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Fife Club
A few friends from the Kingdom of Fife talk about anything that pops in to their heads, putting their world to rights.Every week, we will be alternating between a Fantasy Fight Club segment and a Desert Island Dicks Segment, if you have any suggestions for a fight or Desert Island dicks episode then let us know! You can get us here or at : : @fifeclubEmail :
Vibe Radio Network
Listen every day of the week. The Vibe radio network is home to some talented hosts with awesome shows with a wide range of topics.Monday Nights: 10-11 pm The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show with Ryan Jones, Celestial McBride and Ange Parker Tuesday Night- 8pm-9pm Beyond the Spectrum with Brandon Johnson 9pm-10pm Freqs n Geeks with April Mooneyham and Keri LongestWednesday Night- Night Visions with Wendy Young and Eric Josef Haas from 10-11 pm Saturday Night- Hour of Enlightenment with Jake ...
Canadian Urbanism Uncovered | Architecture, Urban Deisgn, Public Transit, City Hall, Parks, Walking, Bikes, Streetscape, History, Waterfront, Maps, Public Spaces
Sharing thoughts and insights from the Teaching-Learning-Innovation (TLI) department of Fife Public Schools!
A panel of horticultural experts answer gardening questions from a live audience. Recorded in a different location each week
Every marriage is perfectly “imperfect”. Two imperfect people coming together and creating awesome IMPERFECTNESS! As we choose to be intentional in our lives, focusing on OUR part, we will create the happiness we desire. Often we get stuck trying to discover what our part is and find ourselves focusing on our partners part. That is why I created this podcast. To help women understand what our part is. How we can be in charge of creating our own happiness and coming to the marriage as a whole ...
A student keeping the fight for sensible gun laws in the news, one guest at a time. Interviewing activists and informed voices every Wednesday.
Being over 40 can make getting healthy and fit much harder. The 40+ Fitness Podcast is designed to address various health, fitness, and nutrition topics with you in mind. Your host, Allan Misner wants to encourage, educate and entertain you as you travel on your health and fitness journey. Lose weight over 40. Get fit over 40.
'A Scottish Podcast' is a serialised modern audio drama. It chronicles the story of Lee, a washed up former radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast. Lee wants to see his show The Terror Files mentioned up there alongside podcasts like The Black Tapes, Limetown, and The Message. And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. Aided by his jaded musician pal Dougie, the pair travel the length and breadth of the country in search of Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Se ...
Songwriter James Yorkston and Record Label Owner / Brewer Stephen Marshall sitting somewhere in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland, discussing music, playing records of no fixed abode and vaguely trying to keep it as close to 46.30 as possible.Here's James - And here's Stephen -
A monthly podcast covering all aspects of the paranormal; to include UFO/ET topics, Bigfoot/cryptids, NDEs, psychics/mediums, ghosts/spirits & hauntings.
Slapshot Scotland
Scotland’s only website for ice hockey news.Check us on the Slapshot Scotland Facebook page, Twitter (@SlapshotScot) and at the website, (
Jocko Podcast
Leadership and Discipline
Theology Cast is a podcast with Ryan M. Reeves (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Kevin Taylor (Pfeiffer University). We discuss everything from theology, church history, pop culture, music, and...well anything that comes up along the way. The views do no necessarily express those of either Gordon-Conwell or Pfeiffer. Especially their view of Star Wars.
celebrity streams / networkLive Paranormal and Live Paranormal Radio is the #1 interactive online community for everything paranormal, horror, and sci fi.Show list located in extra's.
Next Level Life is a weekly show focused on personal development principles for creative entrepreneurs. Strategies, advice, and practical action items to help you take any area of your life to the next level. If you are looking to improve your day to day life, anxieties, and relationships, this is for you. If you are looking to grow your business and achieve your goals, this is for you. I'm sharing my journey, you're invited.
About Progress
Take back your life and dare to progress towards bettering yourself, honing your gifts, and using them for good in the world. Listen in to be inspired by others who are walking the same path of self improvement paired with self-love, and to be apart of a community who knows life is about progress, not perfection.
Scotland Outdoors
Your free, weekly, pocket guide to the Scottish outdoors. A flavour of the countryside in 15 minutes! From BBC Radio Scotland
Dom Flemons presents new ways of listening to old music.
Infosound Select
Join show host Darren McDuffie as he goes beyond the comfort zone of modern nutrition and wellness to help people become Perfectly Healthy And Toned!
Stay current and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Learn from the UK's leading property professionals, and grow your property business. Hard hitting discussion, with ALG, Richard Swan, and guests.
