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Radio Free Hipster, a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network, features music from the realms of VGM, geek rock, chiptunes, nerdcore hip hop, and electronica.
One's a Hipster. One's a Homeboy. Together they are Hipster & Homeboy. The young voice of the nation. Coming to your ears weekly to bring you fun and entertaining talk on current events pop culture, politics, tech and everything in between. Subscribe for your weekly dose each and every Wednesday at 12pm EST!
A frequency of zen consciousness, psychoanalytical mumbo jumbo, indie rock, avant-pop, beatnik poetics, remix media, and other absurdities.
The Mustards
Jenny and David Mustard – the couple who's made a career out of yapping. Few people have before talked so much about topics so random. Prepare yourself for an abundance of coffee-induced reality depictions from the bubble that is influencer-hipster-London. Jenny Mustard is the popular fashion youtuber and author behind epic videos such as 'Why I Don't want Kids' and 'Why I don't have Eyebrows'. Jenny and David are also running the Swedish podcast called simply 'Jenny och David'.
Schooled Ya!
The podcast where two middle-aged teachers, dads, and hipster doofuses talk about their combined 30+ years of education experiences.
Unique insight into the fight game from two-weight world champion Carl Frampton, and TV presenter and journalist Chris Lloyd. Featuring high-profile interviews, in-studio analysis and unprecedented access into the mind of one of this generation’s greatest fighters
Thoughts on spirituality, Kabbalah, Jewish thought, Judaism and Relationships.Rabbi Yisroel Bernath is the spiritual director at Chabad of NDG and is the Jewish Chaplain at Concordia University. He received his MA in Hebrew Letters and Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in Brooklyn, NY & Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College of Greater Miami. He was trained in Structural Cognitive Modifiability and received his diploma from Haddasah-Wiso. Rabbi Bernath is the author ...
Business Daily
The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.
El podcast ultra hipster. Fresh Latin indie music and interviews in English and Spanish.Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play. Email: songmessmusic@gmail.com
Hipster Mitch, Immigrant Vince and Nice Guy Lou discuss all the trending topics going on in Toronto and throughout the world. They are not afraid to speak their minds and share their brutally honest opinions. The 3 unique hosts are ready to win arguments and debate all the hot button issues in a very heated, (sometimes) controversial, but always fun environment.**New Episodes every Wednesday**Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, TuneIn Radio, GooglePlay, Stitcher, iHeart Radio ...
Generation Z has the world at their fingertips. We are the most informed generation yet! Join Mackenzie Amyx to find out what the life of a Gen Zer is really like. So many people are mystified by this generation that is quickly growing up. Mackenzie is here to provide insights into how Gen Zers think, behave, and live! If you’re a Gen Zer looking for your daily relatable or a parent trying to understand their teen, this is for you. FEEDBACK I hope you'll like Gen Z with Mackenzie and give it ...
Un podcast de todo y nada
Letter writing is a dying art. With the advent social networking, text messaging, and ignoring your problems and loved ones, nobody writes letters anymore. I’m here to push against the trend, to be that letter writing equivalent of that hipster guy who still rides a pennyfarthing. I’m just one stupid person who writes letters to anyone about anything, and I’d be honored to write one to you. My name is Alyssa and this is Letter Talk.
Football is an art, there to be discussed. So why not have a listen to some football discussion between a self proclaimed football hipster @turner_2424 and a Gillingham Fan @GillsFan_1893? Its better than it sounds, and you never know you could find your opinions on the podcast as well! So have a listen to this wonderful Football Podcast! To join us us for the latest of everything on anything in football Contact us: Email – thecommentarybox.contact@gmail.com Twitter - @boxcommentary Instagra ...
Walk through Fitzroy in inner-city Melbourne: a place shaped by gangsters, migrants, Aboriginal activists, the working poor. Now, it’s all fancy shops and hipster bars, until you really look. An audio fiction series from the ABC.
Tangent Podcast
We are two hipsters that can't afford therapy on a quest to the best ramblers on the Internet. We explore memes, politics, relationships, games, shows, and all other sorts of things.
Hipster & Hack
Hipster & Hack is a podcast from Silicon Allee taking an irreverent look at tech news stories from Berlin and beyond. Hosts David Knight and Travis Todd, a journalist and a developer respectively, have been part of the Berlin tech scene since before the iPhone, and they bring their unique perspectives to the news that matters. Each week they look at three stories, two from Berlin and one from further afield, from the comfort of SoundCloud's recording studio, before bickering about whose turn ...
