Best Fanfiction podcasts we could find (Updated July 2019)
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Slash & Burn is a very explicit comedy podcast that reads and discusses fanfiction across various fandoms large and obscure. Kera is the expert who teaches Steve the ins and outs of fanfiction as they wade through the often gross stories.
The drunken terrible fanfiction podcast that you never knew you needed (and your mother warned you about).Join Stevo, David, Logan, Val, and Shawn as the Nighthorse crew takes on terribly terrible (erotic?) fanfiction weekly, accompanied by guests from the community, fanfiction writers, and random people we roped into suffering with us. Loose drinking rules for whenever you make a mistake, and you can see how this goes downhill quickly!Episodes are recorded and broadcasted weekly on Wednesda ...
Host Elle Rose drags her friends and family along for the ride as she tackles reading all 84 chapters of the boyband fan fiction she wrote when she was 12. It's more embarrassing than you think.
Dirty Story Night
The cast and crew of It's All Been Done Radio Hour gather at an after-party and try to top one another with filthy erotic stories.
This is an alternate universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit.
Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them is a Harry Potter fanfiction podcast. Your hosts, Sequoia Simone and Kim, read and react to some of the craziest, funniest, and most outlandish fanfiction on the internet. This podcast is created for any level of Harry Potter fan, and we strive to keep it accessible to those with no fanfiction background. We’ll even leave you with more links to stories we’ve enjoyed, so you too can appreciate this exciting part of fandom culture. *We do our best to conta ...
Formerly known as The Night Vale Recap, we now present The Binary System Podcast. Twins Kathryn Adams and Elizabeth Wallace bring you recaps of Welcome To Night Vale, and geek out about any shiny thing that distracts them.
Fan-Fiction isn't for the articulate. So it's time to point that out. Listen as we read horribly written; sometimes downright disgusting stories. Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction 3.0 is here. After a long delay we return with a new Co-Host; LycanOfLight. VERY NSFW
An improvised free-form audio fiction. Editing Manager Spencer Soares and Managing Editor Liz Syrnick take listener character submissions and do their darndest to write fan fiction about them.
Shipwreck SF
Shipwreck is a San Francisco-based erotic fanfiction competition that pits six great writers against one great book each month. Fics are performed to a live audience by our resident thespian, that we might preserve author anonymity till the votes are tallied. Hosted by Amy Stephenson and Casey Childers.
A podcast from Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, and Andrew Neill where we write and perform fiction based on TV shows, movies, and books we've never seen before!
House of Fic
The show that goes beyond the canon. Weekly readings of fan fiction by Devin Hogan, Ryan Hallas, and guests
This is the podcast where we read and discuss the BEST in Buffy fanfiction and interview the authors, with your hosts, JforJenny and QuinciWho!
Prepare to be titillated, pop culture fans, because Fangasm is here; featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and a heavy dose of comedic commentary. (Think: My Dad Wrote A Porno, except spotlighting your favorite book, TV, and movie characters.) Didn’t know erotic fanfiction existed? Neither did hosts and fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush & Danny Chapman...until now. In each episode, they read and discuss a hot and steamy chapter from an erotic fanfiction story. Yep ...
PodCannon is a show about reshaping fiction. Taking works of fiction in any medium or genre, and discussing what you would change about it.
The Foally of Man
Chris is a Brony, Robert is not. Join us on a magical journey as we explore the Wasteland of Fallout and view it through the lens of My Little Pony in the epic tale of Fallout Equestria.
Going Down with the Ship is a queer shipping comedy podcast about finding love in places you wouldn't expect, and shouldn't expect, and probably shouldn't be in in the first place. Every week, apologetic queers Eden and Fin put together a cross-universe ship of fictional characters and improvise the next great fanfiction about it.
Change Ur Tune
Welcome to Change Ur Tune! We're funny females, sippin' cocktails, tellin' tall tales based on the lyrics to all your favorite songs. Each episode, we will discuss the lyrics to a popular song as the guidelines to a sort of fanfiction written by one of our hosts Paige, Faith, and Alicia! Producer Rebekah will concoct a drink to match the song, Producer Lacy will bring a game for us to play, and we probably won't stop laughing! Let's go!
