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Journey Into Misery, where Kieran Shiach explains complicated comics characters and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.
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Ahead of The War of the Realms, here's the first part of our big deep dive into Jason Aaron's epic run on Thor; covering The God Butcher, The League of Realms, the fall of Odinson and the rise of a new Thor. [image gallery]
The dead rise from their graves to take over the DC Universe in this Geoff Johns' summer crossover event which brings together the seven Lantern Corps for the first time to fight Nekron and his Black Lanterns. [image gallery]
One of the most groundbreaking & influential runs on X-Men; featuring Xorn, Kid Omega, Cassandra Nova and a super-sentient racist bacteria. Check out the image gallery here.
How do you get by as a cop in the same city as Batman? With great difficulty, as the officers of Gotham's Major Crimes Unit discover every time they go to work. Check out the image gallery here.
Tony Stark's tech is out in the wild, and he's going to have to go rogue to shut it down in this instant classic story from the late-eighties. Check out the image gallery here.
A roster of veteran Titans return to mentor the new generation, in this hugely popular revival of DC's greatest superteens. Check out the image gallery for this episode here.
One of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe and the son of Charles Xavier, it's David Haller! (He doesn't like to be called "Legion" but we had to put it in the title of the episode.) Check out the image gallery for the episode here.
The lovable misfits who handle the jobs too dirty for the Justice League... The Outsiders! Check out the image gallery for this episode here.
We're making this milestone 75th bonus episode of Journey Into Misery Extra available to everyone! The Titans and Young Justice are tested like never before, not everyone's going to survive and whoever does comes out changed forever. It gives a bit of extra context to two upcoming episodes of the show, so while not essential to enjoy those epis ...…
Spider-Man reads from the book of Ezekiel and makes his peace with sins past, but what would he do with one more day? Check out the image gallery here.
Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress are just the start when it comes to DC's fiercest female superheroes as we dive into 25 years of Birds of Prey continuity. Check out the image gallery for this week's episode here.
While the X-Men deal with world-ending crises, someone needs to be there for the little guy, and that's where X-Factor comes in. A mutant private investigation firm that becomes something so much more, in one of the best, most loved runs of the 21st century. Check out the image gallery here.
Kon-El was one of the biggest breakout stars of DC in the '90s and 00's and then disappeared completely. Track the rise and fall and return of Superboy in our latest episode. Check out the image gallery for this week's episode, here.
Catch up on the year in superhero comics with our bumper continuity catch-up. Who lived, who died, who got married, who didn't; everything you need to know about superheroes in 2018 in this episode.
The king of the seas has come to cinemas, and we're celebrating with a deep dive into the near-eighty year history of Arthur Curry, the Aquaman! Check out the Image Gallery for the episode here.
Journey into the Spider-Verse with Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and many, many, many more. Spoilers: one of them is a talking car! Here's a link to the image gallery!
Come celebrate four years of Journey Into Misery with more of the weirdest and most wonderful characters comics has to offer.
You have become unhinged from time! Join the Exiles and journey through the multiverse fixing one world at a time until they can go home.
Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's horror-tinged five year run redefined Batman for this decade, and we're gonna dig into it on this week's Journey Into Misery.
Kimota! We're diving deep into everything you need to know about Miracleman! Lawsuits, acrimonious creator relationship and one of the most complex deconstructions of superhero myth in the history of comics.
What would the Justice League look like if it came from Marvel Comics? I think it would go a little something, like this.
Head into the swamps of Louisiana with Swamp Thing and Alan Moore for a complete reinvention of how mature readers comics can exist in a superhero shared universe.
To celebrate our milestone 150th episode, we're talking about another colossally confusing comic character; the last daughter of Earth-Two, Power Girl!
On Earth, he is a regular archaeologist but in space, he is the greatest hero the planet Rann has ever known. He is Adam Strange, the man of two worlds!
A somewhat forgotten run from the early-00s, Bruce Jones took Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk to some dark place, but how does it hold up in the light of the modern day?
In one of our biggest episodes ever, we dive right into Magneto's convoluted backstory, warts and all. Are his kids really his kids? What's up with Joseph and Xorn? How was he a teenager during World War II and still kicking around today? All that and more will be answered in this blockbuster episode of Journey Into Misery.…
Mutants have a reputation for being weird, and the mutants of X-Statix take it to another level! Come meet Mr. Sensitive, U-Go-Girl and Doop, and learn about the Princess Diana controversy which briefly rocked the world.
This week we're visiting arguably the greatest Spider-Man story of all time, as well as some more classics told by the legendary J.M. DeMatteis.
We're back on hour-plus long episodes with an episode dedicated to everyone's favorite Nuclear Man, Firestorm!
Never before, never again! The biggest crossover in superhero comics, as the JLA and Avengers team-up to save both universes.
It's a world where mutants are the dominant species, humans are are going extinct and Spider-Man is a pro wrestler. Come with us, to the House of M.
The Dominators and their Alien Alliance want Earth's metahumans, and if they can't have them they'll wipe them all out, in this classic crossover from the eighties.
Not like this. Not like this. LIKE THIS! Kickstarting the Bendis Age of Marvel Comics with Avengers Disassembled.
All of your favorite dead universes come back to fight each other for dominance, as we cover the comic which took over the entire DC publishing slate for two months.
We're dropping down for a man-on-the-street view of the early days of the Marvel Universe, courtesy of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross.
Superman is MIA and the world is overrun by the next generation of heroes with little regard for how their awesome power affects the man on the street. Armageddon is nigh, and the only person who can stop it is a regular pastor with visions of the end of the world.
I was going to write an olde English description for this, but I can't be bothered. We're kicking off a month of fan-favorite stories with Neil Gaiman, Adam Kubert, Richard Isanove and Todd Klein's flashback epic, 1602.
It's like Shakespeare, but with lots more punching; Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's masterful send-up of mid-2000s superhero comics, Nextwave: Agents of HATE.
Don't cross her path, it's Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat!
Today, we're dipping back into the Legion of Super-Heroes for one of the most influential and important runs on the characters.
We're a little late on this one, but we covered Jim Starlin's Thanos saga from start to finish.
This week we're talking about one of Marvel's mightiest mutants, the Southern Belle by the name of Rogue.
Drinks onna' house, fellas. There ain't no closing time, but you gotta leave your guns at the door.
It's Patsy! Everyone's favorite romance heroine turned superhero in one of the most requested episodes of Journey Into Misery ever.
It's April Fools and this year we are the fools for putting ourselves through this year-long car crash of a comic.
The Dark Knights aren't coming; they're here! Everything you need to know about DC's best crossover event for nearly a decade.
DC's murderous misfits, the Secret Six!
The Torchbearer of the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle Rayner!
Imperius Rex! It's the Avenging Son of Atlantis, Prince Namor.
We revisit Marvel's lost year as the Avengers and Fantastic Four journey to a pocket dimension to start all over again.
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