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Join Lucas and Dave as they review the strange, cult, B, and just plain bad movies to have ever crossed a camera lens. Listen in each week for their insightful, inspiring, and hopefully entertaining commentary.
Darker Demons
A chapter by chapter reading of Darker Demons, A Strange Romance
Alternative Dudes: Alternative Dudes Podcasts (2018-02-02 01:19:11 +0000 UTC)
The Naked Scientists flagship science show brings you a lighthearted look at the latest scientific breakthroughs, interviews with the world's top scientists, answers to your science questions and science experiments to try at home.
The game is chaired by David Mitchell and is described in the programme's introduction as "the panel game built on truth and lies." The object of the game is to lie on a subject, whilst also trying to include the truth without being detected.
A ten-year-old American girl explains SpongeBob SquarePants to her forty-five-year-old Scottish step-father who has never watched it.
It's a Long Story
Behind every big idea, there's a long story. Produced by Sydney Opera House as part of the Talks and Ideas program, Edwina Throsby interviews some of the world's most interesting thinkers and culture creators.
The Heartbeat of Our Community
Critical ReRoll
Critical ReRoll is a weekly fan-made podcast about the Geek & Sundry Dungeons & Dragons show, Critical Role, for critters, by critters. The podcast is hosted by a rotation of regular hosts with recurring guests… and the occasional surprise special visitor. Join us as we explore the vast wonders of Matt Mercer’s incredible world, rave about the exploits of Vox Machina, speculate what’s in store for the heroes, and discuss happenings surrounding the show. Also ale.
Everyday Sublime
Yin Yoga and meditation are refinements of awareness. The purpose of this podcast is to illuminate the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and meditation as three interwoven tools for apprehending the Everyday Sublime. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it." Hosted by Josh Summers, a practicing acupuncturist and Yin Yoga and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Summers School of Yin Yoga:
Future Ecologies
Broadcasting from the Pacific Northwest, Future Ecologies is an ongoing series of stories about the land around us. We examine the ecological processes that define planet earth: how they affect us, how we’ve affected them, and how we can align with them to create vibrant, biodiverse, and resilient societies.
There's more to ocean swimming than swimming in the ocean.
Maddy Budd and Simone Nathan bring you a podcast no one asked for, asking all the questions nobody should. They both know heaps about their own industries but not much else! So the pair have put their heads together to interview an incredible series of female guests and possibly spreads nits to one another. They bring their friendship, naive questions and unique backgrounds to this series of informal fireside chats filled with comedy, fun, and T.M.I.
Kidsstoppress is India’s first children’s lifestyle website and has its pulse on everything today’s parents want to know.
An Arsenal podcast. Gooner pals Tom, Alex and Dan discuss the latest goings on at the club and memorable moments from years gone by.
Get Sidetracked
The podcast that aims to get you Sidetracked from all the bullsh*t in your life! Sit back and relax as we cover topics relevant and just down right random.
Lagrange Point
A fun take on the latest science news with enough data to sink your teeth into. Lagrange Point goes beyond the glossy summary and gets in depth with the research from across the world.
Welcome to the Poetry Studio Podcast, a podcast for poetry lovers and students where we read and discuss a poem, poetic devices, and how to write poetry.
Golden Hour
A weekly film review podcast hosted by a couple of nerdy college students that's only sometimes pretentious. They will be reviewing some classics from the Criterion Collection, and an occasional Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO or even Showtime film. Our esteemed reviewers will also spend some time discussing new movies that they are excited about and any other exciting industry news they happen across.
Lost in Science
Entertaining news and discussion about research that has impact on society and providing a wide range of science and technology news. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.
Test Site Media
Sermons and testimony from Ian McCormack - the JellyFish Man
Meet the people of color who are reinventing independent music culture. As artists how do we navigate and subvert racial and gender stereotypes, nourish our mental health and relationships, while still making a living doing what we love most?
Two ladies sitting down and chatting about fish, or whatever other marine topics come to mind.
Fantasy Lens
Anthony Angilletta, John Martines, and Brian Woods provide weekly fantasy football strategy, injuries, advice, and plenty of pop culture references to keep you entertained!
