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Heavy Hands
Heavy Hands is a combat sports podcast that focuses on technical analysis. If you're a fan of fighting sports and martial arts and you want to expand your understanding of the finer points of face-punching, then this show is for you.
Heavy Muscle Radio is hosted by Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto! Every Monday night, get the latest news from the world of professional bodybuilding with interesting guests, and stimulating talk! Don't miss out!
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Progressive Rock, Metal, Comedy, Classic Rock Obscurities and more from an ex-AOR Radio legend and his sidekick The Devil.
Heavy Cardboard
In each episode of the podcast, we will focus our attention on one heavy game to discuss. We’ll share our thoughts and opinions on the game with our listeners. Our intention is not to teach you how to play but to help inform you about the game and hopefully help you decide if a game is one you’d like.
Home of Canadian Magic
Kieran Mulvaney covers boxing for and Reuters. Several times a week, Mulvaney will discuss upcoming matchups, comment on past bouts and look at the stories behind the fighters.
Heavy Blog Is Heavy editors Noyan and Eden talk about happenings in the metal world.
A podcast about seeking fulfillment and finding your bliss. Each week we will interview some of the world’s most interesting people, who are leading lives filled with positivity and happiness. Check us out!
Heavy Metal History is a weekly podcast, that is hosted by Dustin and Matt, two guys that live across the world from each other sharing the savage and unique history of the most intense and aggressive music ever invented. HEAVY METAL! The podcast that goes through the chronological history of the Heavy Metal genre on a month by month album by album basis to see how it evolved and changed. On occasion there are guests from metal bands to discuss various influences and histories of their bands ...
Heavy Breather
Two idiots talking, weekly. Broadcast by in Portland, OR. Support the show and listen to bonus episodes at
Classic 80's Underground...Playing The Best Of All The Rest! Heavy Metal The Way It Was Meant To Be! The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Hosted By Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola. Sundays At 6:00pm EST Metal The Way It Was Meant To Be!
Join your host Sue (@soozwebb), as she chats her love for all things loud and scary in podcast Heavy Metal Horror Cast. We are always on the look out for bands to feature on the show, if you are in a heavy metal or horror related band please get in touch at
HEAVY crisscrosses the abyssal plains of metallic drone, noise and distortion—braving the shrill screams and the demonic growls, withstanding fierce onslaughts of double bass and irregular time signatures—all to bring you a delicious, multicourse metal meal. Each week, DJs George and Dmitiry curate a list of metal tracks and place them in context of the broader metal genre landscape. Tune in, head bang, rock on.
Heavy Metal
From the makers of Black Hands comes an intriguing story of murder, shady pasts and unanswered questions. On a rainy April Sunday, 22 years ago, scrap metal dealer John Reynolds went to work for a few hours. He never came home.
We're a group of goofy idiots and friends who have bonded over our love of heavy metal music. Each episode we present the music we're currently listening to.
Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jazz funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and edited by Brad Slyde for radio broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada from 2001-2013. Sending out digital episodes to subscribers since 2003, it was one of the first podcasts in the world and still continues via RSS feed.
Fathoming Heavy
Podcast by Fathoming Heavy
3 friends discuss metal with varying degrees of seriousness
Heavy T's Grow Show Hydroponics Talk Radio ~ Now on
Kieran Mulvaney covers boxing for and Reuters. Several times a week, Mulvaney will discuss upcoming matchups, comment on past bouts and look at the stories behind the fighters.
In this podcast, two brothers openly discuss the world of transport medicine. HLTH touches on critically ill and injured patients in addition to the controversies surrounding their management. Though tailored to the transport environment, our information is applicable to any discipline working in an emergency and/or intensive care setting. We utilize the most recent evidence to provide applicable and accurate information that can assist in improving your clinical practice and your program’s ...
Join Geoff Thorpe of the legendary Bay Area formation Vicious Rumors and Thomas “Metal” Moser from Germany’s Number 1 Rock Station, ROCK ANTENNE, when they travel through the Heavy Metal universe - and far beyond!
