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Podcast dotyczący druku 3D we wszystkich jego odmianach, DIY, FabLabów, elektroniki i wszystkiego co wyda nam się związane. Do słuchania zapraszają Dziarski i Plama!
3D Printing Today
In-depth discussion on all technical, educational and entrepreneurial aspects of 3D Printing. With an emphasis on tips and tricks for hobbyists and professionals Andy Cohen and Whitney Potter delve into all aspects of this exciting hotbed of innovation and potential.
東京ゲーム事変3Dは、ものづくりが好きなゲーマー3人がゲームの話を中心にいろんな話題をまったりと語らうPodcastです。隔週更新。番組へのご連絡は、gamejihen[at] までどうぞ。
3D Muscle Journey
The 5 natural bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches from 3D Muscle Journey come together for conversations dissecting the art and science of muscle and strength. Be a fly on the wall as this collective of coaches discuss the ins and outs of helping athletes reach their potential on the stage, platform and in their personal lives. Dedication. Discipline. Desire. #Team3DMJ
Official Podcast of the 3D Printing Industry
Every Thursday is #3DThursday at Adafruit! Tune in for a new project using 3D printing and DIY electronics. Get inspired to use 3D printing in your projects and find out how to design things using CAD software. Learn to print enclosures, cosplay elements, camera mods, and much much more from Noe Ruiz and Pedro Ruiz.
All Things 3D
This is the podcast where Chris Kopack and Mike Balzer talk about what is going on in the 3D industry with guests from around the world who are making their mark in this new frontier.
Impresión 3d es un blog donde podrás ver noticias, trucos y todo lo relacionado con la impresión 3d en Español
3D Hangouts
Hang out with Noe & Pedro Ruiz every week and discover 3D printing! Get your 3D news, projects, design tutorials, shop talk and more each week. We'll also share what's on our build platforms at the moment, sneak peeks of future projects, and throughout all of it, we’ll keep on printing. Subscribe to the Adafruit channel on YouTube and follow us on Google+ to catch future broadcasts.
Лучшие журналисты страны делятся своим опытом!
3d printing tips, 3d printer news, reviews of 3d printers, maker discussion, and debate, from our presenters and 3d printing experts from around the world.
3D音乐 请带上耳机听哦!!!
The SeeMeCNC Printed 3D Podcast is a podcast for makers. Do you print? Have you ever considered purchasing your very own 3D printer but didn't know where to start? This podcast will show you the possibilities.
3D Art Direct specialises with the stories of creativity using 3D digital art applications. We love to share our in-depth interviews of digital artists, industry leaders and content creators, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Discover fresh content, inspiration, tips and tricks and fascinating biographies of those we talk to. The show is hosted by Paul Bussey, editor of 3D Art Direct magazine and digital arts conference organiser, bringing together artists and content creators thr ...
Wie junge Unternehmender und Entrepreneurs die Technologie für ein neues Zeitalter nutzen. Wir interviewe erfolgreiche Ventures und reden über die Grundlagen der 3D-Drucks sowie dessen Potenziale.
This is Beyond CAD, a show discussing the future of engineering and construction including 3D visualization, building information modeling, UAVs and Drones, virtual reality, real-time game engines and more. This is also the story of how I moved beyond CAD and started Civil FX, a company that provides 3D visualization and other services for transportation, construction and other civil engineering projects.
FINDET NEMO kehrt ins Kino zurück – erstmals in aufregendem Disney Digital 3D™ – und wird eine ganz neue Generation für das großartige Unterwasser-Abenteuer begeistern. Regisseur Andrew Stanton, zweifacher Oscar®-Preisträger für FINDET NEMO („Finding Nemo“, 2003) und WALL•E – DER LETZTE RÄUMT DIE ERDE AUF („Wall•E“, 2008), findet die 3D-Version des Films buchstäblich atemberaubend. „Nach den ersten Szenen von FINDET NEMO 3D kam es mir vor, als hätte ich noch nie zuvor einen 3D-Film gesehen“, ...
