Isaac Johnston: The Call to Adventure


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In this episode, I talk with Isaac Johnson a photographer, director, producer, and life-long adventurer who has spent his life creating stories and weaving in his enthusiasm. He’s worked for the likes of Land Rover, Canon, NBC Universal, BMW, and many more, as well as traveled the world and shot with some of the most well-known photographers out there.

But he certainly didn’t start there…

Through his natural gift of storytelling, Isaac shares with us his hero’s journey and his commitment to answering the call and taking uncomfortable leaps over and over again. All the while remaining true to his desire to help people have adventures.

I was immediately drawn to the feeling of freedom that Isaac’s photography emanated. Something I feel that, especially now as we’re confined to our homes, many of us are craving on a very deep level. As we ask ourselves the questions, “Is this the life I really want to live? Or is there more for me? More freedom, more joy, more adventure?” It helps to have some examples of what’s possible.

I hope this is that for you.

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