Be The Serpent
A podcast by three red-headed fantasy authors talking about everything from academic mythology to dick jokes (and sometimes, both at once), as well as the role of fanfiction as an integral yet oft-overlooked part of the literary conversation and in the broader cultural context. It is, obviously, a podcast of extremely deep literary merit.
The best fanfic for all you audiobook lovers! Take your favorite stories with you. Death by Fanfic is a serial-style show which features a new fic every season.
Treasured Stories
A show for those with discerning taste.Each episode we read some of the best and wost fan fictions from everyones favourite film, National Treasure. Sit back, relax, and let us bring you into a brave new world...If you enjoy the show, it'd be great if you left us a review. Until next time...
Fan FICking-Tastic
We play games and read fanfiction.
Fangirlin' is a Supernatural podcast where we review and rave about anything and everything Supernatural related. From fanfiction to fandom discourse to episode reviews we will cover just about everything, as well as a few other minor obsessions we both can't help talking about.
Kleb (and sometimes her friends) reads horrible fanfics and loses her mind. Feel free to offer recommendations!
Do you love Harry Potter? We do! Are you sad that our Queen isn't writing anymore stories? We are! Come with us Through the Trapdoor, where we read you Harry Potter fanfiction! We try to reach out to every author but do to time restrictions it does not always work out however, we alway give full credit to the amazing authors!
Suck My Fic
Austin and Cameron ruin your favorite fictional characters by reading their awful reimaginations courtesy of the Internet. Join us as we dive into the dark world of bad fanfiction and discover things we never wanted to read.
​ADVENTURE is a bimonthly actual play podcast hosted and created by Pranks Paul. ADVENTURE brings your favorite stories and characters to life, combining fanfiction and tabletop into a delicious, chaotic sandwich.
"Life as a ninja. It starts with confusion and terror and doesn't get any better from there."Dreaming of Sunshine, a podfic reading of the fanfiction by Silver Queen.
A fan podcast dedicated to discussing #WynonnaEarp Fanfiction. Hosted by DarkWiccan (aka DW) and @dtburanek!
A rotating roster of gentlemen discuss the latest news, gossip and baseless rumours, read terrible fanfiction and bicker amongst themselves. Usually tangenitally related to video games and technology. Visit for live streaming video featuring these people and more!
boobies & noobies
A hilarious podcast hosted by @realkellyrey that asks novice romance readers to think outside the (dick in a) box. 📚❤️💋 Follow us on Twitter at @boobiespodcast
'Jack’s Kinky Korner' is a comical storytelling podcast centered around inappropriate fanfiction! Narrated by voice actor Jack Watson, each week features a new story guaranteed to push the envelope of literary decency. So prepare yourself, because things are about to get… weird.
Perfectly Generic Podcast is a weekly discussion on Homestuck, Hiveswap, and related works. It's hosted by Kate Mitchell and a rotating panel of guests.
Shoebox Podcast
The Shoebox Project is a Marauders-era Harry Potter fanfiction written by Jaida and Rave. The Shoebox Podcast brings this story to life through audiodrama.
You Listen, I read and no one gets sent to Hel...Anyway if you have any questions send them to
A storytelling podcast. Sometimes serious, sometimes very, very silly.
Hello, I'm an Extremely Agitated Hedgehog, and I write Hetalia fanfiction. If that sentence didn't make you run screaming for the hills, why not sit down for a while and listen to me read said fanfics to you?
The podcast that bring the finest in internet literature. Written by the people and hosted by Leopold Cooke.
The Smut Hutt
Welcome to the Smut Hutt Podcast, where a group of friends makes it their mission to consume as much fanfiction as possible. There’s love, angst, fluff, drama, action, but most importantly, there’s smut. Join us as we discuss which story got us hot under the collar this week.Theme music by: Ramses B:
Podcast by Fictionology
In this podcast, your host Lea Lewis reads the best and worst BTS fanfiction she can find. Join her every week as she continues to read a fanfiction, in hopes to find her favourite Bangtan one. So sit back, relax and listen as Lea laughs, cries and cringes at the creativeness of the BTS fandom and their fanfiction! This account is not affiliated with or in any way officially connected to Big Hit Entertainment or BTS.
