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The Well Kept Wallet Podcast with Deacon Hayes is all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your career, money and lifestyle. In this podcast, Deacon interviews people who love what they do for a living, shares debt success stories, and he even gives personal finance advice. Guests include John Lee Dumas, Dane Maxwell, Jeff Rose and more. Check out for more tips on how to achieve your goals in life when it comes to your career, money ...
This series describes in detail the various Biblical leadership roles in the church and examines how these can be exercised in order to promote individual as well as the corporate growth of the church.
With spiritual depth and theological richness, Deacon Keating leads listeners to communion and intimacy with God the Father through Christ and the Spirit.
My DNA Coach's Jonny Deacon explores and discusses the most current scientific innovations in Fitness and Health based. Every week, Jonny interviews leading industry professionals or reviews a new topic in order to build a better understanding of how our DNA makeup, in combination with nutrition, training, blood bio markers, A.I, and psychology affects our health for the future. Understanding your genetics is the key blue print to optimizing your health and fitness goals. Apply for our BETA ...
Deacon Lucas
Hanging out with interesting people and chatting about life
Deacon Chiu
Deacon Chiu
Toledo Deacon
Catholic Deacon Serving the Diocese of Toledo at Corpus Christi University Parish
Deacon - Reflekted
A summary of the music I've been playing this month
Deacon's Corner
A Posse Ad Esse: From possiblity to reality.
Baring-Gould's humorous observations on the various Christian sects to be found in "the most learned church in the most religious country in the world" (i.e., London in 1870) contains a challenge to Christians of today to focus on the substance of faith rather than the forms of public worship. - Summary by MaryAnn
With spiritual depth and theological richness, Deacon Keating leads listeners to communion and intimacy with God the Father through Christ and the Spirit.
Experienced real estate investor Alex Deacon delivers informational broadcasts to help you earn more money in real estate investing. "The Deacon of Real Estate" has proudly served the Pittsburgh area for over 20 years, and is Co-Owner of Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors, MACE Property Management, and also organizes monthly real estate networking workshops for investors in the area.
St. Philip the Deacon is a church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in Plymouth, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis. Our mission is to “Reach Out. Proclaim. Inspire.” We invite you to join us as partners in the Gospel, carrying out the work God has called each of us to do in God's world. God bless you.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of The Conscientious Deacon by Vachel Lindsay. This was the Weekly Poetry project for May 5th, 2013.Vachel Lindsay described this poem as "a song to be syncopated as you please". According to Wikipedia he is considered the father of modern singing poetry (as he referred to it) in which verses are meant to be sung or chanted. His extensive correspondence with the poet Yeats details his intentions to revive the musical qualities in poetry as had been ...
We love Pokemon and we want all pokemon fans to join whenever they can to listen to us and if you want to join just say so in the comments please @adelovey2j if you want to follow on twitter and instagram
Lanky Guys
For the last seven years of their lives Fr. Peter Musset and Scott Powell have been commenting on the scriptures in two different ways. Fr. Peter by improvising homilies after staying up too late watching movies and Scott Powell by teaching at the Denver Catholic Biblical School. In this Podcast, you can witness the attempts of two naturally lanky men, brought together by destiny, attempt to draw some meaning and humor out of the sacred treasury of the Scriptures in the context of the liturgy.
Permanent Deacon in the Archdiocese of BostonCollaborative Parishes of Resurrection and St. Paul in Hingham, Massachusetts
Many people today are at a crossroads of faith. Longing for roots, some have encountered Orthodox Christianity. This podcast is taken from a class formerly taught by Dn. Michael Hyatt, former Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers and now a leading business consultant.
One Catholic Life
Books and Reading • Faith and Preaching • Life and Living
The Catholic Cafe
The Catholic Cafe radio show is a 30 minute program designed to convey the Truth of Catholic Doctrine and Teaching in an informal, conversational format. Deacon Jeff, Tom and their guests sit around a table at the cafe and chat about the Church! Archived episodes are avalable at the (click listen)
Covering ACC Football and beyond. We talk Atlantic Coast Conference football and NCAA news. Weekly recaps on the games, and predictions for the coming week are standard, and we branch out into conference realignment, players of the week, and award and draft chatter as they come up. Boston College Eagles, Maryland Terrapins, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, North Carolina Tarheels, Duke Blue Devils, NC State Wolfpack, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Clemons Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jac ...
