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Weekly homilies from Bishop Robert Barron, produced by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.
Feel free to subscribe to hear the weekly homilies from our priests and deacons here at Saint Patrick's Parish!
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The homilies each week at Epiphany Catholic Church.
Father Kauth was in residence at St. Thomas Aquinas from August of 2012 through the summer of 2016. As of August of 2016, he is the rector of St. Joseph Seminary. His homilies while he was in residence at St. Thomas Aquinas are archived on our website, and he often comes back to celebrate Mass, and new homilies are recorded as well.
Homilies are currently recorded at our Sunday 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Masses.
These are the Sunday Mass Homilies at St. John the Beloved Catholic Chuch in McLean, VA
Homilies from Monsignor Charles Pope
Sunday Homilies
Sunday homilies from the Cathedral Church of Saint Luke in Orlando, FL.
Catholic Podcasts & Online Radio
Listen to homilies from St. Bridget Church in Loves Park, IL.
Where God is Love and Mercy
Audio recordings of Fr. Paul Yi (For all his homilies
Homilies preached by Deacon Matthew Newsome of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.
Father Christian was stationed at St. Thomas Aquinas as Parochial Vicar from July of 2014 to July of 2017. Check back each week for new homilies or subscribe via iTunes to have them sent to your device automatically.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Grand Rapids, MI
Father Tom Babu, of the Diocese of Reno, NV, offers his reflections on the weekly Liturgy of the Word.
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
Sunday Homilies and Theological Reflections with Fr. Josiah Trenham - Weekly homilies and theological reflections recorded from the amvon of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California. This podcast is likewise sponsored by Patristic Nectar Publications, a publisher specializing in resources for Orthodox catechesis. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your spiritual quest, and we hope that your listening experience is an edifying one.
Fr. Andrew Ricci offers inspirational homilies and talks to help people grow in faith. These reflections are part of his meditations at Three Great Things where we grow as disciples of the Lord through Study, Prayer, and Service.
Homilies and Talks given at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Nashville, TN.
Homilies (sermons) preached by Paulist Father Steven Bell, CSP, mostly at St.Paul the Apostle Church, New York City.
Rain in the Desert
Homilies from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Fr. Apostolos Hill, Dean of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ, delivers a timely message in a humorous and straightforward preaching style as he draws from his various life adventures to underscore the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save and to heal broken humanity.
If there are the sounds of a lively discussion mixed with hearty laughter and the aroma of a good cigar, Father James can't be too far away. His priestly service has taken him to four different countries, many parish settings, and in contact with more friends that rivals most politicians. One of his favorite quotes: "Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair." - G. K. Chesterton Father James is the Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Corpus Christi, Texas ...
The homilies of Father Wayne Dziekan along with other similar content.
Weekly Catholic Homilies from Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Biloxi, Mississippi
Homilies and Talks from Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Church in Stanley, ND.
Fr. Larry Richards is the founder and president of The Reason for our Hope Foundation, a non- profit organization dedicated to "spreading the Good News" by educating others about Jesus Christ. His new homilies are posted each week.
Homilies given by the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg at Masses throughout the four counties.
Lanky Guys
For the last seven years of their lives Fr. Peter Musset and Scott Powell have been commenting on the scriptures in two different ways. Fr. Peter by improvising homilies after staying up too late watching movies and Scott Powell by teaching at the Denver Catholic Biblical School. In this Podcast, you can witness the attempts of two naturally lanky men, brought together by destiny, attempt to draw some meaning and humor out of the sacred treasury of the Scriptures in the context of the liturgy.
Mystical Musings
You are invited to join Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips for a monthly gathering of spiritual renewal in the company of the like-minded.Mystical Musings is a celebration of the sacred that promotes growth and an evolution of consciousness. The musing doesn't present doctrine or dogma, but rather explores the mystical dimensions of life and spirituality that support you in connecting with the Divine.Myron and Lawrence present a specific theme each month—an idea or issue that arises organ ...
St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, Dripping Springs Texas
A Podcast of homilies and classes from Fr. John Hollowell
Homilies 1 - 14 of Saint John Chrysostom's commentary on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, which include the wonderous birth, baptism, temptation, and early ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.
From the classroom to the office to everywhere in between, struggling for goodness & holiness can be a daunting task. In these homilies and meditations by Fr. James Searby, Chaplain and Director of Catholic Campus Ministry at George Mason University, discover the possibility of Holiness for the Working Day.
Audio Recordings of Fr. Chad's Homilies and Presentations
Aggie Catholic
The Aggie Catholic podcast of homilies, talks, and apologetics.
St. Joseph Podcast are recordings of our weekend liturgies including Homilies by Fr. Daniel Kelly, Fr. Thomas Kennedy, Fr. Peter Opoku, Deacon Bill Johnson and Deacon Jose Roman
Fr Longenecker's podcasts are recorded and made available here week by week.
