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Best Kaiju podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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A Podcast 100% dedicated to Godzilla and all of his rubber-suited foes.
Stronghold of the Panzer Crush Podcast Network
This Kaiju Life
The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy working at an extraordinary company..
This Kaiju Life
The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy working at an extraordinary company..
Kaiju Conversation
WELCOME! Kaiju Conversation is a weekly podcast series diving into topics about Godzilla and ALL things sci-fi!
Kaiju Podcast
A bi-weekly podcast about movies with Giant Monsters! Every other week, Ralph and Jorge (Fans, not experts) will be discussing movies starring Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera, King Ghidorah, Anguirus, Sea Monsters, Giant Bugs, Scary Beasts, Space Creatures, Giant Robots and anything else bent on destroying mankind! Learn more by following @KaijuPod
Join us as we lick our blades, banter and ramble on, and provide in depth reviews of some of our favorite (and not so favorite) Anime, Kaiju, Martial Arts, Chambara, and Asian films. You can find out more about our show, all of our previous episodes, and our show notes at our blog: bladelickingthieves.wordpress.com
A podcast for & by Kaiju fans. Forged by Coleman & Kyle. Piloted by Kyle, Cameron, Marisa, & Rob. Tune in as we go toe to toe with your favorite giant monsters!
Beim König der Podcasts gucken wir chronologisch alle Godzilla-Filme und wollen auch Artverwandtes nicht auslassen. Dabei machen wir eine Reise quer durch das bunte Riesenmonster-Genre, das mehr zu bieten hat als Echsen und Affen.
Podcast where a fan and a first timer find the messages in Giant Monster and kaiju Movies. We cover the history and what happens with King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, and all those other Giant Monsters. Structured format for each episode: History Plot Talking Points Messages Final Thoughts Listener feedback and thoughts
Planet 8 Podcast
From the heart of mysterious Planet 8, your crew of Larry, Bob, and Karen explore the many worlds of science fiction, super-heroes, monsters and more.
Kaiju fans Travis Kirkland and Luca Saitta discuss and joke over the giant monster movies of Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera, and more! New episodes are released once a month.
Podcast – Maser Patrol
Futilely brave against a pop culture rampage.
Daikaiju Network
A Healthy Obsession With Kaiju
Live audio Battels, featuring the superstars of Kaiju Big Battel, with commentary by Louden Noxious
Kaiju Movie Review
Ogni mese
Kaiju Movie Review podcast reviews giant monster movies both past and present.
Kaiju Weekly
Every week we dive into the large, often cheesy, always entertaining world of giant monster movies. Join Travis, a Kaiju aficionado, as he tries to convince his friend and newbie to the giant monster world, Jake, that Kaiju films are worth his time.
Ben and Alex make their way through the vast landscape of Godzilla and related Kaiju films.
Katy Loves Kaiju
Ogni mese
Giant Monsters. Monster Movies. General Nonsense.
Cleveland Kaiju
Ogni giorno+
Explore and talk about art and entertainment in all of its forms.
Hello and welcome to the Toho Kingdom Podcast! Your number one Podcast for all things Godzilla, Gamera, and all other Kaiju! From King Kong to Cloverfield, from Gorgo to Yonggary! Its all covered here!
Ryan, a lifelong fan of the Japanese Godzilla movies, forces his two friends, Joanna and Sam, to watch the entire series with him. In each episode, the trio breaks down one of the movie and exposes its beautiful atomic glow and ugly atomic warts alike.
Nrdly Podcast
Just two brothers, discussing their love for geek culture. Interviews, news, and pure, unbridled passion for the community we all love. No politics. No agendas. Pure geekery.
City Smashers
RUUUUUUN!!! IT'S.....the City Smashers podcast! Jerson David Ambion and Matt Howell talk about all your favorite giant monster movies & tv shows. Civil engineers beware!
Skill and Bones Radio is a once monthly podcast exploring games and geek culture, brought to you from the wet coast of beautiful Bellingham, Washington. Join us as we talk nerdy.
We talk Kaiju, MST3K, Universal Monsters, Bigfoot, Tokasatsu, G-FAN & G-FEST, Classic Movies and more...
Downloadable Commentaries on Giant Japanese Monster Movies
The Gruesome Magazine podcast about classic horror and sci-fi films from 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
Kaijusaurus Podcast
A lifelong kaiju fan and a newbie make their way through the thirty-plus Godzilla canon, sharing their thoughts and waxing lyrical on each film per episode.Hosted by Steven Sloss, Ross Menzies, and friends.Edited and produced by Steven Sloss and Ross Menzies.
