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Listen as Chris Seiter helps women through breakups and recovery. The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast is one of the most popular self help and sexuality podcasts found on the market today. Seiter takes real life situations on one by one and provides valuable advice that have helped thousands of women find the peace (and success) they are striving for. Oh, and let's not forget that he's the "ex whisperer."
Join Chris, William and Derek for both episodic and mental breakdowns from The CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The podcast's a lot more nuanced than that.
Internet Boyfriends
Listen to the rants and ramblings of a Canadian and an American, as their Internet relationship devolves into a podcast about pop culture, food, current events and how best to be an insignificant speck on a has-been planet orbited by a cold, indifferent sun.
Learn how to attract women, escape the friendzone and get a girlfriend. It's time to get your ex girlfriend back
Two more white guys.
Boy Friends
A weekly analysis of the transition from childhood to adulthood.Hosts Machrus Siregar and Joseph Quested have known each other since preschool. Now, twenty years later, they are living out in the world as alleged adults. Join the Boy Friends for their weekly dive into happiness, love, work, money, fear and sex.
the My Boyfriend the Pilot hypnocast. Through the power of love and music, minmei defeats the Zentradi.
It's Fantasy Football for romantics and nerds! We're drafting all our fictional crushes and discussing how they've shaped our real-life relationships.
Podcast byAn Obsessive Reader. Hermit. Simpleton. RH and paranormal genre weirdo. That will include book reviews and bookish stuff.
She likes Musicals, He doesn’t. Elise Evans and Scott Clarke have made a Podcast all about it. For the lovers and sceptics of Musical Theatre, this podcast really is something else!
Just three friends who happen to be boys. We'll be hanging out and talking about life, current events, and anything that interests us. This podcast is perfect for people on road trips, people on plane rides or anyone who is lonely.
Welcome to the Coffee is my Boyfriend podcast, where incredible things happen. My name is Annisa, I’m Amazing. I’m an Actor, Comedian, Performer and entrepreneur. I’m on the journey of making my dreams happen & helping others along the way. I’m calling this my diary. We’ll talk life, love, dating, creativity, mistakes and being human. It’ll be fun.
Correcting mistakes one girlfriend at a time.
Podcast by Quez&Cook
Real Life. Shameless Ribbing. Excessive Sarcasm
Just two fangirls attempting to navigate the "real world" (whatever that is). Jess and Lys are artists, storytellers, gamers, and nerds who run on daydreams and caffeine. Join us every second and fourth Thursday while we talk about all of these things and more.
We get it. It can be tough out there for women who like sports - you have to know twice as much to get half the respect, and you're not often represented in the action, let alone the coverage. But we still love sports, don't you? Not Your Boyfriend's Sports Show is a fierce new podcast brought to you by two friends who think sports talk could use a couple more female voices. It's ladies, it's sports, it's ladysports. It's a fun and cheeky look at what's happening in the headlines, plus a fea ...
No subject is too difficult for renowned dating/relationship expert and TV personality Lucia to handle. She will entertain, educate and enlighten you!
The JTrain Podcast
The JTrain Podcast is hosted by comic Jared Freid and great comedian guests as they read listener emails and answer questions about everything from hooking up and dating apps to relationships and post-grad problems. Every Tuesday and Friday.
Get straightforward relationship advice, heal from your breakup or divorce, move forward in a positive direction, and get back in the dating saddle!
Follow along as Steph (a nutrition editor and peanut butter lover) teaches Evan (her boyfriend) about nutrition and food. Questions? Email us at
minmei decelis, who has been the driving force behind the experimental electronica project My Boyfriend the Pilot for over 12 years, exeggcutes an exercise in mindfulness regarding her favorite video game franchise. 650+ tracks slated, one for each Pocket Monster, and if you watch closely, you might catch some shiny and alternate forms.
Our show talks about issues that involve everyday life that the mainstream media will not speak or give full details about. From love and relationships to black history, politics, civil rights, police brutality, and injustices throughout the land. Are you tired of the same old news that really does not give any news but just straight lies? Are you fed up with listening to the issues that do not reflect your community and the issues revolving around your community, if you say yes then you are ...
