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Best Dragon Ball podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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America's number one vaguely gay, fully communist, 9/11 truther anime podcast. Comedians Alex Ptak, Katie Rose Leon and Jeremy Hammond begrudgingly watch Dragon Ball Super with their friends. New episodes on Tuesdays, Patreon bonus episodes on Thursdays!
JD & Stephen have weekly discussions about all things Dragon Ball. Mostly Dragon Ball Super, but they have been known to talk about other things from time to time.
The only improv comedy Dragon Ball podcast in the universe. Join Vince White & Aaron J. Shelton every Tuesday as they attempt the ridiculous task of watching every episode and iteration of Dragon Ball, then having a fun-filled conversation while performing improv along the way.
Join Tim Bridgewater, host of Geekly Dose Podcast and Republic City Report, A Legend of Korra Podcast, as he launches a NEW podcast on the latest entry to one of his favorite series of all time, Dragon Ball Super! This show will discuss the ENGLISH dub of the show that is set to debut Jan 7th on Cartoon Network!
DBZ discussions, reviews, and the latest news from the staff at Kanzenshuu (www.kanzenshuu.com). Your one and only Dragon Ball podcast!
Gilmore Ball Z
A podcast where a married couple force each other to watch Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z to find common ground.
A Dragon Ball Z rewatch podcast, exploring every nook and cranny of the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Buu Saga
New Episodes EverydayI discuss, theorize and review Movies, Video Game titles (mostly PlayStation 4) and Animes, Mangas such as Dragon Ball Z/Super , My Hero Academia and much more here.I also sometimes post Episodes based on my own fan made story based on My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball and more.These are all parodies and none are mine!You can reach me at: https://twitter.com/N3rd_Fact0ry for feedback, requests and more :D
Men Seeking Men
they say there's no two people on earth exactly the same. no two faces, no two sets of fingerprints, but do they know that for sure? cause they would have to get everybody together in one huge space, and obviously that's not possible even with computers.
All Systems Goku
Anime experts Dan Ryckert and Jeff Gerstmann embark on a quest to watch every episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai.
The Esports Minute
Mitch Reames covers headlines and happenings within the world of esports in a rapid-fire, information-packed 90 seconds.Check out our full-length show the Esportz Network Podcast for longer segments, more details, and in-depth interviews.
Random Number Gaming produces gaming content focused around Dragon Ball Z, the Panini Trading Card Game, and FanZ
Esports journalist Mitch Reames takes his knowledge and expertise to the mic to discuss the newest developments and headlines in esports for both the casual gamer and esports enthusiast on the Esportz Network Podcast.The Esports Minute is a daily show that informs listeners of the hottest stories of the day.Mitch also hosts a guest show where he interviews an established name and allows listeners an insider look into the world of esports.
Hosts Donovan Grant and Jesse Garrett cover the popular, long-running anime and manga phenomenon Dragon Ball Z!
Good Morning and Good Night, Join us as we discuss Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, and other nerd culture essentials!
Universe 7: A Dragon Ball Podcast is a weekly show recapping and talking about all things Dragon Ball. Tune in for our weekly 'Dragon Ball Super' recaps and discussions!
We are a podcast dedicated to reviewing single chapters of the worldwide, mega-hit manga series, Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama.
"Where we've come forth to grant your wish of covering the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, saga by saga... easy peasy lemon squeezey!"
Zenkai Boost
In the mid-2000s, the teams behind the anime staple Dragon Ball Z decided their product could use a tune-up. They cut out a bunch of filler, re-wrote the script, and updated the cels for a modern audience. The result was Dragon Ball Z Kai, an infinitely more watchable product, and we're going to review every episode of it for you.
Dragon Ball Online
The Dragon Ball Online RPG!
Dragon Ball El Podcast podcast sobre dragon ball
Leader Of Peace
Welcome to the little piece broadcast where will be talkin about random things such as Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball super movies Sports mainly basketball and football a little baseball a little hockey
Super Combo Podcast
Talk show dedicated to discussing the news, meta, events and all things related to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
Welcome to the KloweryHour⏳ podcast where words become reality. Hopefully this will be a great platform for discussions on Dragon Ball super The Walking Dead Fear The Walking Dead and also entertainment but self entertainment freestyle karaokes
Just another WordPress.com weblog
Join Luke and Emily as they embark on an incredible adventure together, not to collect the seven mystical wish orbs, but to educate their friend Mike about one of the biggest franchises in all of anime! A Dragon Ball rewatch podcast.
