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Learn how to attract women, escape the friendzone and get a girlfriend. It's time to get your ex girlfriend back
Listen as Chris Seiter helps women through breakups and recovery. The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast is one of the most popular self help and sexuality podcasts found on the market today. Seiter takes real life situations on one by one and provides valuable advice that have helped thousands of women find the peace (and success) they are striving for. Oh, and let's not forget that he's the "ex whisperer."
Real Life. Shameless Ribbing. Excessive Sarcasm
Jo was so astounded with some of the things her boyfriend said that she started secretly recording him (seriously, he doesn't have a clue).Each week she shares the funniest, most shocking and downright weird bits with her two friends, as they judge the state of her love life.
the My Boyfriend the Pilot hypnocast. Through the power of love and music, minmei defeats the Zentradi.
She likes Musicals, He doesn’t. Elise Evans and Scott Clarke have made a Podcast all about it. For the lovers and sceptics of Musical Theatre, this podcast really is something else!
Two more white guys.
D1 Boyfriend
This is where Maddie, Mickey, and their friends tell their stories. We’ll see what happens and so will you...
minmei decelis, who has been the driving force behind the experimental electronica project My Boyfriend the Pilot for over 12 years, exeggcutes an exercise in mindfulness regarding her favorite video game franchise. 650+ tracks slated, one for each Pocket Monster, and if you watch closely, you might catch some shiny and alternate forms.
Welcome to the Coffee is my Boyfriend podcast, where incredible things happen. My name is Annisa, 99% caffeine 1% human. I’m an Actor, Comedian, Performer and entrepreneur. I’m on the journey of making my dreams happen & helping others along the way. I’m calling this my diary. We’ll talk dreams, goals, life, love, dating, creativity, mistakes and being human. I’ll share with you the lessons I learn along the way, and don’t worry there will be coffee.
Follow along as Steph (a nutrition editor and peanut butter lover) teaches Evan (her boyfriend) about nutrition and food. Questions? Email us at
A paranormal podcast in which Brendan, the girlfriend, tries convince her titular boyfriend Jake that ghosts are real through various examples throughout history. So far, Jake remains a skeptic.
Podcast by Quez&Cook
Just two fangirls attempting to navigate the "real world" (whatever that is). Jess and Lys are artists, storytellers, gamers, and nerds who run on daydreams and caffeine. Join us every second and fourth Thursday while we talk about all of these things and more.
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Hear frank opinions on the positives and negatives of America, how long your skirt should be when on TV and concerns that Jo's boyfriend is taking more of an interest in the podcast.
Find out which woman Jo's boyfriend changes his appearance for, when the correct time is to have your boobs on show and why you should never leave your electric toothbrush out.
In the 22nd installment of Conversations With My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, KB and LO catch up after a hiatus and it gets deep as they discuss their working relationship and the future of the podcast.
Learn why Jo's boyfriend isn't on the Police Force, how Katy makes money on the side and your new favourite euphemism.
Find out just how much Jo's boyfriend knows about this podcast, how to detect a secret smoker and why you should never leave a drunk man within touching distance of hair removal cream.
It's really tricky to have double standards in your relationship when your girlfriend is secretly recording you. Plus find out why Katy isn't sure if she's engaged or not and why this could be the last episode.
Meet Jo's boyfriend and learn why she chose to secretly record him, why it's important to know where your fish comes from and why Top Gun is the most attractive thing to ever happen.
In this week's episode, KB's friend, Cat, joins us for happy hour in the recording studio as we discuss breaking up with social media, "taking a knee" and dating after 40.
Today we’re going to be talking about one of the most interesting questions that I get all the time. Can you MAKE an ex fall in love with you? Truthfully this is one of the most interesting philosophical questions that I seem to get all of the time (You’ll see why in just a minute.) So, is it possible? Let’s explore! Is It Possible To Force An ...…
In an all new episode of the podcast, we welcome Dr. Jennifer Shore to the show. We touch on the alarming rate of child and teen bullying as well as a message of hope and survival in a time in our society where suicide is a real threat to our children and loved ones.
“Do exes always come back?” It’s one of the most popular questions that I get from readers. So, what I’ve decided to do is to actually answer that question in this article right, here right now. At least that’s how it started out but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would also be interesting to answer what has to be present in ...…
KB and LO enjoy some coffee and talk shop over everything from the kids' first day of school this week, to the Handmaid's Tale, to how one can or cannot achieve balance in this lifetime.
Recorded live from Central Park, Elise and Scott have landed in the US of A and are about take on Broadway! Listen to their final instalment and find out if Scott really can come round to liking musicals. (It's a long shot but we remain hopeful!)
Today we’re going to be talking about what you can do to make your ex chase you. However, before we get started on that the first thing I recommend to all newbies wondering if they have a chance of getting their ex back is to check out our Ex Recovery Chances Quiz. So, here’s everything I want you to do, Stop everything you’re doing Visit this ...…
A short taste of what you can expect, every Wednesday from 12th September, in I Secretly Recorded My Boyfriend. Just to clarify, yes, Jo has really recorded her boyfriend and, no, he really doesn't know about it!
KB and LO discuss the Law of Attraction and how a positive mindset can be truly life changing. They also talk about their favorite random acts of kindness and KB's picks for fall fashion in this feel good episode.
