Best Lame podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Too Lame For Radio
A weekly podcast with Weather Girl Jenny & Web Girl Tina from The Dave Ryan Show!
Lame On! Comics
The comic book podcast with no powers and no responsibilities. Listen in as the dweebs go back through and review the comic books of their youth, as well as discuss the mysteries of the universe. Be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes for all of the latest episodes released every two weeks.
Lame Town Review brings you an eclectic mix of music with only a few minutes of annoying commentary!
Hey !!
LAME- a weekly discussion about the Christian music world and its relevance to today's young generations. Hosted by college students, the show selects artists to feature each week. The backgrounds of the artists are discussed, as well as the inspiration for their music and what artist shares a similar sound in the secular music world.
Separated by hundreds of miles and a state border, modern technology now allows Noah and Eddie to continue their chats and rants and let everyone else listen in.
ironically it was our hate for podcasts that drove us to make a podcast
Lame and Ignorant is a podcast hosting site which brings you two premiere podcasts. The Lame and Ignorant podcast is hosted by Leonardo Barajas and Eladio Martinez. Join these two life long friends as they look to meet and speak to Chicago artists. The Southside Huckleberries podcast is hosted by four brothers Jonny, Nicolas, Braulio, and Eladio. Join the hilarious Chicago Southside Huckleberries as they discuss current events and give their take on society.
Tech, Culture, Movies, Food. Consuming podcasts like cheap calories. I just want to join the cool kids.
Paralyzed in an accident while a baby, young Prince Dolor is imprisoned in a lonely tower by his usurping uncle. He is visited by his mysterious godmother who provides him with magical gifts, including a travelling cloak that allows him to fly across the land. He uses his gifts to return to his rightful place on the throne. Also included are several short stories by the author also featuring princes. (Chapters 12-15) (Summary by Alys)
L.A.M.E. Talks
L.A.M.E. Talks serves to inspire individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Sometimes we lose the motivation to continue chasing our goals, however L.A.M.E. Talks wants to be the guiding light to keep pushing others further. Email us any questions, comments, or topics you would like us to discuss at Subscribe to our podcast and check back every Monday at 12 p.m. for updates!
Lame Ducks Podcast
Join Kristian Garrett and Jake Goldberg as they discover the joys of being more than just headline readers in this ever-changing political world. The goal here is to gain a better and more complete understanding of the world of politics. Conversations welcome.
Chatty and Lame
A few star stuffs compiled into people make noises to communicate to each other about *information*, which entertains them, or displeases them.
Please like share and Subscribe!!People are Lame is a Podcast hosted by Isaac Ulibarri that talks about all things Pop culture, from movies, video games, television to everything in between.Joined by his Brother Bill, they inspire to make one another laugh, and share a passion for all things Pop culture. I hope you all enjoy, Feel free to contact us at: PeopleAreLamePodcast@gmail.comFollow on Twitter @PeopleLamePodand Like us on Facebook! Thank you!
Radio is Lame
Radio is Lame is your insight into content creation. Each week, Jonny Casino will bring in a guest creator to talk about something they have learned from doing it right or doing it wrong. If you want to know what goes into making different types of content, this is for you. If you want a little inspiration from other creators, this is for you.
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At 1:25 Tina talks about what's draining her lately, at 14:45 we talk about toxic friendships, at 22:22 we talk about "Doing it scared", and more!
Wait what? Paul is reading new comics? That is very undweeb-like. Tune in for another episode of This Week in Daredevil where Paul reads the current run of The Man Without Fear written by Lame On fav, Chip Zdarsky.By Lame On! Comics.
At 4:40 Jenny talks about how she almost ruined her interview with Loud Luxury at Star Party, at 7:36 one of us got a DM from a Star Party artist, at 23:05 Tina talks about meeting Billie Eilish, and more!
At 13:25 Jenny talks about what she's over people saying about her, at 20:30 we discuss if it's a flaw to "need" to be with someone, and at 22:35 Tina is annoyed with pictures guys post on Hinge.
Paul has returned from the land of Department K and Alphaflight just in time for our first Spider-Man epic, Maximum Carnage. Written by Tom DeFalco for Marvel Comics, the whole Spider family is here to fight off this epic 90's crossover.By Lame On! Comics.
At 1:15 we decide on the name to call our listeners, at 2:42 Tina calls Jenny out for something she did in the studio this morning, at 13:00 we tells our stories of being slapped by other females, and at 22:05 we discuss when it's okay to look at an exes socials.
At 6:20 Tina has a brilliant idea of what to call our podcast listeners, at 7:50 Jenny talks about her amazing San Diego trip, at 21:20 Tina talks about what upset her at a wedding this weekend, and more!
