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Best Loud Fast podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Loud Fast podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent "forward-thinking pragmatist" looks at the events shaping our world through a uniquely American lens. It's smarter than you think, and faster than you expect.
Loud! Fast! Philly!
LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! is a series of intimate, unedited interviews with participants past and present in Philadelphia’s punk scene and related underground offshoots.
Virgil's Sound Den Podcast is all about helping LOUD - DISTORTED - DROP TUNED - FAST bands grow and challenging you guys to think a little outside the box! Tune in every week and learn how to grow your band and reach your goals!
Loud, Fast and Sh*tty is a weekly radio program/podcast that originates from Tampa, Florida. You can tune in and listen LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.comThe show is hosted by Bob Noxious and Ick McWang. They feature some of the best new, up-and-coming punk rock, as well as all of the classic old and crusty hardcore. Loud, Fast and Shitty also spotlights "local" bands, not only from Florida scene, but from anywhere in the world. If you are in a band and would li ...
Weekly punk rock radio show hosted by Bob Noxious and Erawk The SinisterNews, Views, Reviews and Interviews.Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com and these awesome websites and affiliates...www.RantRadio.com, www.PodunkRadio.com, www.PunkBandPromotions.com, www.PunkSkaHXC.com, www.PunkTorrents.comwww.PunkOiSka.com, www.podOmatic.com, www.sickworldradio.com, www.kusrradio.com, www.undergroundskankingradio.com, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.
Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent "forward-thinking pragmatist" looks at the events shaping our world through a uniquely American lens. It's smarter than you think, and faster than you expect.
Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent "forward-thinking pragmatist" looks at the events shaping our world through a uniquely American lens. It's smarter than you think, and faster than you expect.
Wednesday night service. Join Pastor Orleen and get into the word!
RockNRolla's Podcast
A sonic force of epic proportions! For people who like it loud, hard and fast! Follow me on my new page at http://newyorkricansoul.podomatic.com/
Sunday morning services with Pastor Mike.
Established in 2012 and broadcasting out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio was founded by Garrett Wadford based on an absolute unwavering love for punk rock - Fast, Loud, Shredding, Melodic, Skate punk to be exact. "I consider the genre I love to be more of an underground group of bands that deserve to get more exposure. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pennywise, Lagwagon, Strung Out (and other similar bands) with a passion, but the new music that really gets me fire ...
Chris Atkinson and Barrett Share of CinemaSins are joined by their longtime friend Mike Hester to take a DEEP and hilarious dive into HBO's Barry, one of the most unique TV shows in the last decade. Each podcast episode will take a look at an individual chapter on the show.
30-minute weekly podcast discussing digital transformation and the future of work.On each episode of the Serendipity podcast Stuart McIntyre will interview an expert guest on a theme related to this fast-changing area. In episodes to come we will be discussing topics including collaboration, working out loud, flexible working environments, recruiting advocates and champions, building external communities, work styles and much more.
The Barry Podcast
The Barry After Show Podcast breaks down episodes of HBO's Barry.Show Summary: A disillusioned former Marine-turned-assassin reluctantly accepts a job in Los Angeles, where he inadvertently discovers an interest in the performing arts.
Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary
NPR's top stories about business, money, Wall Street, companies and the economy that you can't miss. Subscribe to the Business Story of the Day RSS feed.
We Hate Movies
Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
I think I have cancer
My name is Charis, and I think I have cancer. I invite you to take this journey with me as I figure it out, real time and out loud.
Tina Brown, the legendary editor (Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast) and best-selling author talks with actors, politicians, journalists, and the newsmakers of tomorrow’s social debates. Discover what to read, what to watch, and how to stay smart in today's fast-moving times.
Asking Out Loud
Asking Out Loud with The New School is a new edition of Cannes Lions Masterclasses. Over the course of this 15-episode podcast series, you’ll tease apart the questions, challenges and curiosities that make some of the world's most creative minds tick. Cannes Lions understands that sometimes the best answer is really a question, so we’ve partnered with New York’s most progressive university to bring these inquiries to the main stage. Here you are invited to challenge assumptions, break with t ...
Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.
Amanda Wirtz and Emily Fontano are improvisers and real life best friends. They talk loudly, often and generally overshare. Each week they tackle a subject using YOUR stories as spring boards for conversation and improvised scenes.