Each week Amanda Laird, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, has casual conversations with guests about the health and wellness topics we’re not supposed to talk about: menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, birth control, sexuality, mental health, hormonal health and reproductive health, through the lenses of feminism and body politics. We are not truly empowered until we all understand the bodies we live in.
Heavy Friending
Joe and Laura aren't friends. They barely know each other. But through this podcast, they just might become buds. Listen along on their journey that may or may not end at friendship.
Nik Buttress & Shaun 'The Spats' Owen playing & promoting the best in Soul, Funk, Jazz, Boogie & Disco in and around Cambridge, London and beyond.....Catch us on on alternate Thursdays 8-10pm via the website, TuneIn app on your mobile, or via your desktop media player.Come and join us also on Facebook
Construction Articles
Every Wednesday at 18:00 (GMT+3) on Downtuned Radio, "All the Heavy Lifting" radio show, plays the finest Heavy Rock - Stoner - Doom tunes, and grooves down your spine. Be there!
Heavy Chalk
Tubby and Roo will give you their insight on all of the big plays weekly. From survivor pools to lead-pipe locks, we have everything you need to scratch that gambling addiction itch. Fade us or follow us, it's well worth the listen.
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jazz funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and edited by Brad Slyde for radio broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada from 2001-2013. Sending out digital episodes to subscribers since 2003, it was one of the first podcasts in the world and still continues via RSS feed.
Get Heavy Podcast
Get Heavy Podcast is hosted by Craig Kasamis and Jon Shimer based out of Ventura Ca. We Both have involved in the underground Heavy metal/punk/hardcore scene for the last 20 years. We are two guys that decided to get together once a week and discuss topics ranging in music, politics, culture social issues Etc. We will be interviewing people that have used their DIY ethics to create a world for themselves all while surviving in this dying world.
A weekly look at all the latest news surrounding the truck and bus industry. The Heavy Vehicles Podcast is the official podcast of
The Show That Never Ends!
For the love of big iron
Author and Librarian, Extraordinaire
Helping women achieve self love and release their inner Goddess from a combination of training, nutrition and mindset coaching.
The radio show for Heavy Bag Boxing website. We pull no punches on or off the air!
Heavy Flow
podcast website
Follow Heavy Hittin' Podcast By #THEHEAVYHITTERDJS #DJPRECISE #TEAMPRECISE - For info DJPRECISE14@GMAIL.COM follow @djprecise ig-djprecisehh
The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Opens Up It's Vaults To Feature Past Interviews With Some Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal's Best Bands. New Shows Posted Every Month. Sometimes What's Old Is Actually New! Listen To The Heavy Metal Mayhem Live Show Every Sunday Night At 6:00pm EST And The Metal Matinee Every Thursday At 1:00pm EST.
Heavy Rebel On-Demand
An audio and video collection from the best Rockabilly Weekender in the World,Heavy Rebel Weekender.Tickets now on sale for 2007June 29,30,July 1 Winston-Salem,NC.This PODCAST site is produced and maintained by Octane Media Solutions part of the Octane Radio family.
Heavy Metal Heat Wave improvises long-form podcasts.
Heavy Rotation
Journalist, tech nerd, wannabe foodie, gamer, and GameChops Ambassador that tries to have fun while staying in schoolContact:
Podcast - Heavy Metal Over a Six Pack hosted by Local Musicians Anthony and Markus ... Topics include Metal/Hard Rock/ Punk/Alt music locally, nationally and cold beer! We are continuing to introduce segments including "Heavy Headlines", "Are You Smarter Than A HMOA6PACK Host", "Smashed Bananas Album Review", "Artist Profiles", and "Battle Royale - The Best In The World"
Hello me, it's me again: Dave Mustaine here, lead singer of the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time bringing you bite-sized Metal news to shove up your... well... they won't let me curse in my iTunes description, but you know what I mean.
Heavy Seasoning
Trey Tribble and Mr. Wright link up for the Heavy Seasoning Podcast. Giving you their popular and unpopular opinions on latest issues, hot topics, and whats up with hip hop and pop culture!Twitter : @_treytribble @monkeyonmyback2
Heavy Meddle
The internal monologues of a (former?) weirdo who now runs an business. All the fun, anxiety, struggles that come with that + a way for me to share with the void, two passions — outsider art/music + business — and how no one thinks my jokes are funny.