Vault 101 Radio
Lost Radio
Prepare yourself for a brain damaged trip through the stars with a cast of kooky characters and unexpected delights at every turn. This is our completely improvised college radio show which ran for 3 years in Alfred, NY, now edited down and spiced up with new sounds to intensify your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
Sermons & Techings from Life Church ACC
Flapdoodle Forum
Join hosts, Lucas Wilson and Matt Buckley, as they scour the internet for the world's most unbelievable stories, from the humorous to the curious to the bizarre. There is no shortage of entertainment to be had as these two try to make sense of it all through jokes, debates, and critical analysis. You just might find yourself shouting, "That's poppycock," too!
Tipsy travelers
Tipsy Travelers - Tips, Tricks, and Oh Shits! A travel podcast that talks about the crazy things that happen to people while traveling! Hosted by two best friends that love to travel and love hearing about the crazy events that took place while on the road!
Rick's Records is a eclectic music podcast that draws from host Rick Boucher's 30 years as a working musician and all the musical influences that have shaped his career.
How do you turn this thing off
Podcast by TBAP
Tell it How it is.
In this podcast we just run or mouths off about, well how it is.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Slapdash Podcast
We start somewhere and then let ourselves wander!
Essendon Football FanCast
Talking Backwards
Science, pop culture, the supernatural, extraterrestrial and interdimensional collide when two guys completely unqualified to explain it all sit down and try to explain it all.Every episode, Will and Josh take a look at the strange and fantastic stories coming out every day around the world. From mysterious disappearances to the mysteries of the mind, come along with us as we try to make sense of our weird world.
This gifted nature writer who is so good at describing animals and their habitat and habits here gives us a look at many of the fascinating creatures that can be found on the seashore. Starfish, the many types of crabs, shrimp, sea weed and finally something called the Precious Wentletrap which I will allow your imagination to think about for a while. His writing is clear and, as always, easy to read. Note that these are presented as educational 'lessons' on the various animals found near th ...
Social Club is a Vancouver based podcast bringing you the freshest local, & not so local talent from the audio scene with zero genre prejudice. Transmitting when necessary.
A monthly comedy podcast featuring a mix of sketch and conversation from two of the brightest minds North West Orange County has to offer.
This is my vlog. All videos posted here I have created. This vlog is about my family, hobbies, technology and San Jose State University. The videos posted here are all in Apple QuickTime format. If that format does not work for you there is a link on the side bar to a place where you may be able to find the same movies on Web places like YouTube.
Smoke Filled Lore is a semi-factual, semi-comedic show about nothing in particular. Hosted by friends, Sam, James, Matt, and Adam.Old episodes can be found on our youtube page.
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This week, Chris looks at how measuring elements in samples brought back from asteroids could reveal where the Earth's water came from; Stu asks Greg Neely from the University of Sydney about his research into how box jellyfish cause pain, and how that could lead to an antidote; and Claire talks to Elodie Camprasse about scientists speaking abo ...…
February 9th, 1993 is the day that one of the greatest overlooked rock masterpieces of all time was released. Jellyfish’s Spilt Milk is hands down one of the most creative and flawless albums of their generation yet it went almost completely overlooked. Even with three singles and videos on MTV, Jellyfish just never seemed to catch on Spilt Mil ...…
Are some kids just born bad? Which of the pod hosts’ parents raised them better? And when did men become expected to parent their kids? All these q’s are a’d with iconic fam therapist and professional wise owl, Diane Levy. Sponsored by GoNative NZ - Get the ingredients you need to create your own skincare products at wholesale prices.…
Medicine is often a race against time, to diagnose, to develop and to treat. This week we're looking at new research which speeds up the detection of Alzheimers in patients and provides a chance to test out potential treatments. We also find out how University of Sydney researchers may help deliver a quick antivenom to those stung by the deadly ...…
Ben, Matt, and Cate trudge through the dungeon to cover episode 60 of Critical Role. Chasme and demon squishies are bad. Always have stats for you spells. If you find a disc, break a disc. Donuts are essential. WHAT'S WITH THE BLUE WOOL?? Yasha sees dead people.By Critters.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 19x06 - Fred MacAulay, Tony Hawks, Mark Steel, Holly Walsh - Star Wars, Doughnuts, Twitter, Jellyfish" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 117 of 134.
