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A Quiet Mind
Meditation, Self Awarness, Healing, Spirituality
Susan Cain, bestselling author of "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," hosts this ten-part weekly series on parenting and teaching introverted children. Susan will dive into why quiet kids are unique and require different parenting and teaching methods from their extroverted peers. Susan and her expert guests will discuss how parents and schools can help introverts thrive, how social media allows quiet children to express themselves in ways that were never pos ...
The Quiet Village
Exotica, Polynesian music, Lounge tunes and Tiki Talk
(New series coming late summer 2018) The best discussions often happen at the witching hour. These ones happen to be between musicians of note and the team behind Loud And Quiet magazine. Hosted in turn by Stuart Stubbs and Greg Cochrane, each episode of Midnight Chats is an intimate conversation with a recording artist currently making our job worthwhile. New episodes will be posted online, fittingly, at the stroke of midnight.
This podcast committed to discussing issues related to post abuse, combat and trauma experiences. Quieting the Noise in Your Mind is dedicated to survivors who are attempting to cope, overcome and heal from symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dissociative Identity Disorder, Complex PTSD, Dissociative Disorders and associated symptoms and his or her family members. With experience as a therapist for 38 years, a Certified Master Life and Post Trauma Coach. Author of two books, D ...
Quiet & Lit
Quiet & Lit performs bedtime stories and serialized literature in a whisper. If you enjoy the show, please support the Quiet & Lit Patreon page,
Ever dream about buying an online business or building and selling an online business? Since 2007, we've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who are doing just that or helping others buy, build, and sell online businesses. In this podcast, we are sitting down to talk about their insights and experiences. Whether you are in the world of SaaS, ecommerce, Amazon, content, or any other online business, we will explore how you can scale, build, sell, or acquire assets in the online space.
Quietly Yours
Quietly Yours is a horror anthology series inspired by classic radio dramas. Tune in each week for a chilling new story!
Quiet and Bold
Quiet & Bold is a comedy audio series from creators Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey! Influenced by Lovecraftian weird tales and occult science, Quiet & Bold follows the investigations of Dr. Silence Quiet and Randolph Bold as the fight the supernatural forces of evil with mad science and occult mysticism!
Quietly Ambitious
An Online Space For Bold Introverts
Kris and Jen talk about a range of issues; including current events, politics, economics, energy policy, and more from a unique perspective.
We make buying and selling a website simple, fast, and easy.Founded in 2007, Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc., was one of the first brokerage firms to help Internet business owners sell their websites. Since then, the company has facilitated the sale of hundreds and hundreds of web based businesses, with 80% of listings sold within 90 days. We specialize in high-end sales and boast a close rate that is higher than industry averages.
Susan Cain, bestselling author of "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," hosts this ten-part weekly series on parenting and teaching introverted children. Susan will dive into why quiet kids are unique and require different parenting and teaching methods from their extroverted peers. Susan and her expert guests will discuss how parents and schools can help introverts thrive, how social media allows quiet children to express themselves in ways that were never pos ...
Quiet Brave Radio
Consciously living is a multi-layered, lifelong mission that impacts EVERY area of life. BEING a conscious woman is an ever-evolving practice. It's a daily deliberation filled with countless choices and our podcast chooses to celebrate any woman showing up for the work. Blaming and belittling doesn't any value. Around here we stand for community over criticism and invite you to Join us from where you are, with what you have, as we use different lenses to explore this topic as the ecosystem i ...
The Quiet Room
Mia the “Love Goddess of The Airwaves” Williams is the host and producer of the syndicated show " N’ite Moods" digital radio’s #1 old school quiet storm show. In addition,’ Mia is a published author, businesswoman, community activist, certified business and family life coach.“With that said” Join the Love Goddess... As she sways you on a sensual journey spinning only the best of the best throwback R&B slow jams from the 80’s and 90.s and don’t forget about N’ite Moods “The Classic Soul Sessi ...
We are an EFCA church located in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin that teaches the Word every week. A daily devotional called "Quiet Waters" is written weekly by Pastor Chuck Cervenka, and occasional guest speakers. There are also audio and video recordings of the weekly sermons , also available for Podcast, on our website,
Do you have a hard time quiettng your mind? Do your thoughts keep you up at night? In this podcast we discuss how to quiet your mind from unmet goals, stress and worry.
