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DTR is a show about everything from opening lines, to profile pics, to dating someone out of your league. Each episode dives deep into the weird, wonderful and hilarious aspects of dating in an Internet-obsessed world. Because even though technology has made it easier to find dates, love is still as unpredictable as ever. For Season 2 of DTR, host Jane Marie (This American Life, Jezebel, The Hairpin, Cosmopolitan) is back and she’s on a mission. Joined by celebrity guests (Jason Mantzoukas, ...
Tinder Tales
Exploring the best and worst from the online dating scene
My Week In Tinder
I'm Kate Densen. Listen to me try to learn from my mistakes and figure out what I want from the hellscape that is online dating.Questions? Comments? Stories of your own? Email me at
Tinder Tales
Exploring the best and worst from the online dating scene
Love Me Tinder
Podcast by Rory Robinson
Comedian and Writer Micah Gordon has been online dating for years, to varied degrees of success. As a fun social experiment, and a cool first date idea, Micah decided to start inviting his Tinder dates to a podcast booth at the Nerdist School, and recording the experience for everyone to hear. Listen to Micah go on first dates on So What Do You Do: The Tinder Date Podcast!
I'm Kate Densen. Listen to me try to learn from my mistakes and figure out what I want from the hellscape that is online dating. Questions? Comments? Stories of your own? Email me at
Tinder Stories
The good and bad stories of Tinder.
Jiggy & Jigsaw continue the construction of last episode's puzzle whilst discussing the perplexing phenomena that is Tinder.
New podcast weblog
Una sex blogger a metà tra Bridget Jones e Samantha Jones. 💋 Ho creato la principale Pagina Facebook su Tinder in Italia. 😎 Parlo di storie di sessualità e disagio sulle dating App, di serie tv e libri sex positive.
We met on Tinder
"We met on Tinder" follows the story of Amor Yates as she dates, interviews, and produces a show about dating in the digital age.
A podcast about my two friends who are married and openly use Tinder.
Two Asian guys talk about their debaucherous adventures from their Tinder dates.
I’m leaving the hell alone! Want some tips on how to get pussy and I mean A LOT of pussy? I can help with that but I’m clueless on how to forge anything meaningful with these women. Want to here my stories? Sex and everything around it
Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer.
Swipe Out
The podcast about first dates and other awkward situations. Alix McAlpine met her boyfriend while making Season 1 of Swipe Out. Now, she's passing the mic to other daters around the country to help them figure what they're looking for when they're looking for love.
The Zoo
Swipe right for first hand accounts of online dating -- cringeworthy, strange, and completely delightful.
Date Talk
How can a man and a woman go on the same date and have completely different experiences? Cheryl White and Ira Summer, currently single professional comedians interview each other's first dates. Laugh along with them as they discuss and banter, trying to figure it out.
Feminist shock jocks go off the rails and offend everyone they know and love while talking about sex, relationships, queerness, trans stuff, heteroshit, and general mayhem. EXPLICIT.
A weekly online dating podcast experience! Each week, we interview single guests about their dating experience, hilarious first messages, Tinder nightmares, and dick pics!
Sex, Dating, and Relationship advice for an Indifferent World
Scot and Emily here, at your service. You might know us already from the X & Y On The Fly--Dating Podcast or The Chick Whisperer Podcast. But even if you don't, we're glad you're here. We're the dating coaches at X & Y Communications and spend a good bit of our time helping people just like you sort out their online profiles so that they can meet someone great. We met on ourselves (go figure) so what more fun could two human beings have than to do a show where we select a REAL onli ...
One More Drink
Join Blake, Terrence, April, and Andres as they talk about just about anything and everything from video games, to dating, to marriage, to comic books, all while enjoying a nice drink and being silly fun idiots while they do it.
Benched Podcast
Playboy Magazine Advisor, Bridget Phetasy and Comedian Ken Garr search for answers in today's dating world. Divorced and in their late 30's, they tackle dating, sex, relationships, marriage and most importantly--their own inner demons. Candid interviews with guests about past, present and future relationships begs the question: are they destined to be single forever or will they one day find true love? Only time will tell. Until then, they're BENCHED! For inquiries: ...