Grandex Labs
Podcast by Grandex Media
Professional dating coaches Scot and Emily McKay from X & Y Communications have experienced wildly successful dating lives, eventually meeting each other and forming the "Dynamic Duo of Dating Dilemmas". Now, they bring you hard-hitting yet lightning-fast dating tips that you can start using RIGHT NOW to supercharge your own dating success. Fast downloads and rapid-fire content...every time. Be sure to get in on the weekly newsletter at "". Your reviews on iTunes and vote ...
I Like You
I Like You is a an irreverent podcast about dating, relationships, love and like. JP and Elah discuss triumphs, heartbreak, online dating horror stories, relationship conundrums and more with guests. Compelling stories and interesting guests interspersed with hilarious banter and the occasional original song mean never a dull moment.
Eat. Play. Sex.
Sex expert Dr. Cat Meyer knows that you are bombarded daily with nutrition tips, sex advice and images in the media and your social circle. She also knows how this may actually be getting in the way of you experiencing your full sexual potential. In this podcast, Dr. Cat reveals to you what works (and what doesn’t) in the most entertaining way to get you get back in the playground with those you love. Real life stories and expert interviews to help you improve your sex life, by addressing me ...
Authentic Intimacy
Sharing insights that most men would feel ashamed to admit. Interviewing dating and relationship experts to pull this puzzle together. And coaching women on how to nurture men's deep heart-felt connection for authentic intimacy that lasts.
The ManTalks Podcast is where self-motivated men, just like you, come to learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors on how to be better Fathers, Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Interviews have included the world's best professional and academic minds, scientists, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and other inspiring men. This show will make you a better Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Leader, Entrepreneur -- overall -- a better man ...
War of the Roses
War of the Roses, catching cheaters one at a time! Listeners call the Z Morning Zoo and put their boyfriend/husband to the ultimate test will they or wont they choose them. The Zoo calls the boyfriend/husband and offers him a dozen free red roses to send to anyone they want. The ultimate test is, will they choose the right person.
Weekly+ - Direct and effective dating tips, strategies and ideas - For women only. Listen live to a guys advice and discover what truly goes on in men's minds when they talk to you - Topic suggestions for future podcasts? Email me your questions at
What is love? Martin Luther King Jr. thought love is the most durable power in the world. Bruce Lee suggested love is like a friendship caught on fire. Some say love conquers all. Other say love is forever. We have no clue what love is.What we do know is love creates ex's: ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives, "ex"-cetera. Love is the Charles Francis Xavier of generations of ex-men and ex-women.And this show, is about them. Game on.
Life 101 Once you have applied some of these concepts to your love life, you will notice an almost immediate change! For the first time, you needn't fear men or your ability to relate to them, and this will come through clearly in your aura, and ability to attract and the right man for you. You will feel as though you have some control over what is happening in your love life, and it feels so empowering! Instead of sitting at the sidelines and witnessing your love life pass you b ...
Dude & Broadcast
A podcast with a dude and a broad.
Angela Chase and Daniel Torrez discuss the universal topics for all time: sex and relationships. How to get it. How you're messing up. Listen weekly!
They met online, they dated, they broke up. Really. Now, Michelle and Ricardo focus on YOU, that sexy urban man or woman who is ready to have the relationship YOU desire. You can hear interviews with best-selling authors, speakers, and others (from professionals in the field to everyday people who have learned from the school of life) who share their knowledge and life experiences so you can live and love on your terms. Each episode is raw, honest and provides information to add value to you ...
Divorce Diaries
Divorce Diaries a podcast that uses comedy to LAUGH through Divorce and other life transitions. This podcast is meant to use comedy to heal and have listeners leave their imprint on the show, their stories as well as guests can be shared and laughed at to heal through whatever challenges or bumps single, married, or divorced couples may be facing.
After Leanne's beaten body was found in bushland at Ipswich, Queensland in 1991, her sister's boyfriend, Graham Stafford, was convicted and jailed. However he was set free in 2009 and his conviction quashed on appeal. A retrial was ordered but one did not go ahead. So, who killed Leanne Holland? Over several episodes we will closely examine the history, myths, untruths, and stories surrounding the characters at the very heart of this case. For the first time, a new perspective of this brutal ...