TV Source Podcast
TV Source Magazine staff and special guests discuss the ins and outs of all things TV, soaps and pop culture. Featuring behind the scenes news, insightful (at times biting) commentary -- the diverse personalities and strong opinions of the panel makes for can't miss episodes.
Two queer friends with the Atlantic Ocean in between them, discussing Internet freedom and technology, with a feminist twist. Each episode we catch up, drink wine or coffee, and tackle a different topical theme.
"A Book Club in Your Pocket" - A podcast to discuss genre fiction (romance, mystery and more) by, for and about women writers. Hosted by Lindsay Emory, author | reader | HBIC | feminist girl mom
The Shipwrecked Comedy Podcast is an offshoot of the YouTube Channel Shipwrecked Comedy. They focus on literary and historical comedy and the podcast discusses everything from AUs to OTPs, television shows and more!
/report came out of the primordial ooze of cheap technology and even cheaper tastes in media consumption. If you've ever been listening to a podcast about culture and wished it was a little more downmarket or the dudes would make out, or if you've found yourself watching obscure movies just to see your favorite Canadian sci-fi actor romp around like a third-year theater student, you've found a kindred spirit in us. Mklutz and Pru host our weekly (usually) Sunday updates, and have cultivated ...
For over five years The Nerdologues Presents: Your Stories has combined comedy, rock and roll, and disastrous earnestness into a weekly podcast where cool cats like you share their tales in front of a live audience and we find out a little something about why we're all nerds.Clip ArchiveRSS FeedSubscribe on iTunes
Gargoyles Reawakening is a podcast celebrating Disney's Gargoyles. Made by fans for the fans, it's our way to share the love we have for this amazing TV show. You'll be able to find a general talk about one aspect of the show, we call "the Roar of the Month", a presentation of some fanfictions and fanarts, some news about the show and the fandom and an interview from a contributor to the Gargoyles Fans Community.
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show series
Author Elle dooms host Elle to spend an entire episode saying words she can't pronounce because of her lisp. A not-so-interesting discovery is made in the search for Jacob, and we finally find out where we are. We're in Canada, who would've thought! Chapter Summary: The *** has been found and its not who we thought it would be. Follow us on soc ...…
Fanfics read: Sugar Smack Dat Ass (by CountChocula69)Bill and Ted’s Excellent Orgasm! (by Rina76)Get in Me Swamp (by tinglymelons)Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, ShawnSorry to say but yes, we’ve returned. Again. Good to see you all. Hope you had the best fucking pride month ever. The core hosts get immediately into it (after about 20 minutes ...…
This week on Slash and Burn we get into a pretty gross tag, snot! Join us as hosts Kera, the fanfiction veteran, and Steve, the lovable noob, read and discuss fanfiction tagged snot. We have stories from fandoms such as Harry Potter, Supernatural, Pokemon, and more! As always, there is explicit content not meant for most adults, let alone child ...…
Kate and Xtine battle for control of the Perfectly Generic Podcast. Topics: Vriska Cookie. Eridan mpreg. Vikare, again. The b-slur (b*mboification). Cars 2. Murrit. Classpecting ourselves. Chaos, chaos. Join the June Egbert Jam on AO3! Support the show on Patreon and get access to exclusive the exclusive bonus [I]ntermission podcast www.perfect ...…
What is fanfiction? Who is making it? What’s the tumblr apocalypse and how has it changed fan community? And what on earth is a "tag-wrangler"? We talk with scholar and writer Milena Popova about all of these questions, and their research on fanfic and consent, the nature of trusting authors, and who owns stories. We also discuss the digital pr ...…
On this episode, we're talking wizards! We're comparing the magic systems of Brandon Sanderson's The Emperor's Soul and RB Lemberg's "Geometries of Belonging". Also, Freya has designed a fun game for Alex and Macey! What We’re Into Lately Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons Chronin by Alison Wilgus Catalyst by ...…
For a list of the authors/ books discussed, subscribe to the Women With Books newsletter (With extra Q&A from the guests!) Buy me a coffee! Support the Podcast at Friend me on Goodreads! Check out the HBIC Nation Podcast! Apple Podcasts: Google Play: Online: http ...…
Sandor has to win the squad over before he can be Sansa's rebound and that includes late night food, Nic Cage films, and a house full of women.By fangasm.