Sleep and Relax ASMR is a podcast / Youtube channel that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. All "missing," episodes can be enjoyed on our Patreon page: The show uses various ASMR triggers including whispers, gentle speaking, relaxing background noise, and general ambiance to help people unwind and relax from their busy lives. Our goal is to create the best ASMR content possible. Whether you enjoy the sound of the waves of a be ...
Quiet Town
A Weekly Audible Road Trip - Every week Cody Creech travels to a new small town with a unique story to tell. Quiet Town is a guide to lost history and local lore. Bringing back the golden age of road tripping.
Quiet Pathways
This is a place to listen in on the triumphs and struggles of the more introverted. We will discuss what life is really like for the more introverted.
Quiet Earth
Home of The Quietcast, the official podcast of Quiet Earth, the best place for horror, sci-fi, cult and genre movie news.
Dave and Bill discuss games, music, literature and the culture surrounding them. Enthusiasm and thoughtful discussion abound.
Quiet Time
I was always told i had the gift of gab, well now im using it. I will be talking to anyone who will let me chew their ear off. From Gaming to Cars, Music and anything inbetween. Thanks for checking the podcast out!Twitter-@Zero260Jon
Just Quietly
Host of 'Extra Cover' Matt Ellis brings you all the latest Cricket and Footy news each Monday Evening from 7pm - 8pm on Gloucester FM.
Quiet Upstairs
The Quiet Upstairs focuses on chatting to individuals about their hobbies or jobs which are mainly related, but not strictly limited to music.
Quiet Mornings
In these episodes of "Quiet Mornings" we are going to learn how to create the virtuous woman while on the path God has for her. In these 5-10 minutes segments, we are going to discuss and share how to create a better version of ourselves. This will include,culture, diversity, individuality, relationships, marriages, sisterhood, fashion, careers, and all that encompasses the journey of a virtuous woman. Welcome!!
Quiet Please
It's your friendly hometown podcast hosts, Tiffany Wilson and Kaitlyn Chisenall, talking about all your favorite stuff, and pondering life's questions. @tiffybw @thechisek
Welcome to Quiet Confidence with Australian psychologist Dr Tess Crawley. I'm the owner of a large private psychology practice in Tasmania (the little heart-shaped island at the bottom of Australia). I'm a mentor to mental health professionals, especially those approaching leadership roles. I write a blog called The Stigma Rebellion and maintain an active social media presence. I'm also the only female in a household including a husband, two sons, and a male dog, cat, and goldfish. Let me sh ...
James Weldon Johnson was an American author, educator, lawyer, diplomat, songwriter, and civil rights activist. Johnson is best remembered for his leadership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), where he started working in 1917. In 1920 he was the first black to be chosen as executive secretary of the organization, effectively the operating officer. He served in that position from 1920 to 1930. Johnson established his reputation as a writer, and was know ...
Quiet Akillez
Quiet on Set
Comedic Brother + Sister podcast that discusses film, entertainment, & pop culture.
Colt Dog Music Podcast
Quiet as a Ghost
This is a collection of any demo songs or videos I make. Also viewable (videos) at my YouTube page which is /sbds1.
The True Antidote to the Average Comic Book Podcast
Daily Quiet Time Messages, Discussions On Current Affairs and Helpers Of Your Joy
Beside Quiet Waters
slow down, be quiet & listen
Inspiration and encouragement for your every day.
This delightful story begins in a little town called Marshmallows, where a young man, the new vicar, Harry Walton, has just arrived. As he begins his work Harry realizes that everything is not quite 'right' in his little parish and it all seems to center around Oldcastle Hall. As he wins the affection of the people secrets begin to unfold, and Harry Walton attempts to free them from guilt of the past, help them overcome pride and while he is at it, he falls in love with a woman whose past is ...
Charles Edward Jefferson was pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York for 33 years. In Quiet Hints, published in 1901, he provided guidance to young preachers on what we would today call ministerial deportment, an old-fashioned word that refers to how a man carries himself, how he presents himself, his manners, his bearing, his habits, and his whole approach to life. Jefferson wrote in short, pithy statements that encapsulate practical truth in just a few words. (Summary by Ma ...
The Quiet Guys
Podcast by The Quiet Guys Ltd
Clean Nice Quiet
Music for the messes! New underground rock'n'roll and more plus vinyl obscurities from yesteryear.
Quiet Time Podcast
Weekly-ish podcast where we talk about whatever interests us, movies, conspiracy theories, the paranormal and the abnormal, and sometimes we know what we're talking about...sometimes.