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How Much Wealth is Possible Buying Undervalued Land (LI 709) Transcript: Steven Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill DeWit: Hi. Steven Butala: Welcome to The Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala. Jill DeWit: And I’m Jill DeWit, broadcasting from sunny Southern California. Steven Butala: Today Jill and I talk ...…
Ace Porter, Fatt Rodd, and Black talk a trip down memory lane. Black explains why he hates The Greatest Royal. Fatt Rodd puts Brock over! Says he is top 5 heavy weight of all time and more...
A thorough, respectful, secular but far from complete look back at a sub-class of music that is mostly ignored by many metal fans, the Christian metal scene of the 80's and 90's. A time when labels like Intense, R.E.X. and Pure Metal were putting out albums on par with some of the heaviest hitters of the secular thrash, death, glam and power me ...…
In this episode I cover top tips to keep you competitive in a heavy sellers market. Equal housing opportunity.
An Italian techno duo and one based in Berlin, Nothing Is Real is a collaboration between long-time bass music producers, D-Operation Drop and Spacedrome with a fundamentally clean-cut focus on the live facets of techno music and digital arts taking care of building up and producing 3D Video Mapping, Drawing on early influences from sub-heavy s ...…
Physical symptoms are a language. Are. You. Listening? Are you taking the time to pause, slow down and pay attention to the cues your body is sending you? Do you have hormonal imbalances such as PSOC, PMS, painful periods, migraines, acne, fatigue, low energy, depression, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, inability to concentrate, low libido ...…
Jason Burgess, a life long carpenter grew up building homes the “old school” way. Working for a local builder that would farm his own logs and mill them into the necessary lumber to build the homes they created. Start to finish, he would be onsite with his boss performing almost every trade. Jason went off into to a number of related careers on ...…
Peter Schiff was interviewed by the Health Ranger for the new InfoWars show called "Counterthink." See episodes at NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal ...…
Esta semana: Gran remix de Gyal Clown hecho por The Germaicans, un new ganja tune de Collie Buddz, el Zinc Roof Riddim, y mucho mas! Dale share ✊🏼 Reggae & dancehall mixshow con DJ Stepwise. New music from Jamaica, Latin America, and the world. New shows every Tuesday. En Español ✊🏼⚡️ Playlist: Collie Buddz – Legal N ...…
What is beer, anyway? Why does it pair well with ponderous thoughts?Jeff Baker hosts fellow philosophers Tyler Doggett (who actually teaches philosophy at University of Vermont) and Kenny Richards (who thoughtfully produces ginger beers at Halyard Brewing) in a mostly coherent quest for some answers.What's in the Fridge: Baker is joined by co-h ...…
a smash up of animal hybrids and 90's throw back music plus banging tunes playlist: 1. reigning days - gravity 2.honne- warm on a cold night 3.sinkane- u'huh 4. peter, bjorn and john - young folks 5.ryan adams- bad blood 6.james vincent mcmorrow- rising water 7.junius meyvant-signals 8.whitney- golden days 9.sohn - the wheel 10.sylvan esso- die ...…
Mauria is one of those rare gems of a human being who does so much for others, and yet asks for little-to-nothing in return. Listen to Mauria relay some of her accomplishments as an Autism specialist and producer of 'Just Like You Films' ( She also gives some backstory on her involvement with 'Big Slick' (http://bigslickkc. ...…
Check out the new website: NaturalNews videos would not be possible without you, as always we remain passionately dedicated to our mission of educating people all over the world on the subject of natural healing remedies and personal liberty (food freedom, medical freedom, the freedom of speech, etc.). Together, we’re hel ...…
Have you ever sat down and watched how your children or grandchildren consume content? What is their favorite type to use for entertainment? What about education? If you are seeing what I am seeing, the results are detrimental compared to the types of content we are creating today.You see, text-based long-form content drives most Content Market ...…
In this episode, I encourage you to get curious about your relationship to a word that is often overused and can be a hindrance to living a spacious life and that word is “SHOULD". When the word ‘should’ comes up there is always a reason you haven’t already engaged in the activity but rather are just thinking or talking about it. That reason ma ...…