Weekly sermons to help teens through real-life issues and build up Christ-following warriors.
My First Girlfriend
A documentary film about the life of a 15 year old gay boy, and the treatment he receives from the people around him.
Steady is a call-in show that tackles dating and relationship advice in the digital age. Virginia helps callers demystify Tinder, texting, and other tricky topics. She's friendly and approachable, but will yell at you for posting bathroom mirror selfies in your dating profile.Call in live at 8 ET on Thursdays at 512-518-5714, leave a voicemail at 512-766-LOVE (5683), or write in! Hosted by Virginia Roberts.
Welcome to Natural Selection, where the subject matter is... well, anything and everything that comes to mind. Nothing is safe but everything will be from scratch! Dunno when we'll be back on air, but hoping for the best.
Love Express
When The Luvologist first graced the airwaves on Sunday, January 13, 2008 he promised to revolutionize BlogTalkRadio with QUALITY programming. Sunday nights and relationship advice has never been the same since The Luvologist came to the BTR scene. 'The Luvologist LIVE!!!' became a FEATURED SHOW in two short months. Tune in to find out why The Luvologist is taking self-discovery, empowerment and relationship advice to a whole 'nother level and beyond the Internet. Check his website for detai ...
Do you like videogames?OF COURSE NOT! VIDEOGAMES ARE FOR IDIOTS!!!Join Kinder, Frank, and friends, like OnlyAfro, and David D'Angelo (Shovel Knight) in our love/hate relationship with all things gaymen and nerd culture! From PC to Pokemon, Overwatch to Ocarina, and much more...IIIIIIIT'S THE SOGOPOD!!!
Swipe Out
The podcast about first dates and other awkward situations. Alix McAlpine met her boyfriend while making Season 1 of Swipe Out. Now, she's passing the mic to other daters around the country to help them figure what they're looking for when they're looking for love.
The Health Code
Welcome to The Health Code! A fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah's Day and professional photographer, content creator, Personal Trainer and... Sarah's boyfriend, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career. Get ready, because they're about to reveal some serious tips, tricks and healthy hacks!
Love, life and the pursuit of happiness. This is TakeTew, because we got a second chance at love and now we are able to do it over! On TakeTew, we discuss all things relationships. Whether you’ve just started out, or you’ve been at this for a while, we cover all topics...nothing is off limits! Follow us on our relationship journey as we share our thoughts on sex, love, intimacy and everything in between. Ready, set, TAKETEW, SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW!
mommy breast tips
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding Tips. Please note that this channel contains nudity for educational purposes.
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The Brandazzle herself BRANDIE POSEY joins the Groomz to give the inside scoop on how she ended up officiating Eric's wedding. Dos and Donts for Officiants. Plus... Will Brandie ever marry the man who kept her number in his wallet for a full year (aka her boyfriend)? The answer is better than the question! Listen!THE GROOMZILLAS WEDDING PLANNIN ...…
Marbs talks The Comedy Store and Renaissance Pleasure Faire with the lovely Alexandria. Girls respect their uber more than their boyfriend. Watch The Quiet Place if you like deaf people. Who cares about the royal wedding?
Jazmyn Ray Maynard is back in this episode and we continue with our fun Dating Deal Breakers Discussion about Smokers, Drinkers and Drug Users Access Baggage Men looking down on women Guy that doesn’t pay on the first date Guys that are pushy about sex If he is a player spanking, bondage and rough sex We then discuss Jazmyn’s life story. She is ...…
The show starts with a non-sense “Andy” review of the movie Bye Bye Birdie, and Daniel gives his opinion on Essential Oils. Fan questions stir the pot with things like “What should I name my daughter?” and “Help me understand my friend, he pees in the sink.” The show ends abruptly when Andy gets locked out of the bathroom.…
Call it a zerbert "The other definitions have the right meaning (a sloppy kiss where you blow, making a farting sound,) but this spelling and pronunciation have diverged from the original, and should be considered incorrect. This word was first introduced on "The Cosby Show", (Season 2, Episode 11) and explicitly spelled out "ZRBTT". It was als ...…
Lamont chats with his ex-boyfriend Tay about what happened in their relationship, and talks all things dating and love with Kyle Price from SLAY TV's "Love At First Night."