Faith & Life
The Faith & Life Lectures are open and welcoming public forums where nationally known speakers reflect on how Christian faith intersects with different dimensions of everyday life. Past speakers have included William Willimon, Gregory Boyle, Hilary Lunke, Richard Stearns, Marilynne Robinson, Dr. Timothy Johnson, Kevin Kling, Rick Steves and Glennon Melton. The series is a community service of St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Minnesota.
These Forty Days
A Lenten Journey
Hosted by Nick Draper and Stuart Deacons, the 9yrspodcast drops every Thursday during the football season, with some variable audio quality and occasional insightful comment.
Fr Robert Galea shares his homilies, talks and reflections. For more information please visit
Feel free to subscribe to hear the weekly homilies from our priests and deacons here at Saint Patrick's Parish!
Headed by Pastor Frances L. Johnson Our MissionIt is our desire that through the preaching and teaching of the Word of Godthat the lost will be won and that we continually challenge and motivatethe Body of Christ to persevere and mature in Christ Jesus.Heavenly Sent Christian Ministries is located at 817 3rd Ave So, 2nd FloorRenton, WA 98055Phone 425 255-2670Wednesday 6:45 - 8:30 pmSunday Morning Worship - 11 AM(Children's church every Sunday)
CrossPolitic (Christ over Politics) Podcast and Show mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory. Our hosts are made up of pastors, deacons, filmmakers, and more, and long to see our nation once again recognize Jesus as the ...
SMCC Homilies
The Weekend Homily from Fr. Julian, Fr. Iqbal, Dcn. Art and Guests. St. Michael Catholic Community is located in the community of West Springs, Calgary, Alberta. Visit for Mass times, events and more.
The Faith & Life Lectures are open and welcoming public forums where nationally known speakers reflect on how Christian faith intersects with different dimensions of everyday life. Past speakers have included Philip Yancey, William Willimon, Richard Stearns, Marilynne Robinson, Dr. Timothy Johnson, Brené Brown, Kevin Kling, Rick Steves and Ralph McInerny. The series is a community service of St. Philip the Deacon and Mount Olivet Lutheran Churches, both located in Plymouth, Minnesota.
Rediscovering Ancient Christian Burial Customs for the Modern World - How should Christian people prepare for death—their own and that of loved ones? No question can be more important than this, since death is the final reality of our earthly life. Deacon Mark Barna, the co-author of A Christian Ending: A Handbook for Burial in the Ancient Christian Tradition, has been preparing Orthodox Christians for burial without a professional funeral director for nearly ten years.
Based in Rockford, Illinois, Sock Monkey Sound is a music and culture podcast. We have conversations about the state of music and culture in our world, picking apart musical genres while exploring the boundaries of our own perceptions and taste. Notable guests on our podcast have included Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Colin Hay (Men At Work), Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf), Hutch Harris (The Thermals), David Bazan and Dan Deacon, as well as members of The Dandy Warhols, Superchunk, ...
Intuitive Coach, Wellness Advocate & Founder of the global movement Soulful Sisterhood; Deanna Deacon brings you inspiration and empowerment to live your best life every single day. She knows you're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Here you will learn from wellness experts, lifestyle gurus and amazing entrepreneurs to guide you along this journey to live a lifestyle that is Holistic, Happy and Healthy every day. Let the journey into your b ...
Follow along in the adventure with a Dungeon Master of 20 years and a group of life long friends who have traveled in the world of Trimbel. Join in, as the DM's eldest son starts playing D&D for the first time. Our world is 20 years in the making. It is a Home-brew of 2nd Edition Core Builds/THAC0/Saving Throws, with 3rd Edition-Pathfinder Feats/Skills/Class Ideas (Prestige Classes). It is a new and experimental system, listen in as the chaos unfolds. If you have questions or comments feel f ...