Welcome to I’m Boutta Skreeonk, where all your kaiju related dreams come true.
Japan On Fire puts a spotlight on the known and personal favourites of the hosts as well as providing a journey of discovery for the hosts and the listeners! Everything from Kaiju, J-horror to anime!
Cryptic Critic Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses wet, wild and taboo exploitation films and culture. Each episode, we go beyond the grave and dig up our favorite factoids. So relax in your coffin and tune in with Lizzy and Fatt Matt, as we encounter cosmic beings, cool ghouls and motorcycle monsters. This is Cryptic Critic Podcast, where anything goes. Until then, pleasant nightmares…
Five-to-seven geeks with attitude get together to review the ongoing Kamen Rider and Super Sentai shows.
Build Casters
A podcast about Gundam, Super Robots and everything in between! Hosted by TheMacabreChap and SentaiFive. Brought to you by Leg10nOfBoom.
Underground aficionado DJ/Producer:ElectroHouse DiskoNoir Techno Trance Hardtek Industrial Noize Breaks EBM...etc. etc.
Welcome to the Geeks n' Gaming Worldwide Podcast! Covering Esports, Gaming Headlines and Pop Culture, all on a weekly basis. Hosted by Devin "PiraTechnics" Younge, Alex "Mad Magical" Whieldon and Chase Wassenar.
A podcast about pairing wine with art and culture! Every other week, Emma, your host, talks with various guests about how to pair wine with the things that they love- and they're not talking about food! Learn more about wine and which bottles to look out for through a discussion of art, books, movies, music, theater, and more.
Join actor Idris Elba ("The Wire," "Luther," "Prometheus") as he discusses his new film, "Pacific Rim." Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the action thriller starts with legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, rising from the sea to begin an apocalyptic war with humans. The world’s only hope is a special type of weapon: massive robots, called Jaegers, simultaneously controlled by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge.
Five disaster teens find themselves the accidental wielders of elemental power suits and mecha steeds while charged with defending the earth... but their own messy lives threaten to be a bigger threat than robot kaiju, desiccated zombies, fae warriors, or a bigger menace from within. A fusion of tabletop RPG and radio drama, CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH features an original game system and stars veteran streamers, comics pros, and indie game designers in a fast-paced high-production value sonic ad ...
We are a podcast and we don't like capitalism and we hope you'll be our friend. Made in Troy, NY
ScreenTone Club
A fortnightly look at manga, with a focus on joint in-depth discussion of titles both old and new.
Kill The Cast
Join Jerry, Jay and Kenneth as they discuss all things horror. Movies, Games, TV and anything else they can get their bloody hands on to.
Death by Film
Matt and Paul subject terrible (and sometimes great) movies to each other against their will and talk about it. Why would we do this? For your entertainment, obviously.
Podcast oficial do Doctor Who Brasil! Reviews, notícias e conteúdos exclusivos de Doctor Who. Série moderna, série clássica, universo expandido e muito mais! Apresentado por Freddy Pavão e Thais Aux!
The List Game
A diverse panel of nerdiacs engages in a conversational improve game. Each episode begins with a topic question that puts our eccentric cast in a hypothetical situation. They have each drawn a List of topics and/or phrases from a hat that they try to fit into the conversation.
The Cool Room
Meet your new favorite drinking buddies Davydd and Damo, they'll chat to the most interesting brewers, bar owners and drinkers from around the world.
HunnicOutcasts in an grab bag. Of Pop Culture topics. We also interview Cosplayers and Indie comic writers/illustrators.
And The Hero Is
I'm just a girl analyzing pop culture with all the tools available to me.
Weekly podcast series that discusses all things comic book & animated on the big, little & internet screens
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In this thrilling episode, Chris chats it up with Kyle Yount of The Kaijucast about all things Podcasting, Fandom, Collecting and much more. If you havent’ already, you can listen to the Kaijucast here Listen to us on Stitcher: Or download us on Itunes We are also on Google Podcasts Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Contact us at: The. ...…
We finally did it. We finally got there people. We have reached Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger Episode 100. So what do we do for this hour long episode, well we kinda just do our thing, talk about Ultraman and why we love it. Much like with our anniversary episodes, we discuss about just how far we’ve come by doing the show for over two and a half ye ...…
It's the second week of October and the spooks just keep coming! This week after we discuss horror movies we discuss daikaiju horror movies!By Elijah Thomas and James Varela.
It's now October and since it's October let the spooks begin! This week we sit and chat some horror movies we've seen and what we think of them.By Elijah Thomas and James Varela.