Who was Henrietta Lacks? Are DNA tests the new astrology? What’s really happening with all the data genealogy companies are gathering? And why are they so popular? A lot of debunked “science” from the 1800s about our faces and our families is being treated as though this time it could be right, rather than racist, because “the tech is better.” ...…
Happy Christmas! Magic Mistletoe is everywhere, and you know what happens if you get caught under the mistletoe... Also, Remus and Sirius exchange letters over the Christmas break. Shoebox Project was written by Jaida (@jonesandbennet) and Rave (@_sashayed). Find it archived at Cast: Harry Potter: Andy Gaidry James Potter ...…
STOP. TAKE THIS SURVEY NOW. Welcome to Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them! Do u wike a fwuffie bunnie? Recommendation: This Isn’t Your War Please leave a review! We’ll take k ...…
This week on Fangirlin' we continue our Forever Young series, newly dubbed "Summertime Sadness", with Supernatural season 4, episode 21, When the Levee Breaks. You can contact us at, leave us a voicemail at 828-619-1155, and follow us on twitter and tumblr @fangirlinpod. Our intro music is ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Keeping ...…
James returns to discuss the number one good boy in Homestuck. Highlights: Kate can't pronounce "Billie Eilish." Gamzee (crucified). Moira Overwatch. Law & Order. Freestyling. Uncle Dirk. Still a white guy! Stuffing vs. dressing. Support the show on Patreon and get access to exclusive the exclusive bonus [I]ntermission podcast www.perfectlygene ...…
"As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes." Check out Sunshine Symposium!
Who's ready to learn way too much about Harry Potter? Also Harry eats an owl treat....By Emily Hoke and Katie Corcione.
In this episode, we read the very explicit "Sheldon Squared", a Big Bang Theory crackfic story by spikespetslayer! (We're taking a week off from "My Immortal"...)What will happen in Leonard's dream when he and Penny are alone with two Sheldons?! Listen to find out! Find out more at This podcast is powered ...…
Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus have all of their guns stolen by a dragon! Dragons exist in the Matrix as rogue programs that steal shiny things. The crew of the Nebuchadnezzar know just what to do! They grab their skateboards and go cruising down the sewers looking for a dragon.By Fan Fiction Writer's Room.
Featuring: Marissa Backlin, co-owner of Love's Sweet Arrow Romantically Inclined ReviewsBitch_with_a_Book Bodice Tipplers Learning the Tropes Too Stupid to Live Angela Hart, Book BloggerAfter Hours Book Club Smart Women Read RomanceTextual TensionWords and Kisses Club Details: 10 Romance Reviews in 10 Minutes... ish. Kelly calls on book blogger ...…
Gather your rum, guard your treasure, and prepare to set sail as we talk all things Pirate~!By Fan FICking-Tastic.
Because of all the travel plans this summer, the East Coast and West Coast branches were in the same time zone for almost twelve hours, so we spent a few minutes recording a quick episode about what geek stuff we got into this week: Kathryn’s watching Love Death and Robots (problematic sometimes, but so, so pretty) and Elizabeth read the last t ...…
The search is on for Jacob, the son Elle had to unexpectedly take under her wing and forced her to quit Tokio Hotel. German cops are once again overwhelmed by their staggering responsibilities, and a very suspicious nanny neglects her one job. Chapter Summary: Oh where oh where could he be? Follow us on social media! Facebook: My First Fanficti ...…
In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for July 1-5, 2019: James can’t control his paranoia on Hollyoaks; Shiloh secured a sample of Wiley’s DNA on General Hospital; Nick and Chelsea made amends on The Young and the Restless; Thomas drugs Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful; Marlena talks Claire down on Hollyoaks. Taped: July 9, 20 ...…
Is Sansa a pickup artist? Because girl's got GAME. Will Sansa's flirtations (and confessions) with the tall, mysterious stranger at the bar result in them leaving the bar together? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!By fangasm.
