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the memory palace
the memory palace
Gospel Memories
Every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. CT on Chicago's WLUW 88.7FM, host Bob Marovich brings you vintage black gospel recordings on "Gospel Memories." If you are not in Chicago, you can listen live to the program via Miss a show? Hear a snippet of the last month's worth of programs on Podomatic.Be sure to visit for the latest playlist and news about the upcoming show.
A Doctor Who review podcast featuring Josh (Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway) and Steven (Radio Free Skaro) and their immediate reactions to randomly selected Doctor Who stories.
Through Accelerated Spanish, Master of Memory presents the fastest way to learn Spanish using timeless accelerated learning principles. Building from a solid foundation, this show will teach you not just to memorize vocabulary at unbelievable rates, but also to speak Spanish idiomatically. If you're looking for the best way to learn Spanish online for free, you've come to the right place.
Kwik Brain is a fun, fast-paced show designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time! Your coach, Jim Kwik (his real name), is the brain & memory trainer to elite mental performers, including many of the world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities. In this easy to digest bite-sized podcast, you will discover Kwik’s favorite shortcuts to read faster, remember more, and ‘supercharge’ your greatest wealth-building asset: your brain. Whether you’re a student, senior, ...
Memory Motel
Created and hosted by Moth storyteller Terence Mickey, Memory Motel finds the drama in what we want to remember or forget.
Learn, Memorize And Recall Anything Using Memory Techniques, Mnemonics And A Memory Palace Fast
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, explores 600 years of Germany's complex and often challenging history using objects, art, landmarks and literature.
Listen to to music from around the church at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, FL.
The Upper Memory Block podcast is all about DOS and pre-Windows XP gaming. Every two weeks we talk in-depth about a game, game series, company and/or technology from this era. Enjoy!
Learn, Memorize And Recall Anything Using Memory Techniques, Mnemonics And A Memory Palace Fast
Weekly messages from Joey Pyle, Senior Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church, Columbia, Missouri
Listen to sermons from Dudley Weaver and Hunter Camp at the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, FL.
Your ultimate guide to nursing mnemonics. Over 100 mnemonics for nurses explained for you by the lovely Kati Kleber RN CCRN
A weekly podcast about books and life, not necessarily in that order
‘What is the unconscious? Where is it? How does it affect our conscious experiences? The Unconscious Memory Network is a new forum where humanists and neuroscientists can discuss and exchange their research findings on diverse aspects of the unconscious, in particular unconscious memory.
Helping you relive those favorite Walt Disney World and Disneyland memories with each new post and podcast. Call our voicemail line at 336-WDW-MEM0 (336-939-6360)
Sense Memory
If our memory is the thing that shapes and defines us, that informs who we are at our very core, then God help us all...for memory, is a wicked and deceitful wretch. Thrust into a search for his own sister's killer, Benjamin Cady flees Colorado and the only world he understands to scour the streets of Los Angeles, plagued by headaches and memories of murder. He quickly discovers that L.A. is not unknown to him, and as his memories of his sister's death become clearer, so does the possibility ...
Listen to the contemporary service from Memorial United Methodist Church, located in Greer, SC. Updated weekly.
Vintage Memories
Vintage Memories is your source of great memories from early radio history. Each shows is an example of those wonderful early years in America of great entertainment that still entertains today.
Epigenetics and cellular memory
Yet another movie podcast...but this one is the best. (of course!) We come up with brilliant movie questions and interview film buffs. Check us out!
Great radio, as per Peel, doesn't mean giving people what they want, so much as exposing them to stuff they might hate.
The Children of the 80s review movies from their childhood to see if they stand the test of time.
A bi-monthly podcast highlighting personal stories about vinyl records
Memories of Murder
Host Arglit Boonyai (The History Channel’s Crimes That Shocked Asia) presents Memories of Murder: An Asian True-Crime Podcast. From the Jars Murders to the Korean Cannibal each episode will explore the history and context of some of the most shocking crimes from across Asia.
The Quarrelsome Quartet reviews the movies we think you should see in your lifetime.
The latest feed from Calvary Memorial Church on
Podcast dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales. Covering Collectible news, Diana Events,
Memory Gone Wild
Memory Gone Wild is an entertaining fun Podcast audio quiz program using a live radio style format that sharpens your listening skills and helps build your retention and recall capabilities. This is accomplished by the shows host Kenneth Campbell playing audio snippets from Best Selling Audiobooks and challenges you the listener, in a fun and entertaining way to respond to questions from what you just heard. This fun and challenging Brain/Mind exercise is useful for all ages and geared towar ...
Weekly sermons from Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park IL. Twitter
Each week WFMT goes live to the Chicago Cultural Center for concerts with emerging artists from around the world, produced by the International Music Foundation. Some shows offer solo recitals while others feature ensembles. The concerts take place beneath the world’s largest Tiffany-domed ceiling, part of a landmark building that originally housed the Chicago Public Library. The Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts are named for British pianist Myra Hess who organized some 1,700 free lunchtime ...
For fans of old school professional wrestling
Out of Memory
Memory is a funny thing. Do all of our memories deserve to be in there? We go back and judge our own memories of our childhoods and chose whether they stay or are they Out of Our Memory!
A podcast which talks to people who have a love of football in common.Come listen to a variety of guests' footballing memories and the moments that stand out to them.
Fading Memories
A supportive podcast for those of us dealing with a loved one with memory loss.
Calvary Memorial Church in Philadelphia, PA
Memorial Baptist Church
Helps readers memorize 52 passages of Scripture—one for each week of the year. Treasuring God’s Word in your heart will nourish your soul, encourage and strengthen your faith, and defend you against temptation.
Acid Memories Plus
A long amazing trip back to the Rave Age.Full on the 90's with only Acid Techno Vibes !