When Paul's away, the Dweebs will play. Steve, Rachael and Omar get loose with it in the Lame On Lounge and talk about Jonathan Hickman's upcoming run on X-Men, and the ownership of fandom.By Lame On! Comics.
At 2:20 Tina talks about why she was hungover at 5pm on Saturday, at 6:03 we talk about mental health and get real about things we've gone through, and at 20:05 Jenny is upset about her bday coming up.
At 2:10 Tina dishes all the deets on her London/Paris trip, at 20:05 Jenny tells why it took her 12 minutes on a date to realize it wasn't going to work, & at 27:25 Jenny discusses her experience getting her eyebrows microbladed!
Deep from the recesses of our collective long boxes, its Lame Ass Book Club! This week, the Dweebs discuss their lame picks including Dinosaurs for Hire, Sludge, Cyber Gerbils, and William Shatner's Tek World. Spoiler alert, at least one of them isn't good.By Lame On! Comics.
Jenny confronts Tina about something that upset her, Tina's parents have officially given up on her, and how changing your outlook on things can help make your life a whole lot better!
We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life. Forever gluttons for punishment, the Dweebs are back and reading the Rob Liefeld masterpiece, Brigade from Image Comics.By Lame On! Comics.
At 5:40 Jenny admits to something disgusting she used to do for a boyfriend, at 18:10 Tina creeped into Jenny's past and discovered something ridiculous, at 24:35 someone confesses to being on pornhub, and more!
At 9:50 we talk about hangover cures, at 15:06 Jenny tells the funny story of how she got into radio, at 16:45 we discuss how to not bring in past baggage to new relationships,and more!
The Dweebs revisit the great Stan Lee's original run on Daredevil and talk about the "fan favorite" story line of Matt's uber hip twin brother, Mike Murdock.By Lame On! Comics.
At 1:31 Tina explains why she had to reach out to her roommate's parents at midnight Friday, at 15:40 we discuss a simple thing guys need to start doing when dating, at 17:55 Jenny gets real about her rough half marathon experience, and more!
At 8:35 Jenny gets emotional about her personal life, at 22:05 Tina and Jenny have a disagreement about something Tina tweeted, and more!
At 4:20 Tina explains why she went to a Jonas Brothers concert by herself, at 7:46 Jenny talks about how her sister is trying to steal her thunder, and at 17:30 Tina asks an elementary school question, does Jenny get it correct?
The dweebs are back from Spring Break and are talking about everyone's favorite 90s mulleted ragin' cajun'. That's right, we're talking about Gambit, created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee for X-Men and Marvel Comics.By Lame On! Comics.
At 9:10 Jenny has an issue with a character on Gossip Girl she used to love, at 20:57 a listener sent in a great quote to help not allow social media to affect your life, at 23:55 Jenny asks Tina a disgusting question, and more!
At 1:40 Steve crashes the podcast to ask a very inappropriate question, at 11:15 Jenny tells why she had melted cheese in her hair Sunday morning, at 23:15 Tina admits she had a break down on a vacation, and more!
At :55 Tina talks about who she fell in love with in Hawaii, at 12:20 Jenny says who she went off on this weekend and why, at 22:00 it's Teens bday week and we discuss plans for it!
Lair and Sid join me today to talk about creating YouTube videos as a couple. I’ve thought about doing a podcast with my wife, but that just doesn’t look like its the best idea for me. These guys inspired me. Not to make content with my wife, but just to do more things together as a couple. Follow Lair: @LairGaming Follow Sid: @sydlesticus Chec ...…
Dust off the long box, it's time for another Lame Book Club. This week we shed light (or some shade) on some weird or forgotten books from the 90's.
Dino joins me this week to talk about many different things. The initial purpose was to discuss being a Nintendo brand ambassador and partnering with brands, but we got into way more. We discuss being different, esports, and, of course, community. Listen to his chill vibe and learn how to take your content to the next level. Follow Dino: @TheCr ...…
At 5:15 Tina talks about a love triangle she's dealing with, at 18:19 Tina has an illegal suggestion for Jenny's sleep issues, and at 24:25 Jenny confesses why going to certain places in St Paul gives her anxiety!
Chris joins me this week from one for the most successful indie podcasts I’ve ever heard. Married To The Games is a longer than average show, has four hosts, and talks about all the new games/news that many other shows discuss. I see those aspects of a show working against its success, but that is not the case for them. How have they been so su ...…
Jenny and Tina are running the ship now. At 14:50 we discuss our feelings on Valentines Day, at 17:20 Jenny reveals something about her personal life, at 23:10 Tina talks about something she struggles with because of her job, and more!
We're not going to sugarcoat it. This my be the worst book we have EVER READ. Experience the love that almost destroyed the entire comic book industry. Experience the sinister crossover of Image Comics and Valiant Comics, Deathmate.By Lame On! Comics.