Is the stress and heavy weight of the work that you're doing overshadowing what you love about your job? Are you feeling like you could use a little more joy in your life right about now? I was answering a definitive yes to both of those questions when I first came up with this strategy. I knew what I had to do to make a change and knew that if ...…
Adolescent development time is very important! Traits: Curious, risk taking, experimenting Off-the-shelf ‘drugs’ such as alcohol, tobacco are easily available. Highly likely to progress to heavy drugs: cocaine, heroin, marijuana They will likely fall behind in school. Medical health will also be affected. Deliberate self harm or suicide is also ...…
Today’s special guest is Stryper’s Michael Sweet. Let’s a second to talk about Walmart and commas. Stryper’s God Damn Evil is banned from Walmart stores. Why? Because of a comma From an article on found HERE “Expressing concerns over the album title, leading national retail chain Walmart has refused to carry chart-topping rock b ...…
Subscribe To THE HARD SKLTR Youtube Channel: HARD SKLTR has just raised from Hell for you to kick your ass Mothafuckerz !!I'm gonna burst your ears and stole your soul with some raw dark beats and some heavy shitty bassdrumsSuckers, prepare to loose your mind with this Explosive track!Connect with THE HARD SKLTR: FB PAGE: goo.g ...…
The guys are joined by close friends and discuss some heavy topics today. First they unpack the responsibility issue with rape, then speak on the impact on Drill music and how it influences our young people.Other topics:- Would you go Club if you were in a relationship? - NBA playoff predictions Guests: Dimitri Instagram: @7.DimitriTwitter: @di ...…
This deep meeting I had with gym owner, fitness entrepreneur & influencer Jason Khalipa really pushes forward a lot of elements that I touch on - and Jason was absolutely someone I can relate to. We chat about the outside stigmas of a different work-life balance, the fast come-up's we both have, the backgrounds we come from and how they all rel ...…
Statements Christians Believe God helps those who help themselves. This a false statement many grew up with this is self-indulging including myself, let’s look at (Matthew 16:24). 24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. God wants me to be happy. Okay peopl ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
Talking about the immortal Lemmy, Saxon and moreIn this episode, Geoff and Thomas discuss Lemmy and Motörhead, Saxon, dinner shows and the worst concerts they have ever seen! Enjoy!
In chapter 14, we dive deep into the world of naps, heavy dreams, philosophical talks, UFC drama, what it means to be yourself, Mark Mcgwire's dome, and as always explore beefs, legends, babes, and questions. For bonus content, check out our patreon at
Will Adrien Broner ever return to his pound for pound form? We will answer this and many other questions on this weeks Tough Talk. We also welcome to the show Steve"USS" Cunningham. Listen in!
Yall Know who it is and yall know what it is!! The fellas return after a week off and do what they do....Have unscripted and unedited conversation about any and everything! We were heavy in our Sports talk this week and still touched on a bunch of other real and funny shit. You gotta tune in to understand... #OnlyTheReal…
Today we’re going to talk about three distance killers off the tee that you may or may not heard of. Two of them are going to be interesting for you for sure because they’re unique and not a lot of people talk about them or understand them. I’m going to talk about how you’re doing things in your golf swing that are going to cost you a ton of di ...…
Everything is a spoiler-heavy podcast. We talk about all aspects of whatever we are discussing and do not announce or avoid spoilers in any way. 00h 00m 15s: Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional testimony, Facebook, and the security of our data 00h 31m 39s: Cultural Appropriation, Isle of Dogs, and The Problem with Apu 01h 18m 19s: Bird Box and how ...…
Keto Chow founder Chris Bair is our guest today in Episode 1381 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Chris Bair is a tech guy that stumbled onto the ketogenic way of eating in a rather unconventional way. He was making a "Do It Yourself" nutritionally complete meal replacement to make eating easier and to lose weight but because it was so hig ...…
