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Say Why To Drugs
The internet is full of misinformation about recreational drugs - both legal and illegal. Dr Suzi Gage, a psychologist interested in understanding associations between substance use and mental health, tackles one substance per episode - providing information about what we know - the harms, but also potential benefits of these substances. There's no hype, no spin and no judgement, just information. In the first series, she is in conversation with rapper Scroobius Pip.
True Paranormal is the gathering place for any and all who have had experiences with things that simply cannot be explained, and who want to share their stories! Every week we will be sharing stories sent to us by you. We will explore such topics as ghosts, shadow people, psychic encounters, cryptids, time shifts, demons, and any other topics that present themselves. Here you can find a safe place to share without judgement, and also possibly find some answers. To share your stories and have ...
We Have Opinions
A psychological-comedy rigamaroll where examine anything you could possibly have an opinion on! Join us every Thursday for an exciting new episode full of laughs and judgement!
Sex positivity, adult and sex work news, interviews and opinions.
Look Out, Sir! 40k
The Look Out, Sir! 40k Podcast is a collaborative production of three friends who despite their better judgement love all aspects of the Games Workshop Warhammer hobby; though predominately Warhammer 40,000. Basically we're your average Games Workshop/Warhammer 40k hobbyists who for whatever reason thought you might enjoy listening to us chat about the hobby we enjoy.
Listen as hosts, Ryan Baxter, Jeordie White, Travis English and Geek Girl Diva discuss a galaxy far, far away. We rant, we rave, we laugh and we cry (mostly from laughter), but above all we do it all without barriers or limits. We worship Star Wars to the fullest, without the fear of judgement or ridicule. Join the cult!
The Motley Fool's daily look at stocks in the news, as well as the top business and investing stories.
Judgement comes to George Pell. David Marr and Melissa Davey on the fall of a cardinal.
Heart podcast
Heart is an international, peer-reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Each issue contains original research, accompanying editorials and reviews. Please leave us a podcast review at* The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice and it is not intended to function as a ...
An ESL Experience
When I look back on my ESL career in I wonder how I survived at all. It was of course a difficult experience, the easy experience is hardly worth your while. Worse than the regular, difficult teaching experience, is the difficult, Saudi teaching experience, and worse yet is the difficult, Saudi, female teaching experience.(Thanks to Mr McCourt for my intro).This podcast is aimed at female western language instructors living and working in the Middle East. Covering a range of topics from in a ...
Winners leads the new wave of form shows, giving punters in all codes the firepower of punting concepts and access to cutting edge sectional data and benchmarking from Daily Sectionals Vince Accardi. Under the direction of renowned and innovative form guru and host Nadia Horne, Winners hunts for the best investment opportunities by accessing a wide range of acknowledged analysts, briefing punters with sharp-edged judgement and opinion, using tools like ratings and speedmaps, plus a check-in ...
Pilots and Petards Podcast: the podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us each week as we cast judgement and determine if these pilots are to be hoisted, or not to be hoisted: that is the question.
The Two Mikes
Join Mike Graham and Mike Parry, the odd couple of sports broadcasting, as they dissect the week's sporting news. Find more from talkSPORT at 740124
Primal Potential
The Primal Potential Podcast is about transformation, not information. So many of us KNOW what we need to do to achieve our goals but we aren't DOING it. There's a continuous gap between our INTENTIONS and our ACTIONS. Primal Potential is a TOOL to help you create massive change in your life and ENJOY the journey!
Ben Coomber Radio
Want to live an Awesome Life? Tune into the UK's #1 rated podcast and top 10 in the world interviewing the worlds best guests in health, fitness and personal development, as well as Q&A shows. This is a full fat show on everything nutrition, food, mindset, exercise, human performance and generally being awesome on every level (hopefully containing a few laughs too). Ben Coomber is a nutritionist, coach, speaker, writer & former obese man sharing his journey. Day to day Ben coaches in his Fat ...
