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MediCom Oncology Clinical Pearl Podcasts provide practical, evidence-based recommendations on real-world issues in the clinical setting, in under three minutes. Leading experts and academic faculty from top research and practice institutions provide guidance to community-based healthcare providers, including oncologists, pharmacists and nurses. Podcasts are brought to you by MediCom Worldwide, Inc., an accredited, independent medical education company.Podcasts are intended for licensed adult ...
Counting calories is out. All the food groups are in. Becoming trim and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or painstaking anymore. After trying almost every fad diet out there… sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, authors of the best-selling Trim Healthy Mama book series, took matters into their own hands and The Food Freedom Movement was born.This podcast offers a deeper dive into the world of THM. Listen in as the girls tackle a variety of food, fitness and lifestyle topics with the ...
Focusing on topics that include digestion, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, supplementation, electrolytes, stomach acid, and so much more, "The Nutritional Pearls Podcast” features Christine Moore, NTP and is hosted by Jimmy Moore, host of the longest running nutritional podcast on the Internet. Sharing nuggets of wisdom from Christine’s training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Jimmy’s years of podcasting and authoring international bestselling health and nutrition books, they will feat ...
A weekly podcast dedicated to Pearl Jam, hosted by Brad Lyons and Brad Blazek
GI Pearls Podcast
Gastroenterology Literature Review
Join Sterling Jaquith for 15 minutes of Wisdom for Catholic moms! Every week she'll share information about how to help Catholic moms get better at prayer, planning, and pruning out the things you don't need!
Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers!
Knit and Pearl
This is a podcast about Knitting, spinning and all the fiber stuff. I am just a friend sitting down with you while you knit, telling you about my week.
Assorted stories from KUOW-FM
Sermons from Pearl Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Pearl, Mississippi.
Discussing and analyzing Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney theme park rides, and expanded universe using pirate facts, humor, film critique and Golden Age of Piracy history
The Pearl of Great Price is a selection of choice materials touching many significant aspects of the faith and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These items were translated and produced by the Prophet Joseph Smith, and most were published in the Church periodicals of his day.The first edition was published in 1851. It became a standard work of the Church in 1880. It was divided into chapters and verses in 1902. The version being read is the 1920 edition. (Summary b ...
Engaging discussions on the philosophy of author and humanitarian, Pearl S. Buck. Guests discuss world culture, diversity, feminism, the written word, and how the legacy of Ms. Buck is still playing out today.
Just 2 Pearls
In the summer of 2016, two graduate school friends had an idea. They wanted to create a community in which young Christian women like themselves could come to laugh, cry, be inspired, and grow together as they sought to cultivate their personal and professional lives in the context of the 21st Century. So, they created Just2Pearls, a podcast that allows them publicly to laugh, cry, inspire, and grow by chatting about everything from faith to love to relationships to feminism to politics to p ...
Pearls From My Mom
Sharing the pearls of wisdom given to us by our late mothers.
Pearls of Fandom
Movie & TV Podcast
Stephan Pastis's popular comic strip, two-time winner of the National Cartoonist Society's Best Newspaper Comic Strip Award, finally arrives in animated form!
Pearls Podcast
Milla Nelson is an uprising female artist from Frankfurt, Germany. In her deep-tech debut track "Beautiful Beast" she takes us on a journey – telling her story about the beautiful and the beastly aspects of her life…
NanaPearl pearl
NanaPearl pearl
Purcellville Pearls provides a variety of streaming Christian sermons, uplifting messages, Q&A, and food for thought.
Pearl Harbor
Welcome to the Taty podcast, where amazing things happen.
Minnie Pearl
Minnie Pearl
Always playing what my heart, head and feet agree on - it's called house, deep, soulful, vocal, NuDisco... known as Lexx or MatPrice.All sets are live recorded and untouched. No laptop, no software and no sync buttons. Just me, not perfect but true house.http://www.matprice.chhttp://www.scoutlounge.net
Mini-videos that are quick and to the point from world expert surgeons spanning multiple topics.
Seattle's own 'action figure librarian' and best-selling author Nancy Pearl sits down each month with top writers from around the country for conversations about books and the process and art of writing. There's no one better qualified than Nancy to discuss books and writing, bringing an informed reader's perspective to lively conversation and in-depth dialogs about all things literary.
Full cast dramatization of Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls written, produced, and directed by Yuri Rasovsky.
Pearls From Peace
Podcast by Pastor Brad Schollenberg & Pastor Glenn Worcester
Pearl River Roll
Rolling dice in a van, down by the river.
Audio fairy tales for children
Joy Interviews MLMTA Piano Teachers
Pearl Drop Moments
Getting real about Christianity and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - no sugarcoating
This is a terrible personal podcast from someone who refuses to edit.
Pearl Church Sermons is a weekly podcast featuring sermons recorded at Pearl Church in Portland, Oregon. Our lead pastor is Mike Roth and other members of our preaching team include Ben Barczi and Becca McMartin.
Social Media Pearls
Shirley shines a light on current change and innovations in our society. There is currently a primary focus on the social business environment, healthcare leaders and healthcare consumers. Join her for Social Media Pearls.