Tips and Music To Help You Study.
Do Not Go Quietly
Do Not Go Quietly: Conversations With the Wisdom Keepers offers inspiring, empowering, and valuable information from some of the leading wisdom keepers of our time to people who want to live lives of greater meaning, purpose, consciousness, and passion. George and Sedena Cappannelli and other wisdom keepers will explore health and wellness, personal and spiritual transformation, aging and dying, relationships, careers, life transitions, finances, food and diet, environmental consciousness, c ...
Importance of happy relationships
So for anyone that listens to this podcast, our time on Podomatic has come to an end, but you can still listen as we have moved our podcast over to youtube and you can find us on the link attached below. passionate movie fanatics, reviewing all sorts of films, from classic & iconic to current releases. A new episode is released every Tuesday.
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Mike Lee says the father and son team of Sanford and Linden Nelson have been quietly buying up properties around Eastern Market.
This week we welcome St. Paul Saints outfielder Max Murphy onto the Pig's Eye Podcast! We discuss the Saints recent surge and how they have found themselves now half-way through the 2018 season. His performance as one of the catalysts of the offense and how his defense has shone all summer long. We talk about growing up 20 minutes away from CHS ...…
Sorry about the sound loudness we wanted to be quiet.By
Hesselbein, Frances and Rob Johnston. On Mission and Leadership: A Leader to Leader Guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002. Intellectual capital is an organization’s primary asset. Knowledge workers seek meaning and purpose in their work, a climate of trust and optimism, and results. Technical competence: business literacy and grasp of one’s f ...…
Hesselbein, Frances and Rob Johnston. On Mission and Leadership: A Leader to Leader Guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002. Intellectual capital is an organization’s primary asset. Knowledge workers seek meaning and purpose in their work, a climate of trust and optimism, and results. Technical competence: business literacy and grasp of one’s f ...…
In this episode, we are talking about everything nature; powerful creature and a beautiful lady. From literature throughout the years to our feeling and experiences. We are hiking in the mountains and looking from the quiet corner of our house on the foggy days.
Shhhh, your favorite drinking buddies have something to say. This week's brews: Crickwalker IPA by Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks, and Flippy Floppy Imperial IPA by NOLA and Hi-Wire Brewing. This week's views: "Turbo Kid" (2015) [Netflix], and "A Quiet Place" (2018) [Not Streaming]. Next week's assignments: "Barfly" (1987) [Amazon Prime], and "I, ...…
I Don't Agree What do you do when someone has a different opinion than yours? Do you keep quiet, aggressively push back, or just avoid ‘those’ conversations? Why do we feel awkward when someone believes something different than us? I’m Celia Fielke from Messages of Hope and this week I’m chatting with my friend Ali Hoopman. Can we maintain rela ...…
Tandem Studios has recently finished producing a series of videos for SSBG - Scalable Sustainable Business Growth. The business, based in Auckland and Christchurch, is run by Leigh Paulden, an “internationally certified business consultant”.He and his marketing team (Muritai Marketing) approached Tandem for a series of short videos for his webs ...…
Are you too critical of yourself? Self criticism is THE MOST destructive thing you can do to yourself next to suicide. What we say to ourself dictates the course of our entire life. On this episode with guest co-host Yedda joins JJ White to help YOU overcome the critic within. Subscribe On ITUNES PODCAST —> ...…
The Physical Heart Pain of a Deep Loss When thinking about this conversation for the heart of connection Louise shared her experience in her early 20’s when her Dad had died and she actually felt a pain in her heart. She recalls feeling a physical hurting in loss of a parent. This pain stuck with me and reminds me to care for myself. The pain g ...…
Warehouse and Operations as a Career back at ya! Let’s see, where we at now, its already week 28 of 2018 and we’re on episode 94 of the podcast, wow times flying by this year! I’m Marty T Hawkins and I hope you’ve all had a Safe, productive and most importantly a prosperous week so far, shoot a Safe, productive and prosperous year so far. We’re ...…
Dynamic microphones are naturally quiet. A preamp helps by adding extra gain to the recording signal. Listen in to hear what I personally use and recommend.