Revealing conversations with today's most inspiring business, sports, entertainment, and government leaders. Candid interviews with the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, LeBron James, and the founders of companies like Lyft and Tinder. Insightful stories and useful advice about how to get to the top.
Single at 35
Single at 35 is fortnightly podcast featuring 3 New Zealand Males in their 30s who have exited long term relationships and find themselves single for the first time.
She’s a successful entrepreneur by day, but by night her dating life is stranger than fiction. True life tales from comedian and storyteller Laura K.
We are 3 misinformed dudes who happen to get things right at least part of the time. 3 different frames of mind, 3 different sets of experiences, one of us is bound to get something right. Hosts: Tommy Scott, Chad Herscovici, Steven Scott
Too Old To Date
A scripted, comedy podcast about modern dating. Follow Mike and Brad as they stumble through Tinder, Bumble, JSwipe, OKCupid, and other dating apps in their fruitless pursuit of love.
Tinder Relationships, Music, & Local Happenings
Podcast And Chill
Podcast and Chill is a comedic storytelling podcast about sex, love, and dating for the "Tinder generation".
Jackson and Jared are 2 pretty funny guys know what the kids are into and do good bits. With a mix of casual chat with friends and high concept character work you and you're friends will laugh and think they are cool and great.Profile Pic courtesy of Danny Hommes
Tinderoni is hosted by Jakeem Gregory. The podcast focuses on the evolution, rejection, embracement, and impact of app based dating. Have we mostly become
What Are We
What Are We is hosted by two proud millennials, Lotanna and Sandra, and produced by Tori. Subscribe to hear us chat about everything from feminism and politics to memes and houseplants. You can also find us on Twitter, where we post even more unfiltered thoughts at: Listen to our bonus episodes here:
"It's Not You It's Me" the podcast about Dating, hosted by Angie Bravo & Jonathan Flanagan. Angie and Jon have fun guests each week talk about dating (online), love, relationships and then they completely make fun of it all. promise this podcast will be more interesting then most dates you go on. angieandflanny@gmail.comwww.jonathanflanagan.comtweet: @j_flanny
If Tom and Olly had a Tinder bio it would read "Rock. Sport. Comedy". Catch the boys on Triple M Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane 7-10pm Monday to Thursday nights!
Sex On Kava
Sex on Kava w/ Ethan Moore & Rich Kennedy! The South Florida talkshow about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava in Ft. Lauderdale!
Dude or Bro
Life is an experiment. The results that you obtain may not be the result you expect, but you have to make sense of the information. Please follow our podcast of "DUDE or BRO" and our very special guests as we attempt to make sense of our lifes. Our failures are just as important as our successes and we want to bring you along for every step of the way..
The Em Rusciano show will endeavour to be the mot honest conversations on radio. It will be funny, authentic, supportive, surprising, topical and truthful. Each week Em will be joined by a different co-host and together they will talk about everything from Trump to Tinder, feminism to Facebook, Motherhood to menstruation - we will not shy away from any topic. The Em Rusciano radio show will not be bitchy or judgemental and promises to never make a co-host drink their own urine, marry a liste ...
Tinderpodden. En podd om Tinder
Nigerian Boy
A Couple of friends who think they are funny try to entertain people. We talk about all sorts of topics from awkward tinder dates to how old Quinns sister is.
Exploring Tinder, dating, and the empty internal lives of two American sadboys.
Yeah, No, Yeah
Molly and Katie tell scary stories — hauntings, folklore, urban legends, and Tinder dates.
Podcast Goals
Welcome to Podcast Goals – where every week, two twenty-something gals, Amy and Sophie, will be bringing you ridiculous tales and words of not so wisdom as they try to navigate millennial life. From Tinder horror stories, to autocorrect nightmares and even saucy sex tech. Follow us @podcastgoals on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or just have a listen!
Nicotine Juice
Call in interview with Tinder Expert Ashley Bee.
Beers and Broads
The intentional confabulations of two intoxicated women, who spend an hour a week reminiscing on a decade of friendship and comparing Tinder stories.