This podcast consists of two types of shows... 1) Quizzical Papist. It is your "Extraordinary Form" bar trivia. Fr. Asks the questions, hopefully you have the answers. "This show creatively crafts questions that spark discussion, laughs, and quizzical looks all while fostering friendship and community. The questions cover a wide range of topics from religion to pope culture to history to language to chemistry and more! The Catholic Faith is a rich grab-bag of endless reasons for joy (and gre ...
Father Michael Ryan has been pastor of St. James Cathedral since 1988. Here we'll make available his Sunday homilies as well as other talks and events here at St. James Cathedral.
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Jesus heals a man who is brought to him on a stretcher by four men. The image profoundly illustrates a crucial point: sometimes we give help and sometimes we receive it. May the Lord help us in both cases! January 18, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci
A talk I wish every young adult could hear
Citing Psalm 95 the Book of Hebrews reminds us to make the most of today. Sometimes we can take life for is our chance to live our faith! January 17, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci -
The active ministry of Jesus is marked by preaching the Gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons. As we call upon the Lord we can continue this ministry in our lives as with proclaim the Good News, offer comfort to the afflicted and stand up against evil. January 16, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci - www.studypra ...…
The communion of humanity and divinity in Christ’s divine person can be likened to a marriage. Sin effects a kind of divorce between God and humanity, a break up of the marriage of God and his people. How wonderful, therefore, when the Messiah offers the first sign of his identity and mission at a wedding. This is an indication that the relatio ...…
Msgr. Knox- "Baptism of the Lord & The Beloveds of God" by Saint Patrick Parish Homilies
Father Gonnella- "Epiphany Of The Lord: The Aha Moment" by Saint Patrick Parish Homilies
Msgr. Knox- "Epiphany Of The Lord" by Saint Patrick Parish Homilies
Father Gonnella- "The Baptism of the Lord: Giving Our Lives to Jesus" by Saint Patrick Parish Homilies
The authority of Jesus is witnessed in Capernaum as he teaches and drives out an unclean spirit. The Lord's authority, however, is also present in our lives, leading and directing our actions as disciples. January 15, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci -
Homily for The Baptism of the Lord, preached by Rev. Doug Jeffers, Parochial Vicar at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School located in Austin, Texas.By St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School.
Homily for The Baptism of the Lord, preached by Rev. James Misko, Pastor at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School located in Austin, Texas.By St. Louis King of France Catholic Church & School.
Fr. Charlie @ 1:30pm - EspañolBy (St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church).
This is Father Pollard's homily from the Noon Mass on January 13th, 2019 for The Holy Family.
Fr. Charlie @ 11:00amBy (St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church).
This is Father Pollard's homily from the 10:30 a.m. Mass on January 13th, 2019 for The Baptism of the Lord.
This is Father Melmer's homily from the 9:00 a.m. Mass on January 13th, 2019 for The Baptism of the Lord.
The baptism of Jesus reveals the power of the Holy Trinity. As the Father calls Jesus his beloved Son, we recognize that through our baptism we are configured as sons and daughters of God, beloved children who are empowered to bring Christ's light to the world. January 13, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci - www.studypray ...…
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Luke 3:15-16, 21-22) “Forgiveness and Fire” PDF Version “FORGIVENESS and FIRE…” – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.
The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Tit 2:11-14, 9-11; Lk 3:15-16, 21-22) “Holy Water: Use It!” PDF Version Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Year C (2019): Tit 2:11-14, 9-11; Lk 3:15-16; 21-22 If the primary and quintessential purpose of baptism is to forgive sins, first an ...…
The words of John the Baptist serve as a reminder for all of us to let Jesus Christ take greater and greater control of our hearts. January 12, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci -
This is a special upload for the holy day on January 1st of each year, the Solemnity of Mary the Holy Mother of God. Collect: O God, who through the fruitful virginity of Blessed Mary bestowed on the human race the grace of eternal salvation, grant, we pray, that we may experience the intercession of her, through whom we were found worthy to re ...…
Fr. Charlie @ 12:00 NoonBy (St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church).
The Lord reveals his compassion for the leper who begs to be healed in the Gospel today. May we trust in Christ's merciful will for us in our need as we draw near to the one who longs for us to be made whole. January 11, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci -…
Fr. Brad's Epiphany Homily. We're not the center of the universe. The Lord is!
Fr. Charlie @ 5:30pmBy (St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church).
Learn more about Patristic Nectar Publications.By (Fr. Josiah Trenham and Ancient Faith Radio).
As Jesus proclaims the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah in his hometown of Nazareth, we are reminded that through Christ we have the same Spirit in our hearts. Our task: to live it! January 10, 2019 - Cathedral Rectory - Superior, WI Fr. Andrew Ricci -
Father Michael G. Ryan preaches at the 10:00am Mass at St. James Cathedral on the Epiphany of the Lord, Sunday, January 6, 2019.By (St. James Cathedral).
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