Kaio Kast
Dragon Ball to Super, we got you covered!
Anime Otaku Show
CJ, Josh, Kerry, and Justin gather around the table to review your favorite anime!
Be sure to check us out all over the interwebs! Website: http://wewatcheverything.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeWatchEverything Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeWatchMI SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wewatchanime
TAK Talk
Australia's premiere discussion about the Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG
The Podcast That Loves Anime
Four adventurers are forced to right cosmic wrongs across the multiverse.
Opg In The House
Hip hop gaming General news Dragon Ball super updates Marvel and DC Comics and movies discussions
Full Heel Podcast
Breaking Down WWE and MMA events, Round by Round and giving you OUR scorecards, while taking Bong Rips to the Face, Rolling fat-ass joints and hanging out with my friends Join the Full Heel Podcast Fight Club for HIGHER thinking =)
The Official Podcast of animationforadults.com
Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is a podcast where improvisers who’ve never roleplayed before journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The show is hosted by our dungeon master, Tom McGee, and our regular players: the sneaky Tyler Hewitt, the brilliant Laura Elizabeth, and the flatulent Ryan LaPlante. With special guest comedians joining us on our journey, follow our heroes as they begin their adventures!Please become a hero yourself and support the show's Patreon at www.patreon.com/garbageproductions
Mango's Corner
Let's Talk SMack about current events, video games, technology and life advice Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crumpdiddy/support
We are just a group of friends looking to talk about all our nerdy likes join us as we discuss Video games,movie,tv plus many other things come laugh, come cry,come release your inner nerd and remember make online friends not console wars.
Talk'n Pops
The Unofficial Funko Pop Figure Podcast. Including News, Exclusives, Contests, Giveaways, Unboxings and Interviews. Short but sweet with Funko Pop Figure news that you might have missed over the week.
Tachi Yomi is a podcast about manga, anime, manhwa, etc! Joseph and Benjamin are brothers who love manga and read it every day growing up in Japan. In this podcast they cover the whole range, from masterpieces, currently ongoing manga/anime, hidden gems, recommendations, and much much more. If you like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and such, check out the podcast!
This Podcast is about Life in the Internet Age. Three of the Four Ymbang Brothers embark on a journey to figure out why and how they fit in an age where everything keeps changing. Slowly they will find an answer.
Anime SHUN
In this weekly Anime Podcast our hosts talk through a new anime every month.
The Funky Anime Podcast is a show where each episode we will cover a particular anime (or arc of an anime) where we'll discuss all parts of it, laugh and make some goofs, and have a grand ol' time. Come join us on this wild ride!The podcast doesn't need to be listened in order, so pick an anime you like and hop right in.
The R&R Report
Welcome to the Dragon Ball R&R podcast, The R&R Report! If you want the latest information and behind-the-scenes chat about the upcoming project then is the show for you! Based on the popular 'What If' story, What If Raditz Turned Good, join TeamFourStar's MasakoX as he chats with cast and crew about the show. Want to catch up with the story? Check out the playlist here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNSgpJTAeqwl1ILSHjUC84Hh1obBMtYxM
'The Ship It Podcast', a Film Podcast from Ship It Studios. We Revisit Some of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Through Reviews, Debate, Power Rankings, and Fantasy Drafts.
Anime Talk
We Talk About Anime Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anime-talk/support
The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers begins where Interview for a Wizard ends. Nicholas Fidgewidge returns to claim Lord Bane's crystal ball causing Jesse to seek the wizard Ch-U-Ch’s aid. Meanwhile, the remaining sorcerer’s are being scared to death, and with Raven Claw out of jail the chase begins. However, things quickly become very complicated when the wizard’s two teenage boys get involved. On Halloween night, Lord Alex will become the next Dark Sorcerer even if it means destroying eve ...
Now We Know
On Now We Know, Kevin Werkheiser and Chris Tognotti return to resonant, haunting, farcical, or otherwise impactful entertainment obsessions of their youths, through the jaundiced eyes of adulthood. Follow us on Twitter at @NowWeKnowPod!