Do you love mystery? Do you love the game "Clue"? Do you love the Golden Girls? If you said yes to these questions then you are in some ENORMOUS luck! This week the Toddcast Crew come together to play a rousing game of Clue, but not just any Clue...GOLDEN GIRLS CLUE! That's right, join Hot Toddy, Ms. Pengrino, Shiela, Myranda and her boyfriend ...…
Goodness! This is a great story of a woman who went through the "school of life" because of a 6 year relationship with a man who broke her heart 3 times. Remanda is a strong, determined and "don't quit -> win" kinda girl. When she started dating for the first time she gave 200%. Being from China, her culture affected many of the decisions she m ...…
Goofy stories, deep philosophy about free will and life, online interaction and how to be better with it. We cover some of these things I think. We were all over the place honestly. We had a great time though and I hope you enjoy! (No cuckolds were harmed during the recording of this podcast.) Support us through The Train Wreck LB Patreon!…
Ever wonder if your children like your boyfriend/Girlfriend? What do you do when you find out that they don't like them? Check out this weeks episode for some tips on how to handle the situation. Music for the podcast was provided by Thomas Aimi of JAMSPOT Sync Music Productions.
How many truth bombs can we drop in one episode? We lost count. Listen to the ladies on Single AF Podcast! Host Nick Chilkov reminds Charlie and Aamber what it’s like to date in 2018, a time when finding a date IRL -In Real Life- is a thing of the past (and apparently a well-known abbreviation).The Ladies are forced to rethink dating protocol a ...…
My boyfriend and I rarely argue but when we do, it's sets the stage for conversations to be had and eyes to be opened. Today's episode we discuss an argument we had over a year ago & share our own understanding of what had happened. I often find in alot of relationship arguments, we tend to react to past situations and not the present moment, w ...…
I don't have time this week to make this video or write this description, but here I am somehow getting it all done. Obviously I'm a superhero or something like that. Anyway this week, I try not to rant too much, talk about how emotionally draining things affect my creativity and have second thoughts about what I should write next. Stay happy a ...…
Vegan Q & A Time! -Having a non vegan girlfriend/ boyfriend -Protein shakes-Meditation -Losing and gaining weight as a vegan—YOUR FREE BOOK! to get in touch with me? SNAPCHAT: axelschura…
In this week’s episode of COSMOS AND THE CITY: THE SEX AND THE CITY PODCAST, your host Megan McIver will sit down with the lovely Cassi Jerkins. Together these two will discuss Season Two, Episode Six of SEX AND THE CITY entitled: “The Cheating Curve”. From Samantha’s trainer giving her a downtown haircut, Miranda’s new man taking his love of f ...…
What comes out on Wednesday mornings and is full of laughs? A NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSHIT, that's what! It is Marko's pre-birthday week, and the guys are getting ready for the weekend festivities! What happens when the Critelli's and their friends hit Washington D.C.?? Madness ... that's what. Wait until next week, when the guys report on all t ...…
This week on the show, guest Ben Empey introduces Jorge to the decaying world of the Edies in the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. They talk about the ethical line of documentaries exposing foreign lives, the appeal of delusional women, and searching for a Libra man. Ben's Other Recommendations: You Were Never Really Here The Assassination of Gia ...…
Warning: This is an especially explicit episode. Blame Denver Fenton Allen. Brandi starts us off with an absolutely insane pre-trial hearing unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. Denver Fenton Allen’s went a little nuts in his pre-trial hearing. He accused everyone of wanting to “suck his dick.” Then, when it was clear things weren’t going his ...…
Today I’m talking with Maggy Woodley, founder of the blog, Red Ted Art.This is a fascinating conversation where Maggy shares how to be successful on social media. Maggy has built an enormous presence with over over 2.2 million Facebook followers, 406k YouTube subscribers, and 376k Pinterest followers. She also shares the pros and cons of each p ...…
Sophie talks about moving to Iowa and is clearly getting sick of doing this for her boyfriend/producer.
