Best Breakup podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Get straightforward relationship advice, heal from your breakup or divorce, move forward in a positive direction, and get back in the dating saddle!
It's like Miracle Grow for your broken heart. Why suffer unnecessarily? This is an amazing opportunity for you to emerge as the best you!
Over My Dead Body
We all have limits. And some people who are pushed beyond those limits will do unspeakable things. In “Tally,” the first season of OVER MY DEAD BODY, Dan and Wendi are two good-looking attorneys whose wedding is featured in the New York Times. But when this “perfect” couple falls apart, it leads to a bad breakup, a worse divorce, and a murder case involving a menagerie of high-priced lawyers and unexpected co-conspirators. From Wondery, the team that brought you “Dirty John” and “Dr. Death,” ...
Girls Gotta Eat
Why do guys just want to f*ck you once then stalk your Instagram forever? Should you ditch the apps and meet people in the wild? How do you get over a breakup when you feel like you're gonna die? These are all topics discussed on Girls Gotta Eat -- a hilarious podcast from Rayna Greenberg (@OneHungryJew) and Ashley Hesseltine (comedian + creator of @BrosBeingBasic).
50 First Ghosts
Dating these days is just plain weird, awful, and terrible. People have become so bad at being vulnerable and courteous that they stoop so low as to "ghost" on someone. This podcast will follow my adventures of dating after a bad breakup, in a new city (Los Angeles), within a small community (lesbians). This is a podcast for everyone who dates- regardless of sexual orientation, gender, sex, religion, race, or creed. Because let's be real: dating sucks for everyone. After my story, I'll be ex ...
Relationship expert Idit Sharoni is bringing you invaluable relationship advice to make your marriage thrive. Idit is a couples therapist in Miami, Florida running a successful private practice and an online relationship course platform . She takes pride in helping people improve their relationships or heal after infidelity. This show is all about un-complicating and demystifying social messages about relationships while offering easy-to-apply tips and ideas about common relationship issues ...
The Motley Fool's daily look at stocks in the news, as well as the top business and investing stories.
Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.
Relationships are impactful and exist everywhere you go. You get to decide whether or not your relationships will serve as a solution or problem in your life. This podcast offers information, tips and resources to building health relationships on a personal and professional level.
On “Chicks in the Office,” Ria and Fran discuss the biggest stories in pop culture. New celebrity relationships and breakups, TV show recaps, answering fan submitted questions and special celebrity guest interviews. Just two chicks keeping you informed and up to date on the hard hitting pop culture news you didn't know you needed.
The JTrain Podcast
The JTrain Podcast is hosted by comic Jared Freid and great comedian guests as they read listener emails and answer questions about everything from hooking up and dating apps to relationships and post-grad problems. Every Tuesday and Friday.
Tired of Tinder, Bumble & OkCupid? We feel you! We share the trials and tribulations of dating in LA, interview experts about how to attract love, and share what we learned and how we can all be better in this jungle of dating & relationships. Enjoy, subscribe, rate & review!
Sex Time
Kelly and Badger have different tastes in media. Badger will be forced to watch Sex and the City. Kelly will need to watch Adventure Time, which honestly sounds like she’s getting the better end of this deal. They will have to talk about all of it. Will their friendship survive? Probably. This is just TV it’s not like the end of the world or anything.
2 best friends + queer Latinx woes
Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme from College Info Geek dive into the strategies and tactics that the best students use to be awesome at college. Learn how to study better, hack your habits to learn more in less time and be more productive, build a personal brand that will make you insanely attractive to the companies you actually want to work for, and get tips to pay off your student debt fast and start making money. Whether you know your university like the back or your hand, or you can't ev ...
Join the scrappy, skeptical and generally well-intentioned Adweek team for a weekly discussion of creativity, marketing, media, technology and all the amazing things that are probably just ads for something else.
Get in here y'all! It's about to get real with the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show. It's no holds barred as we break down all the tea and give life to the craziness that this show presents every week. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date, and comment on what YOU thought of the latest episodes.
Comedian Nate Armbruster talks with his guests about crazy life experiences.
A podcast where an aromantic asexual girl and a demisexual-straight girl talk about all things to do with love, relationships, sexuality, and pretty much anything else that they just don't understand.
Crash On My Couch
Crash On My Couch - a weekly podcast with YouTubers Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire, proving that we all live in a truly crazy world. From conspiracy theories to weird cultures of Japan to questions about relationships, happiness, and pet revenge, we’ll discover all the fun facts that are currently a necessity for surviving life in our 20s - or at least breaking the ice at the next party.
98KUPD Holmberg's Morning Sickness is Arizona's #1 Morning Show. John Holmberg attempts to both entertain and disturb as many listeners as possible with assistance from Brady Bogen, Creepy E, and Dick Toledo. Tune into 98KUPD weekdays 5:30a-10a.
Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns. Sarah won't know what happens at the end of the story until she gets there, not long before you get there with her. Each week she'll bring you the latest chapter, so it's important to listen in, starting with Episode 1. New episode ...
*NEW PODCAST* It's good to see you here, old friend. With the Dudley and Bob podcast, you'll get free access to the first three hours of our show, just like old times. Enjoy it, but remember, we're trying out all sorts of new crazy stuff over at the Sideshow, so you should probably become a subscriber. You won't be sorry.
In 2005 a 13 year old Laura Kirk started writing a diary, chronicling her life in a small town just north of London famed for a beautiful cinema and a 12th century castle built by William the Conquerer’s half-brother. Her adolescence in Berkhamsted was a fairly quiet life of school, boys, MSN usernames, sport, growing up awkwardly and using words like 'phwoar' and 'lush'. Laura kept a diary for six years, right up until she went to university. Now, along with her friend (unhelpfully, also ca ...
Two old friends talking sh*t and taking names
Berning In Hell
Host Hannah Berner gets her guests to open up about their own personal hell. She interviews comedians, reality stars, and influencers who are admired for their good looks, massive followings, dream jobs, and luxurious lifestyles but Hannah proves that we all have demons. You’ll laugh and cry listening to guests open about their biggest insecurities, fears, and anxieties. The devil works hard, but Hannah works harder.Follow Hannah on Instagram and Twitter @beingbernz
Area 17 Audiocast
Jay G and Mikey Messier bring you the controversial Generating Heat podcast. We hate today's pro wrestling, so naturally we take a big dump on it. Same with dirt sheet writers. We will forever be ALL OUT on the Russo Brand Family YouTube Channel! Subscribe to us and turn notifications on! Subscribe\Follow\Leave a Comment
A no holds barred look at the spiritual path hosted by Brett and Carson, two former musicians and recovered addicts, who lived to tell the tale and find something greater on the other side.
I Don't Get It
The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity, dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter! Bachelor and Bachelorette alum frequently stop by and join in the racy discussions often sharing their deepest secrets!
This American Life
This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.
Legion Podcasts
Legion Podcasts
Des Bishop Podcast
Stand up comic Des Bishop, talks to Comics, Politicians, Artists and whoever he finds interesting about life on both sides of the Atlantic.
Victoria This Week
Talking about the important... and not so important... stories about life in Victoria, B.C.
Young Man Game
Follow Chris and Trevor as we talk about our experiences growing up in todays world trying to find our place. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Duel Podcast
A game show that brings everyday people on opposite sides of an issue together to debate it out.
Singleling Podcast
Singleling is a audio series that features stories of single people, regular people at a bar, or comedians and storytellers, in their path towards finding love.
Fashionably Latte
Talking viral fashion and thirstiest moments, one latte at a time, every Thursday!
Fairway Rollin'
Joe House is joined by a rotating cast of Ringer and golf-world personalities to break down the latest in golf headlines and news from social media, keep up with everything Tiger Woods, and delve into the world of golf gambling. Welcome to Fairway Rollin’!
Puck Talks
Puck Talks is a podcast produced by Homestand Sports taken from live shows across North America.
Chai Chats Podcast
A weekly podcast, featuring three women living in Montreal who drink Chai and converse about various topics.
A comedy debate show based out of Boston Massachusetts. Hosted by Shawn Carter.
Love Hurts
Love hurts. Stories make it better.
Guys We F****d
Welcome to GUYS WE F****D: THE ANTI SLUT-SHAMING PODCAST. They spread their legs, now they're spreading the word that women should be able to have sex with WHOEVER they want WHENEVER they want and not be ashamed or called sluts or whores. Welcome to a new revolution. Each week, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (together known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) interview a gentleman they slept with. Some they made love to, some they had sex with a few times and some they f****d in ...
Creating the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. My desire is to help you to determine specifically what you desire and how to strategically begin the process of creating that life. Every Sunday, I bring in the experts to assist you to Think, Believe and Manifest your life.
In a time and place when you can work from anywhere, two ladies in their mid-to-late 27's have decided to — and they're calling it Workationing. 12 months, 12 countries, 12 professional and personal goals, and countless adventures. Is this a huge mistake or are they about to have the time of their lives? This is the Workationing podcast.
Helping young single women create healthy relationships, one date at a time. Understand men. Communicate better. Attract the love you want.
Keep on Fire, Grow Desire, Never Expire.
The Flagship Sports Talk Radio Show for 91.3 WVUD Newark
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show series
On this week’s show there’s a bit of questionable language near the end. It’s Corey’s fault.
