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Slappin' Discs KC is a Disc Golf Podcast focusing on reviewing the many fabulous courses in and around Kansas City, and hopefully someday the world. Its regular contributors are Mr. Pole Jangles and Treesbane, who despite what they say are definitely not professional discers but definitely are enthusiasts. Follow us on Twitter @wilhelm4ever and @MrPoleJangles or @DiscsKc
Deep Look is Ultiworld's news and analysis podcast hosted by editor Charlie Eisenhood. From the business of ultimate to the most compelling competition, Deep Look breaks down the biggest topics in the sport.
The Official Podcast Series of Tidelands Health
Welcome to the Online Radio home of Restoring Grace! Our lessons are available here and as always, free of charge. If you are interested in having Restoring Grace come to your church, retreat, seminar or Bible Study, please contact us at: Restoring Grace also houses the wisdom teachings of Rabbi Hilbrant. We proudly partner with Rabbi and look forward to his episodes.
GoPlayThat Podcast
A collective of friends scattered across Europe discover and share hidden indie gems, retro classics and other gaming obscurities. Join them!
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How do you create a sustainability plan for a building that wasn't designed with the environment in mind? This challenge isn't unique to the University of Pittsburgh campus, but it's one they hope to tackle with a sustainability plan guided by the former director of the Green Building Alliance, Aurora Sharrard.…
Learning coding in schools has become more commonplace, but as kids get older, teaching more complex topics can pose a challenge. Not all teachers have computer science backgrounds, and there are no statewide requirements for what a programming curriculum should look like.By (Kathleen J. Davis).
SETpoint is a Pittsburgh-based group offering specialized self-defense training for those who experience the threat of gender-based violence, serving groups both nationwide and here at home.By (cayers).
Nearly a year after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, students at the University of Pittsburgh marked his birthday by demanding diversity. Five decades later, university leaders acknowledge it is a persistent challenge.By (Sarah Schneider).
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor talk about the big, new signings for the New York Empire, Grant Lindsley and Jack Williams before turning to some discussion of the college preseason top 25 (13:59). Later in the show, Charlie and Keith make some 2019 predictions, and read some of yours from our brand new Twitter account! (36:24)…
Proper classroom accommodations for students on the autism spectrum can be hard to come by. One local group hopes to provide better access to environments where students have the best chance at a good education.By (Megan Harris).
At the center of the government shutdown is President Trump’s proposal for a steel border wall. Trump pitched it as a big opportunity for steel companies.By (lperkins).
Golf is great for your health. The Titleist Performance Institute at Tidelands Health focuses on the fitness aspect of golf, strengthening and conditioning to support one's golf game. Richard Morris, Clinical Conditioning Coordinator at Tidelands HealthPoint Center for Health and Fitness, discusses how the program works.…
Skin cancer is of particular concern for folks who enjoy coastal living and spending time engaged in outdoor activities. Dr. William Jackson Epperson details how to prevent and detect skin cancer.
Near downtown Pittsburgh, along the 10th Street Bypass and Allegheny riverfront trail, large metal rings that look like giant doorknockers are fixed to retaining walls. They’re rusty and discolored after decades of enduring the city’s weather.By (Katie Blackley).
When the Name of G-d is spoken in most churches and religious events, it is said much like adrressing any other name. What if there is a specific way to address G-d? What if there was power attached to different types of sacred names of G-d? Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he dives into these and many other subjects on the name(s) of G-d…
Kamara Townes, who goes professionally by Wavy Wednesday , is an emerging artist who uses satire in her work to explore pop culture and racism. She uses bright colors and draws on cultural symbols like Barbie to confront social justice through her work.By (Megan Harris).
Change is coming to the corner of Liberty Avenue and Main Street, the gateway to Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood.By (Margaret J. Krauss).
People understand the idea of "morality" and "moral living" in very different ways. Some people would argue that there most be a set of absolutes that guide the conversation, some would argue that inside of every person is the ability to understand what is moral and how it applies to everyday life and actions, and for Scott and I, we are just g ...…
Republican changes to the 2018 tax code moved the target for Americans hoping to itemize charitable donations. The higher threshold—now $12,000 for single filers, up from $6,000 in years prior—could result in larger but less frequent donations for higher-income donors, or fewer donations altogether.By (Megan Harris).
Driving for companies like Lyft or Uber can be a hustle. Once you factor in gas and the cut these companies get from each ride, drivers might even lose money some days.By (Sarah Boden).
Note to readers: this story features an exotic dancer. Tax time can be a headache for freelancers and independent contractors in the gig economy. If they haven’t kept track of income throughout the year, it can be daunting to calculate what they made and what they owe. Iris works as a stripper (we aren’t using her real name because she has conc ...…
4x World Champion Paige Pierce is in Emporia and stops by to help us answer your disc golf questions.
When Americans talk politics these days, it’s almost impossible to avoid the subject of President Donald Trump. And that can be a problem.By (Bill O'Driscoll).
For many people, being connected to God is a benefit system, staying connected is to benefit the receiver, but not much attention is paid to the idea of being connected for the benefit of others. What if staying connected was a desire of God for all our lives because He loves us and wants to be involved? What practices would we use to keep conn ...…
Sala Udin has been a political activist for more than 50 years. He marched on Washington, was a freedom rider and eventually took up a career in politics, serving first as a city councilman and today as a Pittsburgh Public Schools board member.By (Megan Harris).
The very first video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, is being recreated in an ongoing project that aims to give others the opportunity to play with the system.By (Kathleen J. Davis).
