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Best David Garfinkel podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best David Garfinkel podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Copywriting lessons from David Garfinkel
Deadly Manners
Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or ...
Dan Debuf (Dan and Maz, The Bachelor Unpacked, Lords of Luxury) has realised that creative and interesting people have creative and interested brains that are easily obsessed. They're dying to talk about their latest or lifelong obsessions, if only someone would ask... well, he's asking! Artwork by Dave Ferrier and Jo Cutri. Music by Caleb Garfinkel.
WCBS Newsradio 880: Daily Tips for Healthy Living from Pat Farnack
This podcast is hosted by the two creators of Deadly Manners: Ali Garfinkel (Writer) and Alex Aldea (Producer). They discuss the process of making the show and interview members of the Deadly Manners team.
Deli Boys
Beloved comedy writers Evan Susser and David Phillips set off to do something never done before: rank 14 Jewish delis.
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In this radical interview, Dr. Hanscom believes non-surgical methods are usually much better for patients than going under the knife, especially when it comes to chronic pain.By Radio.com
Dr. David Hanscom about how he no longer does spine surgeries because he doesn't believe they are usually needed. His new book is: "Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?"By Radio.com
More on the famous Gandhi quote: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."By Radio.com
Perry explains why he selected Gandhi.By Radio.com
Why it was important for Perry to try to follow the six moral principles of Gandhi in these "immoral times".By Radio.com
New York Times contributor and globe-trotting health correspondent Perry Garfinkel talks about how he is trying to follow in the footsteps of Gandhi and even has a book contract, to document his journey.By Radio.com
Our guest today comes to us through the magic of the Internet from Galicia, Spain — and he knows a lot about mastermind groups. Whether you know what a mastermind group is or not, you’ll know more about that today. And I think you’ll quickly see why they’re important for direct response copywriters and direct response business owners. Stan is t ...…
Kessler has videos to help at this very difficult time of the yearBy Radio.com
There is a disagreement over whether the first or the second year is the worst when dealing with the death of a loved one.By Radio.com
David takes a call from Joe Biden to commiserate on the deaths of their sons.By Radio.com
Buffalo do not wait for​ a storm but head right into itBy Radio.com
After the death of his son, David goes one step beyond Elizabeth Kubler Ross, seeking meaning beyond the five stages.By Radio.com
Grief specialist David Kessler, talks with Pat about his book "Finding Meaning"By Radio.com
On the podcast Masters of Scale, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman interviewed Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb. Chesky tells of advice he got 10 years ago, when the company barely had any customers at all. He got the advice from one of the wisest men in Silicon Valley, Paul Graham of Y Combinator.The advice was simple, but powerful: “Get to know your c ...…
Don't just automatically go on a diatribe but maintain non-attachment in our emotional lives.By Radio.com
We usually master what we practice. So, be mindful of what you are doing, especially with your emotions.By Radio.com
Please know that there is a beginning, a middle and an end to every emotional experience.By Radio.com
Dr. Conte says, it's not that we live in an angrier world, it's just that we have a bigger platform (the internet) to spew whatever we want.By Radio.com
Dr. Christian Conte is an anger specialist and author of "Walking Through Anger"By Radio.com
Our guest today Adam Bensman is both state-of-the-art and very old-school. Let’s start with the old-school part: Adam started out as a door-to-door salesman. I call that “old school” because, well, first, I did that once. So did Gary Halbert. And nearly every experienced, successful copywriter I know says that the best possible training you can ...…
Dr. Pothuri sees plenty of promise in using parp inhibitors to fight ovarian cancer.By Radio.com
Patients in trials using parp inhibitor did well. The data "really moves the needle".By Radio.com
Promising results in clinical trials using a parp inhibitor which blocks proteins that repair DNA. Cancer cells can't repair the DNA and they die.By Radio.com
Dr. Pothuri says it doesn't have to be a death sentence. If the cancer is limited to the ovaries, women can do very well.By Radio.com
Ovarian cancer accounts for over fifty percent of all cancer deaths in women.By Radio.com
Dr. Bhavana Pothuri, gynecologic oncologist, at NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center - Ovarian CancerBy Radio.com
The famous investor Warren Buffett is famous for saying that when it comes to investing, he has two rules: 1) Never lose money. 2) See rule #1 To be sure, Warren Buffett hasn’t ALWAYS been able to follow these rules. Because, of course, he is an investor and some things are beyond his control. His insurance company General Re lost $2.4 billion ...…
There isn't now a single specific lung cancer gene, although Dr. Korst says, lung cancer does seem to run in families.By Radio.com
What are the best screenings for lung cancer?By Radio.com
We hear how key early detection is especially with lung cancer.By Radio.com
Dr. Korst describes the learning curve for surgeons when it comes to robotic surgery.By Radio.com
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Dr. Korst says there is usually an environmental risk and a genetic risk, which is why some people who've never smoked a day in their lives, get lung cancer.By Radio.com
Pat talks about robotic lung cancer surgery with Dr. Robert Korst, Director of Surgical Services at Valley/Mount Sinai Cancer Cares Center.By Radio.com
Direct response copywriter Matt Rizvi has worked with famous people known for being strong independent thinkers who focus on the power of the individual. People like Dr. Ron Paul, the congressman from Texas; best-selling author and financial guru Pamela Yellen; and investment analyst Porter Stansberry. Matt’s sold millions with his copy. He’s t ...…
Getting thyroid cancer at the age of 29 is important in explaining why Belgin's life has worked out the way it has.By Radio.com
Belgin describes how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex started following her Global Wellness Day site and picked her organization as one of the top 15 helping the world.By Radio.com
Belgin points out in the Blue Zones, with the greatest percentage of very old people, the elderly never dine by themselves. She discusses the explosion in loneliness and depression, especially in older people.By Radio.com
We've never been as old as the world is now. Belgin's recent address to the Global Wellness Summit was: "A Message From Your 90 Year Old Self".By Radio.com
Pat talks with Turkish hotelier, wellness activist and founder of Global Wellness Day, Belgin AksoyBy Radio.com
Legendary copywriter and teacher John Carlton returns from last week. Thousands of copywriters and entrepreneurs have learned from Carlton. He still gets royalty checks every month for ads he wrote decades ago. And if you pull him away from writing copy, he plays a mean electric guitar. Carlton agreed to come back because he had more to tell us ...…
We ask the question: is today's marijuana stronger than pot used to be?By Radio.com
Are there differences between recreational and medicinal marijuana? Peter talks about all the reasons for people to use medicinal marijuana.By Radio.com
This is the credo for using medicinal marijuana, says Peter Moore.By Radio.com
Editor In Chief Peter Moore of "NatuRX: Better Living Through Cannabis. It's a brand new magazine dedicated to all things cannabis. And yes, Peter Moore used to be at Men's Health Magazine, if his name seems familiar.By Radio.com
How a small California study may point to how we can preserve our youth.By Radio.com
The desire to have your health span match your life span by addressing It on a cellular level.By Radio.com
The aim of "postponing" aging and how some people live to 113.By Radio.com
Pat talks with Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite about anti-aging medicine.By Radio.com
Our guest today is John Carlton. In case you don’t know who he is, maybe you haven’t been paying attention. But you definitely should. John has been a force of nature in copywriting and copywriting education for decades. He was Gary Halbert’s business partner. He worked in Jay Abraham’s office. He’s one of the few people allowed to speak on Dan ...…
Ezra was conceived as something you would put on your calendar every year. Also, artificial intelligence allows for comparison of your full body scan in 2020 with your full scan in 2019.By Radio.com
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