Best Automotive Sales podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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THE DRIVE brings you all the latest automotive news, product reviews, celebrity guests and more. Hosted by award-winning automotive expert, Alan Taylor. For many years, Alan's expertise and quick wit has entertained millions on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX, and the Speed Channel.
Join Michael Cirillo as he seeks to uncover the best advice for growing your dealership business in the digital age. Each week you'll hear conversations with best-selling authors, marketers, business leaders and sales practitioners who share their best knowledge about how to level up and dominate.
Super Speeders
Host Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders talks cars, driving, travel, business, and current events. Nothing is off limits but the focus will be primarily automotive. We will attempt to stick to a weekly upload schedule and invite interesting guests when possible.
Auto Dealer Live
Auto Dealer Live is hosted by David Villa, CEO of iPD. David has over 20 years of experience working in the Automotive industry and is passionate about being a voice of change that pushes the industry forward in a positive direction.In addition to David Villa, Auto Dealer Live also has a terrific co-hosts] in David Cribbs, who began his automotive career in 1989 and to this day remains passionate about the industry that gave him his start.The purpose of Auto Dealer Live is to bring together ...
Car Chronicles
Jeff Gilbert's daily feature on trends in the automotive industry, plus a weekly test drive of a key new model.
Auto Off Topic
Auto Off Topic is a weekly podcast where we talk cars, adventures with cars or anything that might be related to cars. We’ll even have the occasional guest.This is a cautionary podcast about rusty bolts, blown head gaskets, snapped timing belts, spun bearings and janky wiring. We'll share the highs and lows of old car/project car ownership. It won't be all horror; in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, we actually drive some interesting cars when they aren't broken and do some fun things with them ...
Concepts, Strategies, Tactics, and real-life examples which represent the foundations of Hamilton Sales Training. It is truly the evolution of the automotive sales business. Utilize integrity and transparency. Sell from a position of strength and learn to re-orient the automotive consumer, one guest at a time...
The podcast designed to bring today's insights to automotive retail professionals from the people who are LIVING it day in and out!
For Independent Automotive Dealers
Want to know more about the car that is disrupting the Automotive Industry? Listen to our frequent experiences with Middie, our 2018 First Production Model 3. You'll learn valuable tips on getting the most out of the car as well as be entertained by our adventures.And check out our Audible audiobooks available for sale, just search for "Douglas Birk" to preview our ever growing selection!
When purchasing a vehicle from a car dealership, every car buyer will find themselves "In the Box" at the end of the buying cycle. They will collect funds, arrange to finance and offer you various after sale products and services for your car. Many car buying customers have said their experiences "In the Box" had been filled with pressure & anxiety. The Modern Dealership magazine's "In the Box" Podcast is to put automotive industry leaders and influencers, in and out of the dealership, in th ...
Learn what's possible - and what's working - with artificial intelligence in the enterprise. Each week, Emerj founder Daniel Faggella interviews top AI and machine learning-focused executives and researchers in sectors like Pharma, Banking, Retail, Defense, and more. Discover trends, learn about what's working now, and learn how to adapt and thrive in an era of AI disruption. Be sure to subscribe to "AI in Industry."
Curt Peyton
Curt Peyton Automotive Professional Resources. Shares real world experiences from automotive dealerships. Developing professional sales people. Training professional managers. Providing Marketing tools to Maximize your Market-Minimize your cost. Professional expertise in variable operations and fixed operations.Why Marketvision TM. Having trained and consulted with Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Buick and independent dealers. Mr. Peyton i ...
In this episode we have a discussion with Rick Peters, President of Odenza Marketing Group, and Pav Sangha, Vice President of Marketing for Odenza, regarding the Automotive Industry and travel incentives. We specifically touch on how travel incentives came about and have been used over the years to boost sales and help dealers stand out from their competitors.
Hear Me Out
Tune into the Hear Me Out Podcast, with your host CT Thorn, allow your Uncle CT a moment to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE AND RANT just a bit..... You are sure to take something away from each podcast! The goal is to motivate you to be better than we found you at the Hear Me Out Podcast. Sit back and relax and Hear your Uncle CT out!Fans of the podcast can purchase podcast gear online at . Use keywords: HEAR ME OUT in the search bar of the site to gain access to The Hear Me Out ...
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If you want to understand the international competitive dynamics of artificial intelligence, particularly the US and China, starting with the United Nations is probably not a bad move. This week, I spoke with Irakli Beridze, the head of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the UN, particularly under the wing called UNICRI, the ...…
We talk some rally, even one we participated in. We talk some project cars and model kits. We almost don't talk about the weather. Please Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Music, Sticher and Radio Public. Comments, Questions, complaints; email us at "Z/28" by Z/28 is our title music. Listen to Z/ ...…
In this week’s episode we are taking a deep dive into the Auction, why are prices out of whack, how can you leverage the inventory that exist between markets in today's digital world, and how you can get an advantage when it comes to either buying or selling a vehicle! Erik and I sit down with Dimitri Tsilis to talk about this topic and most im ...…
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Cadillac overhauls its mid sized sedan
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Cadillac and Newton Meters
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Self driving vehicles
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Reducing flat tires
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Contract Talks
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - A lot of money to be made in the after market
Jason Harris shares his perspective about what he's looking for in an automotive sales professional. The brand equity of your dealership could already be a lot higher than you think. Now it's time to leverage that fact.
