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Critical analysis of each episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad" by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
Failed Critics
Failed Critics is home to the slightly shambolic weekly film podcast, The Failed Critics Podcast, where each week we review new theatrical releases, as well as revisit some classics (and not-so-classics), trawl through film news, and maybe even chat to the odd special guest. You'll also receive bi-weekly episodes of our sister gaming podcast, Character Unlock, which pretty much follows the same format, but is about computer games.
Cube Critics
From Minnesota Public Radio News, Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr share a cube wall, and a passion for movies. Each week, they take a break from their day jobs to talk movies.
Critical analysis of each episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
Critic's Choice, Critical Thinking, and more from Andrew Patner
Noteworthy films recommended by New York Times's film critic A.O. Scott.
Critical analysis of each episode of STARZ's Spartacus by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
Critical analysis of each episode of FOX's "Dollhouse" with Robin (The TV Critic) and Cordia
HiFi Critics
A grassroots group of concerned citizens committed to taking action. We challenge the conventional wisdom and entrenched interests to serve their constituents.
Critical analysis of each episode of ABC's FlashForward
Ridiculously unproductive NERD movie talk that is occasionally entertaining. We call ourselves "Kinda Movie Critics" because we 'kinda' are and we're 'kinda' not, we're just a bunch of nerds that like to watch movies. #KMCPodcast #KindaMovieCritics. Hosted by:Kory | Treezy | Leezy | Martin | Jesse(Subscribe and tell us how UNCOOL we are.)
Critical analysis of each episode of ABC's Lost by Robin Pierson (The TV Critic)
We are a weekly podcast devoted to watching reviewing and critiquing movies. The movies we love, the movies we hate, and even the movies we feel indifferent about.
A film studies podcast by teachers who wish they had majored in film.
Your Average Critics
Podcast by YourAverageCritics
Three men for whom Hollywood's best is never good enough....
Critics w/o Credentials is a that is a podcast dedicated to talking about everything related to TV and Film
If Trump was a Democrat CNN would call his critics racist. This podcast is a spin off of Tipping the Odds Las Vegas Podcast. I will discuss Politics and criticize the main stream media, and laff and laff while doing it.
Young Media Critics
Young Media Critics -.a show that examines media with globally fresh and youthful views. Youthfulness has no age barrier and according to dictionary sources to be “young is to be in the process of growth.” Please join us as we grow and learn more about Media. Call in at 347-633-9114 or register at Blogtalk Radio so you can join the chat room and let us hear your voice..
Clash of the Critics
Clash of the Critics discusses pop-culture films and TV shows such as: Harry Potter, American Horror Story, Supernatural, and the Avengers/Marvel.
Tone Deaf Critics
"Where OUR Music Matter"Tone Deaf Critics is a podcast about today's latest and greatest music done by people who are completely bias and take nothing seriously. New episodes released weekly. Follow us on Instagram @tonedeafcritics.
Forsooth! Amateur Film Critics podcast - amateur critics moviepass the hell out of films and review/chat about them after. Also, Forsooth Pictures (indie film studio) news. Give it a listen if you love movies! Warning: there will be spoilers
Co-Op Critics
Co-Op Critics has series of weekly and monthly podcasts that feature in-depth games discussion, interviews with creators and more. The flagship Co-Op Critics podcast focuses on one game or series each episode and features a longer discussion. Party Chat is a weekly series covering topics from new releases to first impressions and notable events in the games industry. And Co-Op Conversations is our interview series where we speak to game developers, writers, YouTube creators and more.The show ...
Completely Biased. CryMor are Video Game Critics & Digital Connoisseurs. Our videos dig into Gamer-related issues & content. Join the Conversation & #CMGHype
Podcast by Another Bloody Critic
A weekly podcast about some of the greatest, and worst movies of our time.
Teen Critics
Raj Rawal and Tim O'Connor share their opinions on everything movie related. Topics vary from new movies, old movies, DVD releases, character and plot analysis, director discussion, and much more.