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Her credits include Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia. Now, Jennifer Lee is the first female chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios — oh, and she co-directed the Frozen sequel.By NPR
The boom that helped make the U.S. the world's largest oil producer could be ending. Oil prices are down amid weak demand, and investors no longer seem willing to write the industry a blank check.By NPR
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller talk to Paul Dickson, author of The Hidden Language of Baseball: How Signs and Sign-Stealing Have Influenced the Course of Our National Pastime, about, well, what the book’s subtitle says, including the origins of sign-sending, the earliest allegations of sign-stealing, historical precedents for the Astros’ sign-ste ...…
Southeast Asia's biggest lake is in serious trouble. Drought, dam building and overfishing have brought the Tonle Sap to a tipping point. And as the lake goes, so goes the greater Mekong ecosystem.By NPR
The Iranian government is struggling to clamp down on widespread protests over a rise in fuel prices. Amid U.S. sanctions, the Iranian economy is in trouble.By NPR
On this week's episode, the gang is live from majestic Portland, Oregon discussing the 1990 family comedy/hardened police drama, Kindergarten Cop! Recorded on the recent west coast tour at the beautiful Aladdin Theater, the gang wants to know just why this movie starts like a scene from To Live and Die in L.A., what was with that vomit montage, ...…
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about “sinister right-handers” and scientific songs, then discuss the latest revelations about the Astros sign-stealing saga before reviewing the overlooked accomplishments of some of 2019’s league leaders and discussing the role of bold ink in the era of sabermetric saturation. Audio intro: Liam Gallagher, " ...…
The Italian city is reeling from a week in which floodwaters damaged the city's cultural legacy, as well as homes and businesses. Volunteers are helping salvage precious books, among other items.By NPR
The Arctic Ocean is a stunning place that not many get the chance to see. But if you're a scientist there to do field work, that beauty comes with some pretty unique challenges.By NPR
On the first episode of the all-new side show, The Mandalorian Half-Hour, the guys are chatting about the kick-off of the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian! How bad ass was Herzog here? How come the Mandalorian doesn't have a sick codpiece? And how about Nick Nolte as that Ugnaught?! PLUS: Eric's dream of seeing a bounty hunter droid in actio ...…
As communities plan for sea level rise, it can be hard to convince residents of the dramatic changes in store. A California scientist is testing one possible answer: virtual reality.By NPR
A new report from DigDeep and the U.S. Water Alliance found race is the strongest predictor of water and sanitation access. This has implications for public health.By Laurel Morales
The popularity of #OkBoomer suggests there might be a yawning gap in attitudes between old and young. Those differences can sometimes play out in the workforce, which now spans five generations.By NPR
A Keystone pipeline spill is causing alarm among landowners who live in the proposed path of a new pipeline. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Jeanne Crumly of Page, Neb.By NPR
Last month, authorities in Connecticut extinguished a fire resulting from a plane crash with FAA-required foam. Now, other federal agencies are concerned the foam might pose health risks.By Patrick Skahill
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the first stirrings on the free-agent market, the latest developments in the Astros sign-stealing scandal, where MLB investigation’s might lead, what the appropriate punishments would be, the psychology of sign-stealing, whether pitchers should call pitches, fighting technology with technology, Mike Tro ...…
Wednesday night service. Join Pastor Orleen and get into the word!By Maranatha | Pastor Orleen
Bolivia has a new leader, protests still rage in Hong Kong, and the climate crisis continues to wreak havoc across the globe.By WAMU 88.5
The Vatican is hosting a conference this week on promoting child safety online. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Joshua McElwee of the National Catholic Reporter.By NPR
I'm stoked because I truly believe that if you decide to take advantage of this “platform” you and your band's lives will be changed forever. The band that decided to do something the “None traditional” way in this day in age WILL WIN … The Proof is literally there. If you don’t believe me look for yourself and start paying attention to what’s ...…
On this month's bonus WLM episode, the gang is chatting about James Cameron's 1984 science fiction horror masterpiece, The Terminator. Does the Arnold puppet stand the test of wretched Father Time? Does the Terminator actually kill Bill Paxton's character? And is that confirmation on Arnold's—HEY NOW! This episode is for terminators and subscri ...…
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about the latest linguistic crimes by Scott Boras, then discuss the Astros sign-sealing scandal, touching on Mike Fiers’ role in the revelations, whether sign-stealing actually benefited the Astros, the immorality of sign-stealing, what the Astros’ punishment should be, the history of sign-stealing, whether t ...…
A sweeping study in The Lancet finds that longstanding progress in treating diseases and reducing childhood deaths is in jeopardy.By NPR