In this episode of the Hear Me Out Podcast , Uncle CT discusses flipping a switch on your mindset and how to become and energy source.... This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Discover how so-called autoML, or automated machine learning, could bring AI to more businesses by allowing users to build AI models faster and cheaper. Read the full article, where we go into further detail, at Search for "AutoML and How AI Could Become More Accessible to Businesses"
Jason Harris is a former dealer turned consultant who joins Michael to share his advice about dealership operations–more importantly the operational elements that dealers should focus their time and energy on. No amount of great marketing will compensate for poor operations. Subscribe! C'mon man! Do it man! :) If you're getting value from the p ...…
Brad and Andrew talk some auction results on Conquests and some other 80s rwd coupes to look for. Then talk Solberg is back in a Subaru rally car. Please Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Music, Sticher and Radio Public. Comments, Questions, complaints; email us at "Z/28" by Z/28 is our title mus ...…
Season 2 is FLYING BY! I can't believe that we are getting close to the end of another season already but we still have some great conversations left and I am very excited to share them with all the listeners. During this week's episode we had to have this guest back because he was the perfect person to have this conversation with. Sean Kelley ...…
If you've ever used Amazon (or Facebook for that matter), you've experienced a major contributor to their success. In reference to an article published on LinkedIn, Ian Coburn shares how sites like Amazon grew as quickly as they did (and continue to grow).
Uncle CT talks about International Women’s Day, Captain Marvel and other trending topics in this episode of the Hear Me Out Podcast. Follow @hearmeoutpodcast on social media . This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
If there's one thing that the Swiss people are known for, it's having a lot of money! Which is why it is fitting that the Geneva Motor Show would showcase some of the wackiest, most outlandish, and of course, ridiculously expensive concept cars on the planet. Reporting from Geneva, Switzerland so we don't have to, Autotrader Executive Editor, B ...…
AI has numerous use cases in legal, from document search to compliance and contract abstraction. This week, we speak with Lars Mahler, Chief Science Officer for LegalSifter, about what's possible with AI for legal departments today and how AI applications for legal teams, such as natural language processing-based contract analysis, work. In add ...…
Former stand-up comedian turned author, Ian Coburn, joins Michael to share why soft-selling is crucial to winning stronger relationships and more sales. In episode 159, you'll learn the right questions to ask during the sales process that not only advance the sale but trigger voluntary sharing! Subscribe to the DPB on your podcast app to get no ...…
Ron Paukovits joins us to chat about cross country driving 80s and 90s cars, specifically his '88 Starion.By Radon Radio.
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Investments in mobility
Join Erik and myself as we sit down with one of the Founders of the Rockstar Events formally known as the Rockstar Auto Conference. Mat Koenig , author, key note speaker, and founder sits down with us to talk about the history of their unique event and the evolution of it. Mat is a veteran of the industry with over 20 years in the BIZ and a ver ...…
Over the last 20 years, Christine Mitchell has demonstrated how impactful hosting ladies' nights can be for any dealership. In this powerbomb, you'll discover why that is. For the full episode, check out episode 158 or visit Subscribe to The Dealer Playbook today to get notified when new episodes go live! MC…
Uncle CT discusses Team Blue ( Iphone Users ) vs. Team Green ( Android Users ) in this episode of The Hear Me Out Podcast. Which team are you ? This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Periodically, a person is born who perseveres through the thick and thin to do great things. We pay homage to one such man with our first guest, industry veteran and author of "Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics and the Making of an Automobile Empire", Luca Dal Monte. Enzo's life was a rollercoaster ride, from his involvement in World War 1, to the ...…
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - What can car makers do to prevent pedestrian deaths
There's a lot of venture money pouring into artificial intelligence in healthcare. From pharma to hospitals and beyond, the potential applications in healthcare are promising. Late last year, we spoke for The World Bank about our proprietary AI in healthcare research, and speaking with governments, it's clear that there are hurdles that healthc ...…
Christine Mitchell, a.k.a, The Car Lady is known for filling dealerships with loyal repeat and referral customers by hosting "Know Your Car Nights" within the dealership. In episode 158, you'll learn how her strategy is responsible for enhancing the customer experience, drives business, and creates an atmosphere that shatters common industry pe ...…
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Peugeot coming back to the U.S.
Brad is back in studio. Project car stasis and Radwood Austin talk. YOU ARE WARNED.By Radon Radio.
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - FCA Big Investment is all about Jeep
During this episode Erik and myself have a conversation with Owen Moon founder of Dealer Accelerator and Fixed Ops Digital where we try to uncover some of the best strategies for 2019. The conversation took a turn to the Fixed Ops side of the house and I think for good reason. Service is quickly becoming a differentiator when it comes to genera ...…
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Vehicle sales going into 2019
Michael shares 4 website tips that will help you wrangle more control of your digital presence.
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - A very different Ranger
Uncle CT discusses the importance of financial planning for younger generations in this episode of the Hear Me Out Podcast...... This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
As Emperor Palpatine once said, "Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!" We might not be letting the dark side take control, but we are most definitely letting off some steam about cars that confound us and the sterilization of motorsports. Starting off the show, Co-founder of CarTender and Freelance Automotive ...…
WWJ's Jeff Gilbert - Domestic models are hart to find on Consumer Reports top pick list.
Saying that your company does artificial intelligence might still have a slightly cool ring to it if you're talking to one of your peers at a conference, but it doesn't mean very much to venture capitalists today, who've been battered with machine learning and artificial intelligence in every pitch deck they've seen for the last three or four y ...…
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