It's A Match Podcast
It's A Match is a show about dating in the app age. Lindsey has been on 23 Tinder dates. She's still swiping.Anna went on her first Tinder date a few months ago and now, he's her boyfriend. It's pretty unfair.They're the opposite ends of the dating spectrum.Join them as they navigate the rights and lefts of online dating: terrible dates, awful messages, unsolicited dick pics and every now and then, a match that doesn't suck.Theme song by Peter McDermott and logo by Amirul Nasir ( ...
The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Real Princess and a host of other wonderful tales which form so much a part of childhood are part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen. This volume contains eighteen selected stories. Some of them are old familiar friends, while others maybe new to some readers, but all of them equally enchanting and enthralling. Today, these stories are known almost everywhere in the world and have been translated into hundreds of l ...
Te da pena decir que conociste a tu novi@ en Tinder?
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Table of Nonsense: Intro: Office Space 2:30 - 18 year old John working at Blockbuster & Best Buy 6:50 - Chris suggests a really shitty way to quit 7:50 - Divine gas 9:00 - John’s Best Buy interview 10:20 - Chris thinks he can make his farts smell like blueberries by eating 5 pounds of blueberries. 14:27 - “Bad Girls” takes over our podcast for ...…
Zack contributes to the death of a reptile. Trina burps (a lot). Zack and Trina find out that burps DO in fact turn in to farts. Which is better, burps or farts? We talk about our origin story (meeting on Tinder), and give some Tinder facts. Y’all be swiping way too much. This episode is just full of precious, beautiful, sexy knowledge. Try it ...…
Blue Chip Podcast Website |⠀. ⠀⠀⠀For this season-ender, we talk to Dave Holt, Co-Founder of We Date Australia, a new dating app making waves and dates happen. He talks to Chip about his career journey and all his job roles merging into this now huge role as a businessman- in the tech world no less. He also tel ...…
I go through and answer my recent Tinder and Bumble matches. Grandpa Sweater Joke: me on Instagram and Twitter at
Mindy Robinson calls in to THE MILO SHOW to provide some more evidence of Facebook censoring conservatives. MILO and Mindy also take a look at the tinder profiles of SJWs and analyze them.
Mindy Robinson calls in to THE MILO SHOW to provide some more evidence of Facebook censoring conservatives. MILO and Mindy also take a look at the tinder profiles of SJWs and analyze them.
Mental illness; Talk Stoop's Cat Greenleaf sues NBCUniversal; Conor McGregor vs. A Bus; to show or not show that you care; Tinder loses people's matches; Ren & Stimpy creator outted for inappropriate sexual relationships with underage girls
Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture and over tea. Drink up! On this episode… We celebrate trans visibility day and ask are we simply tolerant of people’s differences or have we graduated to acceptance yet? We ask for trigger warnings, and review what the internet taught us about domestic violence ...…
Facebook's leaked memo, Australian's never trusted Facebook to keep their data safe, GIFS come back to Instagram, Snapchat's third party apps update, Carnival Cruise gives fan a free holiday in exchange for his Snapchat handle, an update to Snap Map called 'Explore,' Twitter submits a metrics proposal to change the negative conversations on it' ...…
In this episode, I jump on the ol' Tinder and have a bit of a swipe. This is a super relaxed and kind-of random flick through Tinder with some pointers and tips as to how you can make the most of it. What is also interesting, is how judgmental I become, which just shows the reality of online dating, and what skimming through peoples photos does ...…
Safe Space is on Apple's Podcast app, Stitcher, and Google Play.Extra content rolls out from time to time for our Patreon subscribers: can follow us on twitter: - Mike’s 3D Printer Broke3:58 - Texting the wrong number10:53 - Bill Burr and Relationships27:43 - Tinder's Underbelly/S ...…
Live From The Easter Bunnie's Warren.... HATS! Nick's Urinal Fail, The Worlds Largest Easter Egg, Runner Up Murray, Gym Fails, The "AUS" Beer, Tinder Tom, Outdated Laws and Cooking Failures.
Frank talks about his Tinder moments, John see's Ready Player One, and is Moviepass worth it?