Hipster & Hack
Hipster & Hack is a podcast from Silicon Allee taking an irreverent look at tech news stories from Berlin and beyond. Hosts David Knight and Travis Todd, a journalist and a developer respectively, have been part of the Berlin tech scene since before the iPhone, and they bring their unique perspectives to the news that matters. Each week they look at three stories, two from Berlin and one from further afield, from the comfort of SoundCloud's recording studio, before bickering about whose turn ...
An international podcast, recorded from Calgary and Berlin, giving you your fill on everything s****y and hip. News. Pop culture. Hipster s**t.iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/s****y-hipster-update/id1129237930?mt=2All music is written and performed by Peer Support and is used with permission.https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peer-support/id525362378
Come hang out and listen to high vibe chats on all sorts of spiritual topics x
Coffee With a Hipster
Bro Plus Hipster Podcast
A podcast for all walks of life to come together and discuss spirituality. #LivingSpiritualityOnYourTerms
Join Mac & Violet, two 20 something year olds trying to figure out this adulting thing through laughs, discussions, commentary, and shade.
Self-help blogger Lianne Kay theselfhelphipster.com discusses life improvement, habits, self-help books and pop culture with co-host Marketing Designer Andrew Chin andrewchin.co.
NOT Hipster
If SModcast was hosted by teenagers.
Hipster Breakfast
three guys rating stuff
Un Hipster Por el mundo.
I like making you listen to me talk.
DJ Rolemodel Mixes
Bio Quickly becoming Arizona's number one video DJ, Rolemodel, is a regular at all of the top Clubs in Old Town Scottsdale, including residencies at Bottled Blonde, Hi-fi, El Hefe, Pussycat Lounge, American Junkie & Smashboxx. Rolemodel has worked with the Phoenix Suns during the past 4 seasons to create edits for the pre game and for the Dance team. Rolemodel brings both the ear and eye candy, mixing great sounds and providing entertaining visuals during each set he plays. All of his nights ...
Wild Thing
Believe in Bigfoot? Think it’s total BS? Host Laura Krantz spent a year in the woods and in the lab, trying to answer that question. What she found might surprise even the staunchest non-believer. This legendary creature represents a mystery that still captures our imaginations and Sasquatch is as popular now as it’s ever been. Part of this is tongue-in-cheek—Bigfoot as hipster accessory. But many people take Sasquatch seriously—perfectly rational people who swear to its existence. Why does ...
Tommy Tighe of The Catholic Hipster blog & Sarah Vabulas, The Catholic Drinkie, talk about being hipster Catholics ... or just have a lot of fun discussing the ins and outs of what it's like to be a real life Catholic. Join us for the fun.
Podcast by Boxing Hipster Podcast
Oh! I didn't see you there! Welcome to the Coffee With a Hipster podcast! Where I invite some guests to have a coffee (or other beverage) and a chat with! Hopefully you're listening to this before it's cool. If not, you're still welcome, but you're a little late.
Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics--and because we're always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes. Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent.
Jox's Podcast
Hipster musika zuretzat!
A podcast where your hosts Trevor and Alex talk sports and get really hipstery about it.
Christian Felix and Shonali Bhowmik became fast friends while working as temporary workers at a huge law firm in Manhattan. They share a love of laughing and giving each other hell. They may be called hipsters, old school, mainstream, irreverent, classic, country, gangster, or rock n' roll. All labels apply. Special guests, music, and attitude every episode.
3T RPG Podcast
The 3T RPG PodcastIn the 3T RPG Podcast we do in depth reviews of RPG products, discussion, competitions, play reports, and listener discussions and (perhaps our favourite) we cover the RPG products so weird and gross that no-one else wants to. In addition to all of this, it features many features alongside these features, such as; -Song Fight: where two hosts make RPG related songs and battle them to the death.-The chamber of Challenges: The hosts set strange challenges for one-another.-Adv ...
Tommy Tighe of The Catholic Hipster and Sarah Vabulas of Catholic Drinkie produce a podcast called The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Sarah and Tommy join together to talk about the Catholic faith and anything hipster. They interview some of the big names in Catholic new media about their experiences growing up in the Catholic faith and what we can do to attract and educate Catholics.
We are a spiritual community seeking to be characterized by authentic love; radical acceptance; insane generosity & grassroots empowerment.We welcome everyone from bikers to bankers, PhD’s to G.E.D.’s, hipsters to homeless, blue collar, white collar, and a few who wear dog collars.
The Chimney
The brand new podcast from the Catholic Hipster bringing you everything trending in Catholic social media
Talking about the creative ways we live out our faith
NFL Network's Fantasy Hipsters, Matt Franciscovich and Matt Harmon, give their thoughts on the NFL's current events in addition to music, beer and more.