Today we’re going to be talking about how to steal your ex from another woman. But before we debate the morality of attempting to steal your ex from “the other woman” I’d like to point you to our “Ex Recovery Chances Quiz.” I want to do this for one singular reason. I don’t want you doing anything in the “morally grey area” if you have zero cha ...…
In the most recent installment, KB and LO give their own recommendations on what they watch on TV. On a more serious note, they discuss and debate the most recent turn of events in Florida regarding the Stand Your Ground law that is currently in effect in over 20 states in this country.
Hey what’s up Chris Seiter here. And today we’re going to be talking about three of the most important strategies that you need to be employing if you want your ex back. But first, one of the most asked about questions that I get is, Chris do I even have a chance with my ex? Well, I always recommend that if you’re wondering about this question ...…
In our second episode Brendan and Jake discuss the Enfield Poltergeist, the most famous haunting in British history. Things get cracking spooky, lads.
In Episode 16, KB catches us up after the loss of a loved one. Also, after she watches the Rachel Hollis documentary Made for More, the two engage in a dialogue about empowerment and LO fact checks himself regarding a topic on a previous episode.
In our first episode Brendan sits down to convince Jake of the reality of ghosts, armed with many examples of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln roaming the White House.
Soooooo... this episode we take a detour! We present to you the ENCORE PART 1! A short episode filled with some honest confessions, off the cuff chat and a few flashbacks to make you giggle! To quote Elise, "Life gets in the way but musical theatre goes on..." Bare with us! Next time we'll be live from the big apple! Untill next time musical lo ...…
In this week's episode LO has a casual chat with his personal trainer about everything from CTE, PTSD to fitness and nutrition. Find out why tight male yoga pants are the way of of the future! Enjoy and Share!
Scott went to see a Musial… ON HIS OWN! This is HUGE! How did he get on? What trials and tribulations did he meet along the way? This week we chat more theatre etiquette, why Elise ended up ranting on twitter.. (A clue it involves Titanic and the World Cup), a tricky what comes next for Scott and an exciting revelation about our final episode o ...…
Mickey and Maddie give you some takes...
Everybody's got one! In Episode 14 KB and LO breakdown some controversial topics like racism, abortion, and even tropy hunting. Lots of opinions, a few laughs and several apologies to PETA ensue.
In Episode 13, KB and LO discuss some things you should never do in front of your spouse or partner and in the second half talk about how to keep that ever so elusive flame flickering in the relationship.
This episode Scott reveals why certain musicals REPULSE him. It’s quite hard hitting for the MT lover but neverless Elise attempts to win him round with her chat to the touring cast of ‘Matildia’ ahead of their 10 week stint at the Birmingham Hippodrome and we pay our respects to the incredible Dame Gillian Lynne.…
In Episode 12 of Conversations With My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, LO and KB stop fighting long enough to dig into Lo's difficult relationship with his dad growing up and his subsequent battle with anxiety as a result of it. LO relates it all to the kind of father he will be to his soon to be newborn baby girl.…
In this 11th episode, KB and LO reminisce and break down LO and Sarah's Wedding Day! They discuss the real life struggles of their complicated and at times volatile working relationship and what the future may or may not hold for them together. As they contemplate bringing on a therapist in a future episode to help them deal with each other, a ...…
WE'RE BACK! After a very short hiatus we return to talk about the powerhouse musical 'Bat Out Of Hell', Interval Etiquette, 'Titanic, The Musical' (yeah, it does sink...) and Scott delivers his best What Comes Next to date. Be prepared to wowed or maybe slightly underwhelmed and do we need to change the name of the podcast?…
In today's episode of Conversations With My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, KB and LO speak with writer Shannon Lell, a contributing writer to The Washington Post and Scary Mommy. The discussion centered around her work relating to intimate partner abuse, personality disorders, feminism, and even a fascinating "True Crime" story. Awkwardness ensues whe ...…
In this week's episode KB and Lo discuss topics regarding inclusion and exclusion. Also discussed, are the things that keep us up at night and why Killer Clowns really should not have a place in our homes.
In Episode 8 you will finally get to meet THE girlfriend. Sarah joins KB and Lo in the studio and together they share a big announcement. You will get an inside look at Lo's "Greg Focker" moment the first time he met Sarah's family and she takes the opportunity to clear up a few misconceptions.
So I’m walking and talking in this episode today...multitasking is terrible for enunciation... forgive me but it does get better. Ladies this one is for you!
I was asked "How the F*#K do you stay motivated?" The other day... well lets just chat about that xx Annisa -
Elise has been to the theatre again to see a few things, Scott has not BUT he will have done by the time we reach Episode 4! This week the guys talk UK tours including 'Crazy For You' and 'An Officer and a Gentleman', Crazy cheese references, is it acceptable to eat in a theatre environment? The Greatest Showman as a stage musical (Scott predic ...…
In Episode 7 KB and LO talk about Helicopter Parenting versus Free Range Parenting and why KB needs to let go of the helicopter controls. Also in the episode we answer some your most burning questions in a round of "ask us anything".
Elliot and Micauley experience Internet withdrawals and things go south quickly. Joe sits in.
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