A podcast hosted by Damon Grant and Marcos Torres, two NYC based percussionists interviewing other musicians who have the view from behind. Guests will be mostly other percussion players and anyone else who hits, scratches, and shakes things for a living.
Family Looking Up
We're about all things family and home. If you're a mom, and on the verge of jumping off the dryer or overdosing on Diet Dr. Pepper, visit us weekly for some laughter and hope. Learn from our fails and the successes of others. Motherhood is the busiest, messiest, worst paying job that we love...most of the time. We want you to know you're doing better than you think. When life gets you down, know that your family is looking up!
Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham talks UVA athletics, pro wrestling and Virginia politics.
The time has finally come! It took us nine months, but our Year of the Bible reading has finally brought us to the New Testament... This month is all about Jesus and His time on the earth! Bring a friend Sunday @10am to 3409 Williams Blvd in Kenner and don’t miss "God is Now Here"! Visit for maps, podcasts, and to follow our Year of the Bible reading plan.
The Loveumentary
This podcast is all about kicking mediocre love in the face. If you want deeply connected, gratifying, passionate, epic love, this is a great place to start. Episodes include interviews with the worlds leading love experts, authors, and therapists, as well as blissfully fulfilled couples sharing their best tips and tricks. Download the show notes and worksheets for the episodes at
Discovery, New & Ancient Knowledge, Imagination, Breakthroughs
Eating Disorder Pro
Dr. Norton specializes in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders using an addiction model that actually works compared to most treatment today.
Vineyard Church of Hopkinton
The home of the Breaking The Ice Podcast, the official podcast of Frozen Steel Blog and unofficial podcast of the Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey Club. Hosted by Alan Claringbold, Mark Duell and Fergus Wright.
Hugeshow is a statewide sports radio talk show across Michigan that airs weekdays 3-6pm. We are all about Huge Opinions and Big Name Guests. 107.3 WBBL FM in Grand Rapids is our flagship station.Huge Show Network Affiliates:Alma/Mt Pleasant: AM 1280 WFYCAnn Arbor: AM 1050 WTKABenton Harbor/St Joe: AM 1400 and 95.7 FM WSJMCadillac: 93.7 FM WKADFlint: AM 1330 WTRXGrand Rapids: 107.3 FM WBBLHolland: AM 1450 WHTCHoughton/Hancock: AM 920 WMPLKalamazoo: AM 1660 WQLRLansing: AM 730 WVFNMidland: 100 ...
Encountering God. Touching Lives. Impacting Nations.
Pete Cohen Radio
Motivation and inspirational advice on health, fitness, wellbeing and weight loss
This work was the true story of Alexander Selkirk (1676 to December 13, 1721), a Scottish sailor who was employed in a number of different trades during his early life. As a young man, Selkirk learned the skills of tanning and shoemaking, and later became a buccaneer (a government-sanctioned pirate) on the Cinque Ports, working his way up to the position of ship's sailing master or navigator. But in the case of Selkirk, his experiences would eventually help him to survive his isolation on a ...
Bringing you Local Music from Everywhere!
Join us each and every week as we share with you the tips, tools and techniques necessary to succeed in your business and succeed in your life!
The Conversation
A collaborative conversation about the future between some of America's greatest thinkers and you.
Un-framed Radio
Conversations about Saskatoon's visual arts with hosts Alejandro Romero, Cole Thompson, and Michael Peterson.
Aengus Anderson Radio
Radio stories from producer Aengus Anderson
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Chris Graham and Scott German break down Georgia Tech's 30-27 win over UVA, and look ahead to next week's season finale for UVA at rival Virginia Tech.
Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg (I & II) author, TIM SCULLION, returns on-air LIVE with The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli on, THIS SATURDAY 11/17, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT!! Listen and chat LIVE:)
Euan visits an Iron Age broch and a 1960s nuclear bunker, and Mark rides a battery train.
Chris Graham and Jerry Carter, who is in Maui, break down the Maui Invitational, then talk ACC Football.
