Best Medicare podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Medicare Helpers
Who needs Medicare help? Everybody! Financial advisors do. CPA's do. People approaching age 65 do. People over age 65 do. Right, we have a lot of work to do!
This is MedicareBob, a Podcast created to empower Seniors with Medicare knowledge.
Market Street Wealth Management is a full service wealth management and financial services firm located in West Chester, PA. What makes our firm unlike any other, is our focus not only on investment management and finances, but many other areas of concern that retirees face like Social Security planning, Medicare and healthcare counseling, wills, trusts, estate planning and much more.
Small changes, made over time, can produce significant results. Much like a high performance engine, or an entire orchestra, when even a small part is not doing what it is supposed to do, everything suffers. And the same is true of your finances. This show is dedicated to the small things that make a significant difference.
The Gist
Slate's The Gist with Mike Pesca. A daily afternoon show about news, culture, and whatever else you'll be discussing with friends and family tonight.
Supporting entrepreneurs & inspiring innovation.
The Intercept produces fearless, adversarial journalism, covering stories the mainstream media misses on national security, politics, criminal justice, technology, surveillance, privacy, and human rights. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
Money Talking
Go beyond the headlines and economic jargon for a look at what’s happening in the business world and in the workplace – and why it matters in your life.
CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.
Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus weekly market insights, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews from Morningstar’s director of equity research, director of personal finance, and stock and fund analyst team. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.
No commercial breaks. No frightened executives. Subscribe to's free podcast to get O'Reilly's one-of-a-kind brand of news analysis. Head to for daily analysis directly from Bill.
One side effect of our national addiction to Trump’s tweets and other news cycle garbage is that fascinating issues, brilliant books and important debates aren't getting the attention they deserve. With a rotating crew of your favorite Crooked Media hosts, contributors, and special guests, Crooked Conversations brings Pod Save America's no-b.s., conversational style to topics in politics, media, culture, sports, and technology that aren’t making headlines but still have a major impact on our ...
Every week Chris Hayes asks the big questions that keep him up at night. How do we make sense of this unprecedented moment in world history? Why is this (all) happening? This podcast starts to answer these questions. Writers, experts, and thinkers who are also trying to get to the bottom of them join Chris to break it all down and help him get a better night’s rest. “Why is this Happening?” is presented by MSNBC and NBCNews Think.
Slate Daily Feed
The Slate Daily feed includes new episodes from more than 30 shows in the Slate Podcast Network. You'll get thought provoking analysis, storytelling, and commentary on everything from news and politics to arts, culture, technology, and entertainment. Discover new shows you never knew you were missing.
A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face the Sacramento region.
JAMA Network
Audio Interviews with Authors of articles in the JAMA Network Specialty Journals
Money Talking
Go beyond the headlines and economic jargon for a look at what’s happening in the business world and in the workplace – and why it matters in your life.
This podcast is a free portion of The Young Turks news show! To get the podcast for the entire two hours of news visit The Young Turks content can also be found on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on YouTube at
Dr. Evan Levine, author of "What Your Doctor Won't (or can't ) Tell You " and Matt LoGuercio take a humorous and irreverent look at the problems in our health-not-care system.
For 25 years, listeners have counted on Karen Ellenbecker and our team of advisors for reliable, relevant information designed to help with life's challenges. Each show includes our wealth advisors giving their own financial perspective and interviews with local and global economists, attorneys, tax and real estate specialists, authors and other special guests.
Glass Half Full
A Podcast for Occupational Therapy Talk
Wake up with "This Morning: America's First News." Gordon Deal and news anchor Jennifer Kushinka go beyond the headlines with the day’s first look at news from the U.S. and around the world; bringing a lively blend of intelligent information, humor, and expert analysis to morning radio.
Tune in each week as the American Enterprise Institute's James Pethokoukis interviews economists, business leaders, academics and others on the most important and interesting issues of the day. You can find all episodes at AEI, Ricochet, and wherever podcasts are downloaded, and look for follow-up transcripts and blog posts at
Gimme Some Truth
Walkner Condon Financial Advisors provides financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and families in the Madison, WI area.Check out our "Gimme Some Truth" Podcast to hear about market concepts, investment trends, financial planning tips and more.
Keen on Retirement
We take you through the financial planning process to help ensure you make smart decisions about your money and your life. Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate you, entertain you, and guide you to living the life you dream about.