Wasn’t it Don Lemon that accused Fox News of taking sides? In response to the remark made by Don Lemon’s boyfriend, Larry revisits the times CNN and Lemon have shown extreme bias. Next, Larry takes calls on the infamous Access Hollywood Tape and the Russian investigation. The post Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 3 05/22/2018 appeared first on Larry ...…
President Trump cuts twice as many regulations as promised! Don Lemon’s boyfriend calls CNN part of the ‘liberal media,’ and Larry shares the latest from the wake of the Texas shooting as well. The post Larry Elder Radio Show Hour 1 05/22/2018 appeared first on Larry Elder's Elderado.
Jainee Dial and her boyfriend Brad took an ordinary climbing trip to Yosemite. They were a young couple doing what they love. When Brad died while climbing the Matthes Crest, Jainee's life was turned upside down. Faced with the most devastating loss of her life, Jainee broke free from traditions to forge a new path through grief.…
A royal wedding review plus Ariana Grandes new boyfriend and the revealing Brett Favre interview
Hey there Punky Peeps,I'm Angela Bowen, the host of Punky Power: An Unofficial Punky Brewster Podcast.We’ve all been there before, I’m sure. Felt the cold sting of rejection when our feelings for a special someone aren’t reciprocated as Punky learns all too well in S4E2: Crushed.Air Date: April 28, 1988.It’s bad enough when they don’t like you ...…
In this interview, we talk with men's dating coach Emyli from She specializes in helping relationship-ready men find a girlfriend, wife, or long-term partner...Book a session with Emyli today here: read high-quality articles and learn more about Emyli, visit her website here: IN ...…
Building a business and dealing with the obstacles of life, are hard enough, it’s even more difficult when along the way you've lost yourself and you need to find yourself to keep building your business and navigate a less than perfect life. But it's not impossible and can be surprisingly beneficial to your business. Nicole Tatlock, owner of Ni ...…
A 60 year-old man has been dating a woman for 4 months. He wishes she would lose some weight. Oh, and also? She lost her breasts to cancer. Does he have the right to ask her to get a boob job too? Sidle up, dear listener, and hear the tale of the woman, her much older boyfriend, and...and her boyfriend's...son? After hearing this, one of the te ...…
We know medical school is a huge undertaking for the students. But what’s it like for the people closest to them - the "supporting cast"? In this episode, we hear from Sam's parents, Nate's dad, Shruti's BFF, and Dillon's boyfriend about what Year One has been like from their perspective.
On this episode we review Nacho Vigalondo's homage to monster movies, 2016's Colossal starring Anne Hathaway as the alcoholic Gloria. You see, Gloria is at a point in her life where everything is just turning into a colossal... heap of poop. Not only is she kicked out by her boyfriend Tim for drinking and always coming home in the early hours o ...…
The Damn Dirty Trio is back once again!!!Its a another good ass Friday once again y'all!!!We start off this episode with DJ Harlem James dressed as BBQ Becky detailing why she called the folks on folks just tryna gril!! which leads into a conversation about who got the best BBQ in the city.We then hop into the first real topic of the night "Dom ...…
This podcast is super funny and you'll love it! We talk about my friends "Date" with david, her crush on her UNCLE (ew) and my ex boyfriends. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! LOL
This week’s top 5 country songs, the Billboard Music Award winners in the country categories, today is National Waiter and Waitress Day (and Victoria Day), we recap Saturday’s royal wedding, the American Idol Finale is tonight, what has Sam Hunt been up to?, we interview Samantha Rae Duquette from Van Wert about her song “Crazy” and what it’s l ...…
Helen is out for a number of weeks so Eddie is handling hosting duties for Annyeong Min Soo. Eddie finally talks about sports. Jae and his daughter make each other cry. They talk about their gripes with millennials, meeting a daughter's future boyfriend, and the hurting words of females. Recorded May 17, 2018 Gmail: Inst ...…
In Episode 7 KB and LO talk about Helicopter Parenting versus Free Range Parenting and why KB needs to let go of the helicopter controls. Also in the episode we answer some your most burning questions in a round of "ask us anything".