Our neighborhoods, the original social networks, help define us. Among friends, family and strangers, they are a collection of shared experiences. Their markets and hospitals, their traffic and trees, their crime and pollution shape our lives. And our heart health. A new study says neighborhoods significantly impact residents’ incidence of hear ...…
This week join us for some whisky-drinking, gun-slinging, ass-kicking fun when Jane makes Kurt watch Wynonna Earp! In the ep we chat about diverse depictions of femininity, complex sibling dynamics and the absolute RIGHT way to deal with pregnant lead actress in an action-heavy genre show. It's not that hard people, just treat them with a bit o ...…
HeyoOO00!!! Welcome back everyone! OK so on this week's show we're gonna turn up the volume a bit and grind it out with some heavy glitched up beats and chaotic melodics. So get ready, get willing, and get it together. This is the Glitch//IDM SHow!!!! Autechre - NTS Session 1 Ed Matus & Takeshi Muto - Decadent Ooze Oval - OvalDNA00:00 - DJ Skym ...…
This episode of the Thrash Metal Show Podcast takes a look at the influence of Iron Maiden on the genre of thrash style heavy metal. Iron Maiden is one of the most iconic bands in heavy metal and have a large and passionate fan base, so it's no wonder that many thrash metal bands and players have taken influence from Iron Maiden. NoFriender con ...…
An utterly incredible discourse on video games takes place on this week’s magnificent episode of the SIPTG podcast! A news-heavy week sees a certain word become Word of the Week, a tide of Vermin, and much, much, much more! Intro and Games: -> 18:00 News: 18:00 -> 1:03:31 Beginning of the End: 1:03:30 -> (April Antagonism starts at 1:04:31)…
If you'll be humble, He'll do the heavy lifting
Originally released Feb 24, 2014. The first of two episodes where the hosts talk about failures. 0:01:40 - Josh Force ( is the graphic designer behind Laura's impending website. Note from the future Laura’s website is done and here: Jake is very proud of the SSL/TLS certification. 0:02 ...…
Heavy NHL playoffs talk todayBy (Sportsnet 960 The FAN).
Nationally recognized journalist and New York Times best-selling author Jane Velez-Mitchell checks out the vegan scene in Southern California with Gwenna Hunter, who runs Vegans of LA! There are tons of parties and VegFests! It's a fun time. Gwenna also takes on heavy subjects, going to vigils for pigs headed to slaughter. She also works for Ve ...…
Baseball is back and so is another hot mix from yours truly. This mix has a heavy emphasis on 2018 remakes... songs that were huge in their day, re-done with a 2018 twist. Check it out and let me know what you think. Be nice to one another.
On this Gin drinking episode of the Sensei Said So Podcast V.O. Sensei and Shado "Da Villain" open up their minds and mouths about Utah drivers and the astrophysics involved with making it to work,they talk about the "Pulse" of the nation as well as dropping new music exclusives by the Muzic Clan "SKRT SKRT"-Shado(Featuring Lavish). This episod ...…
From IMDB: “An unsettling and eye-opening Wall Street horror story about Chinese companies, the American stock market, and the opportunistic greed behind the biggest heist you’ve never heard of.” That’s the opening description for a new documentary titled “The China Hustle” (2017). Today, Michael talks with Director Jed Rothstein about the back ...…
Get ready to meet the awesome, unique and passionate pro-life activist Albany Rose. She is not what you expect when you think of a pro-life activist- from her affinity for heavy metal (and Nickelback) to the artistic ink that adorns her person, she is anything but typical. And yet she is at the forefront of a movement to employ new methods to g ...…
It’s the time of the year.We are now passed the resolutions.Time to get some abs for the summer 😀.I recently came back from holidays and started hitting my local gym.Two days ago, I was deep into some sets of heavy deadlifts when I turned and look around.Something I rarely do, because when I’m in the gym, it’s just me and my headphones.To my su ...…
Episode 27 – The Good Life Vol.1 With Kelly. The guys are joined by friend of the show ,Kelly, (@musicjunke) for a new segment called: The Good Life! First in #OFFTHEDOME, One Gotta Go Lyrically and If You Had Chance to Read a Tell All Book from any Celebrity/Public Figure, who would it be and why? They also discussed the Eric Bellinger/Torey L ...…
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