This Week:Homework [Fonso]: T2 TrainspottingExtra Credit [MCP]: Hot Shots! Part DeuxExtras:Ant Man and the WaspNext Week:Homework [Reade]: Heavenly CreaturesExtra Credit [Reade]: Pork Pie
Conor, Sam and Eric review Ant-man and the Wasp, rank their top five movies of the year so far and struggle through a round of Ant-Man based trivia.Movie Grades for Ant-Man and the Wasp:Conor – B Eric - B +Sam - BEric:1. Infinity War2. Game Night3. A Quiet Place4. Ant-Man and the Wasp5. Hereditary Honorable Mentions: Annihilation, Black Panther ...…
2018 Summer Theological Talkback Series This talkback took place on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018. A member and leader in our congregation, Kadie Haase, shared her research into God's attention to the most vulnerable people especially in the Old Testament. In a 45 minute lecture and 45 minute Q&A she guides us to reflect God's character in thankfuln ...…
What Brian watched over Independence day weekend. News stories in world of horror on screen including multiple Child's Play films in works, Castlevania season 2 release date, & Universal Halloween nights events. Movie pick this episode "A Quiet Place" reviewed.
subscribe: iTunes | google play | android | stitcher Tonight’s fire explores stories; the power of story to empower or silence, to inspire or subordinate. Tonight we talk about the two lineages of stories; the ones that serve the dominant culture’s prioritization of profit and the ones that serve the vast and beautiful expression that is this E ...…
I highly recommend joining the show this week as I share my experience with meditation daily. This is a personal part of my life that has allowed me to tackle many challenges. I am one of the last people that many would expect to try and use the practices daily. I will tell you why this week. Join Me Inside the Overflow while I share my blessin ...…
Cash quiet, boxed beef mixed; live cattle failing at trading range highs, feeders managing to stay above old highs.
A reader wrote in... I feel like I'm pulled in 100 different directions and I can't get it all done! I'm sure we have all felt that way. There are a lot of demands on your time that drain your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed. In this episode of the podcast, we are talking about ten ways you can conserve and renew your energy so you are ...…
Welcome to a very warm episode of GEEKS CORNER! This week there are quite a few topics to cover, including the heat hitting the Disneyland Resort. Outside of Disneyland, Ant-Man and the Wasp has come to theaters. Mr. DAPs and Caitlyn review it. We have a new DAPS MAGIC Maker, Low Yong Lin! We are excited for him to partner with us and look forw ...…
Been a little quiet the last few weeks and I wanted to explain the reasoning behind that. Thank you for all being patient and sending all your positive regards! New episodes will be out in the next coming weeks. Can't wait to get back into it!
Chatted with printer, artist, co founder of electric soup and SCAAM as well as creator of the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio, Tommy Sommerville. Discussing the creation of Electric Soup with Dave Alexander, hiring a talented but unknown Frank Quietly . Tommy described his experience of working in underground comics in 1980’s. It was a genuine was ...…
Freddie’s Whispers. Reading fan mail. Klint’s more universally appealing than Ben. Shamelessly introducing Podcast Virgin (discount code supdude). Shotgun questions and answers – Rebecca interrupts by quietly ripping paper. Book Club – Attempting to read passages from the Thrifty Kitchen in different accents and impressions. When does the hango ...…
The Quiet Guys Podcast had the pleasure of speaking to the creator and current owner of the popular vintage clothing brand Adewears. With the angle of wanting to hear the voice of the man behind the scenes, we spoke on various topics.Ade shed some light on how he got interested in business and what made him pursue a life of autonomy. We also go ...…
Stepping aboard a luxurious and historic train which marks the centenary of Czechoslovakia's founding 100 years ago, speaking to Ernest Huska from Bratislava’s Múzeum dopravy and Michal Novotný from the National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic. Now you can use your mobile phone to clean up your city, with a Slovak-made mobile applica ...…
In our latest episode of Fiction Talks, Jonathan Santlofer, a widely acclaimed author and beloved teacher at The Center, talks to Noreen Tomassi, our executive director, about his new memoir THE WIDOWER'S NOTEBOOK. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY hails the book as “a quiet stunner of a memoir… the book never loses momentum, thanks in large part to his vivid ...…
The Chancellor is a non-conformist. He thinks it's a scary world full mainly of cult members, in one form or another. And he believes in the power of living a brilliant and quiet original life.