Do you feel like every week there’s some band your “eccentric” co-worker/friend is trying to turn you on to? Are you confused as to which band with the word “wolf” or “horse” you’re supposed to like? Lucky for you, every week DJ Father Guido spends hours in his lab sifting through bits and bytes of hipster blog entries and indie magazines searching for the finest aural pleasures available. Then the Father compiles them here for you to enjoy in the comfort of the Donnybrook Campus.
Podcast 100% indie 0% hipster
Doomed Travelers
A bi-weekly Magic: the Gathering podcast
Bulldog Radio
Listen to these overly opinionated hooligans spew their disgust to the world and you’ll find yourself either laughing along or screaming back in anger.
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Hipster&Homeboy Present: The Photog Show w/ Ryan JL!This is the first episode in a new series brought to you by Hipster&Homeboy! All about photography with the Hipster Ryan! This week is the first episode and we are talking about the new Google Pixel 4 camera, the Memo camera and the rise of smart phone photography.Also make sure to check out R ...…
00:44 Wordburglar – "Spectral Mic (prod. by Diagnostik80 w Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les)" 03:39 Talking / Sam Haynes "31-13" 05:10 Crayondroids – "Dragula (crayondroids remix)" 08:44 Swamp Thing – "All About the Brains" 12:04 The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – "Chapter 1: A Marine Biologist" 16:16 Alpha Chrome Yayo – "Leylines" 19:00 Mor ...…
Is the Saudi state oil company Aramco finalising its much-delayed share offering just as financial markets are losing faith in the future of fossil fuels?Manuela Saragosa speaks to energy geopolitical analyst Indra Overland, who says that the transition to electric vehicles could happen much faster than expected, posing a direct threat to what ...…
From Rocky Balboa to the Blue Horizon, Joey Giardello to Joe Frazier, this week's TKO comes from the City of Brotherly Love and a homage to its fighting pedigree. Chris is joined by Ring Magazine's Nigel Collins for a tour of some of the most iconic venues and some fascinating stories along the way. Want to hear more great podcasts from [JOE][1 ...…
Cement and concrete have one of the biggest carbon footprints of any industry, and eliminating it is no easy task.By volume concrete is the most heavily used resource by humanity apart from water. Our houses, offices, dams, roads, airports and so on all depend on pouring vast quantities of this magical, versatile material. But not only does mak ...…
En este episodio muy especial de Songmess nos acompaña Sokio, uno de los directores creativos de New Latin Wave, un festival de artes multo-disciplinarias con enfoque en la vanguardia Latinx. En esta entrevista conversamos acerca de la logística de armar un festival de arte, la trayectoria y ambición de la organización y elementos favoritos de ...…
Hey Gen Zers, this is Mackenzie Amyx with today's Gen Z with Mackenzie. Today's interview is with Alex Warren, a YouTube and Tik Tok influencer, amassing millions of views and followers across both platforms. I hope you enjoy this episode! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and check out my Youtube channel: Mackenzie Amyx ~ I'll be posti ...…
Taking a look at the way tech affects privacy and ethics, whether we think this is Siri's year to shine, our thoughts on the Pixel 4 gesture system, and the first thing we'd do if we ran Facebook. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Linode: High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs. Get a $20 credit. TextExp ...…
Episode 342 of the Mic’d Up Free For All. Topics include:-Federal election: With the Canadian federal election just around the corner, the Mic’d Up crew discusses the effectiveness of the federal debates. Do federal debates really help citizens understand the policies of each party or is it all just a useless shouting match that makes for good ...…
Does the China-NBA bust-up mean that the Chinese are falling out of love with US basketball - and US business in general?One thoughtless tweet in support of Hong Kong protestors by Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets Basketball team, has kicked off a diplomatic storm, with Chinese TV stations cancelling the planned airing of NBA ...…
*Explicit Mix* - 128 BPM - Workout mix featuring upbeat songs with one common theme. Best wishes and great luck. Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
We hear the arguments of leading US academic and author, Daniel Markovits, whose book The Meritocracy Trap argues that meritocracy in the United States and other Western free-market economies is a myth that fuels inequality.Temba Maqubela, the head of The Groton School - one of America's top private schools - outlines the role that elite establ ...…
On today’s very special episode of Songmess we’re talking with Stefa*, an NYC vocal and performance artist exploring themes of ancestry and decolonization through music. Our conversation touches on Stefa’s classical music training, her approach to vocal performance, visits to her native Colombia and self care in these trying socio-political tim ...…
Pastor Doug casts vision and breaks down our Mission Statement, specifically on the section of “Know God.”By CityChurchDowntown.
