really means. Then Jay recants his recent trip to Vermont to meet friend of th ...…
Hosts John and Tim Hodge discuss the Blue Bombers' loss in the West Final to the Calgary Stampeders and answer a number of your questions. Question topics include the future of Matt Nichols, priorities in free agency, the club's coaching staff, and much more.
Yes ! Again I am kicking-off this week with a brand new MashUp, just made it early this morning !Music used:- Sick Individuals feat. Nevve - Symphony [Revealed Recordings]- Paris Blohm feat. Paul Aiden - Alive [Revealed Recordings]- The Him - Look At Us Now [Spinnin' Records]Check out: The Him Vs. Sick Individuals & Nevve Vs. Paris Blohm & Paul ...…
Houseboat guy calls in to talk about the mid-term elections. Jonathan attacks Mark's Facebook feed (8:15). Mark shares a a very personal family Thanksgiving story (41:22). No show next week, so grab Premium: Send us an e-mail: Follow SadlyLacking ...…
Mel discusses: The “invader” nut in Trader Joe’s almond butter (oooh, creamy) A day in the life of a bee that has been dosed with neonicotinoid pesticide: A bee-related musical collection that you oughta hive to: ...…
Dan has a whale of a time talking about an admittedly gross but wholly interesting piece of a whale’s anatomy. Sources Whale Stress level analysis Prior works https://blog.nationalgeo ...…
Taking Calls In The Studio.. // Junkie Crap For Christmas // Stylists Out Of Style // A Collage Of Intellectual Property // God Of War Dad Simulation // Chicago Community Bond Fund // Patreon Scrape // We Didn’t Pay The Phone Bill // Bryan Is Your Father // Ugly Opinions Are Around Cause People Want To Hear Them // Somebody Always Burns A Couch ...…
I like Psy Trance music, and I've been thinking of doing this Mix for many weeks, and here the time is come !Check out this Mix, that I made with many brand new tracks from the Psy-Trance music genre.Have Fun !Follow Kross Well here:Facebook:…
Luke talks about fish, pregnancy, and dumpster fires. Well, a metaphorical dumpster fire anyway. Like the sounds we make with our mouths? You’ll love the website we made with our computers! Come visit us at or reach out to us at our gmail address! Sources: ...…
the more you want to stop, the more important it is for you to GO, even if you dont exactly know which way to go, go in the direction of Love & Authencity. Werd!
More NBA and NFL Drama, Oprah, Flavortown, and Fortnite. It's a Callin' It Episode for everybody! The guys discuss the recent Jimmy Butler trade to the Philadelphia 76ers and how it changes the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Taking stock of the Patriots entering the bye. Somehow a conversation about Oprah turns into who is the worst celeb ...…
Meg chats a new exoplanet, a new study explaining how stress can affect people earlier than we thought (in the 40’s), and safer versions of nonstick compounds debunked Sources: ...…
Not really all that much to see here. Rest in Power Stan Lee. He's impacted so many lives throughout his career and he will be missed.Chet and Denzel, beyond paying their respects to a legend in the game, talk about Detective Pikachu and Battle Angel Alita's respective trailers. Chet brings in the story of an incel's dad who plenty of people on ...…
Have you heard of J.B. Howell? Give it a year and you’ll be very familiar with his name. With several projects coming out from multiple major publishers, J.B. is a rising star in the world of game design. Join guest host Andrew Birkett of Atheris Entertainment and JB, as they talk about the game design scene in Orlando, JB’s process, and how to ...…
David Abelson, founder of Fisher Heaton Games, talks about designing abstract games. David’s abstract game, Intelle, is a brain burning 2 player experience with a theme that actually makes sense. And be sure to check out the solo expansion for Intelle on Kickstarter HERE.
If you would like to know more, please visit us at SOURCES:
« Kross Well RadioShow » is a weekly radio show mixed and presented by Kross Well from Morocco, with a brand new Episode every Wednesday. Including the hottest and newest Electronic Dance Music Tracks, selected & mixed by Kross Well.« Kross Well RadioShow » is aired now on many radio stations around the world ; USA, Mexico, United Kingdom & Slo ...…
This episode had all kinds of sh*t: Real sh*t, Funny sh*t, Life sh*t!! Hit the play button and get you some of this sh*t this week!!Email the show: dmst16@yahoo.comFollow the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube: @DMSTBoyzFollow Playboy on Instagram: @playboy_james3 & Twitter: @playboy_da_djFollow Dev on Instagram & Twitter: @thereal ...…
A brief background of Stan Lee. Vive le Lee Hey! Listen!
Hosts John and Tim Hodge discuss the Bombers' 23-18 victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the West Semi-Final, the dominance of Andrew Harris, the head shot from Jackson Jeffcoat, and preview Sunday's West Final in Calgary. Please enjoy the show.