Injury Prevention is an international peer review journal, offering the best in science, policy and public health practice to reduce the burden of injury in all age groups around the world. In our podcast we interview the author of that edition’s editor’s choice article.* The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice and it is not intended to function as a substitute for a healthcare practitioner’s judgement, patient c ...
Four cops make it their mission to break the silence and stigma around living and working with PTSD, and to help people despite their own struggles with stigma and judgement. Their conversations are raw, real and often sprinkled with hilarity, as these four men try to grow, support one another, and attain their goal of "helping at least one other person". Survival Mentality: A PTSD Project is a podcast for law enforcement officers, veterans, first responders, and anyone interested in convers ...
Balance Period
Balance Period is here to share real world conversations to be observed, without judgement, providing an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. With this perspective comes an opportunity to learn and grow as we becoming more self aware each step of the way.Donate (CashApp): $BalancePeriod Become a supporter of this podcast:
A regular podcast telling the story of England with warmth and wit and enthusiasm. The story of the great names and the events that made England the mosaic it is today; the daily lives of the people who made it so. We take a chronological approach, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day – when we get there! Along the way we follow the major highways of history, and some of the side roads too – what it was like to live in the Middle Ages, why the dif ...
If you've always wanted to know what the real story was behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, the MLW Radio Network’s Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard will finally give you the real answer. A terrific storyteller, Bruce has done and seen it all and now he's going to share it all with you so sit back and be ready for a wild ride! Join Bruce and his partner in crime, Conrad Thompson as they take you through the WWF's expansion in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early ...
We are moms. We are sisters. Conversations about parenting that you can only have without judgement with someone you love. It won’t always be pretty, but it will be honest. Sisters discussing parenthood- the good, bad, gross, and mundane.
Business Daily
The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.
What is HOODxHOLISTIC?Crystals x Diamonds Sage x Rap ConcertsYoga x TwerkWelcome to our space! HoodxHolistic is the judgement free zone for the spiritual around the way girls and the intellectuals with rough edges. We are proud to be your source of raw and uncensored information that you can relate to. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The intersection of Moral Philosophy and Pop Culture. A married couple discusses the finer points of pop culture through the lens of Moral Philosophy. We will cover a wide variety of topics such as the Walking dead, to the Fallout game series, to Black Mirror. We'd love to hear from you too! Add your perspective and join in the conversation. No judgement, Just conversation!
Welcome to the Let’s keep it real single moms podcast, where we can discuss and voice our opinions unfiltered! I became a mother just turning 20. Now I have a beautiful son and daughter whom I love dearly! But let’s be honest moms not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Some nights there is no sleep, you might forget to shower before dropping the kids off and going to work, and sometimes pizza is dinner...all week lol But hey this is a supportive judgement free place where we as mothers can ...
Here is a podcast where I tell stories about growing up in one of the most notorious cults in the UK and USA. Starting as the Process Church of the Final Judgement and morphing into the Foundation Faith of God- it was controversial in many ways. It evolved over the years and now has no religion, functioning solely as Best Friends Animal Society. The thing is, there's much that hasn't been told about 30+ kids that were 'raised' in this cult. Cult orphans is a fair way to describe us. These ar ...
Glaswegian Geeks
In a world rampant with TV shows, movies, comic books and video games, you may be wondering what's worth investing your time in, but worry not The Glaswegian Geeks have heard your ceaseless cries and are here to save the day (Or at least make it more bearable!). Come with us on a journey through the best and worst that life has to offer!
Welcome to Sex,Lives and Butterflies🦋🌈 talk about anything from sex to politics no judgement zone lets have fun lgbtq community Become a supporter of this podcast:
Hey Goalfriend!
It’s your fave business bestie! #imyourgoooalfriend Each episode we discuss business and branding tips, relationship and self-care advice, trending topics and the tea is always served hot!Beware this is an Unfiltered and NO judgement zone!