Os Lamentáveis
Podcast, HQs, Filmes, Séries, Games e tudo mais que um lamentável gosta
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Support us on Patreon:www.patreon.com/bospodBuy a Ballin' Out Super t-shirt:www.teepublic.com/user/ballinoutsuperFollow us on twitch:www.twitch.tv/ballin_out_superWrite us an email:ballinoutsuper@gmail.comJoin our discord:t.co/RVxgClIszYJoin our facebook group:www.facebook.com/groups/583063025358195/…
Last "best of" for a while we promise, so enjoy this bad boy while you can. Listen as we discuss our first Tenkaichi tournament along with our Japanese correspondent Hunter. Music by 8-Bit Suicide www.8bitsuicide.com/ website: www.kamehouseparty.com/email: kamehousepartypod@gmail.comfacebook: www.facebook.com/kamehouseparty/twitter: twitter.com ...…
Josh got a monitor so he can read comments... I feel like it was too much power to give to him... You can check out our brand new podcast here! https://pawneepublicforum.libsyn.com/rss Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content or become a Co-Executive Producer: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If you have a quest ...…
JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 62 of Dragon Ball Thanks for listening, subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on Twitter: @dragon_baller_z See you next time for Episode 200!By Dragon Ball to the Nth Degree!.
This is it! It all comes down to this! The ToP ends here! And so does the RTD! Come cry with me! Also, What Are You Saiyan?? Thank you for listening to Rock The Dragon Podcast, hosted by Tim Bridgewater. We look forward to comments and questions sent via rockthedragonpodcast@gmail.com and facebook.com/rockthedragonpodcast…
Episode #0478! Mike and Ian review the five bonus manga chapters in the Jump Victory Carnival 2019 Official Guide Book. This year, Toyotaro undercuts the 2018 theatrical film, Yoshitaka Nakagama provides some background on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes villains, Naho Ooishi tells a fantastical fever dream, and Hiroshi Otogi sure does draw two pages.…
Bull and Train tackle the fandom of DBZ and give their takes on the best way to adapt this property for live action.By Ship It Studios.
Ep 4.26 - The Slow-Ball SpecialOur heroes are determined to steal a junkyard from Goblin Slavers to set up their new HQ! Juniper gets her armour situation sorted, Quinny negotiates with a dog, Butthole delivers justice Fartch-Style, and Doddle (Mo Mo O’Brien) tries to impersonate Quinny!Enjoying Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons? Consider becoming a Patron ...…
Last half hour gets pretty heated, Its dumb as hell but it happened Live so here it is, We do talk DBZ for a good hour,DonkeyTr0n here with another episode, This time I invited The Z Fighters over from the last DB Super Brolly Episode. This time I watched the first 13 episodes witch I guess is season 1. Im going to ask the guys some questions, ...…
On this episode I rant about why I hated Dragon Ball Z back in the day --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crumpdiddy/support
Join us this week to learn how jose got arrested in gears 5, Jordan talks about his favorite Boondocks episodes and javier talks early borderlands impression plus much much more!Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nerdtalkplus/follow on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nerdtalkplus/Follow us on Twitter @NerdTalkPlusfollow us on you ...…
This time Chris unleashes super-charged combat anime Dragon Ball Z onto Kevin, reliving the iconic first clash between series hero Goku (or Kakarot, as you may prefer) and series villain/anti-hero/eventual full-hero Vegeta. And to top it off, Chris made sure to track down the original Canadian dub that aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block w ...…
One of the most famous faces in western esports has signed a unique new deal to stay part of TSM. Bjergsen has led the TSM LoL team for the last six years and a contract extension is keeping him with the team through 2021 and into the future as he became a part owner of the organization. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe! Ne ...…
We are back with Money Monday and have plenty of news to cover from new a VC firm, a couple of investment rounds and a bunch of companies aligning with League of Legends as Worlds is now in full-swing. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe! New episodes Monday through Friday. For more in-depth news check out our bi-weekly podcas ...…
Super Smash Bros esports scene saw plenty of drama this Summer. There was bullying, racist discord messages, underage dating, blackmail and fights at events. Just to name a few. FGC writer Danny Howard comes on the pod to talk about everything that went down and why Nintendo might need to step in soon. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate an ...…
With Promare the first feature film from Studio Trigger lighting up the silver screen, Rachael and Dan are here to don their flame-resistant armour and get stuck in! After a little discussion of the history of Trigger and their thoughts about the film, it's time to dive into full spoiler territory about 36 minutes in. You've been warned! Want t ...…
On today’s episode we are talking about the time where my first tattoo went terribly wrong --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crumpdiddy/support
4.28 - The True Red October by Garbage ProductionsBy Garbage Productions.