Welcome to episode 2 of Coast to Coast hosted by the Swedish House Mafia of podcasting Dante, Dylan & Juan. Today we talk about the following topics :Bumble vs TinderWhat Makes A Good AccountWould you Date Someone Off An AppTalking StageWeekly Topics
A onda... perspektiva – Zeka ide u Ameriku da spava ispod mosta i Youtubuje i uspe kao SvarcenegerI tekuce teme:Marko objasnjava Zeki kako funkcionise TinderO zabavnim parkovima u Dubaiju i svetuKonacno: Balkanski brac dostavaU koju kritovalutu ce Marko i Zeka da uloze – detaljnijeMarko smorio zeku sa pricom o picu koje se zove pivo a ima ukus ...…
Quali foto evitare nel proprio profilo Tinder? Ecco un elenco delle peggiori foto usate dai ragazzi.
Dan & Gabe are back after being MIA for a few weeks! They catch up, talk about the show The Office, sugar shacks, Gabriel’s dating life, the high number of Stephanies he’s dated, his tinder rules, how he hates everything, the sex worker he went out with, and more!Gettin’ to know your host: Daniel’s food allergiesWatchuwatchin’: Game Night, Tomb ...…
This week your wingwomen talk sexual assault on public transportation. Catherine has a minor breakdown and talks about why her heart is turning to stone. Megan gets more serious with Tinder Boy, and the girls answer a question from a listener who is worried about her boyfriend following models on instagram.…
Swipers around the country have been using Tinder to set up dates and find love. It's great! But what happens if you invite 15 people to a venue in London and then get one of them onstage for a "performance date". VICE's Sophie Burge was keen to find out. Recorded live at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, London in November 2017.…
This episode we teach the Papps on when cars were invented, the one who shall not be named, Tinder talk, Shayelin getting thrown across the room by a random, false parking ticket facts, and PODLIBS "Afraid of the Dark"
In this episode we welcome back the world's oldest Millenial, Mr. Jorge Ripol, we talk movie tinder, gun to the head, what the fudge, Netflix talk and we finish our superhero top 10 movies. AS great time had by all....enjoy
Our show's weekly catch-up with WCCO-TV news anchor Jason DeRusha -- talking paying on first dates, wait staff watching Tinder dates and sexual harassment training in restaurants.
Olivia June, CEO of Hey Vina! is a girl's girl. She's championed female empowerment before it was the cool thing to do. Olivia and her team of Rebels set out to create an app that connects women across the globe with one another, developing real connections of friendship and support. Case in point- Our CEO of Rebel Role Model found her best fri ...…
Tinder meets dynasty football! Just like the infamous “dating” app, the guys are using incomplete and superficial information to build a dynasty superflex lineup, swiping right on the players who make a strong impression with limited information and swiping left on players who just aren’t statistically photogenic. Like a bikini picture or a buz ...…
The first guest in Getting It Out history has arrived! I cold called my pal Mikey G to get the scoop on cryotherapy for the first installment of "Mike On Ice." I answer the question I never wanted to ask, what's a diva cup? Also, nipple burn and Snoop Dogg tinder pics!
Mack Podcasts — I dunno here’s some more bollocks for you. Tinder, relationships, comedy and other interesting bollocksMac Miller - Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak): your questions:DM me on Instagram:, tweet me on Twitter: the ...…
Newlyweds David and Ally Brown uncover the naked truth about Love, Sex, and Relationships... God's way. What do you think about Christians on TINDER? How are we susceptible to gaining "love weight"? How and why does it happen? How to meet someone. How do you know if you're sexually compatible with someone if you don't have sex or remain abstine ...…
Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, the list goes on and on about how many apps + sites are used to pair people together. What about a match-making service? Chelsea sits down with Three Day Rule, a matchmaking service in cities all over the U.S., and two of their matchmakers in Chicago, Brittney and ...…
My friend Briana shares some stories about college parties and tinder dates gone wrong… or gone right? You decide.