Musician and House of Fic Canadian ambassador Jesse Locke of the bands Chandra and Tough Age joins us to discuss the seminal Freaks and Geeks. We get an internal monologue of Lindsay Weir's decision making in the finale, Shrek responds to a dubstep incantation, and Morgoth consults Marie Kondo to decide if the Silmaril sparks joy…
It's the second half of our crossover with Lily Be's The Stoop, some of the most real storytelling you can get in Chicago. Plus we get some words from Crystal Dino about her brother Chris, one of the reasons we all got together for this night in the first place!This week, you'll enjoy:Cover Stories: Freedom at 21Cover Stories: No ChildrenWhitne ...…
Disney buys Fox and then buys every other corporation Garfield Eats is a joke ????? Heathcliff, Fred Basset, and newspaper strips Pixar Film Universe Theory Who would you like to hear on the show? Send em on over to or on twitter @ffwrshow The Band Known As Sea Water Bliss - Theme From Teen Wolf Too…
Kate and Trace talk the sprite companions. Topics: Writing for Friendsim. Vrisrose Day. Epilogue Jane and Nannasprite’s mutual clownery. Rambunctious Crow. Bec and Jadesprite. Self-prototyping. Vriska’s motivations for prototyping Spidermom. Gamzee making things worse. Arquius, the national treasure. Tavris (oh no). Sprites in the epilogues. Ma ...…
"Three things never trust in: The maiden sworn as pure; The vows a king has given; And the ambush that is sure" Check out Sunshine Symposium!
The Novel:Cathian The Author: Laurann Dohner The Noobies: Mikaley Osley (@kaleskorner)Novel Predictions Podcast (@novelprediction) The Synopsis: When Nara Barns and her tiny crew find themselves with a choice between jail or the sex-slave auction block, it’s an easy choice. Especially when they plan to escape their buyers as soon as possible, a ...…
The next installment of Tara Gilesbie's "My Immortal" is here! Listen and witness the mental breakdown that this story causes me (seriously), in addition to the continuation of Ebony's tragic tale, and an intense behind-the-scenes battle between friends! Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.…
Emily and Katie start a new book! Harry finds an owl in his yard with a secret twist.By Emily Hoke and Katie Corcione.
The Novel:Hired The Author: Zoey Castile The Noobies: Serena Ghazzawi (IG: @serreall) The Synopsis: For a man who makes his living pleasuring women, what happens when the only pay-out worth having is love? Faith Abigail Charles has always done the right thing. So when her mother runs for mayor of New Orleans, Faith puts her law career on hold t ...…
Happy 4th of July! (Or, if you’re somewhere that doesn’t celebrate the 4th, happy Thursday!) We recorded this on Monday and forgot it’d drop on the 4th, so this podcast makes no mention of holidays or politics, and instead is a last-minute recap of the Start With This podcast because we didn’t know there wouldn’t be a Welcome To Night Vale epis ...…
On this episode, we're doing a bird's-eye view of the six finalists from this year's Best Novel ballot of the Hugo Awards! What We’re Into Lately Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling Prince of Air and Darkness by M.A. Grant Schitt’s Creek Borne by Jeff Vandermeer Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer Sungkyunkwan Scandal The Flowers of Vashnoi by Lois M ...…
Thank you to everyone. This has been an amazing period in my life. The survey mentioned is here. Purchase a physical copy of What Lies Dreaming at Amazon, or an ebook at any ebook seller – :)By The Methods of Rationality Podcast.