The latest feed from Truth For Life - Alistair Begg on
Earn Your Happy
Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tu ...
Doing It At Home is a weekly podcast about home birth and our decision to go from a traditional hospital birth with an OBGYN to a natural birth at home with midwives. This is a raw and honest show that explores homebirth from every angle. We talk about the fears and judgements thrown at you when you choose home birth. We share resources that we found tremendously helpful for understanding our birthing options. We confess the magic and craziness in preparing for pregnancy, home birth, motherh ...
Kay Carswell and Chad Riley presentBible based programming that takes a closer look at the paranormal, life events, politics and their relationship to today's prophesies.
Stage Door
West End news, show chat, ticket tips and interviews. A laid back, relaxed discussion between two theatre lovers about what's hot and what may be not in the West End, and Broadway too. It's not a review show, no judgemental snobby critical analysis - just a chat in a virtual West End pub! Get in touch with them -
Glorious thought provoking discussions about the End of the Age, current events, the "rescue mission", our awesome Intergalactic God and His Son and our King Jesus Christ (introduction leader music credit Audiomachine at, and may God BLESS all those who have contributed to this program freely. Tribulation Now has not and does not accept contributions and recommends that everyone give to the poor and underprivileged of this world in Jesus name).
Kermode Uncut
Enjoy BBC video on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available as podcasts for you to download for free.
Call the podcast voicemail line at 513-666-0916. Email the show at One of the original horror podcasts. A weekly roundtable featuring the segments "Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette" and "The Main Attraction." For more, visit!
Welcome to “Things People Don’t Say” where we speak our opinions and are free from judgement. These are our everyday conversations, we just decided to let the world hear, hope you're ready. We discuss relationships, current events, hot topics, music, sports and so much more. So come enjoy the show that is hosted by 3 of Bessemer's finest Marcus(beardedpanda), Marques(phree) and Chris(Wat).
RAW Unfiltered is a platform for real people to discuss real life events without judgement 💜👑 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to the Chris’s Perspective from the Gods podcast, where amazing things happen. People will gain new insights as well as be able to express their own. Now some big topics will be like MATERIALISM AND JUDGEMENT in today’s society; Visual, Mental and subconscious manipulators. And more✌🏽
It all abt you .. And your confession. No judgement..
The audio journal of entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor, Clay Collins (who’s writing this in the 3rd person and publishing this podcast against his better judgement). Three times per week, Clay gives you TMI in the hopes of leaving a content legacy that his twin toddlers can consume in their old age. Topics include investing, fundraising, leadership, and business strategy, and the incoherent ramblings of a sleep deprived father trying to not lose his sh*t while building a startup from ...
The latest podcast feed searching 'Francis Chan' on SermonAudio.
Love, Curvy Yoga
Love, Curvy Yoga is a podcast all about the intersection of yoga and body acceptance. Hosted by Anna Guest-Jelley and Liz Eskridge, this podcast brings you interviews, yoga and meditation practices, and much more!
The latest podcast feed searching 'Alistair Begg' on SermonAudio.
Lyrik’s Thoughts
Welcome to Lyriks Thoughts!! Bring me your questions, I will give you my thoughts. Absolutely judgement free & most importantly on 100
Listen to the lastest full sermon videos from Bible teacher Alistair Begg through the ministry of Truth For Life
Miabenjii Show
This is a no judgement zone. I want to create a space where you feel safe comfortable and loved. We will discuss everything from todays topics, life, love, gossip, but most of all im here to uplift you all. Everybody needs that 1 person who will never give up on them and never judge them. Well here I am Miabenjii !
Welcome to a place where you don't have to be anyone or anything but who truly are. No judgement, no masks. Authenticity and love, accountability and humility. Lets grow together, lets heal together, Namaste. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Legal Current
Legal Current is a podcast from Thomson Reuters, Legal, that features information and commentary on the business and practice of law.