Ryan has returned from his trip to Europe. Come take a listen all about his trip and some of the interesting and weird things he found out. Also we flash cover a couple of topics in the news. All this and more in this weeks episode!Contact us at:hipsterandhomeboy@gmail.comCheck us out at; www.instagram.com/hipster_homeboywww.twitter.com/hipster ...…
From hotheads to curmudgeons, is anger always bad for business? Can anger management techniques help? Or should we put our wrath to profitable use?Laurence Knight speaks to an entrepreneur who hit the headlines following an air rage incident about his chronic fits of rage. Anger management expert Dr Gina Simmons explains why he may want to cons ...…
We went to London Fashion Week and it's time to rant about it in the podcast! We talk about how it makes you both love and hate fashion, why we think the industry can be horrible, and how Jenny feels short, fat and basic around others during this intense week of fashion. Does the industry make everyone in it (including ourselves) bitchy? If so, ...…
Support the showBy Rabbi@JewishNDG.com (Rabbi Yisroel Bernath).
In this mail bag, we have an exchange with a dear friend, a postcard asking about investment information, and a note to an important lobbying group. I’m also joined by my dear friend Jason Mack. Let’s dig in! Letter Talk is now a monthly live show at Stab Comedy Theater (StabComedyTheater.com) every 3rd Saturday at 7pm! If you’d like me to writ ...…
Support the show: patreon.com/3TRPGPodcastBy Nikk Lambley, Harrison Hunt & James Clarke.
Big thanks to our patron Julio for supporting to show and by viewers like you. Thank You! Support Us! https://www.patreon.com/tangentpodcast Stalk Us: https://twitter.com/thetangentpod https://twitter.com/tkrogan https://twitter.com/yjangwynter Topics we covered (in order) Hurricane Dorian Yjang's Conference & Richard Lapchick Police Bill of Ri ...…
International Special! Talking all things on the home nations! Who needs what to qualify? Who has already qualified? Jake faces Name7 on countries never to qualify for a European Championship.By The Commentary Box.
Why health concerns over vaping is bad for cigarette companies. In the US hundreds of illnesses and even some deaths have been linked to vaping. That's bad news for a tobacco industry looking for a long-term replacement for cigarettes. Manuela Saragosa speaks to Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, Anna Gilmore, profess ...…
Support the showBy Rabbi@JewishNDG.com (Rabbi Yisroel Bernath).
Chris travels to Manchester as Carl closes in on a return to the ring on November 30th in Las Vegas. He watches the progression of the training camp, is joined by European light-heavyweight champion Steven Ward and listens in amazement to Carl's audition tape for Celebrity X-Factor. Want to hear more great podcasts from [JOE][1]? - [Liquid Foot ...…
On World Mental Health Day, we hear the experiences of people who've suffered a mental health breakdown at work, and ask what employers can do to support them. We hear from Ian Stuart, the UK CEO of the global bank HSBC, Paul Farmer from the mental health charity Mind, American comedian and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax, Dean Yates, the hea ...…
En este episodio muy especial de Songmess nos acompaña Nino Augustine, una de las grandes voces emergentes dentro de la música urbana actual. Nacido en Panamá y criado en New Jersey y Atlanta, Nino Augustine ha presenciado movimientos musicales con enorme repercusión mundial, desde el nacimiento del reggaeton hasta la explosión de la música tra ...…
Episode 341 of Mic’d Up Toronto. Topics include:-Pit bulls: Ontario is considering reversing their current ban on pit bulls. Should people be allowed to own pit bulls or is it too much of a safety concern? And if there does happen to be an injury, how responsible should dog owners be?-College stress: Unfortunately there was another student suic ...…
Jumping to macOS Catalina (or not), the software and hardware we'd most and least like to lose, Windows on good hardware vs. macOS on crappy hardware, and legal requirements for accessibility on the web. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Flatiron School: Launch a career in tech with Flatiron School’s modern curriculum paired with one-o ...…
A new EU directive grants new legal rights to those reporting corporate and government misbehaviour.Ed Butler asks David Lewis, professor of employment law at Middlesex University, how significant the new legal framework is and why it was needed.Plus we replay an interview from 2016 in which lawyer Mychal Wilson retells his early experiences as ...…
This week, Pastor Doug teaches that the Imago Dei (image of God) is creative play.By CityChurchDowntown.