Google is collecting the health data of millions of Americans in partnership with a big health care system. The project is raising questions about patient privacy.By NPR
America's natural gas boom has also made it the world's biggest exporter of ethane. It's a building block for plastics, and U.S. gas is helping fuel the global plastics industry.By NPR
Makeup was once thought to be the exclusive realm of women, but more and more men are experimenting with cosmetics — and the industry is taking notice. A reporter gives it a try.By NPR
On this week's episode, it's almost like the gang is going back to the Spooktacular as they discuss the absolutely abhorrent film "comedy," I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry! What's with Sandler's character's cartoonish sex addiction? Can firefighters be on the take? And could this film get any more disingenuous? PLUS: Gary Busey goes off-Broad ...…
Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about the baffling trade rumors swirling around Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, and Kris Bryant, try to discern why they would be on the block, discuss how the likelihood of the top-rated team winning the World Series compares to the likelihood of the best team taking the title in other sports, and then condu ...…
For some patients in pain, opioids are still part of the long-term solution, doctors say. But by adding meditation, hypnosis or other treatments, the opioid dose can be reduced.By NPR
Scientists have frozen their ship to an ice floe to study the causes and consequences of diminishing Arctic ice, in the hopes of improving how the Arctic is represented in climate models.By NPR
Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Ben’s return from vacation and Meg and Sam’s episodes in his absence, former Angels minor leaguer Mike Fish (not to be confused with Mike Trout), and a roundup of recent news, including Stephen Strasburg opting out, J.D. Martinez not opting out, Mookie Betts trade rumors, robot umps coming to the minor ...…
The invasive Asian Carp is making its way south, impervious to efforts to curb the fish. Now, researchers are trying a new way to halt the spread of the species using an "acoustic fence."By NPR
North Carolina is the U.S.'s biggest producer of tobacco. The Trump administration's trade war with China is beginning to wallop the state's industry which was already struggling.By Paul Garber
Wednesday night service. Join Pastor Orleen and get into the word!By Maranatha | Pastor Orleen
Over 11,000 scientists support a new study that warns of a climate emergency.By WAMU 88.5
NPR's Noel King talks to White House trade adviser Peter Navarro about reports from China that both sides have agreed to roll back some tariffs. NPR's Scott Horsley weighs in on the comments.By NPR
Nestlé wants to increase the amount of water it withdraws from Ginnie Springs to nearly 1.2 million gallons a day, to the dismay of environmental groups and local activists.By NPR
The idea of "Instant Gratification" is serious! It will literally always trap you and you will be insanely bummed when you decided to release - Your album - New Tour - Show that isn't in your home town and it doesn't do well because you decided to release it without actually any marketing and you didn't tell anyone.. OR WORSE You rushed the rec ...…
Sam Miller and Meg Rowley revisit a fast-moving 1916 afternoon tilt between the Asheville Tourists and the Winston-Salem Twins with some historic significance, and engage in an Effectively Wild experiment. Audio intro: Ben Gibbard and Feist “Train Song” Interstitial: Muddy Waters “Train Fare Home Blues” Audio outro: Oscar Peterson Trio “Things ...…
Bob Murray rose from coal miner to executive and became an influential industry voice. Despite his role in crafting the Trump administration's pro-coal policies, his own company is bankrupt.By NPR
More than 100 hundred years ago, British economist Arthur Cecil Pigou explained how to tax things like pollution. His insight is being used to fight climate change.By NPR
There's no approved medication to help people addicted to methamphetamine. As fatal meth overdoses rise, researchers are struggling to find something that works.By Andrea Dukakis
Meg Rowley and Sam Miller banter about Ben Lindbergh’s vacation-induced absence, an unusual umpire Wikipedia entry, and the acceptability of failure, before turning their attention to a few listener emails answered during the Jeff Sullivan era, including what would happen if Giancarlo Stanton only tried to hit home runs, how they would prefer t ...…
What happened to the people who shared their stories amid the #MeToo movement? Many say they've paid a high emotional and financial cost for discussing their sexual harassment cases.By NPR
On this week's episode, the gang welcomes film critic for The Atlantic and co-host of the very funny Blank Check with Griffin & David, David Sims into the studio to chat about the dull-as-dirt, missed opportunity known as Termination Salvation! Where are all the lasers we were promised? Why do the filmmakers play the Sam-Worthington-being-a-rob ...…
A grandma, in a rustic outdoor ranch kitchen, is tearing up the Internet in Mexico with her simple, home style cooking. Since starting in August, she's got 1.5 million subscribers.By NPR
On this month's super-sized entry into the Gleep Glossary, Eric gets down to business as the guys learn about the most beloved (and feared) bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett! How did he survive the Sarlacc pit? What was his relationship with—WHOA THERE! This episode is for subscribers only! To access the full show, head to our Patreon page ...…
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