O FIM CHEGOU! Bem, pelo menos o fim da 1ª temporada de Torchwood! Em End of Days (S01E13) vemos a equipe de Jack com os ânimos completamente alterados por conta de acontecimentos bizarros saindo completamente do controle. Invasão de aliens, pessoas do passado aparecendo do nada, fantasmas pessoais assombrando os membros de Torchwood... ah, e pr ...…
EPISODE 72 – Ralph and Jorge watched Q, aka Q: The Winged Serpent from 1982. The story follows a police officer and a diamond thief as they try to go about their normal day-to-day business while a... Jorge Garcia and Ralph Apel is covering giant monster movies every other week!By Ralph Apel & Jorge Garcia.
In this episode of The Coolroom Davydd and Damo speak to Nat from Kaiju about drinking champagne at a launch party for Porsche, how the beginnings of Kuiju blossomed from instructions found on the internet, Nat's favorite drinking spots in Melbourne, where and what to drink in Germany and the tragic story of the Royal Mail/Kaiju collab beer (th ...…
Passend zum ersten südkoreanischen Themenmonat in der deutschsprachigen Bubble aus Filmblogs und -podcasts reisen wir bereits zum zweiten Mal auf die südliche Hälfte der Koreanischen Halbinsel. Dieses Mal geht es nicht um angepisste Riesenechsen (s. Yongary-Podcast), sondern um einen notgeilen Affen mit Hang zur Obszönität. Dabei hat vor allem ...…
Com o fim da terceira temporada, vemos um Doutor sozinho na TARDIS... até que ele mesmo aparece para fazer companhia! Em Time Crash, especial do Children in Need de 2007, temos o 10º Doutor encontrando com sua versão favorita de si mesmo, o 5º Doutor! David Tennant e Peter Davison juntos tentando evitar que o tempo e espaço ganhe um buraco do t ...…
We explore the culture that believes the world is flat.By Daniel French: Fishbonius Sound Design.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bladelickingthieves/BLT-EP057.mp3 Download (right click and save as) iTunes | Google Play Music | Stitcher | E-mail | Twitter In 2008, after a relatively successful stint in Hollywood, John Woo returned to Chinese-language features with Red Cliff Part I & II, a two part epic adapted from arguably the most famous novel ...…
As batidas! AS BATIDAS NÃO PARAM! Hoje é dia de revisar The Sound of Drums e Last of the Time Lords (S03E12 e S03E13)! O Doutor, Martha e Jack tem que enfrentar um mundo dominado pelo Mestre, que em 18 meses se ergueu ao poder como Harold Saxon, Primeiro Ministro britânico e (pelo menos por um ano) soberano da Terra!…
On this episode we start off with Chris reporting back from an XR event in New York City. We talk about the challenges of choosing the right tactics for effective political change in the face of tough odds. Brit begins the first of a two-part series on Upstate New York's Anti-Rent Wars against the Van Rensselaer family. Come for the history, st ...…
Chan - Hoje vamos direto para o ano 100 Trilhões para revisar Utopia (S03E11) - tho! Chan - O Doutor, Martha e Jack vão parar em Malcassairo, onde são a última esperança da colônia de humanos do planeta! Cabe ao trio ajudar o Professor YANA... ou deveria dizer, O Mestre - tho!By Doctor Who Brasil.
Wow look at the CHOMPER on this Goji! The 80’s, what a wild time! Communists! Adulterous College Professors, Helicopters! And of course, 3D! So watch out, because this episode we are talking about the unproduced Godzilla King of the Monster’s 3D script! And it’s COMING RIGHT AT YOU! SHOWNOTES Kaiju in Real Life?! (3:24) Ocean Life, Termers, and ...…
Since the podcast is ending this year, I figured I should probably dig into the archives and find any unearthed gems. This is one of those gems – and it’s a bit shorter than I would have liked so I guess this is before we really had a lot of kaiju clout! 😛 Waaaaaaay back […]By Godzilla geek, Kyle Yount.
“Perhaps the sight of beauty makes him lose control of himself, so he kills.” Yeah, that makes no sense at all, but Mario Bava still makes it work. Join this episode’s Grue Crew – Joseph Perry, Chad Hunt, and Jeff Mohr – as they discover that the latest trend in fashion is murder in Mario […]By Jeff Mohr.