A Sidelines View of Current Sporting Events and News
Barbara is sharing some profound insights which can be valuable in everyday life. Barbara is a renowned Coach, Published Author and Thought Leader. She reaches thousands of viewers every week with her messages during her Facebook Lives. She is a soothing voice in an often messy and hectic world.
Pearls From My Mom
Sharing the pearls of wisdom given to us by our late mothers.
A series of interviews with Victoria Foyt, author of the amazing young adult fantasy novel Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN
Weekly sermons from the Pearl Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Pearl Church exists for people to find hope and life in the person of Jesus Christ.
Pearl St Sinema
Pearl St Studios is a fresh look at Films, Sports, and Music that mean something to us.
Pearls of Wisdom
Understanding scriptures from a cultural Jewish mindset.
Mommas Pearls strings together the beautiful bits of life through the lens of generational wisdom, popular culture, societal norms and a dose of spirituality. We polish the pearls with the help of insightful, inspirational, creative and entrepreneur guests, muses, authors, filmmakers, spiritual entrepreneurs, environmentalists and influencers. Your hostess Cynthia Litman, Esq., is a multi-passionate Spiritual Mompreneur, Lawyer, Blogger, Writer, Event & Content Creator/Curator & Community Co ...
Perhaps the first memoir written by a film celebrity, Pearl White's Just Me gives a first-person account of the actress' rise to stardom. White guides us through her early childhood, her development as a performer, and finally to her breakout role in The Perils of Pauline--a role that made her the most popular "serial queen" of early cinema. Although romanticized and somewhat embellished, this book gives us a fascinating glimpse into the film industry's earliest years and the various myths o ...
Pearls of Promise was founded by Lisa Burkhardt Worley in 2009 and is a ministry that helps women find freedom in Christ. Lisa speaks regularly at her church in Flower Mound, Texas and to other women’s groups in Texas and in various parts of the country. Her messages include both humorous and serious stories that help convey truths and teaching women can benefit from. All the talks are based on Scripture and Lisa hopes through podcasting, even more women will be encouraged by the information ...
In this podcast we will share our PEARLS; Purposeful, Engaging, Authentic, Real Life Stories of faith and wisdom that will inspire you to redefine how you lead and actively transform how you live.
The BAN Radio Literary Program aims to support the African American community and to show people, through the radio show, that African American writers are more than just a niche. We bring wonderful stories to the minds and imaginations of everyone! We have stories to tell, using our voice and our experiences, that cross all races and cultures. Join us on Monday and Wednesday Nights, 8-10 pm EST. BECOME A GUEST ON THE SHOW. Go here to sign up today:
Here you will find full recordings of some of our gigs. All Podcasts are chaptered so that you can jump to any song in the podcast.
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In this session, we will discuss the clinical stages of syphilis, diagnosis, treatments, and pregnancy considerations.
In this session, we will cover the microbiology and the pathophysiological processes of gonococcal infections. Screening, treatment, and prevention of neonatal infection will also be reviewed. Data is taken from the ACOG bulletin as well as the practice guidelines from the CDC.
From decade old memes to the Beach Boys, we pull out all the decanter stoppers as we finally get our act together and return to normal. Join us for minute 95 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss Captain Bellamy of the Edinburgh Trader throwing his crew under the ghostly bus, Will Turner’s frustration by not being the one ...…
Greetings, Pearls! Are you ready for the first pro-tip of the summer? On this episode, Jaimie and Porsha encourage you to write! Maybe you want to invest in a journal, or perhaps you prefer to write notes using your phone, tablet, or computer. No matter how you do it, The Pearls say that you must let the ideas big and small in your mind see the ...…
God calls us to be His witnesses. He doesn’t ask us, He tells us, and then He empowers us with His Holy Spirit to witness in the circumstances He has placed us in, and to the people He has placed in our lives. He doesn’t ask us to ‘close the deal’, just to invite people to meet Jesus.
Chlamydia Trachomatis is the most common bacterial STI. In this session, we will review screening recommendations, treatment, pregnancy considerations, and end with a quick recap and review of the microbiology of the organism.
In this short session, we will cover recommended delivery times for women with chronic hypertension as well as breast-feeding on antihypertensive medications.
Art of HOUSE - Lexx live at Dixmix GalleryThis is the complete set of Lexx at the Dixmix Gallery with the exhibition of Gaus (Cicciuzzo Gausman) outstanding portraits!Enjoy the set and video mix SL/RL. Go to visit the art gallery at: Galery of GAUS ...…
Chronic hypertension affects 3 to 5% of all pregnancies. In this session, we will cover the SMFM and ACOG bulletins on the subject. Which patients need treatment? What meds should be used? What are the risks of chronic hypertension in pregnancy? Answers to these questioms AND MORE will be covered.