The latest medical news, analysis and reporting. (Updated periodically)
ReachMD brings you the latest research, announcements, and conversations from the most important medical conferences around the world. Join us on the conference floor with keynote speakers, experts, and opinion leaders.
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
The Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) serves its readers as the single most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. Usually presented in conjunction with an original report and an editorial published on, the JCO podcasts enable readers to stay current on the latest research while placing the results into a clinically useful context.
Your Call
KALW's call-in show: Politics and culture, dialogue and debate.
Clearing the FOG: Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed on WeAct Radio, 1480 am, out of Anacostia, Washington, DC. The ruling FOG (Forces of Greed) spin news stories in their favor and keep the masses distracted with celebrity gossip and reality shows. Each week we feature guests who are working to expose the truth and offer real solutions to the current crises faced by our nation and the world. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you will be empowered to act to shift power to ...
We want to help people understand medicine. Understand how the human body works, and why modern medicine looks the way it does. We also want to laugh. Laugh about happy and sad things. Laugh about the ridiculousness of our healthcare system. Laugh so we don't go insane. We hope you'll join us to learn and laugh a little about medicine, current events shaping our medical care, and the overarching healthcare system that affects all of our lives more than we know.
A New Morning
Collection of LIVE interviews from Buffalo's Early News on WBEN
ASN Kidney News is a newsmagazine aimed specifically at the nephrology community. Its articles address new clinical developments, epidemiological findings, federal and state policy updates, insights about practice management, industry trends, and opinions from leading nephrologists and other policymakers.
» GW WonkCast
Policy matters. From under the radar regulations to innovations in social policy, the Trachtenberg WonkCast navigates the wonky world of policy so you don't get lost in the weeds. Jessica Blackband steers this roundtable discussion while regular contributors Natalia Abrahams, Haley Dunn, Erik LaDue, Katherine Lundie, Gabe Moss, Eli Richman, and Nathan Rupp offer their analyses of crucial policy topics served up by a range of special guests.
Patient Financial Experience
We are Timothy Faust and Kelly Jo. We really like health policy and heavy metal. Every other-week or so we'll discuss a current-ish event we think is interesting, and a health policy or health law paper we're into. We'll also discuss a metal album and attempt to say "this kicks ass" in as many words as possible for a few minutes.
We Are Libertarians helps you sound smarter while talking to your friends. Our goal is to help you understand national and local government as well as politics and policies from an independent point of view. We examine current events from a libertarian perspective while treating modern politics with all of the irreverence it deserves. We toss out the screaming heads, put people before political parties, and give context to the news to make you think. Our host is Chris Spangle, a fifteen year ...
Healthcare in the United States is constantly changing, and often confusing and frustrating. Join a healthcare actuary and an average guy as they cover the current status of healthcare and its impact on the end user… you.
Raising the profiles of the next generation progressive candidates, organizations, and ideas. Subscribe to our podcast, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @MillenPolitics, and tune in to the Progressive Radio Network every week at 8pm EST to hear our newest episodes.
Discussing anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or anything else that benefits you.
This group of podcasts was put together by the students of Colgate University's Public Economics course as a final project.
EQUAL TIME is where Vermonters talk about issues ignored by the corporate media—mothers opposing toxic pollution, workers fighting for decent jobs, nurses working for health care reform, students speaking out about their education, farmers struggling against corporate agribusiness, and more.
Dueling Dialogues
A Dueling Dialogue based on the politically charged emails exchanged between Canadian leftist, Connor Murphy, and United States Midwestern conservative, Grace Matthews. Both are writers at The Right Left Chronicles. Away from the bubble and the beltway, alone, together or with a guest, Murphy and Matthews squabble over current issues and events that impact everyday citizens in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the World. It’s unobstructed free speech about politics, media, economy, ...
Health Professional radio gives you access to interesting and entertaining interviews, news updates, professional profiles, research updates on a broad range of topics related to health. 454422
Third Fridays
"Third Fridays" is a live, 30-minute legal talk show from Lois LLC featuring moderator Christian Sison. It is the original forum in which real attorneys discuss workers' compensation issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations. The goal of the show is to showcase the diverse perspectives of the attorneys handling workers' compensation cases. Attorneys discuss case law trends, practical litigation strategies, and hot topics.