The guys bring in their guest Brian Posehn (from Mr. Show, The Devil’s Rejects, former writer of Deadpool comics, The Big Bang Theory and much more) and talk about the new Queen and the upcoming Motley Crue biopics. They also talk about Star Wars and video games. Finally, they talk about a video of a woman trying to catch a giant spider and muc ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Guadalupe Squares - Friday February 22, 2019 - Today's Squares guests included NBA HOFer Charles Barkley, Liam Neeson, Gilbert Gottfried and the past Presidents along with all the regular players and more.By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
The guys do THE GRAND GIVEAWAY for the Austin Music Awards including the long anticipated FINAL QUESTION. The guys also talk about racism, fallen idols and pile on mentality. Finally, the guys discuss the world’s biggest bee making its first appearance since 1981, do listener questions (about redneck traditions) and much more.…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - The Entertainment Drill - Friday February 22, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
“Catwoman” continues this season of six live action movies all based on DC comic book heroes and villains. Here you get to see Halley Berry do battle with the leaders of a sinister cosmetics company. This episode is filled with crazy cat ladies, celebrity cat cameos and whole lot of handsome detective Benjamin Bratt. And for bonus points, here’ ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Comedian Gilbert Gottfried @ The All-New CB Live At Desert Ridge Fri/Sat, In Studio - Friday February 22, 2019 - For tickets/info call 602.910.5161 or click www.cblive.comBy (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - NHRA Funny Car Champion Driver Ron Capps, in studio for the NHRA 'Magic Dry' AZ Nationals at Wildhorse :Pass Motorsports Park - Friday February 22, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Dudley discusses his coughing due to getting something caught in his throat. Dale also discusses his friends passing away and what it’s like getting older. Finally the guys talk about The Monkees nostalgia, the best Oscar winning performances by singers turned actors and much more.
Most people still don’t know what affiliate marketing is. Well today’s guest understood it so well that he created a business that would allow anyone to start an affiliate program. Greg Shepard is the founder of AffiliateTraction (renamed Pepperjam) which is a multinational affiliate marketing agency and was acquired by eBay.I want to find out ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Friday February 22, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Opening Break - Friday February 22, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
This week co-hosts CORINNE FISHER (@PhilanthropyGal) and KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON (@KrystynaHutch) are coming in hot with news on Pete Davidson’s diamond dick. The duo also gets honest about fame, and Corinne reminds New Yorkers to vote for their public advocate. Then the girls chat with comedian, actor, writer and Ukrainian immigrant BORIS KHAYKIN ...…
Comic Ariel Elias joins Jared on this week's Friday episode of The JTrain Podcast, to read your emails and answer questions about complimenting a guys dick size, how to keep up attraction after a couple dates, guys flaking on dating apps, and only having hooked up with someone you knew from high school. Plus, news and headlines with Classic She ...…
Brandon Holveck, Jake Lampert and Nick Dellaglio offer their thoughts on Zion Williamson, the NCAA and more, after the star freshman sprained his knee in a high-profile matchup between Duke and UNC (0:57). Then, the crew answers five rapid fire questions on Delaware athletics (11:33), analyzes the record Manny Machado signing (21:58) and breaks ...…
On this week's Les Beer Leaguers, the boys look ahead to the trade deadline and which teams are most intriguing. They also talk about the Charlie Coyle trade and why John Tavares is a robot.
There’s only one episode left! We start off with some Brexit talk and get all political before diving into recent watches with Don’t Go in the Woods (Alone), Await Further Instructions and Braid among others before addressing the penultimate episode of True Detective season three! We put together our competing theories into one final, comprehen ...…
Iris and Gary go into the woods on this edition to discuss two films that involve the legendary Wendigo in two very different incarnations. In Dark Was The Night, A sheriff and his deputy are forced to look into some strange occurrences that are killing off some of the townsfolk. Then, when a stranger comes to an outpost, the soldiers are faced ...…
Should you haze the cross country team or the robotics nerds? How fast can you get kicked out of prom? Is cheerleading even a sport?