It’s all about the past, present, future and glory days in the latest episode as we reflect on Elizabeth Swann…the hussy? Join us as we discuss minute 93 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by tackling a wee bit of audio issues, give a listener shout out, bask in Keira Knightley’s acting prowess, call out James Norrington as a bitter ...…
Hey! This week we cover some great listener mail regarding last weeks episode about Avocado, and to have our first conversation about Eddie Vedder with our good friend, Clint Wells, from Metal Up Your Podcast. Enjoy!By (Brad Lyons and Brad Blazek).
“Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car!” …raises the question of how many, and… The post EPISODE017: Back to the Future Part 1 appeared first on Pearls of Fandom.
Hey, Pearls! It is officially the summer of 2018, and Jaimie and Porsha are ready to cultivate their pearls while sipping sweet tea and floating on flamingo floaties. Join us for weekly episodes starting on Friday, July 13. Jaimie and Porsha will offer you the "Pearl Pro-Tips" that might transform your life forever. Subscribe to Just 2 Pearls n ...…
In January 2018, the ACOG changed the terminology for PROM, now referred to as pre-labor rupture of membranes. In this session, we will review practice bulletin 188 and discuss the clinical management of both term and preterm PROM.
When Jesus lays His hands on the daughter of Jairus she is healed. Fascinating story. When Jesus gets a hold of a life, that life is transformed. The laying on of hands has been part of the Christianity throughout the ages as a symbol of God’s love.
As we look at Jesus calming the storm, we see that Jesus, through His death and resurrection, comes to bring peace before, in, and after the storms in our life.
The Zeal of God vs the Zeal of men
In this session, we will review the process of mammogenesis and lactogenesis as well as the process of lactation. Mastitis and breast abscess management will also be reviewed.
We celebrate 4th of July in all its independence glory as we let loose the euphemisms and attempt to cut through the sexual tension with a…cutlass. Join us as we breakdown minute 92 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest by discussing Disney’s ability to craft dialog that flies over the kids’ heads while keeping adults entertained, Capta ...…
Fetal macrosomia predisposes both the mother and child to increased risks. In this review, a summary of the ACOG practice bulletin #173, we will review risk factors for fetal macrosomia, the diagnosis, and when a primary elective C-section should be considered for the condition.
This week we cover the band's 2006 release, Pearl Jam (Avocado). BIG thanks to Danny K for this week's Pearl Jam Story Time! Talk to you next week, nerds!By (Brad Lyons and Brad Blazek).
Fetuses with an estimated fetal weight by ultrasound of less than the 10th percentile are labeled as growth restricted. These infants are at high risk for morbidity and even mortality. In this session, we will review the ACOG and SMFM practice bulletins on fetal growth restriction: wrist factors, diagnosis, monitoring, and delivery.…
In this session, we will review risk factors for Intrauterine Fetal Demise (stillbirth) and discuss the ACOG algorithm for stillbirth evaluation.
After falling in love with Jesus as a conservative Protestant, this is the story of how I finally fell in love with Catholicism!
Find out how I went from a liberal, pro-choice, agnostic who thought religious was a crutch for broken people to being a woman who loves God with her whole heart. This is how I became a Protestant!
This is part 2 of our series on maternal alloimmunization. In this session, we will review prevention of RH isoimmunization with a brief review on RhoGAM use according to the ACOG practice bulletin # 181.
In March 2018, the ACOG released an updated practice bulletin on the management of alloimmunization during pregnancy. The ability to determine genotype of an RH positive father and the use of middle cerebral artery Doppler ultrasound have revolutionized the care of alloimmunization. This is part one of a two-part series.…
There’s never a good time to be a third wheel, unless you like it rough and stinky or your name is Elizabeth Swann. Join us for minute 91 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss our pirate listeners and members of our Cursed Listeners’ Crew Facebook Group, Will Turner using an old acting trick coined by Joey Tribbiani in the ...…
The Brads take apart the Japanese release of the Alive single. Hugs and thanks to Gina Rivera for this week's intro, and to Steve O'Brien for this week's Pearl Jam Story!By (Brad Lyons and Brad Blazek).
Multifetal gestations are either dizygotic or monozygotic. The rate of monozygotic twins tends to be constant worldwide. Twin and triplet pregnancies are at risk of certain maternal and fetal complications. In this session, we will cover the ACOG practice bulletin on multifetal gestations as well as the SMFM bulletin on the topic.…
Today we go to The Good Place and discover the supposed origins of Pirates of the Caribbean in The Bad Place while getting a peak into the future of Pirates of the Caribbean 31. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss minute 90 – kicking off the show with an easter egg in the tv show The Good Place, invite Michael S ...…
The devil wants you fathers, but God wants you more. You have a very important job to do for Him. God wants you to guard, gird, and guide your family, and to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. - Mark 4:26-34
The End at the Beginning II Cor. 13:11 Speaker: Bill Thomas Date: 6/10/18
The Willingness of Christ to Heal Matthew 12:20 Speaker: Bill Thomas Date: 6/10/18
Hello from the other side, Pearls! On this final episode of Season 2, Jaimie and Porsha are chatting about mental health. They discuss the increase in suicide rates in the United States in the past 20 years and the unique mental health struggles that marginalized people encounter. After sharing a bit about their journeys, they provide some reso ...…
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