Unleashing The Power of Value-Based Healthcare
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How soon after waking up do you check your phone? Do you compulsively refresh your Twitter feed? Can you find your way around without Google Maps? There are many obvious and tactile ways in which Silicon Valley has its hooks in our everyday lives. And as we see Big Tech face increased scrutiny, people are becoming more conscious of their intera ...…
Cathy O'Neil joins Felix on the inaugural episode of this new mini series from Slate Money all about travel. Felix and Cathy talk overtravel; the joylessness of business class, alcohol on planes, optimization, and peanut butter crackers. Mathbabe’s Guide to Overtravel Email: Twitter: @felixsalmon,@mathbabedotorg Podcast pro ...…
Josh Levin is joined by Robert Lipsyte to discuss the settlement between the NFL and ex-49ers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid. Sean Forman also joins to explain how he built Sports Reference and Tom Junod talks about his article on his father and sports gambling. Colin Kaepernick (3:10): Robert Lipsyte opines on whether Kaepernick or the league ...…
Progressives have been trying to make the Democratic Party move to the left and adopt their agenda since Senator Bernie Sanders started running for president in 2015. Like the many who have tried before them, they have failed. We speak with Nick Brana, the former national political outreach director for the Sanders campaign and a co-founder of ...…
Virginia Heffernan talks to Danny Cevallos, criminal defense attorney and legal analyst for MSNBC, about Paul Manafort and the theory that Trump is not the top of the Mueller investigation.
Sen. Graham calls for investigation after McCabe interview; McCabe: Trump asked Rosenstein to put Russia probe in memo justifying firing of FBI Director James Comey ; McCabe Rosenstein offered to "wear wire" into White House; McCabe: Trump asked Rosenstein to put Russia probe in memo justifying firing of FBI Director James Comey; McCabe: Trump ...…
Jordan remembers jolting awake in his cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, in the early-morning hours of Saturday, February 2. He had been hit with pepper spray to the face. Jordan, who The Intercept is identifying by a pseudonym, said guards sprayed and shackled him and his cellmate, then led them, partially blinded ...…
In order to switch a Medicare Supplement after the age of 65 you must medically qualify. You do not have to be as healthy as a 30-year-old but most carriers want at least a two-year stability of your health. In this post, we are going to go over the qualifications for most carriers with those that have diabetes. First thing is, from the carrier ...…
Ron Siegel discusses local and national current events, politics, personal and business finance with a few mortgage tips along the way. A Southern California mortgage expert and bonafide political junkie, Ron Siegel delivers intelligent, entertaining radio that makes the hard news of the week easy to understand! Ron Siegel will discuss: Million ...…
Last year, thousands of young Afghans marched across the country, demanding an end to fighting that has destroyed millions of lives since the Soviet invasion in 1979. The grassroots peace movement led to a number of local ceasefires throughout the country between Taliban militants and Afghan government soldiers. Young men who had recently been ...…
Zlati Meyer from USA Today explores a minor-league baseball team's decision to stop selling peanuts and Cracker Jacks at its ballpark.
Steven Nelson from The Washington Examiner previews the court battles that the Trump administration will face after declaring a national emergency in order to build the border wall.
The Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn discusses the problem of blackface on college campuses, both within old yearbooks and at parties today.
John Fritze from USA Today explains that, while many presidents have declared national emergencies, they've rarely been employed in the way President Trump is using it for the border wall.
A revealing conversation about the life and teachings of James Baldwin that draws on Beauford Delaney, the pivotal role of invested teachers, and how the writer shaped the racial and cultural landscape in America. In this episode of Dialogues, Pulitzer Prize winning cultural critic Hilton Als is joined in conversation by friend, collaborator, a ...…
Democrats ready to challenge President Trump's emergency declaration, how colleges are combating incidents of blackface on campus, and a look behind how President's Day came to be.
Payless is no more. Cheri Preston with details about the shoe retailers demise.
Inside the Episode We talk with MacKenzie Kelley, about the experiences of moms during and after a NICU stay. We discuss common mental health concerns, and the role of OT in preventing and managing these complications. Give us feedback on this episode! Contact us
Do you like horses? How about dancing horses? If those words sound fun to you, you’ll be delighted to meet Amanda Kenny, the head horse trainer at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst New Jersey, where a surprisingly large chunk of the show focuses on elaborate dressage routines (that’s horse ballet, for you non-equestrians out there). Amanda tells Jord ...…
A devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti created an unprecedented health crisis that led the U.S. to grant Haitians Temporary Protected Status. But with the Trump administration's plan to eliminate TPS, 60,000 Haitians living in the U.S. may be deported. NewsHour Weekend's Ivette Feliciano reports on one doctor's efforts to confront Haiti's healt ...…
Chesa Boudin is the son of radical leftists who were imprisoned in the 1980's. Now, he's running for San Francisco District Attorney on a platform of radical progressive change.