Domino’s delivers solid 4th-quarter results, but shares fall. Meanwhile Boston Beer pops 11% on strong profits and optimism for 2019. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories, and we dip into the Fool Mailbag to ponder Facebook’s valuation. Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool. Go to and get $50 off your f ...…
The guys discuss an Officer from Hutto who has been accused of abusing power reporting that he had been struck a guy in the head three times and deployed his Taser on the suspect when the cops smelled weed coming from his house. They also talk about Tesla now has a dog mode for their car so that you can leave your dog in a hot car. Finally, the ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Thursdays w/ALT AZ 933's Ian Camfield and NBC Sports Radio AM 1060's Dale Hellestrae - Thursday February 21, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
The guys talk about their results on their citizen’s test and IQ score levels. They also talk about Bob talks having a mani/peti which Dale busts Bob's balls about as well as discussing Dale’s aversion to his feet being touched. Finally, Dale talks about a Coast Guard member being busted for having a kill list of many major democrats that he wa ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Drew Lynch @ Stand Up Live Thursday February 21 & at The Tempe Improv Fri-Sat, In Studio - Thursday February 21, 2019 - For tickets/info call 480.719.6100 or click or 480.921.9877 or click www.tempeimprov.comBy (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Bob and Matt briefly talk about Bob’s upcoming trip to Asia. Dudley gives a shout out to a friendly motorcycle cop, Art Acevedo and the Austin Police Department. Finally the guys get serious and talk about death and how they deal with it as well as talking about a plant in Japan that apparently slows aging and much more.…
Greatist was in the news because it was just sold to Healthline. You can read about the acquisition here. And here’s what Derek said about the sale on Facebook.We’re reposting this older interview to show you how Derek grew a WordPress site to 1M visitors in this origin story. Derek Flanzraich is the founder of Greatist which is a health and me ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Brady Report - Thursday February 21, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Thursday February 21, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Opening Break - Thursday February 21, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Today’s Duel is a special roundtable with T.R. Simms and AM Frasier. We talk why we don’t like biracial kids today, Empire's Jussie Smollett sad self, Spike Lee and his two good movies, and we threw in John Singleton for good measure. We wanted to take this time to thank you all for being fans of this show. We really do appreciate it and it’s b ...…
part 14: this time I am joined by fellow horror podcaster, Aaron Sturdivant aka Sir Sturdy. His podcast, Horror With Sir Sturdy, has been going strong for about a year and has really grown and evolved. We have been talking since the early days of our shows and finally got together. I asked him if he would be my guest for Black History Month to ...…
Texas Roadhouse posts solid comps growth in the 4th quarter. David Kretzmann analyzes why the management team is just one reason he likes this restaurant. Plus, we discuss Tesla’s latest executive departure and dip into the Fool Mailbag. To check out the new offering from Motley Fool Singapore that David mentioned just go to…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Rock Wars - Best Song with a Banjo - Entertainment Drill - Wednesday February 20, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
Sonny got fired by his own dad but now he runs multiple meme accounts with millions of followers. He's not motivated by money and is now looking for marriage- who the hell is this guy? He keeps his identity private, which makes him much more interesting. He also doesn't know what his five year plan is and Hannah would argue that five year plans ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - Wednesday February 20, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
If you’ve been listening to me for a while, you know that I’m fascinated by chat bots. When you’re creating chat bots, you want to see the flow of messages—which is hard to do without actually creating a chat bot and testing it. Well today’s guest created a company that allows someone to create a mockup of the chat experience before users see i ...…
This is Love Hurts. I’m Bryan Berlin. Today’s guest is Sopan Deb. Sopan is a culture writer for the New York Times. Sopan sat down with me at the Magnet Theater on Valentine’s Day and he shared the story of his worst Valentine’s Day. Then we both shared stories of failed high school dating, playing songs for crushes, and giving bad gifts. This ...…
Comedians Sal Demilio​ and Bob Phillips​ join us to talk about some of the crazy stuff they have witnessed while gambling. Sal and Bob have seen it all. Everything from Sal's friend peeing in a sink and getting kicked out of a casino to Sal being in Vegas when Tupac got shot. What happens in Vegas ends up on a podcast on this edition of One Cra ...…
Joe House is joined by Ringer golf correspondent Nathan Hubbard to talk about his brother Mark Hubbard’s first win on the Tour as well as J.B. Holmes's first-place finish at the Genesis Open (2:40). Then, The Ringer’s Megan Schuster stops by to discuss the slow-play epidemic, old guys outplaying the young guys, and her current confidenc ...…
Jerry is forced by Kenneth and Jay to put up or shut up with his trash talk of the James Cameron classic Terminator 2. It’s been over 10 years since Jerry has seen it so does he still hate it or has time matured his look at the Sci-Fi Action classic? Facebook Page:www. ...…
For some people High School was the greatest time of their life, for others it was a nightmare and some never even showed up at all. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane.
Walmart reports strong quarterly earnings fueled by toys, groceries, and e-commerce. Motley Fool analysts Ron Gross and Jason Moser take stock in Walmart’s happy holidays, discuss Alphabet’s new investment in the war on cash, and weigh in on a Facebook rival to Alexa and Siri. Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting MarketFoolery. Go to ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness - The Entertainment Drill - Tuesday February 19, 2019By (Holmberg's Morning Sickness).
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