Apasionados de la impresión 3D
Der Mittendrin Podcast von Off The Path bringt dir jeden Donnerstag einen neuen 3D-Sound aus der ganzen Welt direkt nach Hause! Sebastian Canaves und Line Dubois sind die Autoren des bekannten Reiseblogs Off The Path und reisen mit dem Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset um die Welt, um die besten Soundbites für dich aufzunehmen. Versetze dich in ihre Situation und sei Mittendrin dabei, wenn sie in Costa Rica White Water Raften oder mit Orcas in Kanada kajaken. Wichtig: Dieser Podcast funktionier ...
Mixamo’s end-to-end, web-based software makes the process of 3D character creation, rigging and animation accessible to artists of all skill levels. Use in any pipeline and customize the royalty-free assets to speed production on your 3D project. Create characters with Fuse, our revolutionary 3D character creator. Then send your Fuse character or upload your own 3D character model to the Auto-Rigger to get joints placed and skinning weights painted in seconds. Mixamo’s vast collection of 3D ...
Each week we talk about the newest in 3D printing technology, cool uses of 3D printing, and where it's headed as a technology.
What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore all about the what of 3D Printing: what 3D design software, what 3D printers, what tools to use, what designs to print, what new materials they’ve tested for you and what your 3D Printing business strategy should be. They interview the who’s who in 3D Print design and others who can help you figure out your what.
Beyond the 3D
If you are one of the billions on this planet who feel as though outside forces are controlling your life, this podcast is for you. For most of your life, you have been told to DO, so you can BE something or someone in the future. This Beyond the 3D podcast will give you the formula for owning your power and controlling your life. When you do not own your power, you often do the wrong things because you do not know you are really in control. Your life is defined by drama, worry, fear and sca ...
ZBS in 3D Sound
3D sound experience.
We also do weekly 3DFP vids on YouTube: is a 3D food printing studio. We create new food experiences through the innovation and research on food, user experience and technology around 3DFP. At the same time we commit to share the technology as we strongy believe it is the best way to help push it forward.
3-D home videos from my vacation at the Disneyland Resort. Red/blue 3-D glasses required (like the kind that came with Spy-Kids 3-D or Shrek 3-D).
Design (3D, Graphic & Illustration)
Modelo 3D
Podcast o programa de Radio sobre el Modelado 3D para videojuegos.
3d world
Trailers and short clips of of 3D movies.
Comet 3D
Music and freestyle rap and live take with those who would like to be heard..!
3D Music
3D音乐是一种立体声音乐。传统的立体声音乐需要构建至少两个含有不同声音信息的声道,立体声音乐最普通的形式是双声道音乐这种普通的立体声是平面立体声。还有另外一种球面立体声,它至少需要左,中,右三个声道的声音,最常见的就是影院的环绕声系统。 【3D音乐是一种立体声音乐。传统的立体声音乐需要构建至少两个含有不同声音信息的声道,立体声音乐最普通的形式是双声道音乐这种普通的立体声是平面立体声。还有另外一种球面立体声,它至少需要左,中,右三个声道的声音,最常见的就是影院的环绕声系统。】
Optic 3D artwork based on object 3D scanning or reverse engeenering
Charlas 3D
Programa del Arq. Homero Hernández con las últimas noticias, propuestas e innovaciones en la Facultad Mexicana de Arquitectura, Diseño y Comunicación.
StepUp 3D Podcast
Coming to theaters August 6, 2010.Become a Fan On Facebook: .New York's intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D in the third installment of the STEP UP franchise as the raw, passion-fueled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (Rick Malambri) and Natalie (Sharni Vinson), team up with NYU freshman Moose (Adam Sevani), and find themselves pitted against the world's best breakdancers in a high-stak ...
DJ 3D's Podcast
Two thirty-something men give their unique takes on all things Disney (Movies, parks, rides, food, drinks... You name it!)
3D underwater short videos of the ocean world! These 3D videos are in side-by-side stereoscopic format, and are viewable on 3D TVs, via AppleTV, on 3D capable mobile devices, and using stereoscopic viewers for side-by-side 3D viewing. Most current viewing methods will require 3D glasses. Although, many glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) methods of 3D viewing are becoming more and more common. We hope you enjoy the new 3D underwater videos!
3D OR 2D Podcast
Weekly+ is NOT FAKE NEWS, is NOT biased, & DOES NOT DO click bait. is independently owned and operated. We do 3D Movie Reviews, 3DS game reviews, and more. I hope you enjoy this 3D podcast !