In this episode our two friends, Linley and Annie, join us in the studio to start the dialogue on one of the biggest topics affecting 20 year olds…. The opposite sex. We take a 'deep dive', as Linley would put it, into dating apps, social media, and all the questions we had about why guys and girls our age do the stuff they do. Also, this was o ...…
Powered Down Podcast #35! Support the vid with a Like & Comment your thoughts! Sub for more!► Amanda's links!► Platlist: iTunes: Soundcloud: https://soun ...…
Callers describe their best offers to bribe Lechero out of the bathroom, winner gets 4 tickets to Powerhouse. All new Tinder Tuesday, Ashley and Jimmy describe their Tinder nightmares. Plus the crew talks hickeys and nudes.
Welcome back to episode 14 of the Cognac Chronicles podcast! On this episode J.E., Nix, and Tassie sit down to discuss: Juelz Santana airport incident, Nas' $40 Million Dollar Come Up, Nix joining a Secret Society, Bow Wow, Trey Songs, Toys R Us, and Tassie's Growth....along with the topic of the Week: Internet Dating! Everything's Better With ...…
New Format. Not just comics, movies, and games. We do what we want. If we wanna talk about dating and Tinder, we're gonna. My co-host this episode is Chris Halm
This week Christie and Nicole were inspired by the woman that attacked her avid gamer boyfriend with a samurai sword after learning that he downloaded Tinder to his phone and may or may not have been cheating on her. Was his gaming too much or was her reaction? The Dynamic Duo weighs in. From there, the ladies share stories of scorned lovers an ...…
Austin Bomber in Hell.Conservation of Nature and Ideas.Fed Raising Interest Rates Good or Bad?.Uber pops it’s murder cherry..too soon?.Skynet is Real!.3D-Printing a House!.Where is retail going?
Who is Nir Eyal? Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.” Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Desig ...…
OFFICIALLY RENAMING THIS PODCAST 'TINDER TALES' - join Tinder's Biggest Asshole and I tonight as we have a Rosé with Hope and talk through some of our Tinder stories: such as the time Hope stood up a guy who came dressed as an elf (thus gaining her the nickname Tinder's Biggest Asshole), and the time I had to unmatch a guy that insisted I call ...…
Phrase of the Day: Stable Genius Have we got a show for you! This week, the Steal Your Mail team tackles the psychology of discussing flirtation with your better half (even if it was in dreamland), a rapid fire round that covers the realms of an attack of killer kindergarteners, the dangers of curiosity, plus the advantages of monocle wearing, ...…
The original sexy members of PBC go hard on this bitch! We chat about abortions, get wined up for "fiya or not", and even catfish on tinder. Its a good time! Very funny and heated cast.
Dom and Tyler are joined once again by Producer Tyler (@realmagicmikexxlfan) to debate the EXISTENCE of Stephen Hawking's sex life, the LACK of sex life for all the losers mad about Tomb Raider, and the EXCITING sex life of the guy who got to CGI Lindsay Lohan's boobs to be smaller in Herbie: Fully Loaded. We also get into Tyler's entrance back ...…
Oh Hey Tinder Tales is on Patreon Now! Consider Donating at We are now sponsored by! Check them out for 35% off any prostate massager with check out code Tinder! Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my podcast about the best and worst of Online Dating. This episode it's a live one as I talk all ab ...…
Mano Agapion (UCB, Horny for Horror) joins Nicole to have a great discussion on race and gender identity, body dysmorphia, and a crazy Grindr threesome story. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: Be sure to rate Why Won't You Date Me 5-stars on Apple Podc ...…
This week on Unmuted the girls take over while James is away for an exam. Girl's week was hot as the host discussed tinder messages that they received and some of the worst pick up lines ever. Things to a spicy turn when Lauren brought up the idea of international hookups. Ask us questions or suggest topics on Twitter @unmuted_podcast for futur ...…
Episode 016 | BrokeCollegeCast | Alfredo Tried Tinder!? by BrokeCollegeCast
Nakia called the Sana G Morning show so she could put Terron on blast for sticking her with the dinner bill after their first date! They met on Tinder and when they were out to eat, he just disappeared when the bill came and she had no other option than to pay it... Listen to this episode of "Crush on You" to hear what happened when we got Terr ...…
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