Anime Talk: My Hero Academia Season 4 Thoughts/Predictions --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anime-talk/support
The new trailer came out and we learn more about Nine the new villain and it seems he is kind of a big spoiler for non-manga reader...so be warned!!! I am going to discuss the manga in this episode. *PS* it's 20th of December not 9th, I made a mistake 😅*
Call of Duty went mobile and fans responded in droves. The game was downloaded over 100 million times in the first week after release, shattering previous records. They did those numbers without a Chinese release, despite the game being developed by a Chinese company owned by Tencent. These are the business deals that contributed to Activision ...…
This week join the nerd cast as they talk Borderlands 3, King of the hill we also talk indiegogo projects plus some star wars rebels.Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nerdtalkplus/follow on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nerdtalkplus/Follow us on Twitter @NerdTalkPlusfollow us on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Feuy ...…
Esports events bring in large groups of tourism but the economic impact of the events usually isn't released. Raleigh, North Carolina pulled back the curtain on the amount of revenue generated by the esports event for the city and emphasized how beneficial hosting the event was for many businesses in the area. If you enjoyed the podcast, please ...…
A recent debate has ignited in the CS:GO community. The question: "Should Valve change the names of 'terrorists' and 'counter-terrorists' to something more sponsor friendly?" Mitch is joined by CS:GO writer and caster Benjamin Hodge Mckenna to debate the topic and see what top community members are saying. Adweek article. If you enjoyed the pod ...…
It's the finale, gang. Seriously watch it on youtube it's better https://youtu.be/ZJo9hY-8CyISupport us on Patreon:www.patreon.com/bospodBuy a Ballin' Out Super t-shirt:www.teepublic.com/user/ballinoutsuperFollow us on twitch:www.twitch.tv/ballin_out_superWrite us an email:ballinoutsuper@gmail.comJoin our discord:t.co/RVxgClIszYJoin our faceboo ...…
PART 2 of our Sleeping Princess coverage with Kurt Cruz. More fighting! More Launch! More crystals! Topics of discussion include: villain wordplay, requiem, Jar Jar, floaties, smooching diamonds, and selfies. Music by 8-Bit Suicidehttps://8bitsuicide.bandcamp.com/ website: https://www.kamehouseparty.com/ merch: https://teespring.com/stores/kame ...…
I havent been this excited to watch wrestling in a while, Dynamite has its 2nd show and im curious to see where we go from here. Moxley takes on Shawn Spears (Ty Dillanger WWE). The Young Bucks take on Private Party in the 1st round of the Tag Team Tournament. Jimmy Havoc vs Darby Allen fight for #1 contender for Jericho's Heavyweight Champions ...…
s--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anime-talk/support
Zak and The Captain recap all of the exclusive content and panels released at New York City Comic Con 2019.By Ship It Studios.
A new lawsuit filed in a Montreal court alleges that Fortnite is as addictive and harmful as cocaine. While clearly farfetched, Epic Games will need to respond to the allegations at some point in the next month. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe! New episodes Monday through Friday. For more in-depth news check out our bi-wee ...…
Grab your motocicleta and skimpy outfits, because this week, the Bros make their way through Michiko to Hatchin! Arriba!By Three A-Weebros.
What up Anime PEOPLE!? This week on the AnimeSHUN podcast it's the thrilling conclusion of Kuroko No Basket! And we're excited to have this monotonous show out of our lives. Somebody explain to me why this was the fan pick? Are y'all trolling us? Let us know man! Follow us on social too! @AnimeSHUNpodcast…
Episode seventy five of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 223-225 of DBZ, wherein we have hot grain goo thoughts, fight some books, and receive a paycheck of the heart. Your hosts this week are: Tyler,Jayson, Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast, What The FolkloreBy Tyler Crowley.