A quick thought from your friends at Think 3D to help you start your day with intention!
Podcast by Beyond 3D Podcast
IMAX Hubble 3D
Join STS-125 astronaut Mike Massimino as he goes behind the scenes at NASA to talk about what was involved in repairing one of the most powerful scientific instruments ever built: The Hubble Space Telescope.
Nerdtastic in 3D
Nerdtastic - Something that an ordinary person would find boring, but to a nerd is absolutely FANTASTIC!
Video Podcasts from noll1 Bildproduktion. 3D-animations, movies and video-editing.
From the grue-crew behind Horror News Radio, Decades of Horror 1980s covers the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from the Eighties. Classics from John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg and more.
微信号:13572297598 我是一个土生土长的89年出生的八零后,在毕业后通过全国各地的北京深圳等的游历后,决定回到西安去做一点事情,说是3d打印创业也是是在无法说清楚自己的状态是什么,总感觉高不成低很就,于是准备不误正业的通过节目来记录我的创业生活,希望大家支持哈,也是瞎聊聊,希望有说到大家的心声,说不定正在听下一个科技巨头ceo的早期屌丝历程呢。 我是一个土生土长的89年出生的八零后,在毕业后通过全国各地的北京深圳等的游历后,决定回到西安去做一点事情,说是3d打印创业也是是在无法说清楚自己的状态是什么,总感觉高不成低很就,于是准备不误正业的通过节目来记录我的创业生活,希望大家支持哈,也是瞎聊聊,希望有说到大家的心声,说不定正在听下一个科技巨头ceo的早期屌丝历程呢。
Dobbiamo studiare alcune parti del programma di tecnologia. Però vogliamo sperimentare nuovi modi per apprendere, ricercando, giocando, raccontando, senza lezioni e senza libri. Vogliamo anche "imparare facendo". Ecco quello che facciamo in classe, quando ci incontriamo in classe, ogni giovedì.
Demos, tutorials and software updates for Bee Docs Timeline 3D.
Enriching Lives With Visual and Written Art
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show series
You were born with the ability to be a Master and shape yourself and your life. In this podcast, Michael shares why it is important to transition from thoughts and actions rooted in fear to thoughts and actions rooted in expectation as soon as possible.
Whacking a couple more Palette moles, Fusion360 New thread in Hole command, The danger of going fallow
This podcast is a redux Rerun ! So in preparation for Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation upcoming release we decided to re-release our review of the second movie. This review redux so it has cleaned up audio , additional introduction and new updated closing music . We hope you enjoy this rebroadcast. Read our original review here: http://www. ...…
Are you someone who likes to lift weights, enjoys training in a way that s designed to maximize muscular hypertrophy, but don t have any desire to step on stage? Would you like to know how you can take all of the information that s out there and apply it in a way that will help you reach your physique goals without becoming unnecessarily rigid ...…
⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️ Adolph & James review Ant-Man and the Wasp movie in full detail . We go over all the plot points and what we liked about it and didn’t like about this movie . To read our written review click here : To Listen to our Spoiler Free 3D Movie review click here: http://www.3dor2d ...…
3D Printed Mount for CRICKITVisit the Adafruit shop online:
Ant-Man and the Wasp is now out . So how is it? How is the 3D aspect ? To read our written review click here : © 2018 MARVEL / Disney All rights reserved. This podcast is brought to you by 3D Wiggle ! They provided us a 3Deal for 20% off their software. For more info go here: http://www.3dor2d.c ...…
Does your FW have the safety cutoff?, Raise3D Thermal runaway issue, Fire Prevention Systems, Using the Palette for a 4 spool print
In the past, the coaches have talked a lot about the importance of having a structured training program and adhering to it. This is for a good cause as program hopping is one of the most common explanations for wheel spinning in the bodybuilding community. However, just like nutritional flexibility is important, so is having flexibility in one ...…
This podcast is a rerun podcast . This podcast isn’t just a re-release because I added a new intro and tweaked it . Sadly the audio quality is not great and I apologize for that. ⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️ Adolph & James discuss Ant-Man with Full Spoilers. Read our review for Ant-Man here: © 2015-2018 MARVEL / Di ...…
With Ant-Man And the Wasp about to release I thought it would be fun to revisit the original Ant-Man movie . So this podcast is a rerun podcast . This podcast isn’t just a re-release because I added a new intro and tweak it somewhat . Sadly the audio quality is not great and I apologize for that. Read our review for Ant-Man here: http://www.3do ...…
Adolph shares some memories and talks about the original Ant-Man movie . This podcast is Spoiler Free Read our review for Ant-Man here: © 2015-2018 MARVEL / Disney All rights reserved. This podcast is brought to you by 3D Wiggle ! They provided us a 3Deal for 20% off their software. For more info go here: ht ...…