Homilies preached by Deacon Matthew Newsome of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.
Preaching from Garden of Grace by Pr. Beth Folkemer, Deacon Nancy Gable, and Pr. Ben Leese.
The Salt + Light Hour is the audio presence of S+L TV. Hosted by S+L's Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann, every week we bring you an hour of our best interviews, relevant commentary, news updates, events across the Catholic Church around the world and music. Stay current with everything Catholic with The SLHour.
These are Homilies or Sermons delivered by Deacon Joe Dietz, filed by date and liturgical calendar.
Life according to a thirty-something community college freshman with host Adam Deacon.
Sermons by Pastor Chris Deacon at the United Parish of Bowie
Life In The Word
Join The Rev. Deacon J. H. Looi to learn about Christian theology and discipleship.
Football Podcast hosted by Just Deacon and The FM Teacher. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Sunday mass from the Catholic Community of St. Jude in DeWitt, Michigan, USA. Pastor Dwight Ezop. Deacon Ted Heutsche. St. Judes is a parish of over 1,000 families in a suburban and rural area 7 miles north of the state capitol in Lansing. St. Judes is part of the Lansing Catholic Diocese
St. Joseph Podcast are recordings of our weekend liturgies including Homilies by Fr. Daniel Kelly, Fr. Phillip Brembah and Deacon Bill Johnson.
An Episcopal Priest, a Baptist Deacon, and a Filmmaker started a podcast... hang on, cause it's gonna get deep, a little odd, and a whole lotta nerdy. Join Father Chuck, Matt, and JP, as they embark on an epic journey through pop culture and discuss movies, comic books, video games, and theology.
Transformation Tuesdays was inspired by the CD "The Jesus Question" by Matthew Kelly. Deacon Jimmy Ghiglione and Aaron Emig recap the Gospel from the prior Sunday and give action steps and resources to transform our lives for that week every Tuesday at 2:10 p.m. at Morris Hall from Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Collinsville, IL...A Spiritual Home for Everyone.
Answering the Call
Elizabeth Ficocelli hosts this show offering a glimpse into the spiritual journey of priests, deacons, and religious in the Diocese of Columbus.
The Freakin' Deacon talks to your favorite child stars, musicians and other cultural icons, about what they did, what they're doing and what they're gonna do!
The podcast companion to This Pilgrim's Each month will feature four shows covering topics of marriage and family life, apologetics, pop culture and ask a deacon.
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WPC Family!Last week, about forty of our leaders got together for a mini-retreat of sorts. Our Deacons, Elders, and Staff spent a few hours reflecting on who we are as a church, and what got us to where we are today.As we were together I was struck by three realities. First, this church has a legacy of reaching people with the love of Christ in ...…
Philippians 1:1-11 New International Version (NIV) 1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To all God's holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with the overseers and deacons[a]: 2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving and Prayer 3 I thank my God every time I remember you. 4 In all my ...…
Rabban Sauma is the title of this Episode, Part 1. So — there I was, walking through the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Reagan Library, reading the various offerings on the Great Khan and Mongols – a subject that as a student of history I find fascinating when I came upon an offering that launched an investigation. It spoke of a Nestorian priest w ...…
Single for 7 days - HOLY JESUS! - "Be Heard" Demo - ABC land - Parents Seal of approval - Before I lose ya - It was a great Idea - Part of the Show - Here we go!! - Bye Junior jr. - Make shit up all the time - Son of a bitch! - BIGGG STRETCH! - Susan keeps taking my stamps - Little Johnny - Profit Kings - Dad's get in trouble - Ding bat - Reall ...…
Monsignor overuses the word "duty" while discussing how to do great discernment. Special guest Deason Shane talks about his journey to the priesthood and lays out what it takes to become a Catholic priest.