American podcast co-hosted by Tony and Doc J... chronicling the crazy phone calls between 2 cousins from Sleepy Hollow, NY and Lake County, FL; focusing on their 3 passions - Hip-Hop Music, Pro Wrestling, and Drinking. These buggin' cousins discuss history, current events, wrestling news, music, music biz, music reviews, and even invite surprise guests for Phone Tap interviews. #Salud #CanYouHearIt #HMVEnt (Follow us at) IG/Twitter: @twisted_critics
Simple Critics
Have you ever seen or heard of a movie that's coming out and wondered what a normal, everyday person would say about it? Well, look no further than this podcast! This podcast is hosted by two friends who like to watch movies and talk about them in a pretty simplistic manner. The hosts watch and discuss new movies and maybe a few discussions. Give us simple critics a chance!
Starving Critics
The Starving Critics podcast from Rachael Stover and Mitchell Roush is a bi-weekly show where two wanna-be film critics talk movies, TV, and the world of cinema.
A Weekly Podcast in which two brothers, with no right in doing so, watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched...
Join Ben, Frankie, and Tim as they discuss media and other happenings going on in the world.
Rejected Critics
Podcast by Rejected Critics
Women Critics
An ongoing series of conversations with women critics among the ranks of NYIH fellows, covering the role of women in criticism historically and currently, criticism in general, and the work of each guest.
In the depths of the Middle East (ok, its just Abu Dhabi), two die-hard cineastes and pop-culture enthusiasts made it their mission to move up in the global film industry and create art. While that has not come into fruition as of yet, it didn't stop them from making a podcast to share their love for the industry...twice. Now they promise to keep this podcast alive and relevant.
The Jackass Critics talk movie news, some quick movie reviews and then dive deep into a focus flick.
Unlikely Critics
Electronic social media allow us to relate to people with our podcast and videos and post. Unlikely Critics will never truly have a fixed topic, although we will often deal with movie reviews, internet videos, current political events, celebrity gossip, bs issues, personal anecdotes, comics and humor. It is defined by a stream of consciousness style. Hope everyone enjoys what they see, read and hear from us.
Social Critics
Social Critics is a weekly kickback amongst friends. Each week the group will explore a wide variety of topics, and share there unfiltered opinions. With the personalities of the host and the interesting topics and guest its sure to be an interesting discussion each week!
A weekly comedy-adjacent podcast about the most divisive movies in history, and the people who love and loathe them. Debate Club + Movies + Friendship = This. Hosted by Andrew Bartlett and Mike Sholars.
Critter Critics
Join the Critter Critics on an expedition to rate and review every animal in the world. New episodes every other Friday!
Two wanna-be Film Critics armed w/ the Power of Podcast riffing on the world of cinema.
Street Critics
Podcast by Street Critics
Dueling Critics
Dueling theater critics Kelly Kleiman and Jonathan Abarbanel discuss the latest stage productions and dissect the best — and the worst — of Chicago's theater scene.
The podcast of the Bristol Film Critics Circle
Clueless Critics
Freelance Critics
The show where we try to describe how we see things...
Drunkin Critics
This podcast is where I talk about films, TV, comics, and equipment while day drinking. I usually have some special guest that is actually in the industry. Don't like it what I say? Please leave a comment below so I have something to ignore. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Critics Circle
The Critics Circle provides a weekly in-depth look of the newest films and commentary on current film news and rumors along with insightful interviews with filmmakers, critics and artists presented by leading members of the Houston film critic community.
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After another lengthy absence we are back with an episode packed full of film reviews from the latest releases (Venom, A Star is Born) to ones from the archive (The Thing)We also discuss the question: If you could change one thing in an MCU film, what would it be and why?Please get in touch with your answers questions and thoughts. We're on Twi ...…
Murder House, tearjerkers, Back to the Future references and MORE! This pod is lengthy but worth the listen.
10.17.2018 - Tone Deaf Critics back at it with another episode going over the latest and greatest in this week’s music! We start off the podcast with a little game we like to call Music Video Charades (listen to the podcast to get the rules) then of course dive into a wide variety of albums we decided to review. This week’s album reviews includ ...…
After Devin and Chris both have finished The Haunting of HIll House from Netflix, we needed to come together to discuss just what it was that we watched.
Tim's girls watch Emperor Strikes Back, Aladdin Teaser Trailer, and our review of Venom.
Family vacation last week couldn't stop us from bringing you the goods this week. Talking points include, does Sirius really have a podcast channel, Rakesh should be the lead, and what is truly the best ending for this show. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics Email: uninformedcri ...…
Now that the list is complete, Devin and Chris go back and reorganize just how they would change the episode rankings.
As Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr pursue great movies to add to your at-home watch-list, they turn to Poland.
On this bone-chilling episode, we review the legendary Jersey Devil. We also make a pitch for an exciting new reboot of a classic film franchise. Your move, Hollywood.
Apocalypse is on a roll as of late and Boy Wonder looks to continue its hot streak.
A blockbuster and a worthy indie grab the attentions of Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr
To celebrate Halloween month, the Critter Critics are reviewing cryptids! On this episode we discuss a lesser known worm-and-or-snake creature known as Sinkhole Sam! Music used is by Haunted Corpse.
We finally reach the top episode of the list and boy is it deserving of it! Chris and Devin discuss this episode in detail as well as whether or not the ending is one of the better ones on this list.
10.09.18 – Hey oh! We got a diverse selection of music for this week’s episode of TDC. Here are the albums we cover that came out last Friday.Trench – Twenty One PilotsDime Trap – T.I.MUDBOY – Sheck WesSkylight – PinegroveEvening Machines – Gregory Alan IsakovThe Unheavenly Creatures – Coheed and CambriaVI – You Me at SixThe Silver Scream – Ice ...…
The extended Auquaman Trailer and our Fall TV Preview!
Now that Record Store Day has captured the limitless boundaries of discerning consumers by tapping into the Zeitgeist of the Trump and Rauner Administrations, a nation turns its lonely eyes towards you, cassette store day! What? You weren’t aware of Cassette Store Day on October 13th? Neither are the cassette stores because there aren’t any! Wh ...…
Now that season 3 of 'Insecure' has wrapped, the KMC crew sheds light on some of the themes the HBO hit show touched on this season. Treezy, Martin, and Leezy are joined by fan favorites, Rasheka (@rashekab) and Erica.------------LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. Kinda Movie Critics on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, & Soundcloud. For suggestions on whic ...…
We are nearing the end of the list with the final two episodes.
The arrival of "Venom" with Tom Hardy serving as a host to a visiting Symbiote, (an experience he finds disturbing,) prompted Cube Critics Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis to remember other great Tom Hardy performances of the past.
We got Episode 6 I don't like it, I love it, what a week. Boss Trump and Cocaine Mitch got us a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, who would have thunk it? email me if you want
It's baaaaaack! Another October means another Halloween Movie Marathon and before we watch and podcast on 13 movies leading up to Halloween, we must determine what those movies are.
MPR Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr check out some cinematic dream teams: Hardy and Williams, Cooper and Gaga.
Google’s brilliant YouTube acquisition recently announced a change to their subscription services, YouTube Red and Google Music. The newly minted service, YouTube Music, builds upon the massive YouTube audience of 1.8 billion monthly users. This service clearly is a play for the future of music and tv due to all the additional content and media ...…
After a strong third episode, AHS follows it up with an even better fourth episode of the season which takes us back three years before the bomb as Langdon is on the cusp of greatness.
10.02.2018 – In this week’s episode of TDC we cover a wide range of genres when it comes to new releases. This week’s episode includes reviews and conversations of the following:Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V”Logic’s “YSIV”Kevin Gates’ “Luca Brasi 3”Cypress Hill's "Elephants on Acid"Young Thug’s “On the Run”Alt-J’s “Reduxer”Dillon Francis’ “Wut Wut” ...…
As we inch closer to the top episode on the list, Chris and Devin talk about a very formidable AYAOTD episode and its rightful place on this list.
The witching hour begins as we ring in SPOOKTOBER (name still under review) with a full month of scary movies. But what's scarier than two dudes trying to talk about feminism in a meaningful and helpful way? Let's find out!Can an entire movie be defined by its final scene? Can Andrew's opinions be trusted, ever? And did Mike really bookend this ...…
No Episode last week so that means we have a Magnum sized portion of Magnum PI, both the original and the reboot! Talking points include, Kyle making really bad jokes, the boys letting it be known were they stand on female characters, and the writing of the greatest crossover epic of all time. Seriously CBS make this crossover happen.…
We now approach the downhill of the AYAOTD Top 10 list with Tale of the Dream Girl.