In this episode of Screentone Club, Elliot and Andy fall in love with the hot boy in class in Queen Bee, then fall through multiple layers of reality and meaning as they are dragged into the Satoshi Kon metafictional epic OPUS! Series Discussed: Queen Bee, Satoshi Kon’s Opus Assignments for next Episode: BEASTARS Vol.1, Skull-face Bookseller Ho ...…
Jerry, Jay, and special guest Heather take a look at the historic classic House of Wax starring Vincent Price! Join us as we talk the history and importance of a film that has stood the test of time! Evil Dead 2 Escape Room in Seattle at Hour Glass Escapes! https://hourglassescapes.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HourGlassEscapeGames/ https://kil ...…
Hey! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and welcome to our, uh, hundreds of new subscribers! You picked a great week to jump on because this week's episode is amazing. We discuss the debuts of Kamen Rider Jin and Valkyrie's Lightning Hornet form, but what's this; a secret new Progrise Key discovered by our Discord CastFans? Also, has Ryusoulger final ...…
Cowabunga! It's Travis' birthday once again on MONSTER ISLAND COMMENTARIES, and him & Luana celebrate with another b-day bonus episode with 1991's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE! They talk about the quick turnaround between TMNT movies, their ideas for a new Turtles film, the career high points of Vanilla Ice, the dark ...…
Ichi's mad and hungry, Tom comes at us with plenty of new Here's Drawings this week, we have various updates regarding some toku men and women, some new merch both surprising and unsurprising, among other news stories this week. Casters Present: Blue Pink Dream Savage YouTube Version: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtpzVqHdSKE] Feed th ...…
Savage Caster leads our other Casters on a superhero tokusatsu campaign. In this first episode, we meet a few of our heroes as they take a superhero internship exam and test out their abilities. Casters Present: Savage Blue Yellow Green YouTube Version: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q61kY1u_8fU] Feed the Castrangers and get $7 off you ...…
This is it, the final double digit episode ever of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger. In this astonishing episode, the Ultra-Casters talk about a new trademark for a new Ultraman, the guest list for the Tsuburaya Convention, and the first toy look at the TIGA Manga suit. We also get a creepy pasta episode of Ultraman, a Stranger Things style episode of ...…
Emma is joined by her good friend and fellow nerd to discuss the works of one of their favorite living authors, Neil Gaiman. They focus on American Gods, Good Omens, and Neverwhere, and express their unequivocal love for all his novels, but some mixed feelings for some of his film work. Listen to hear which wines pair well with the macabre and ...…
Chegamos a mais um finale da Série Clássica! Em The Wheel in Space, sétimo arco da 5ª temporada, vemos o Doutor e Jamie tendo que enfrentar mais uma vez a ameaça dos Cybermen (os primeiros com a emblemática lagriminha), desta vez em em 2079, na Estação Espacial W3 e no Foguete Silver Carrier! Também é dia de dar boas-vindas à Astrofísica, Astro ...…
It's now October and since it's October let the spooks begin! This week we sit and chat some horror movies we've seen and what we think of them.By Elijah Thomas and James Varela.
This week the gang is #blessed with a guest: Justin Roczniak of Do Not Eat YouTube fame and acclaim. We discuss Tesla under-delivering their electric Ford Pintos, cars being just the absolute worst, some light history on urban transit is sprinkled throughout, and we ask: nuclear energy - hot or not? Wildflowers for the week are about how strike ...…
Well it’s been four episodes, guess it’s time to talk about two more episodes of Denkou Choujin Gridman! But first, these two Ultra-Casters talk about some neat news stories. Some of them are about the stylish merchandise and the rest is about future projects such as New Generation Heroes and Shin Ultraman. Casters Present: Yellow Pink Show Not ...…
Giant Monster Messages: Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) Taylor is asking for a lot of listener corrections in our episode for the 1966 film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Also, Joshua proves that the Condor isn't the worst kaiju. Time 01:34 History 12:14 Plot 17:25 Talking Points 26:49 Messages 30:52 Final Thoughts 32:24 Listener Feedback Contac ...…
Welcome back, GGWP-ers! Chase is back this week, and the guys break down everything that happened in the Worlds Play-Ins! Also, we discuss which Group is an anime, which songs are better than ‘Phoenix’, and ranking our favorites through the years. After the break, Magical and Pira engage their inner trekkies on and get hyped for Picard, but Cha ...…
Welcome back to another episode of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger! Ultra-Yellow & Ultra-Pink Casters return to discuss about a premium bandai eye-slugger, and how Ash has finally won a Pokemon league. As for episodes discussions, we see Ultraman fight a bird monster, how Tiga survived the robot bomb, and the debut of Ultraman Taiga: Photon Earth!! Oh ...…