Brad and Lane are joined by Rick Deacon to discuss Deadpool 2, Black Panther, and a few streaming movies. Thanks for listening! Please rate and review the show on iTunes.By Lane Skelton and Bradley Brownell.
In the second hour, host Fr. James Gross began by visiting with the Diocese of Fargo's Fr. Robert Keller about getting our gardens, fields, and crops blessed. Fr. Gross then joined Deacon Kyle Eller of the Diocese of Duluth to talk about what a deacon is and what brought him to this special ministry. Finally, our host spoke with Tim Henderson, ...…
Deacon Pat hosts a talk about prayer and the spiritual journey while his co-hosts are away on vacation.
In the newest installment of Alex Deacon's Property Management Series, "The Deacon of Real Estate" breaks down factors that could influence the price of your rental, and ways to maximize your return in any situation!Visit!For more information on MACE Property Management, visit!For more information ...…
It may strike some people as odd to say, but in presenting the evil Thanos as a “Malthusian anti-natalist,” Marvel has made its newest blockbuster to be the first high budget superhero film to deliver an explicitly pro-life message. Fr. Matt and Deacon Jonathan are joined by guests Alexi Sargeant and Leah Libresco Sargeant to discuss this, as w ...…
In the second hour, hosts Frs. Josh and Justin Waltz began by visiting with the Diocese of Crookston's Deacon Nick Revier about the connection between farming and our faith. Frs. Waltz then joined Zane Pekron to talk about the excitement and anticipation for him and the Diocese of Rapid City as he prepares to become a transitional deacon. Final ...…
Why we affirm women in ministry. Women and Spiritual Leadership - Where is It Written? Two Passages That Prohibit Female Leadership: 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 1 Timothy 2:11-12 Celebrated Female Leaders of the Old Testament: Exodus 15 - Miriam the Prophet and Worship Leader Judges 4-5 - Deborah the Judge 2 Chronicles 34 - Huldah the Prophet How Je ...…
May 13, 2018, Honoring Mothers of Alfred Street. Deacon Mary Wair and Deacon Lolita Youmans Alfred Street Baptist Church, Rev Dr Howard-John Wesley, Pastor. Your generosity makes our ministries possible, helping fulfill our mission to build disciples who win the world for Jesus Christ. ...…
This week visiting Pastor Jim Hislop helped us look together at the use of elders in the Epistles and consider specifically elder qualifications and responsibilities. He also taught on the contrasts between offices and gifts and consider the issue of gender in church leadership both elders and deacons.…
In this episode, "The Deacon of Real Estate" Alex Deacon explains why planning and focus are so vital to success in real estate investing. Alex discusses his successes and failures over his 25 years of experience, and why it is important to learn from every single deal you make or miss.Visit!For more information on MACE Property ...…
POD SIX ONE SIX, the latest podcast from the UMCOC Podcast Network!POD616 covers everything Marvel! From printed page to silver screen to mobile gaming, and everything in between.POD616 chronicles creators, studies stories, contemplates characters, and narrates Marvel News.Join Deacon & JJ as they pilot POD616 through the Marvel Multiverse!003 ...…
On this Feast of the Ascension, Deacon Bob Marben discusses how Mother's Day and the Ascension teach us to persevere even when things are uncertain.
Solvay Lakeland Church Podcast - Ep. 3 (Seventh Sunday of Easter) Deacon John's homily for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, 05/14/18
A new MP3 sermon from Maidenbower Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The selection of the deacons Subtitle: Church office and officers Speaker: Jeremy Walker Broadcaster: Maidenbower Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Acts 6:1-7 Length: 49 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Maidenbower Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The selection of the deacons Subtitle: Church office and officers Speaker: Jeremy Walker Broadcaster: Maidenbower Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Acts 6:1-7 Length: 49 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Maidenbower Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The selection of the deacons Subtitle: Church office and officers Speaker: Jeremy Walker Broadcaster: Maidenbower Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Acts 6:1-7 Length: 49 min.…
The team gets to work setting up connections but may run into trouble with a local biker gang. Kala the Kasathan solider with deadly aim played by Tai. Kipp Hackwrench the ysoki mechanic who dreams of the stars played by Adam. Deacon the android solarian who tends his flock played by Tyler. Intro music provided by Earth Witch with permission, c ...…
This weeks message focuses on the biblical qualifications of being a deacon, or servant, to the church family. Still the question is posed at the end, who will you serve?