Eric Robson and the panel are in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. Neil Porteous, Bunny Guinness and Matthew Wilson answer this week’s questions from green-fingered enthusiasts. The panellists offer advice on how to best move hydrangeas, making the most of a greenhouse during winter, and dealing with a spreading Pampas grass. Also, James Wong heads t ...…
Information for vision-impaired people in Great Britain, from Infosound
Body positivity AND swimwear? Yes, both!! Mother-daughter duo Kristie Kemp and June Blackhurst weren't out to create a company when Kristie wanted to simply sew a swimsuit she felt confident in postpartum--but that's what happened! What sets June Loop apart? Instead of buying into having a one-size-only model approach (like most swimwear compan ...…
Marcee Brightenstine is a professional photographer, history buff and paranormal investigator. She retired from corporate America two years ago and now volunteers her time as a paranormal docent at several different historical locations in Northern California. She is also the historical case manager, investigator and photographer for a San Fran ...…
Aaron Oakes In 2004 I saw a documentary called “Ghost Adventures” and it left an impression on me with all the evidence they captured. Ever since then, I knew that was what I wanted to do, and I was hooked on the idea of doing investigations myself. In 2010 I saw a casting call for Paranormal Challenge and as a group we submitted to be part of ...…
Join your host, Alex Matsuo, as she welcomes Daryl Marston on Ravens & Crows! Host of The American Ghost Hunter Show on ParanormalWarehouse. A paranormal investigator for 12 years. Lead investigator of BreakingParanormal. Daryl and his team have investigated location all over the United States from Eastern States Prison to Anderson hotel and th ...…
Episode 23 of 46-30, with Memória Viva Guarani, Jon Hopkins, Prince Far-I, Sun-Ra, fIREHOSE, Archie Fisher and plenty plenty more
In Happy Healthy You, KJ Landis shares us how to break free of the constraints we have today and find health and happiness. You can find the full show notes at
Episode 19: On this bonus episode, I talk with author Gary Michael Vasey about the chilling subject of the Black-Eyed Kids, based on his book, The Chilling, True Terror of the Black-Eyed Kids: A Monster Compilation.
Chris Graham and Scott German look ahead to this weekend's UVA-Georgia Tech game, and talk some business with and
Mark and Euan on one of the world's greatest rail journeys on the West Highland Line
Damon and Marcos interview Ed Choi over several time zones in three different countries. They talk about his upbringing in Canada and the USA, with his start in drum corps and education from some of the greatest educators ever. The talk about some of the mysteries of how to pursue being a classically trained orchestral musician as well as some ...…
0:00:00 - Opening. The decisions we make matter. 0:20:13 - Is it better to work a mindless job and make good money? Or a fulfilling job for less money? 0:32:15 - How to establish and implement Standard operating procedures. 0:35:20 - Balancing THE GRIND and LIFE. 0:47:28 - Too much discipline. Is that possible? How? 0:56:15 - What's the best Ji ...…
How would you respond to your spouse, friend, or sibling who express serious doubts about their faith? Brad Packer--Monica's husband--is on the show today to share what this was like for him. He answers: How he knew something was wrong. What he felt about Monica's struggles. How he supported her. Why he sticks with his faith. Additionally, Moni ...…
What if we changed the way we looked at doubts and times where we face great spiritual darkness? What if we decided instead that this WAS what faith is supposed to look like: a series of spiritual growing pains? Paul Cardall faced a deep spiritual crisis after surviving a heart transplant. Instead of joy, he felt consumed by trying to live up t ...…
ustin Brown on spotlight Radio Rob Szarek & Nicole Novelle
Join April, Chris, Kerix and Stacy as they discuss Area 51. Aliens, the Cold War, Nuclear Test Sites and more, live tonight at 9pm EST!
You might think you know why you are procrastinating, but you really aren't addressing the actual issue. Find out the simple yet powerful steps to become aware of the real thing that is in the way of you accomplishing what you want in life in any area. Join the Facebook Next Level Life community for listeners of the podcast. "Big Rocks" Youtube ...…
Chris Graham and Rod Mullins talk NASCAR with the playoffs coming to the season finale at Homestead.
Dr. Ken Berry visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss his book,"Lies My Doctor Told Me". Ken D Berry, MD is a Family Physician, Speaker and Author based near Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. He received a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Animal Biology and Psychology, from Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, Ten ...…
YAY! We have so much to celebrate this week! We are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We started this crazy podcast one year ago. We have loved learning from our many experts, laughing at our many mistakes and challenging ourselves to do better. We are so grateful for our amazing Mom Squad. You all continually inspire us. In this week’s epi ...…
Tonight Ryan and Ange will bring you all the latest news of the weird, strange, and paranormal!!
In Real Food Keto, Jimmy and Christine Moore provide an in-depth look at nutrition and how you can get the most out of the ketogenic diet. You can find the full show notes for this episode at
My interview with therapist Bruce Boettcher opened my eyes to ways I can manage my life a little better. Over the next two weeks, Bruce will share with us ways to manage anxiety. This week he shares with us:-What is anxiety?-What does it do to the body, physically and mentally?-Is anxiety a chemical imbalance?-Productive anxiety vs unhealthy an ...…
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