Multistreaming with the Adafruit shop online:
If you’ve ever designed a custom piece of tooling or machining equipment, you know that traditionally it takes weeks and weeks from design to delivery. But now there’s a platform that allows you to design on Monday, order on Tuesday and get the machine delivered on Wednesday. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s the future of machine building, and ...…
⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️ Adolph & James discuss Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in detail with full spoilers. We talk about the 3D, the movie, what we liked and didn't like about this sequel. To read our written review click below : To listen to our Spoiler Free podcast review click below: ...…
July has something for everyone. We have four new 3D movies , one notable 3DS game and several 3D Blu-rays releasing . What a busy month! To see the full article to see the trailers and get more info go here: 3D Movies Ant-Man and the Wasp Release Date : July 6 2018 Official Website : http:// ...…
Pallete Printer Calibration, Getting Familiar with Industrial 3D Printers, Resin stupidity
In today s episode, Andrea sits down with Alberto one-on-one to ask him a variety of questions related to life, bodybuilding, YouTube, music, his hair, and many other topics. What does Alberto think powerlifters are doing right that a lot of bodybuilders have missed? What is the biggest lesson he has learned from each of the other coaches? How ...…
TouchTone Mini SynthVisit the Adafruit shop online:
Recently Instagram announced a new video platform called Instagram TV. Instagram TV allows users to upload longer length vertical videos. This podcast quickly discusses this . 3Dor2D has been on Instagram since 2015 and you can find us here : podcasts can be found via: iTunes / Apple Podcasts Stitcher Ra ...…
In this project we'll show you how we built a mini synthesizer with capacitive touch using Circuit Playground Express and MakeCode. Click for links and resources!Visit the Adafruit shop online:
You have the ability to master your life, you just need to access it. In his first series episode in the Mastering Your Life series, Michael dives in to what it means to master your life and how you can get started. It is your life journey. Owning your power, practicing alchemy, and mastering life's ups, downs, lefts, and rights is front and ce ...…
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is now out . Is this sequel better than the original ? So how is it? How is the 3D aspect ? To read our written review click below : Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All Righ ...…
⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️ Adolph & James review and discuss "Incredibles 2" in full detail with spoilers. To listen to the spoiler free review (with 3D Section) go here: To read our written review click below : © Disney, All Rights Reserved, Disne ...…
Lessons learned with the Palette, DUP Achilles heel, Scan or Photo
Contest prep is both fun and challenging, it pushes you mentally, physically, and emotionally. When done right, the process can teach you a lot about yourself and have a positive impact on your life. When done wrong, it can send someone into a downward spiral causing them to lose friends, their significant other, their job, etc. In this episode ...…
⚠️ Spoiler Warning ⚠️ This podcast is way back from the vault. I recorded this back in 2013 when Jurassic Park had a limited IMAX 3D run. I did this podcast before I started the website. I have previously broadcast this podcast when Jurassic World released so this is another rebroadcast with some new content. I hope you enjoy listening to this ...…
This is a RERUN podcast. As Jurassic World Forgotten Kingdom is about to release I thought it would be fun to go back in time and rebroadcast the original Jurassic World 3D Movie Review. To read my full review go here: Official website : A UNIVERSAL PICTURE © 2015 UNI ...…
Glowing LED SlimeVisit the Adafruit shop online:
3D printed a simple holder for coin cell batteries and make LED throwies that’s re-usable. Just pop in a coin cell and press fit them together. Build an LED throwie kit for your classroom or workshop.Visit the Adafruit shop online:
68 | The NEW Civil FX (Office) Player above not working? Either click here, or right-click and “Save Link” to download the episode. In this episode I talk about how, after over a year of preparation, we finally opened our new office in Las Vegas including 4 new hires leading to a new stage for Civil FX. The post 68 | The NEW Civil FX (Office) a ...…