Jake joined me today to tell me all about Wrestlethon, a charity even he does. His charity event works with Child’s Play Charity, who provides toys to kids in situations. Jake’s passion for helping kids touched my heart. Sit back and learn how you can use your passion to help those in need. Follow Jake/Wrestlethon: @Wrestlethon Check out how yo ...…
At :45 we discuss the future of Too Lame for Radio, at 7:20 Jenny talks about breaking a bed, at 15:20 Tina talks about how she's being nicer, and more!
We're beginning to think Paul is reading Daredevil for the Catholic guilt and legal drama rather than the ninjas and the ass kicking. Tune in again for another This Week in Daredevil. This episode, Paul guides us through Identity written by Marvel Comics scribe Charles Soule.
At 4:06 Falen tells the mortifying story of the first time Aunt Flo came around, at 14:05 we discuss if our first was really AS BIG as we think they were, and at 17:18 Jenny's friend tells her she has a beautiful _____ what?!
New year. New Dweebs. Will they get their crap together, probably not. Tune in for the first episode of the year as they delve into why there were so many hawk related characters in the 90's with Hawkman, Darkhawk, Shadowhawk, and Nighthawk. But does this bird-session go any deeper??? The dweebs let this theory take flight…
Luke joined me on this episode to talk about taking over as a cohost on The Xbox Drive. There are always worries about how you play your role when the show is already established. He also gets into what its like having an online presence that could collide with his real life presence. Follow Luke: @MLSReserves Consume Luke’s content: ...…
At 2:20 Jenny says why she doesn't want to send f*boy memes to friends anymore, at 4:10 Tina talks about how she's getting shit done, at 8:05 Falen touches on what scares her when it comes to giving advice, and at 12:40 we tell you the MUST watch show on Netflix.
Victor Lucas graced me with his presence to talk about taking Electric Playground (or EP Daily) from TV to YouTube. What a career this guy has had. Listening to this, it might help you see how it’s possible to start a TV quality show on YouTube. For me, it gave me insight on how to just break off and start your own thing as a profession. Either ...…
A story so big, they should totally consider making a movie about it. The dweebs close out the year in proper style, by reading one of the biggest comic book crossover events of all time- The Infinity Gauntlet. With this event, Marvel Comics laid the groundwork for decades to come, but is it any good??? Tune in to find out!…
Making a network of podcasts has been the dream of a number of people I know. Sometimes, this comes from the desire to bring people together. Sometimes, its starts to happen without even trying. Regardless, there are many struggles that come from trying to do this right. John joins me today to talk about these struggles. Follow John: @johnjgalb ...…
I really want to keep looking at community and how it thrives. In this episode, Darby comes by to help do just that. He’s incredibly humble and has a great look at how community is mutually beneficial. Follow Darby: @bluetvgames Consume Darby’s content:… If you have an idea for a show, or any other content you would l ...…
At 7:18 Falen discuses why she's DONE trying to set people up, at 15:30 Jenny explains why she was late for work today, at 22:26 we do a quick Christmas gift guide, and more!
Does being a crime boss also make you an effective Mayor? Tune in to This Week in Daredevil and find out! This installment, Paul walks the dweebs through the shocking finale of Mayor Fisk written by Charles Soule. New episodes every two weeks.By Lame On! Comics.
I did’t know exactly what I wanted to talk to Scott about. I knew there was a lot to learn from him, but I could not quite pin down one specific thing. As it turned out, that was a good thing. Scot had so many important things to say. Follow Scott: @ScottCJones Consume Scott’s content: @heavilypix… ...…
At 3:40 Falen talks about how she bribed Jake into bringing her food, at 7:20 Tina admits she the most awkward person on stage, at 11:20 Jenny reveals who called her thicc at Jingle Ball, and more!
Oshikorosu took time out of his busy content creating to come talk to me. This guy is amazing. He makes great content, he has fun streams, and he knows community. The insight he has into community was more than I expected. Follow Oshi @Oshikorosu Consume Oshi’s content: If you have an idea for a show, ...…
Are you more thuggish? Or are you ruggish? Ponder this eternal question while you tune in to the brand new episode of Lame On! This week we discuss the hallmark indie comic book Bone, written by Jeff Smith.By Lame On! Comics.
John Wahl, the other half of the MegaDads, joins me this week. I had planned on talking about cohosts, which we do some, but we touch on so many other things. A big topic is about not censoring yourself, even if your kids might hear it one day. Sit back, have many laughs, and take in what John has to say. Follow John @wahlnut77 Consume John’s c ...…
Alex Van Aken, along with his cohosts, have taken podcasting to thew next level. They right articles and make some of the greatest videos. On top of all that, they have made OK Beast into a real brand. They have a nice website and even merchandise. Alex was nice enough to stop by and talk to me all about these things and give advice on how othe ...…
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