The dead. We all have a fear of death, corpses, decay...and the strange border between life and death. What of those creatures that walk that border, the undead? In this episode, the Planet 8 crew looks at zombies and ghouls. What are they? And what is the difference between the two? We'll do a semi-chronological journey through film starting w ...…
This week Chris and David report back from Bird-dogging the Mayor about the coverup of the police murder of Edson Thevenin. Also Chris is sober. Bernie Sanders needs to fix Taco Bell for the people. Liz Warren's plans aren't enough, because you gotta build movements. For our wildflowers: Spiders ride the lightning and use electricity to fly! // ...…
It's our SEASON 4 premiere! After a short break, we're back with a spotlight on the impeccable Joaquin Phoenix as Matt gives a first time watch to the Oscar-winning GLADIATOR and Paul gives a shot to the lost 80's kids movie RUSSKIES (starring a young Leaf Phoenix). Plus, we introduce you to our new Season 4 "cast member".We also have a brand n ...…
It's BORGTOBER METALLIX! Which weirdly makes this a comic-themed week because in Zero-One, we meet a modern manga-ka, and witness the debut of Flaming Tiger. Then, Ryusoulger somehow pulls off the impossible: an interesting one-off episode?! Finally, we begin Borgtober Metallix with the opening three-parter of Beetleborgs Metallix. Does this ch ...…
The sexy Saucermen are back to take on some giant ants! Them! from 1954 is a true classic so how do these 3 gentlemen feel about in 2019? Let's find out! https://killthecast.podbean.com/http://www.legionpodcasts.com/kill-the-cast/ Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/killthecast FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/killthecast/ Twitter @KilltheCa ...…
Lots of news this week! The new sentai trademark, toy images, Kickstarters, RKFs, Figuarts, and... Red Woz? Casters Present: Blue Pink Yellow Dream Savage YouTube Version: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRXp5zrpdds] Feed the Castrangers and get $7 off your first order with SkipTheDishes! https://www.skipthedishes.com/r/6YaJc65HKg…
Pri (@SunglassPri) is back with a solo BONUS episode of Radio Kōsen! On this episode, Pri recaps and dissects the absolutely insane news that not only have Mill Creek Entertainment inked a deal with Tsuburaya and licensed the rights to the entire Ultra Series, they are also going to release a bunch of shows before the end of 2019! Pri also cove ...…
Doctor Who tem aquela habilidade de fazer coisas banais se tornarem ameaças numa escala absurda, e em Fury from the Deep, sexto arco da 5ª temporada da Série Clássica, não é diferente! Na aventura de hoje vemos o Doutor, Jamie e Victoria enfrentando as malignas Algas que controlam a mente de suas vítimas! Também é dia de se despedir de Victoria ...…
Hey space cadets, just a quick message to fill you in on our very first listener's party! We'll be celebrating more than a year's worth of Planet 8 fun on October 20th from 1 to 4 pm at the 7 Stars Bar and Grill at 398 Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California. We'll have a DJ, exciting prizes, and you might even get to be a part of a future Planet ...…
In this episode of Screentone Club, Andy and Elliot get Hot and Gory with Shintaro Kago's anthology Super Dimensional Love Gun before settling down for a nice relaxing apocalypse via Light Novel harem. All very normal stuff. Series Discussed: I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse, Super-Dimensional Love Gun Assignments for next Episo ...…
Estamos na reta final da primeira temporada de Torchwood! Em Captain Jack Harkness (S01E12) temos Toshiko e Jack indo parar no Ritz, em 1941, onde conhecem ninguém menos que... Jack Harkness? Um baita episódio que levanta mais perguntas do que responde em que conhecemos ainda mais as facetas de nossos personagens!…
What’s up, GGWP-ers! It’s WORLDS, so Pira and Magical (Chase is sadly out sick) talk key play-ins matchups, and Pira muses on Riot’s conspiracy to make Orianna strong for Worlds every year. Also, Louis Vuitton is making a trophy case, but WHERE IS THE WORLDS SONG? Lastly, several teams in NA and EU are getting a brand takeover or makeover, and ...…
Between Kamen Rider Vulcan Punching Kong and Kishiryuoh Pachygaroo, we got two punchyboys this week. Also up for discussion this week is Zero-One Flying Falcon, the rapid yet consistent and thorough storytelling Zero-One has maintained, and how Ryusoulger somehow maintained an OK episode two weeks in a row, despite the miss of giving Melt a sup ...…
In the history of me of saying “this interview has been a long time coming”, this one might take the cake. In the very first year of the podcast, I spoke with Keith Aiken about coming on the show to talk about some of the knowledge he had… ten years later, the conversation is finally […]By Godzilla geek, Kyle Yount.
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