Timing is how the ever so humble Lisa Kron explains how she revolutionized theater, first with Well, and then with Fun Home. Both of these plays went to Broadway and re-invented how we think about what qualifies as a “Broadway show.” Since Donald Trump was elected, Kron has become involved in activism. She discovered that protests require bette ...…
There is a new measles crisis on the horizon, the first money lesson to teach your children, and what brings both sides in D.C. together.
This episode is brought to you by Simplisafe. Start protecting your home today at Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Dean Risa Goluboff and Vice-Dean Leslie Kenrick of the University of Virginia School of Law. Together, they tackle issues of race in government, gender in the law, plus religion and reproductive rights in the cou ...…
On this week’s episode, Anna, Emily, and Felix discuss lower tax refunds, Finland’s income experiment, and labor’s current strengths. In the Slate Plus segment: the weird labor market Email: Twitter: @felixsalmon, @Three_Guineas, @EmilyRPeck Podcast production by Max Jacobs. This episode is brought to you by ...…
How many innocent people should we be allowed to arrest and jail in order to prevent a single dangerous person from being free? The Supreme Court has refused to answer this question, but algorithms have, and many courts across the country are going with the algorithm. At different stages of the criminal justice system, computerized risk-assessm ...…
Michael Alexander, who fought Isis as an American volunteer with the the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria talks about the Rojava revolution, the most promising democratic, feminist experiment in the Middle East.By equaltime.
Police: "ongoing active shooter" at Aurora, Illinois business; FBI, ATF U.S. Marshals responding to Aurora, IL shooting; Officials: shooter "apprehended" after incident in Aurora, IL; WH: Trump has been briefed on shooting in Aurora, Illinois via Knit
On March 17, 2016, Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff emailed out a company-wide declaration of war. The message, under the subject line “Going to war,” made two things clear to the home surveillance company’s hundreds of employees: Everyone was getting free camouflage-print T-shirts (“They look awesome,” assured Siminoff), and the company’s new mission w ...…
The post E903: DeepMap CEO & Co-founder James Wu built the world’s greatest maps for Google, Apple & Baidu, now provides precision HD mapping technology & real-time data for autonomous vehicles // Office Hours with Jason! Balancing supply & demand appeared first on This Week In Startups.
Robert Pollin, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) discusses the findings of the rigorous, peer reviewed Economic Analysis of Medicare for All report released at the Sanders Institute Gathering. The goals of improved Medicare for All are to significantly ...…
This week on the podcast, our analysts’ takes on Coca Cola and Cisco results; Christine Benz suggests three strategies for generating cash flow in retirement; Travis Miller highlights 3 utilities for income investors; Jon Hale talks about the growth of sustainable investing; Mark Cash gives his take on Dell stock; and Alex Bryan shares a low-co ...…
First, I would like to start with our office cannot make the determination if you qualify for extra help. We can answer any questions you have but when it comes to extra help, your best resource is going to be Social Security. If you have limited income and resources, you may qualify for help to pay for some health care and prescription drug co ...…
On this week's Your Call media roundtable, we’ll discuss coverage of the controversy over Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s tweets about the powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization AIPAC. How is the media covering the role of lobbies and special Interest groups in US domestic and foreign policy?By (Malihe Razazan).
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam during a funeral at the Chilhowie Christian Church on Feb. 9, 2019, in Chilhowie, Va. Photo: Steve Helber/Pool/Getty Images It feels unfair to be forced to entertain the question of forgiveness when someone has transgressed as badly as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. For too long, calls for forgiveness have been used to ...…
Catey Hill of Marketwatch analyzes why medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcies
Erin Ailworth of the Wall Street Journal details why more and more Midwest companies are recruiting Puerto Rican citizens to work for them
Catey Hill of Marketwatch goes over a Michigan State University study that gives key findings in to having a long lasting, happy relationship
Rick Newman of Yahoo! Finance weighs in on why he believes the Green New Deal misses the mark
Individuals taking advantage of job hopping in this market to advance their this turnover impacting your small business; and a forum you might want to consider...focusing on small business financing.
In this week’s episode, Willa Paskin is joined by Dana Stevens and Rachel Syme to discuss the Netflix original series Russian Doll. What does this show have to say about New York City? Would the show still work without Natasha Lyonne? Will we watch the second season? Listen to them discuss! Podcast production by Danielle Hewitt.…
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