My Heart of Connection is Incredibility Important My Heart of Connection is incredibility important and I think of it all time by reflecting on what I am feeling almost every day. If I am too busy and forget I usually wake up during the night. Marie does not really have a process it happens naturally for her, “I take time to feel my heart and I ...…
The 2019 NFL Draft college football preview’s continue! AJ Marchese and Rob Paul dive into the real Group of Five with prospects from the MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and of course the Independents. They cover two quietly impressive QBs from the MAC, a stud RB coached by Lane Kiffin, the next potential Will Hernandez, Rob’s unr ...…
If Josh created a list of his favorite films for the first half of 2018, "A Quiet Place" would definitely make the cut. A smart, stripped down horror tale of a family trying to survive a monster apocalypse, the John Krasinski directed movie shows the importance not just of visuals in storytelling but of sound design as well.…
North Korea may be the most isolated nation on Earth, but its population (and state) are more tech-savvy than would appear. For this episode of the North Korea News Podcast, we bring you an important conversation on surveillance and censorship in North Korea, and how regular DPRK citizens are attempting to navigate this environment. Back in ear ...…
This lyricless mixtape episode was the bright idea of KrisXcut. As was the bright idea, to have Amanda tell you about the episode. In this episode you heard: this will destroy you - quiet shadows fall - lead me home tiger army - enchantment sharks keep moving - all out of red sparowes - the soundless dawn came alive as cities began to mark the ...…
In this episode we speak with Jenn Hirsch, Global Technology Trend Scout at Ernst & Young, Futurist, and SciFi author, about a diverse set of topics ranging from the liminality of the present technological landscape, to the value of quiet contemplation and self-reflection within an increasingly interconnected world.If you enjoyed the podcast, p ...…
Sign up for my free webinar! Happy one year Mind Your Body!!! I started a podcast and I’m still standing one year later! I’m overflowing with joy as I reflect on this huge accomplishment. I almost gave up a few times throughout the process. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE doing this! But it’s come with many, many challenges. Old ones that feel a li ...…
07/09/2018 Cannot Trade Liberty For Security & The Power of Prayer Our countries surrender of personal liberties is accelerating at an alarming pace. Benjamin Franklin stated that “Anyone who is willing to trade security for Liberty deserves neither liberty nor security”. We are in a hyper state of over regulation that is leading us into a soci ...…
Phil 4:15 Now you Philippians know also that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church shared (distributed, be a partaker, partnered) with me concerning giving and receiving but you only. NKJV I have heard it said and found it to be true myself, that if you want to quiet down a crowd in church just […]…
On the July 9, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall, weekend editor Brad Oman, senior writer Ben Pearson and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about what they’ve been up to at the Water Cooler. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Ov ...…
The major U.S. indices closed in red territory as trade tensions ramped up on Monday. The Technology sector was hit particularly hard resulting in the NASDAQ Composite falling nearly 3% in mid-day trading. In housing news, new home sales ticked up in May, with sales increasing 6.7% from April’s revised level and are up by 14.1% from May 2017. T ...…
THE RIGHT ROAD Summer Vibes Scott – Pastor of HOPE Psalm 1 Matthew 7:13 - "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. THE RIGHT WAY – PATH – ROAD OF LIFE 1. A Roa ...…
Movies of the Week: Ant Man and the Wasp THE SHAME LIST: Alan’s List: Pearl Harbor, The Day After Tomorrow, The Beach, Treasure Planet, The Lady in the Water Had’s List: Hook, Kong Pow, Willow, Star Trek Into Darkness, Sister Act Dishonorable Mention: The Room Best Five: Alan’s List: Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, A Quiet Place, Red Sparrow, T ...…
Houston's Morning News welcomes Matt Patrick's wife Paul Ryan who shares her strength and hope. It was a year ago today that our phones began ringing, as expected. Word came to us, the staff of NewsRadio 740 KTRH, that our associate, mentor, and center of gravity, Matt Patrick, had quietly died of cancer at home surrounded by his family. Paula ...…
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse adds another top notch spider-man to it's lineup. It's Nick Cage! Meanwhile, AMC is giving MoviePass a run for their money.. literally. And are these 'A Quiet Place' and 'Top Gun' sequels really necessary? Probably not. All this and much more. We have so much to talk about on Episode 13 of the Weekly Show!…
On this episode of Meet Me for Coffee, I hangout and chat with my friend Jackie at Molinari's Caffe here in Napa. We chat about our friendship, our kids and their family's prompting to be missionaries in Mexico. The episode was recorded about 9 days before they completely pack up their bags and leave Napa. I hope that you enjoy our conversation ...…
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