Incredibles 2 is now out . It's been almost 15 years since the original, so is this sequel worth the wait ? How is the 3D aspect ? Listen to this spoiler free review to find out. To read our written review click below : © Disney, All Rights Reserved, Disney Lifestyle This podcast is brought to you by 3 ...…
Sorry I didn't upload this earlier. Better late than never... To read the review please go to the link below: This podcast is brought to you by 3D Wiggle ! They provided us a 3Deal for 20% off their software. For more info go here: For ...…
Troubleshooting SLA fails , Adding color to FTD SW resin, 3D Object Eco-System, Open Heritage
Bodybuilding is hard. Building muscle, losing body fat, and hitting new PRs are all hard. Sure, things may start off easy, but as you continue to push the envelope and work towards fulfilling your genetic potential eventually it s going to get hard, and when it does how will you respond? In today s episode, Andrea, Alberto, and Brad discuss the ...…
Dental technology has come a long way since you got braces back in 80s. Now with advanced dental 3D printing as an option, treatment for patients has grown faster and more reliable than ever. The possibilities of high resolution polymer 3d printing are truly endless, with companies fighting to dominate several areas, including digital dentistry ...…
Glowing Slime Lunchbox – Parts, Code, Files, Tutorial and more!Visit the Adafruit shop online:
⚠️ Massive Spoiler Warning ⚠️ The entire 3Dor2D crew come together to talk about “Solo A Star Wars Story”. First Adolph , James and Jake discussed the movie in detail. Next the trio discuss the future of the “Star Wars” films after this box office disappointment. Finally Christin comes into the podcast and talks with Adolph about the film. ⚠️ M ...…
Sadly the DC Comics Movie Universe is a dupster fire . The quality is all over the place and the films have been extremely controversial to critics and fans. They haven’t preformed well in the box office either. So this podcast we discuss all the issues with the DC Extended Universe Films . Here are a few bullet points from this discussion: How ...…
AnyCubic Photon Part 3, UV flashlights, Raise3D Pro series
What does the future look like for 3DMJ? Where do the coaches see themselves in the year 2020? In today s episode, Jeff, Andrea, and Eric sit down to discuss the past, present, and future of 3DMJ. The coaches start the episode by discussing the early days of 3DMJ nearly 8½ years ago. What did their first few years in business look like? How muc ...…
For hardware companies, it has become very challenging to compete in that market. Recovering rocket scientist Joan Horvath and hacker Rich Cameron team up to form Nonscriptum when they realized nobody’s doing any training and authored quite a few books on 3D printing. Joan shares that something that’s been really valuable for them is writing bo ...…
Using Cutting Machines for ProjectsVisit the Adafruit shop online:
June brings two major summer movies. We also get some notable 3D Blu-rays and a few 3DS games. Scroll down for details. See the homepage article about 3D Releases for June 2018 here: Watch the video version of this podcast via Youtube below: 3D Movies Incredibles ...…
Resin nightmare, Hero Forge, Going from a raster pic to vector CAD, 3D Printer Burns a house
In today s episode, Andrea, Eric, and Brad discuss one of the three variables which form the foundation of every training program, volume. The coaches have touched on volume before, but never have they gone into this level of detail about this critical component for muscular hypertrophy until now. Throughout the episode the coaches cover a vari ...…
To Hack is to gain authorization to something you did not previously have access to. In this episode, Michael discusses how you have the innate ability to hack your attitude, state of being, awareness, perceptions, and actions every day to own your power and turn lead (life's negatives) into gold (something positive) and create your life accord ...…
The newest Star Wars movie is now out . This time Han Solo gets his own adventure in "Solo a Star Wars Story" . So how is it ? How is the 3D? To read our written review click on the button below : Solo Official Website: TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved / ©Disney. Al ...…
AnyCubic Photon Review part 2, Tool Changer, A 3D Printer gets Lost in Space
How would you define a hardgainer ? What are the distinguishable characteristics of someone in this category? In today s episode, Andrea, Alberto, and Jeff take the classification of hardgainer and break it down into three different subtypes: those who don t eat enough, those who are low responders to resistance training, and those who are near ...…
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