Charles Spencer talks about how the new California law allowing collegiate athletes to be compensated for their likeness could impact collegeiate esports. The conversation also touches on how to get a collegiate esports program off the ground and esports in higher education. Rate and subscribe! New episodes Weekly. For daily esports news, check ...…
A Hearthstone player from Hong Kong has been suspended and his tournament winnings revoked by Activision Blizzard for voicing support of the ongoing Hong Kong protests. The Hearthstone community has responded with criticism towards Activision Blizzard for such harsh punishments to protect economic interests in China. If you enjoyed the podcast, ...…
Daxton finally makes it through his ordeal, and is greeted by a mysterious and benevolent dream entity. Starring Sam Haft, Cathy Humes, Jesse Nowack, and Brandi Ball, with Dash Kwiatkowski as the Dungeon Master. With Martin Billany as The Scat ManBy Martin Bilany, Dash Kwiatkowski, Sam Haft, Cathy Humes, Jesse Nowack, Brandi Ball.
Hell in a Cell 2019 capped off an Epic week in Wrestling, If your a fan you where in heaven but it ended in a hellish performance by the main event, I hope RAW keeps Seth and Bray off tv today... we need a break. Tyson Furry is demanding an apology from Stroman, Natalya and Lacy have a Iron Man Match, Viking Raiders take on the Tag Champions. H ...…
Get ready for a two parter! Kurt Cruz of Shonen Upsurge: Pendant Society fame joins Aaron to talk about this very spooooooky movie that takes place all the way back before Goku started training with Roshi. Topics of discussion include: generic beers, H Magazine, the logistics of dating Sleeping Beauty, demon radar, and health care. We also get ...…
Player's assosciations in esports are few and far between, despite being an important part of working out fair deals between players and leagues. 16 Fortnite pros have recently formed the new Fortnite Players Assosciation to voice concerns over Epic Games' rapid patch schedule and meta-shifting additions. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate ...…
On today’s episode we talk about why impeachment is a waste to a drug smuggling trend setter to a family reunion turns deadly --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crumpdiddy/support
Good Morning and Goodnight, this week Tino, Jay and Gia dive into Borderlands 3! We talk a little bit about Gearbox and their previous installments, also their decision to rebuild Borderlands from the ground up. We touch base on the new Calypso Twin antagonists, game play and more! Don't forget to like, subscribe, share and comment! We will be ...…
We have a really dope show with a power point presentation. Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content or become a Co-Executive Producer: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If you have a question for us call and leave us a voice mail 224-300-POPS (7677) and we will answer it on the show. Leave us a review on iTunes ...…
Stlye Bender brings his striking skills to The home of the Champion Robert Whittake, Adesanya is the Interm Champ and hes looking to unfi both, Whittaker is trying to defend his Title from the hype train that is Adesanya. Iaquinta takes on Hooker in what promises to be a brawl, and Tuviasa will try and get back on the winning track. Join me and ...…
Hey Guys, Tonight we talk about my hero academia season 4 and on punch man season 2 dub. Also Saitama 2019, and Anime Questions. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app· Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anime-talk/s ...…
Alex and Jeremy went with the Beep Beep Lettuce people to see Joker and were successfully not kicked out of an Alamo DrafthouseFor the full episode support us on patreon: patreon.com/bospodCheck out Beep Beep Lettuce:soundcloud.com/beepbeepleafpatreon.com/beepbeeplettucetwitter.com/beepbeepleafBy Jeremy Hammond, Alex Ptak and Katie Rose Leon.
dont call it a cumback (back for good now the boys are the back in town)By Men Seeking Men.
Sports simulation games get a bad rep in the esports world. Many of them see huge investments through traditional sports organizations but don't have any viewership to back them up. Fifa is the closest to becoming a major esport and this new global series is an important first step. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe! New epi ...…
On today's podcast, Mitch is joined by Terrel Skellie to Rate and subscribe! New episodes Weekly. For daily esports news, check out the Esports Minute. Follow Mitch on Twitter @Mitch_Reames Follow Esportz Network on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @EsportzNetwork Or visit our website esportznetwork.com for updates on what's to come! Special Gu ...…
The Echo Fox saga just never ends. The team's LCS spot has officially been sold to Evil Geniuses and Fox has been voted out of the company he founded effective October 21st. In response, Fox filed a lawsuit that takes aim at partners Amit Raizada and Straton Sclavos. The ensuing legal battle will not be a pretty one. If you enjoyed the podcast, ...…
Goku Vs. Jiren! For REAL this time! Also, What Are You Saiyan?? Thank you for listening to Rock The Dragon Podcast, hosted by Tim Bridgewater. We look forward to comments and questions sent via rockthedragonpodcast@gmail.com and facebook.com/rockthedragonpodcastBy Tim Bridgewater.
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