In the second of three interviews with Sebastian Pucelle, we dive into a discussion about Samatha and Vipassana meditation, and why Sebastian emphasizes Samatha practice in his own practice and teaching. Links from the Episode Leigh Brasington’s book: Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas. Sebastian’s website: ...…
Join Stelly and Gavin as they explore the first segment of episode five. SpongeBob and Squidward's delivery of a pizza is more complicated than it would initially appear to be. In other news, Stelly and Gav have fallen behind in their podcast production as they record for the first time in two weeks, Stelly's anger management issues become a co ...…
Whether you are an experienced or aspiring ocean swimmer, if you are in Australia or New Zealand, you will visit handles the entries for the majority of organised swims in this part of the world, as well as being home to commentary, photos, witty banter, results and competitions. Paul Ellercamp and Suanne Hunt are ...…
The girls are getting fired up talking fashion and femininity. Georgia tells us what it is like reaching success at such a young age and how the fashion industry is changing in the internet age. You'll fall in love with her if you weren't already. Sponsored by GoNative NZ - Get the ingredients you need to create your own skincare products at wh ...…
***GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE***House Get Sidetracked is ready to take King's Landing and rule all of Westeros, but to do this we need our army! So listen to Episode 80 of Get Sidetracked and you will officially become a Knight of House Get Sidetracked!On this episode the guys are joined by Tormund Giantsbane's twin brother Taz (G ...…
The first episode of the second season! We read and discuss "Song of a Second April" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and we explore some of the many ways poets can use second person perspective ("you"). You can read along with the poem here:…
Dustin, Cate, and Matt play house with the Might Nien covering episode 62. We talk about the home renovations they make to become the weird neighbors, speculate on the consequences of the note to Astrid, the dilemma that is Dairon, and who is scrying on whom? As tension builds up, which side will they choose when push comes to shove?!?…
This week - the mysterious stuff that's passing through you right now, and it literally holds the galaxy together... but we have no idea what it is. We talk to the scientists trying to find out. Plus in the news, the 100 year old technology that's helping us fight infections we can't currently treat. And evidence that wasps can size things up...…
Water is essential for life, but we need to take care of the complete water cycle. Treating waste water can help remove harmful pollutants from cosmetics and medication. Industrial processes and landfill can also make super salty water, that we need to clean before releasing. Without good water management then we can end up without water in tim ...…
One might think you can get no more evil than the satanic/occult brutality of bands like Behemoth, Watain, or the sludge of black metallers Goatwhore. Well, what if I told you that you could be just as satanic and wicked with a female vocalist with a beehive hairdo, a male guitarist playing 50’s inspired guitar driven music backed a band that i ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: 22x05 - Tony Hawks, Sindhu Vee, Susan Calman, Graeme Garden - Kings, Snakes, Make Up, Hats" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 134 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 22x04 - Richard Osman, Holly Walsh, Luisa Omielan, Jack Dee - Names, Frogs, Paper, Parrots" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 133 of 134.
We did it - our first European final in 13 years! Against Chelsea! In, er, Azerbaijan! We discuss how we got there after a fantastic night at the Mestalla, what it means for Unai Emery, and how it shapes the outlook of our season as a whole. There’s also time for an impassioned defence of fans amid the embarrassing ticket allocations for both E ...…
Join Stelly and Gavin as they discuss the second segment of the fourth episode. SpongeBob is having problems passing his boating test until Patrick has a great idea of jamming a walkie-talkie into SpongeBob's brain. Elsewhere, we have exciting news regarding our popularity in TV / Film podcasts in the Cayman Islands, plus Stelly found a kazoo. ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: Episode 132" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 132 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 22x02 - Tony Hawks, Sindhu Vee, Susan Calman, Graeme Garden - Swimming, Mothers, Magazines, Clowns" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 131 of 134.
Chris looks into claims of sexual harassment in the physics labs of the world, Claire talks to Kit Prendergast about the status of Australian native bee species, and Stu investigates the development of ionic flight, a means of propulsion that relies on no moving parts to fly a plane.By Claire Farrugia, Chris Lassig, Stu Burns Guest: Kit Prendergast.
Daniel Hagen with wife Chelsea and interns Chris & Jess sum up the Friday & Saturday Together 2019 conference and bring prophetic words, healing and teaching.
Jess, Ben, and Herk talk about how the Mighty Nein are assholes. That's the show. (Except Jester because she is perfect)By Critters.