This episode features our first ever double guest appearance - and they're new guests at that! Diane and Dustin, Duncan's mom and younger brother, dive head first into a heavy chapter of Forgotten Memories. Rooms are multiplied, geography is changed, and time is bent. But most importantly, we realize perhaps Gaby wasn't meant to end up with Tom ...…
Rebound? More like ReHOUND! Wink. This episode has it all: booze, boys, bars, and the appearance of not 1 but THREE new characters into the sexy mix. Bonus: Arya saves the day per usual.By fangasm.
The first part of our crossover with one of our favorite storytelling shows in Chicago, the Stoop! We bring together some of our favorite folks for an incredible evening of stories, songs, and hopefully doing a little good.This episode, we're featuring:Cover Stories - Little White DoveCover Stories - Here Comes the SunBrian Wille - Here and Gon ...…
In the TV Source Podcast’s new Week in Soaps episode for June 24-28, 2019: Laurie is taken down on Hollyoaks; Carson’s baby may have Spina Bifida on General Hospital; Trane kiss on The Young and the Restless; The Bold and the Beautiful is still toying with consent; Claire flies over the cuckoo’s nest on Days Of Our Lives . Taped: July 1, 2019Pr ...…
STOP. TAKE THIS SURVEY NOW. Welcome to Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them! We can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to get more points than Sequoia, who needs to be physically holding her coffee throughout the episode. Recomme ...…
It's the full moon, and the boys have lost the werewolf. Narrowly averting disaster gives them an idea. The Shoebox Project was written by Jaida (@jonesandbennet) and Rave (@_sashayed). Find it archived at Follow us on twitter @shoeboxpod Sound Design by CJ Housh. Theme music by Nathan Gandy. Adapted for audio by Mandy H ...…
This week on Fangirlin' we continue our Forever Young series with Supernatural season 4, episode 13, After School Special. Listen to us discuss how much of a douchebag Dean was (and apparently still is) and how heartbreaking Sam's story is. You can contact us at, leave us a voicemail at 828-619-1155, and follow us on ...…
"The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true." Check out Sunshine Symposium!
Free bonus for all listeners! Aysha U. Farah talks about her new novelette, Puss In Heels, available now. Topics: Catboys. Sex robots. Worldbuilding. Gay devils. Dirkjake. Old Town Road. Killing publishers. Read Puss In Heels for just 99¢ or for free with Kindle Unlimited. Check out Aysha's other work. Support the show on Patreon and get access ...…
Things take a shocking turn for Ebony as we continue Tara Gilesbie's infamous fanfiction, "My Immortal"!The spelling errors and poor grammar are really beginning to shine, so be sure to listen in! Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.By Jack Watson.
So Good Omens hit Amazon Prime, and even though Neil Gaiman is probably our favorite author ever, you know it’s going to take us a while to watch all the episodes. KIDDING! We already finished. It’s GOOD OMENS, we’ve been waiting for this show for decades, of course we watched it. Massive spoiler warnings ahoy, as we talk about David Tennant ye ...…
Austin and Cameron fall head over heels for The Incredible Hunk, then Sam from Transformers crosses beams with Slimer and also the X-men are there for some reason. TAGS/INFO: fan fiction fanfiction fanfic rule 34 porno erotic porn the incredible hunk hulk green thor ragnarock grandmaster ratburn alabama scooby doo statue of liberty x-men slimer ...…
Teen girls around the globe have gone missing. UNICEF mysteriously robbed. It is up to the Huntress and the Question to find out who done it.By Liz Syrnick and Spencer Soares.
The Novel:The Ones Who Got Away The Author:Roni Loren The Noobie:Chris Sturdy (@cesturdy) The Synopsis:It's been twelve years since tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a few students survived that fateful night—a group the media dubbed The Ones Who Got Away. Liv Arias thought she'd never return to Long Acre—until a do ...…
Surprise, a year has gone by! Jacob has grown into a grizzled veteran pirate, and Elle has settled into her totally casual life as an artist at 'some studio.' Things take a turn for the worse for the Tokio Hotel boys, and we finally learn that Elle was in fact worth keeping around in the band. Chapter Summary: One year later. Follow us on socia ...…
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