In this weeks episode of the Social Critics Podcast, the group discuss the following: Bill Cosbys sentence Brett Kavanaugh The Carter 5 Most of this episode consisted of Driss trying to convince Alpha & Curtis to listen to the Carter 5....smh! Give us your opinions of the Carter 5 maybe we can make these guys change their minds. Follow us on In ...…
It was a heck of a year 1971 with some great films: but as they look back Cube Critics Euan Kerr and Stephanie Curtis stumble across a rarity - a movie of which Stephanie has not heard.....
The Critter Critics discuss the most common of farm-foul, the chicken! We also go down a rabbit hole about Grimace, the famous McDonalds monster. We had some audio issues with this one, sorry! Just pretend we are recording this from an airplane and it will sound about right.
In this extra special Kiwi episode of Clueless Critics, Miles and James discuss and review a herd (like sheep, because New Zealand) of movies including Spirited Away, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Superbad, Clerks, I Kill Giants, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok.Dillon and Declan are not in this episode as ...…
Two new films, a drama and a doc, explore stories of female artists struggling to get the credit they deserve. Cube Critics Stephanie Cutis and Euan Kerr opine.
Devin and Chris discuss episode 3 of AHS: Apocalypse which just so happens to be its Halloween episode. Typically, these are some of AHS's better episodes and last night's did not disappoint.
Got another exciting week in music and TDC is here to give you the deets! In this week's episode we review MGK's "Binge EP", The Story So Far's "Proper Dose", St. Lucia's "Hyperion", and BROCKHAMPTON's "Iridescence". Notable mentions include Joyce Manor's "Million Dollars to Kill Me", San Holo's "album1", Christine and the Queens "Chris", and M ...…
Devin and Chris reach the half-way point of their AYAOTD countdown.
The Dragon Prince and five movies for your fallout Shelter!
On today's episode I discuss Kavanaugh (of course) as well as the biased media. email me
This week we're talking about A Wrinkle In Time, and we probably should have read the book!Ava DuVernay's 2018 adaptation of the famous novel failed to make a splash at the box office, but it definitely made a splash with us. Will we reveal Oprah Winfrey's actual height? Did Mike really just compare this movie to an infamous mecha anime? And ha ...…
The KMC crew takes a deep dive into the Netflix original series, Ozark. The NERDs are joined by special guest and faithful KMC fan, DJ Phillie.------------LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. Kinda Movie Critics on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, & Soundcloud. For suggestions on which movies to cover next, e-mail us at kindamoviecritics@gmail.comFollow us o ...…
Devin and Chris continue discussing their favorite AYAOTD episodes and The Tale of the Lonely Ghost is given a second thought as to how it landed on this list.
In this weeks episode of the Social Critics podcast the gang discusses the following! - Urban Myers press conference near fuck up - Space Jam 2 -> Lebron James & director of Black Panther Ryan Coogler - Maroon 5 picked to perform during the Super bowl. Cardi B and Travis Scott may accompany them. - Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street are meant to b ...…
Skiing, amnesia, sexting, and camels - all topics of conversations for Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr. They realized they hadn't talked docs (as in documentaries) in a while, so came up with four great examples to watch at home.
Little over a week late on this on but we have a great episode covering the music that came out Friday 09/14. First we go over Eminem's new song "Killshot" and MGK's take on it. For Album Reviews this week we cover NoName's "Room 25", Good Charlotte's "Generation Rx", 6lack's "East Atlanta Love Letter", and Willie Nelson's "My Way". Notable men ...…
Welcome to the New York Institute for the Humanities podcast. Learn more about the history of the Institute and our shows.
This week we take a break from chains and head to the frozen aisle to try Digiorno stuffed crust pizza. Spoiler alert: We hate it. The only question is how low can the ratings possibly go? We also question if stuffed crust pizza is ever good. Other topics of discussion include: hatred of US labeling laws, the awful slogan of Digiorno, and we se ...…
Sorry Eagles, we misinformed you. In a segment last year, we preached about the 2019 Chicago mayoral race. At the time we were convinced Rahm Emanuel was going to keep his stronghold in the City of Chicago. In a stunning development, Rahm dropped a bomb on political pundits by announcing that he will not seek reelection. With no incumbent for t ...…
After last night's second episode, Devin and Chris discuss the fallout left from Michael Langdon's chaotic wake and just what lies ahead for the people of Outpost 3
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