One of the longest disc golf courses in the world will soon open at North Boundary Park in Cranberry Township.By (Amy Sisk ).
That rascaly Mr. Pole Jangles uses Treesbanes obliviousness to trick him into returning to God Damned Blue Valley Park in Kansas City Missouri. If you haven't checked out the first review of this course, it's worth going back and checking it out before you listen to this one. All in all it was a fun round. I didn't die. I cannot promise as much ...…
East Liberty native Tim Ryan grew up wanting to be an attorney, not a chef, but an early stint at dishwashing changed his mind.By (Megan Harris).
It's been more than a decade since a Stanton Heights man—along with his family—created the AR3 Celebration of Life Foundation to honor the brother he lost to gun violence. AR3 organizes basketball tournaments and other youth activities to honor the memory of Anthony Rivers, who was murdered in 2008.By (cayers).
The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police said it is conducting an internal investigation of policies around drinking alcohol while doing undercover police work. According to the city’s open records officer, no formal policy currently exists.By (Liz Reid).
The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh led more than 120 security trainings in the year leading up to the deadly mass shooting at Tree of Life in October, including an active shooter drill at the synagogue just weeks before.By (Megan Harris).
Is America experiencing an increase in Anti-Semitism? Have we relaxed our standards concerning who are friends of America and who are not? Rabbi Hilbrant will be hosting the conversation with Pastor Rafael Cruz, noted speaker and author on various subjects, including anti-semitisn and immigration. Pastor Cruz is the father of Ted Cruz, United S ...…
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor talk all about the just-announced Under-24 USA National Teams, consider who got snubbed, and project the teams' success for this summer in Heidelberg, Germany. Later in the show, U24 Mixed head coach Mike Mackenzie stops by to talk about roster building, team style, and his experiences in U24 over the last two ...…
Why do we draw radically different conclusions looking at the same exact world? This question was posed by Scott Stokely as our Kick-off episode. The question is intense, and we see people of all differing backgrounds and education levels willing to argue (as Scott and I will do) to the death defending their points and perspectives-but in the e ...…
Bobby and Eric are gone, so Anthony and Danny are joining Robert for this special takeover edition of the Disc Golf Answerman!
Treesbane and Mr. Pole Jangles yabba dabba disc it up at Hidden Valley DGC in KC MO.
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor discuss the future of the club ultimate season starting in 2020 before a brief look at some early buzz about the Premier Ultimate League, a developing women's semi-professional league. (30:26) Later in the show, a Small Ball segment (40:49) featuring Swiss Draw, the New York Times interactive, and the Wildfire ...…
In previous episodes, Rabbi has discussed seeing the world and its events through Jewish eyes and understanding. This episode he will discuss several "pillars" of Jewish thought that are used in filtering any and all events that challenge the Jewish faith and its people
We are back from the holidays and ready to answer you disc golf questions.
Join our Fellowship of Disc Warriors as they battle their way through Moria or Mordor or maybe the Westerlands... also DISC BIRD!!!
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor welcome in tireless Ultiworld reporter Daniel Prentice for a special episode looking back at the biggest stories of 2018 in the college, club, international, and pro divisions, which face off in a huge bracket to determine the #1 story of the year.
Tyler Searle drives the Latitude 64 RV all across the country spreading the good word of disc golf. We interview him to talk about the highs and lows of the 2018 disc golf season and his plans for 2019. You can reach out to Tyler at Follow Chasin The Chains so you know where the RVs will be in 2019.…
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor discuss what ultimate gifts they hope to find underneath the Christmas tree next week before diving into a Small Ball segment with an extra special surprise guest (28:14).
s holiday theme Disc Golf Answer Man will be the last one for 2018. Take a listen and join in our holiday fun.
Join David Fournier as interviews Disc Golf Legend and all around good man, Scott Stokely!! Scott and i will be discussing disc golf, moving forward, Blue Power and many other life skills discussions. Scott and I met thorugh a disc golf event he was sponsoring and have had many great conversations about life, religion, and how to make for a bet ...…
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor share listener thoughts about whether or not ultimate has become stagnant and address the topic from multiple angles. Then, during Small Ball, the guys talk The Sky Is Red and the true meaning of 'winning the fields.' (48:13)
Judaism has many strict laws and moral codes, but many people would be surprised to know that Judaism has a very deep and mystical background. During the episode, Rabbi Hilbrant will discuss the Tallit and the knots that hang from the fringes. Join Rabbi for this thought-provoking espisode.
In this episode, we answer questions about throwing your disc to low, practicing your drives, your aiming point, and much more. While supplies last the Disc Golf Answer Man shirts are on sale for $9.99. Check them out here.
Hey Discers, hi. In this episode Mr. Pole Jangles and I play a nine hole in Parkville Missouri.Also, thanks for listening.
Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor talk the Classic City Classic (1:24) before discussing the latest out of the AUDL, including Nashville and San Francisco folding, the All-Star game, and a shorter season (20:21). They close things out with a Small Ball (well, more of a Long Ball this week) segment (39:29).…
Paige Pierce stops by Dynamic Discs Emporia to answer your disc golf questions. Disc Golf Through Croatia Paige on Facebook Paige on Instagram Episode Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen
In this episode we discuss what could be causing your disc to wobble out of your hand, why do people not play in the appropriate divisions (we are talking about you Sandbaggers), which footage is better to learn from, FPO or MPO, and much more. Thank you to everyone that participated in our No=Shave November Team. We surpassed our goal of $1,00 ...…
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