Is milk a broth? Can soup be cold? So many questions... In episode 13 we discuss if cereal is soup, why brown cows make chocolate milk, the Fenn treasure, and a bunch of other crap. Enjoy:)
Friedn of the podcast Roderick returns to talk about pro wrestling in 2018.
Basement Show Yall.. // Smells Like Bomb Weed // Issue 1 // Punishing People For Mental Health // Cops Love White Supremacists // Battery Via Chocolate Milk // Speed Bumps Work // One Year Anniversary Candy //By
Listener e-mails (2:15). Jonathan triggers his wife (4:30). Mark takes an online personality survey (43:50). Veteran's Day (55:15). Send us an e-mail: Follow SadlyLacking on twitter: Mark on Facebook: Mark on Instagram: ...…
Ever think of attending a baptism? And if so, do you have what it takes to be a photographer for such an event? Also, gait vs. cognitive performance correlations! and how to optimally ship mosquitos for your upcoming holiday needs. http://blogs.di ...…
Dan continues to talk about counterfeit currency and stenography. Sources EFF Expose Paper Reverse Engineering the Code ...…
Why are you looking for sources, don’t you trust me?
Tom discusses a personal work discussion about the difference between cheap and expensive scotch and how one can tell the difference
Hi guys, I just woke up this morning and I made this brand new MashUp with some tunes that I am really enjoying these days.- Loge21 - Detroit [Musical Freedom]- Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Promises (David Guetta Remix) [Columbia (Sony)]- Morgan Page & Swanky Tunes - Collusion [Armada Music]Check out: Loge21 Vs. Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, David Gu ...…
What is up Everyone? In this episode, Evan and Chandler sit down with Kelly Wallace and Andrew Whittaker as we break down the Best GT in the SOUTH: Warzone Atlanta. Kelly comes on to give some tid bits about the event including Bounties, Missions (including Evan's picks for the missions), Terrain changes, and the Toys for Tots bounty and donati ...…
Basement Show Yall.. // Bryans Meatball Sub Tarot Reading // Back To The Roots // White Guys With Guy Fawkes Masks // Cleaning Toilets To An Astronaut // Everyone Can’t Be A CEO // A Rising Tides Lifts All Boats // They Won’t Listen To You // Customer Service Line // Chocolate & Granola Like A Choad //…
Meg recaps the latest US midterm elections. Sources: ...…
Not a big surprise, but Denzel hates domestic animals. Dogs especially. The boys get together this week to talk about some insane movie that Mark Wahlberg starred in about a bunch of terrible Americans doing terrible shit in a country with a terrible local cop. Chet finally finished Castelvania Season 2. It was so nice he watched it twice. Denz ...…
It's been a while, so the guys wheel around Boston Sports. Of course, final thoughts on the Red Sox and looking ahead to their offseason moves. The Patriots seem to have righted the ship, are they now the favorite in the AFC? And who should be more cause for concern, the Celtics or Bruins? 0:21: World Series leftovers 14:25: Patriots, Bruins, & ...…
Make great money delivering for many restaurants, clubs, Starbucks etc. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sister Lillian Blair joins to show to discusses a fear of a new ministry and how fear cause her to fight it for four years. She gets into how God gave her the revelation that yes you are meant for this ministry in amazing fashion. Also time in next week to hear how to silence your fears and what Sister Lillian has learn from this experience all ...…
Jack, Luke, and Jamey get into the nitty gritty of Rise of Fenris, and some overall reflection on the massive tabletop game, Scythe. HOT LINKS: Our Site - Our Video Channel - Our Twitter - Our Patreon - ...…
« Kross Well RadioShow » is a weekly radio show mixed and presented by Kross Well from Morocco, with a brand new Episode every Wednesday. Including the hottest and newest Electronic Dance Music Tracks, selected & mixed by Kross Well.« Kross Well RadioShow » is aired now on many radio stations around the world ; USA, Mexico, United Kingdom & Slo ...…
Dustin Staats, founder of Board Gaming with English, talks about using and designing games in the classroom. Dustin has taught all over the worlds and regularly uses games to reinforce different concepts his students are learning.
To find out more, please visit our website at Sources: Extra-Life Tiger Capacitors Helium The Creeping Geyser Mystery Grey Goo Super Mario Bros Movie 2022 Reggie
This week our homie and host of the Poolside Chats podcast MTV dropped in on us for the show!! Anybody that knows MTV knows that this made for a good show!! Enjoy!!Follow the show on YouTube for our live recording and new episodes of Dope Mind Sober Thoughts: @DMSTBoyzFollow the show on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter: @dmstboyzEmail the show: d ...…
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