The year is 2121 and the zombie hordes have taken over. There has been tale of an old audio recording that has the answer to where it all began, so now I am on the hunt for Episode 79 of Get Sidetracked. It is our final hope, please help me and listen to it!On this episode the boys are joined by Ryan Armstrong! This week the lads have a chat ab ...…
Fantasy Lens Podcast: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Part 9) This weeks topics: - Avengers: Endgame - The future of the MCU Have any thoughts or comments? Tweet us @Fantasy_Lens and/or email us at We also post great articles throughout the NFL season at As always, please rate, subscribe, and downloa ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: 22x01 - Richard Osman, Holly Walsh, Luisa Omielan, Jack Dee - Mice, Las Vegas, Beyoncé, Rubbish" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 130 of 134.
The first episode of the second season! I read and discuss "My Grandmother's Love Letters" by Hart Crane as well as explore what exactly a metaphor is and how to use one. Read the poem here: Aaron Bauer.
It’s not everyday a musician gets to actually play with their favorite band. It happened to Richie Faulkner in Judas Priest and it also happened Jamie Holka. From playing in bands that covered Captain Beyond, Jamie Holka became legendary Captain Beyond drummer/songwriter Bobby Caldwell’s right hand man. This new incarnation of Captain Beyond is ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x06 - Henning Wehn, Lou Sanders, Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford - Houses of Parliament, Wolves, Trains, Punishments" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 129 of 134.
It's QA time We've got a panel of scientists ready and waiting to tackle the questions you've been sending in. Izzie Clarke was joined by plant ecologist Howard Giffiths, chemist and writer Kit Chapman, reproductive physiologist Bill Colledge, and physicist Ben McAllister.For more podcasts by The Naked Scientists, head to ...…
It’s hard to remember what we used to cook before Yotam Ottolenghi burst into our culinary consciousness. His brand of colourful, vegetable-based food has transformed kitchens and tables the world over. Born in Jerusalem, Yotam was set to pursue an academic career after completing a master’s degree in comparative literature. However at age 30 h ...…
In the first of three interviews with French Yin Yoga teacher, Sebastian Pucelle, we explore Sebastian’s path to Yin Yoga, and how he thinks about integrating meditation practice within Yin Yoga. Links from the Episode To visit Sebastian s website: In the next episode, we’ll get into Samatha meditation and how it functions ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x05 - Richard Osman, Holly Walsh, Susan Calman, David O'Doherty - Nuts, Birds, Urine, Traditions" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 128 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x04 - Henning Wehn, Lou Sanders, Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford - Holidays, Queens, Teeth, Ants" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 127 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x03 - Sandi Toksvig, Jon Richardson, Lucy Porter, Graeme Garden - Drunkenness, Passports, Orange, The Weather" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 126 of 134.
Join Stelly and Gavin as they discuss the first segment of episode four. Squidward's response to being disturbed drives a wedge between SpongeBob and Patrick, but will this end up rebounding back on the tentacled tyrant? Elsewhere, Stelly's reveal that Eaton Rapids High School Marching Band might be involved in the Frozen soundtrack is treated ...…
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x02 - Richard Osman, Holly Walsh, Susan Calman, David O'Doherty - Sleep, Mobile Phones, Stealing, Pets" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 125 of 134.
Maddy and Simone get the inside scoop from Lou Wal, beloved Real Housewife and Simone’s childhood best friend’s mum - in the process, Lou’s secret Facebook page is exposed! Sponsored by GoNative NZ - Get the ingredients you need to create your own skincare products at wholesale prices.By Maddy Budd and Simone Nathan.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 21x01 - Sandi Toksvig, Jon Richardson, Lucy Porter, Graeme Garden - Denmark, Hair, Smells, Fish" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 124 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 20x06 - Jack Dee, Lloyd Langford, Lucy Porter, Arthur Smith - Walking, NASA, Soap Operas, Poets" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 123 of 134.
"The Unbelievable Truth: 20x05 - Alan Davies, Elis James, Richard Osman, Sindhu Vee -The Statue, Dancing, Buses, Monkeys" from was assembled into the "The Unbelievable Truth" podcast by Fourble.Episode 122 of 134.
This week; horse racing, equine flu, a hedgehog hospital and a trip to the local zoo - we're looking at how vets keep animals healthy and why that's good news for humans too. Plus, how a dose of caffeine perks up a solar panel, cell transplants to boost wound and tissue repair, and a gene breakthrough for obesity...…
As a hugely successful journalist and writer, and the founder of the international diet and lifestyle empire I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson might seem like the poster girl for perfect health. Yet anxiety and bipolar disorder have been with her throughout her life and career. Growing up in rural Australia in a big, poor family, she has always been d ...…
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