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Need some tips for overcoming procrastination? How about battling that feeling over overwhelm or frustration? It's another Q&A episode where Sarah and I dive into your questions and challenges! Today's topics include: Sustaining and amplifying motivation Overcoming procrastination Becoming better in any area of your life Identifying negative tr ...…
More mayhem from everyone's favourite radio duo, Mike Graham and Mike Parry; this week the boys discuss elephants, the Titanic and of course... winners and losers
Prayer Vigil and Communion Service (Teaching) Join Johnny Baptist and the believers in the chat room for a Holy Communion Service and an hour plus of united corporate prayer and praise helping to draw us closer to our Lord Jesus, and our awesome Heavenly Father God. This night we will pray together, share in some Biblical mysteries and partake ...…
WrestleMania X marked the return to Madison Square Garden, where it all began nine years earlier. But this WrestleMania was different. Vince McMahon was in the fight of his life with the steroid trial, the business was much in transition where it had taken a dip, and this was the very first WrestleMania without Hulk Hogan. How did the trial eff ...…
Episode 54This week we once again sit down with Dalton Jones of Southern Souls Paranormal They have just wrapped up their investigation and cleansing of the demon house in Florence Alabama Or so they thought Listen and hear why they may be going backDuring our conversation we go over the events encounters and methods that were involved in the c ...…
This episode share my responses to the questions I was asked on the Purpessence Podcast hosted by Bryan Dusseau. Reflecting is one of the ways we are able to communicate with ourselves. The more effectively we are able to communicate with ourselves, the more effectively we will be able to communicate with everyone else! Become a supporter of th ...…
How is the Scottish city of Aberdeen coping with the UK's imminent exit from the EU? It is home to the country's oil and gas industry, as well as some 5,000 fisherman.Katie Prescott speaks to local businesspeople in both industries, who are increasingly anxious at the complete lack of certainty about what will happen when the UK does eventually ...…
On the podcast this week we’re sharing: :: Practice notes -- something we learned from our practice this week :: In our main segment, Anna talks about changing the way you think about discipline :: A resource we love :: And, our gratitude for the week! Show notes:…
Deane Lester joined Nadia Horne to preview racing tonight from Moonee Valley
Biogen falls 30% after halting trials for its Alzheimer’s drug. Healthcare analyst (and Industry Focus host) Shannon Jones discusses potential next moves for the suddenly-embattled pharmaceutical company. CVS starts selling cannabis products in eight states. Plus, a federal judge sides with the maker of Dum Dum lollipops in a battle against Too ...…
Would a Universal Basic Income help solve inequality or make it worse, and would it protect us from robots taking our jobs?Finland has just completed a two-year experiment in doing just that. Manuela Saragosa speaks to one of the grateful recipients of the pilot project, freelance journalist Tuomas Muraja. A similar approach has already been ta ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The space I’ve been in lately Balance between the extremes The questions we need to ask Fiercely saying no What I’m learning right now What has forced me to assess my life Resources: The Bliss Project 2020 Show Notes I’ve recently been giving myself some time and space to reevaluate what it is ...…
The idea of personal transformation can seem daunting - impossible, even. Fortunately, it's far simpler than you might think! In today's episode, we're exploring the simplest, happiest, most sustainable path to personal transformation and we're doing so by way of a poem that one of my 12 Weeks to Transformation clients wrote and is allowing me ...…
Cranmer's reputation has run from dishonest, ambitious politician to gentle, moderate Anglican. Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch shed light on the life and motivations of the man central to the English Reformation.By (David Crowther).