*Explicit Mix* - 128 BPM - Libra 2019 mix features all songs released on the podcast during the Libra sign. Best wishes and great luck. Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
What happens when a company lets its employees decide what their salaries should be? Will anyone ask to be paid less?A number of tech companies are finding out, as they see it as a way of achieving greater fairness and transparency, as well as motivating staff to raise their effort to match their remuneration. Ed Butler speaks to Heather McGreg ...…
On today’s very special episode of Songmess we’re joined by reggaeton heartthrob, Solomon Ray. We’re talking evolving music industry antics, the benefits of distributing music through Bandcamp, being gay in urbano and a very special upcoming reggaeton documentary.Featured Artists: Solomon Ray, Mariah Carey + Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Juan Gabriel, ...…
Why one financier is the target of a global conspiracy theory. Manuela Saragosa speaks to the BBC's Mike Rudin, who made a recent documentary on the Soros conspiracy, and to Joe Uscinski, associate professor of political science at the University of Miami - and an expert in conspiracy theories. And the BBC's Dhruti Shah speaks to David Mikkelso ...…
Today's big topic is love! What is the perfect date? And how do you keep the spark after being together for a million years? We also talk about race and gender discriminating movies, how human centipede is a metaphor for our relationship, why Jenny is a narcissist and David the opposite, and the time David told Jenny to hide her nipples for a d ...…
Hey Gen Zers, this is Mackenzie Amyx with today's Gen Z with Mackenzie. Today's interview is with Grayson Kilpatrick, a 15 year old actor featured in Chicken Girls, Daddy’s Home, American Horror Story, and Wet Hot American Summer. I hope you enjoy this episode! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and check out my Youtube channel: Mackenzi ...…
Today on the pod, Chad and Clint debate school supplies, try to get a handle on making meetings useful, and discuss what they just can’t get out of their heads. What in the world? Clint is enraged. That’s an expensive watch that is vexing Chad.By Clint Hill.
This week it’s England’s call ups, no Walker? Premier Preview, Can Leicester upset Liverpool? And Champions League results, How many winners can Sam name from 2008? Contact Detail: Email – thecommentarybox.contact@gmail.com Twitter - @boxcommentary Instagram -@boxcommentary YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFRDRErXXA6YjaF44g6Ujg…
Recorded Live at Chabad NDG in Montreal Quebec Yom Kippur comes every year. We find ourselves in the synagogue searching for ways to forgive and forget, wanting ourselves to be forgiven as well. What does it all really mean? How do we let it all go? What do we hold onto and what don't we hold onto? Who do we forgive and how will we be forgiven? ...…
While Christian is traveling for work, we are pleased to have Duane Harriott, join us as Shonali's guest co-host. Duane is a wedding DJ, a legendary DJ on WFMU, a composer AND one of the stars of the Other Music Documentary which was released over the spring of 2019. Shonali and Duane discuss the power of the wedding DJ and strangers eating you ...…
Truck drivers and the robots that could replace them. Jahd Khalil visits a truck stop in the US state of Virginia to find out why there's a chronic shortage of truckers in the US. Robert Brown from the robotics company TuSimple and Greg Hastings, associate partner at McKinsey & Co, tell Manuela Saragosa why long-distance driving is exactly the ...…
Chris and Carl meet the future of boxing, one of the rising stars of the fight game: unbeaten Californian Devin Haney. With a 23-0 record as a pro and brought up under the wing of Floyd Mayweather Sr., he's now the mandatory challenger to Vasyl Lomachenko. He talks to the boys about his tough upbringing, the role of his father and sparring with ...…
Support the showBy Rabbi@JewishNDG.com (Rabbi Yisroel Bernath).
Why is it so hard to fix your own things? Ed Butler speaks to those campaigning for manufacturers to make it easier for us to fix our electronics goods - everything from tractors to smartphones. Clare Seek runs a Repair Café in Portsmouth, England, a specially designated venue for anyone who wants to get their stuff to last longer. And Ed trave ...…
Hey Gen Zers, this is Mackenzie Amyx with today's Gen Z with Mackenzie. Today's interview is with Diya Chordia, a teen activist from India, who started her own non-profit We Talk Back at the age of 15. . I hope you enjoy this episode! Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and check out my Youtube channel: Mackenzie Amyx ~ I'll be posting on ...…
Episode 340 of the Mic’d Up Free For All.Topics include:-Love & Taxes: A couple really wants to get married but is now having doubts all because of the negative tax implications for married couples in their country. Should money and financial constraints ever get in the way of love? -Farting: At what point in a relationship should people begin ...…
Amazon's cavalcade of new Alexa devices, ultrawide vs. telephoto lenses on smartphones, what one device we'd take to college, and our travel tips. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Linode: High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs. Get a $20 credit. Guest Starring: Jason Snell, Jean MacDonald, and Anže Tom ...…
Support the showBy Rabbi@JewishNDG.com (Rabbi Yisroel Bernath).
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