As the early believers were persecuted by Saul in Jerusalem, many of them scattered to nearby regions. As they went, they preached the gospel to those they encountered. Philip, one of the early deacons, found himself in Samaria, where he preached Christ to a people captivated by the work of a magician named Simon. Looking at this text, we learn ...…
Jesus wants us to have the oneness he has with the Father! And how the devil has sought to destroy the unity of God’s people! Christians are divided by ethnicity, nationality, economics, sexuality, and doctrine––just to mention some of the most significant. How can we be one? In our fractured world, what could possibly be a unifier? The simple ...…
Worship Leader: Rev. Tim Hall; Musician: Paul Dickson; Deacon: Dianne Yates; Lector: Ray Nualla; Special Music: TCP Choir
Servants and Deacons, a sermon on 1 Timothy 3:8-13 by Pastor Brandon Scroggins.By (Brandon Scroggins.).
1. Did you know? Martin Luther King Jr. led Southern Christian Leadership Conference 2. Deacon Henry Allen is President of Pikes Peak Chapter 3. How fight for Civil Rights in modern USA is still a struggle (c) 2018, Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD. Airs on NRB TV, Direct TV Ch.378, Roku, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, GoogleTV, Smart TV, i ...…
Deacon - no teacher man Double triple neg - Johnan Conner - not looking at titles - like 2d 3d?- brain pudding - where does your left hand go? - Tom McCan won super bowl - Fast and Furious ride BLOWS (real audio) - MMA is from Rugby - Kentucky derby vs NFL - Bob carr into a ride - Set egg timer- Aunts uncles cousins - Roll of lotto scratchys - ...…
Naumann interviews Deacon Brad Sloan and Reverend Barry Feaker of Topeka Rescue Mission about the Church's efforts to raise awareness about the terrible crime of human trafficking and how it is closer to home than one might think.
Chris Reining became financially independent at 35 and quit his 9-5 at 37 years old. Today he shares tips how you can retire early too.
Join on on this heart warming episode of One Body Many Parts as we get to know Deacon Patrick Parks. Recently married to his wife Betty, come along and hear an amazing story of love and God's providence and how this couple took the meaning of "Two Becoming One" to a whole new level!
During this hour, we joined special guests Deacon Sam & Kaaren Pupino from the Diocese of Bismarck.
In this segment, "The Deacon of Real Estate" Alex Deacon discuss the pros and cons of flipping conventional, cookie-cutter style homes, versus custom style homes. Don't miss this highly informative discussion!For more information about Alex Deacon, visit!Fore more information on Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors, visit!…
On May 2, 2018, host Dcn. Mike Beauvais interviewed the chancellor for the Diocese of Austin, Dcn. Ron Walker, about the duties of that position and how he puts his training and experience as a lawyer at the service of the Church in Central Texas. He began by describing his uprbringing and then his journey to the deaconate. He and Dcn. Mike als ...…
Pat King invites Deacon Pat Kearns from OLV in Caldwell back inside the MAN CAVE. In this return visit, Dcn. Pat talks about a series of books he has written. And, shares an exciting outdoor ministry that men should be interested in. It's coming up the first weekend of June, so listen to the show then get signed up!…
“Decoding Healthcare” goes on the road to Unity Farm in Sherborn, Mass., to talk with farmer-slash-healthcare visionary John Halamka, M.D., CIO of Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston. In addition to determining exactly why llamas spit, Halamka and podcast hosts athenahealth CMO Kevin Ban, M.D., and athenaInsight editor-in-chief John ...…
Deacon Pat, Mike, Darrell, and Father Uhlenkott discuss gluttony and its effects with humor and fun. "Please pass the pizza, beer, and cake."
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