It's part two of the short series about my mother. Our relationship, as I tried to describe in the last episode, was odd at best. We ate Chinese food sometimes. We both read horror novels. We spoke sometimes. But when I shared my honest feelings, it made her angry, so I learned to not do that. She had a life full of what was important to her an ...…
I've avoided this topic so far mainly because it’s such an emotive one, in fact it's the main reason many become vegan, and I respect that. Although there is always another side to the story, and the argument around eating animal products often descends into insults far too quickly for it to become a productive discussion. When it comes to our ...…
Mark Hunter joined Nadia Horne to preview racing today at Donald
Deane Lester joined Nadia Horne to preview racing tonight from Pakenham
Beyond the Illusionary Veil with Robert Vandriest-Mitchell (Part 18) Join Johnny while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcoming apocalypse and the Seve ...…
FedEx shares fall as it deals with Brexit, the threat of Amazon, and a whole lot more. MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker analyzes the near-term future for FedEx, as well as the latest results from General Mills. Plus, we discuss Levi’s impending IPO. (Tangents include competitive dock-jumping, breakfast cereals, and Bad Idea Jeans.)…
Ed Butler reports from Mariupol port in eastern Ukraine. The port has lost a third of its fleet and up to 140,000 tonnes of exported metal products a month since Russia's construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait in May 2018, and restrictions on the size of ships that can pass underneath.Cargo vessels are being delayed by up to a week, a ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Whether having a college degree is necessary for success Steps to take daily in order to make a difference in your future Advice on resentment Resources: The Bliss Project 2020 Show Notes Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorit ...…
Warren Huntly joined Nadia Horne to preview racing today from Kyneton
Deane Lester joined Nadia Horne on Winners to preview racing today at Sandown
A new MP3 sermon from Truth For Life - Alistair Begg is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: March 19, 2019: Misplaced Faith Subtitle: Messages from Truth For Lif Speaker: Alistair Begg Broadcaster: Truth For Life - Alistair Begg Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 3/19/2019 Bible: 1 Samuel 4:1-11 Length: 37 min.…
What inspires birth workers to do what they do? In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Sarah DiMarco, a birth and bereavement doula and a mama of a blended family of 7. She shares both her experience as a doula as well as her birth stories. Following her first birth, which was in a hospital, and then experiencing 2 miscarriages after that, Sar ...…
Tilray reports a wider-than-expected loss but sales more than double. Should investors take stock in the Canadian cannabis producer? What’s the best way to invest in the cannabis space? Motley Fool analysts Andy Cross and Emily Flippen tackle those questions and talk Apple, Netflix, and the future of video. Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The ...…
To follow the world's headlines these days - from fake news to murderous terror attacks, from disease pandemics to global warming - you might be forgiven for thinking the world is becoming a pretty scary place. But is it really? Harvard University cognitive psychologist and author Steven Pinker tells us that is measurably not the case. As he ar ...…
Mix together a bit of La Mancha, Mary Poppins, Joseph, his Dreamcoat, Brexit and Trump and you get Stage Door 20! Rob and Al talk via Skype this week to cover off everything on offer in the West End this week.
You can also listen to this message on the Truth For Life web site.
A new MP3 sermon from Truth For Life - Alistair Begg is now available on with the following details: Title: March 19, 2019: Misplaced Faith Subtitle: Messages from Truth For Lif Speaker: Alistair Begg Broadcaster: Truth For Life - Alistair Begg Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 3/19/2019 Bible: 1 Samuel 4:1-11 Length: 37 min.…
Nadia Horne chats to Rob Nicholson, who gave a review of the day's #trackwork at #Caulfield.