What does it take to be at ease in your own skin, to dive head-first into the uncomfortable, to -- pose as your own management company to get people to take you seriously!? Today we talk with stand-up comedian and actress Rachel O’Brien about doing what it takes to follow your dreams, no matter how many odd jobs you may have to work along the w ...…
In this episode, my friend Alexis joins me to talk mostly about FRIENDSHIP. The different categories and phases of friendships. Listen to find out about how we became such close friends, and how a 15 year friendship can go to hell because of a new boyfriend. We also talked briefly about Alexis going to the zoo and what we think about the Royal ...…
Global DJ/Producer, Barbuto(, drops by for a second time to discuss being a mobile DJ(, turning your hobbies into a career, and some conspiracies with host Mike Mattarocci. Mellow Riot, interesting people.....discussing interesting topics.We broadcast live weekly on Facebook. Join us in our live broadcast and we loo ...…
Steady and strong onto episode 6, Currently Unavailable Podcast delivers a "Starship Elation". If you're in the Atlanta area, you know what we mean. The group starts off with a bang as they discuss how DJ Khalid doesn't explore the downtown streets on his wife, the breakdown of Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video, Spotify removing the pi ...…
In this episode of Mackin with Miles, we celebrate my new novella by discussing idiots in relationships (if you are one or dealing with one) and how to deal with it.
Alyssa Ennis lied about everything because Rueben Foster broke up with her .. wow!!!! SAN JOSE, Calif. - In testimony on Thursday, the former girlfriend of San Francisco 49er Reuben Foster recanted her accusations of domestic violence against the linebacker. Elissa Ennis said she called 911 three times on February 11 because Foster broke up wit ...…
This week the Kathys talk turning orange from too many carrots, youth prejudice and Katherine's boyfriend finally realises she's enormous. Also, we're all stalkers and so are you, so why not tell us your stalking mishaps.Share a Frick Yeah, a Frick No, a Frickin' Hell or a What the Frick: chattykathyspodcast@gmail.comKathygrams: @chattykathyspo ...…
TKO #41 - THE DERPPEARANCE TKO Podcast #41 - 05-17-18 Intros What’d you waste your money on this week? News Badcube Steamroll and Recon (Sideswipe and Red Alert) Power of the primes Dinobots box set and stock pics of upcoming figures. Inferno (combined mod ...…
TKO #41 - THE DERPPEARANCE TKO Podcast #41 - 05-17-18 Intros What’d you waste your money on this week? News Badcube Steamroll and Recon (Sideswipe and Red Alert) Power of the primes Dinobots box set and stock pics of upcoming figures. Inferno (combined mod ...…
Our story gets kicked off with an unlikable protagonist, a pretentious boyfriend, and too many metaphors to count. Come for the awkwardly framed dialogue, stay for the deep theological discussions!…
DJ Rah and Hope Wunder talk about the young lady who texted her boyfriend and insane number of time as well as other hot topics that will keep you informed and laughing
Hvordan håndteret man en krise, som ellers skubber de fleste fra hinanden? Hvordan plejer man kærligheden, og hvordan er man en god kæreste, samtidig med at man tager sig af sig selv og sin sorg? Den her episode handler om Trine & Christoffer, og den handler om kærligheden. Trine mistede sin far til et hårdt sygdomsforløb kun et år efter at hen ...…
This week's episode (which is actually episode 10!!!!!!) is about the murder mystery called White Rabbit, written by Caleb Roehrig! Rufus Holt must help clear his sister April Covington's name of the murder of her boyfriend, Fox Whitney. He's gotta do this all while his ex boyfriend Sebastian Williams appears claiming 'they have to talk'. Shoul ...…
This week in the Big Brother house two showmances question what is considered cheating while on the show, something that we’ll see a lot of over the years. The guys do the shopping which means a lot of grog, they compete in an army task, and figure out how they will share their food. Meanwhile Ben and Jayden discuss The Hunger Games, the idea o ...…
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