#Trackwork reporter Darryl Shearer gives #Winners listeners a rundown from this morning's trackwork at #Flemington. #Form #Racing
Prayer Vigil and Communion Service Join Johnny Baptist and the believers in the chat room for a Holy Communion Service and an hour plus of united corporate prayer and praise helping to draw us closer to our Lord Jesus, and our awesome Heavenly Father God. This night we will pray together, share in some Biblical mysteries and partake in Holy Com ...…
“It’s like trying to run a race in the fog.” That’s how senior analyst Seth Jayson describes trying to predict how Uber and Lyft will get to profitability. We discuss those businesses in advance of their impending IPOs, plus we sift through the wreckage of 4th-quarter reports from and Lumber Liquidators.…
Are chemical elements critical for the modern economy in dangerously short supply? It's a question that Justin Rowlatt poses a century and a half after the Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev published the original periodic table.Justin speaks to two chemists - Andrea Sella of University College London explains the significance of Mendeleev's sche ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Adam started spoken word poetry Sharing his poetry Judgement on himself and his writing The vision stage + the creative process for Adam Resetting the mindset you’re in Turning something that isn’t working into an empowering belief Hollowing out periods in life Me stepping into my creative What Adam is ...…
Being goal oriented might not be the most effective way to achieve your goals. In fact, I don't think it is! In today's episode, we're talking about the difference between goal oriented and growth oriented and how the latter is likely a far more powerful, lasting approach to creating change. Being growth oriented doesn't mean you don't care abo ...…
You know that thing you keep trying to do but keep failing at? That habit you keep trying to break?? The trick is to force yourself into a new environment, then you can't NOT do it, it's impossible, and it gets done. After a weekend away I realised it was the answer to my mental anguish, but I needed to force the environment for it to happen. I ...…
Russian Doll “Nothing in This World Is Easy” Pilots and Petards is about film pilots. This is the extended discussion for the Russian Doll “Nothing in This World Is Easy.” Click here for a spoiler free analysis and evaluati ...…
The UFO puzzel with a MUFON Investigator Preston Dennett (Part 2) Join Johnny while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcoming apocalypse and the Seven S ...…
Deception Detection Radio NetworkPresentsSoul Prepperswith Kay Carswelland Special GuestRuth AlmadaStrength in Scars Generational Curses are just that, terrible chains that have been handed down to us from our parents, grandparents and even farther back than that. Many times we don't realize it until we're older and know, something just isn't r ...…
This week we discuss the Netflix Original "The Umbrella Academy". We talk about how pressure can lead to bad coping mechanisms. We talk about family dynamics. We talk about how much we loved the show. Let us know if you would like to talk about the show more!
After Mary rode into London in August 1553, Thomas Cranmer must have known he would be in the firing line - and yet at first nothing happened. And it was his own defiance that caused the queen to take action. This is story of Cranmer's defiance.By (David Crowther).
Episode 37 asks the important question: what happens if I put a camera on my junk? I talk sex dolls & robots coming to a porn set near you, what not to do on a porn set and the consequences thereof, and remind you that FOSTA is so broken it's actually having the opposite effect. I also torture myself with the pronunciation of this week's paraph ...…
The Pedersen Chronicles - Angel Wars and the Luciferian Rebellion (Show 234) Join Johnny Baptist, and brother Loren Pedersen this evening for our new series of Bible Mystery Shows entitled "The Pedersen Chronicles". Brother Loren Pedersen has spent a life time seeking the Lord on the deeper mysteries of the Universe and the hidden understanding ...…
Deception Detection Radio NetworkPresentsDr Mike Livewith Special GuestRay GanoDemonic Wars Ray Gano is a blogger, author, journalist, and is an expert in survival and preparedness who loves knives, swords and such.Thank you for all you do!Team DDRN;Keith SpearsJosh StoneJeremy StoneJulie GablerTim KareemDarrin GeisingerCliff DavisPenny CachiaH ...…
In Episode Sixteen of the "Look Out, Sir! 40k" Podcast we discuss the following topics: 26:56 - Section 1: We’re joined by Adam from 40K Brawl Events to discuss Tournaments. 1:14:47 - Section 2: We discuss the rules and units of the Shadowspear Vanguard Space Marines release. 02:05:18 - Section 3: We discuss the rules and units of the Shadowspe ...…
I am so pumped that we've added this third podcast episode each week because it allows me to do something we both appreciate: mindset coaching. Even though the questions are about weight loss, overwhelm, inconsistency or motivation, the solution is often the same: mindset. In today's episode (and likely all subsequent Q&As) we're taking your ch ...…
More mayhem from everyone's favourite radio duo, Mike Graham and Mike Parry
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