Cities and Memory
Cities and Memory is a global field recording & sound art work that presents both the present reality of a place, but also its imagined, alternative counterpart – remixing the world, one sound at at time.Every faithful field recording document is accompanied by a reworking, a processing or an interpretation that imagines that place and time as somewhere else, somewhere new. The listener can choose to explore locations through their actual sounds, or explore interpretations of what those plac ...
From The Creators Project, a look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories, the new album from Daft Punk.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's videos feature our leading scientists highlighting the latest advances in biomedical research. Our investigators explain how recent developments in genetics, biology, and other areas of science contribute to better treatments for cancer patients.
Geer Memorial
Mission is to reach all people for Jesus Christ and to guide them to become His faithful followers until His return!
Michael Memorial Baptist Church 15053 John Clark Road Gulfport, MS
Greatest Memories
A free monthly podcast in the style of an old-fashioned radio program
Oral histories and interviews with African Americans who endured the hardships of slavery. These recordings document the first-person accounts of several individuals whose life experiences spanned the period during and after slavery. The podcasts are drawn from several collections in the American Folklife Center Archives, one of the preeminent audio-visual repositories of national and international folklife, history and cultural expressions.
Changing Lives That Change The World
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“In an ideal musical world,” says Joan Tower, “a composer should have a friendly, creative, and ongoing working relationship with performers for whom she writes.”For Tower, who has emerged as one of the most successful American composers of her generation, a friendly, creative, and ongoing relationship with chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra ...…
Summertime conjures some of the fondest memories for just about everyone: The delicious smells from a million backyard barbecues. Splashing around with friends, new and old, at the beach. First kisses under a blazing fireworks show. Two middle-aged wrestlers doing some really poor acting among some really beautiful, but also really bad, actors. ...…
This week Dustin and Scott finishes their play-through of A Way Out! In the news we talk about a new Castlevania game coming to mobile, a 26,000 domino Waluigi, Bill Mitchell's response to his records being taken away, Bully Hunters fiasco, PUBG vs Fortnite amazing fan film, and a rumor of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 not having a campaign. Dustin ...…
Mandy catches up with Pat Cox from the Griffith War Memorial Museum to talk about the different displays and honour rolls that folks can see after the mid-morning Anzac Day service in Griffith, plus a chat with Member for Murray Austin Evans about funding for war memorials and other tribute sites.
Peter has written many books on New Zealand's leading creative authors, writers, painters and musicians. His most recent recognition was the 2017 Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in honour of his non-fiction. In this interview we talk about his work as an editor, writer, critic, curator and former academic in New Zealand and Cana ...…
1. Phil DeGreg - Latitudes - 4/26 2. Ricky Nye - Brew River Gastropub - 4/26 3. Ariel Quartet - Corbett Auditorium - 4/26 4. Black Plastic record store 5. Sam Amidon/Sam Gendel - Music Now Festival - 4/27 & 28 6. King of Hillbilly Piano: Moon Mullican Tribute - Ricky Nye - Herzog Music - 5/4 7. Urban Derby Party - Elementz Urban Arts Center - 5 ...…
Speaker: Dr. Derik Hamby Church: Randolph Memorial Baptist Church References: Psalm 23 Tags: Rmbc Dr. Derik Hamby Lord Help Us Psalm 23 April 22 Resources: Lord_Help_Us.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Derik Hamby Church: Randolph Memorial Baptist Church References: Psalm 23 Tags: Rmbc Dr. Derik Hamby Lord Help Us Psalm 23 April 22 Resources: Lord_Help_Us.mp3 (download)
This episode we get into the nitty gritty of flat earth theory and try to understand why the flat earthers do not want to believe science. Our regular movie review discusses a netflix tv show and we give you our opinions on the first chapter of 'The One memory of Flora Banks'. We hope you enjoy our regular random topics and enjoyed this weeks p ...…
Happy Monday Everyone! Now, I've always wanted this podcast to evolve and develop as I (a) get more confident (b) get more listeners etc, etc. Thank you for everyone who has tuned in & supported by the way, as it's much appreciated!I received some new jingles last week, which I really like & thank you to @rpcaudio for making them!This is a quic ...…
On the 13th anniversary of Aaron Rodgers being selected by the Green Bay Packers, Jason Wilde joins Bryan Dee and Dan Needles to recount his memories of that day.
Sermon Series - "Life of Worship"--Week 1--Luke 2:25-35
In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the new Department of Energy’s RFP for Exascale Computers. "As far as predictions go, Dan thinks one machine will go to IBM and the other will go to Intel. Rich thinks HPE will win one of the bids with an ARM-based system designed around The Machine memory-centric architecture. They have a wager ...…
JD & Stephen watch and review episode 7 of Dragon Ball and episode 47 of Dragon Ball Super Dub 47. This week we are still looking at the beginning, now we are looking at the end as well. In Dragon Ball, the group arrives at Mt. Frypan and come face to face with the Ox King. He seems pretty strong, can he be defeated. Also, Goku meets a young gi ...…
I finally get to talk with local Alex Wynnter on graphic design and how he applies his years of experience to board games. We get to talk about his upcoming game The Phantom board game and hear some of his advice on the importance of graphic design. Alex on: Web: Facebook: Red Genie Games Twitter: Red Genie Games Boar ...…
Highlights of Episode Special Episode 229.5 "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment Devan McConnell (Mass Lowell, Head Hockey Performance Coach) is on to talk about the 2 things we are doing to benefit theHumboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team Memorial Fund. The team was involved in a serious bus accident on April 6, 2018 where there were 16 f ...…
The Monday Morning Quarterback is a person who passes judgement on and criticizes something after the event (theOxford Dictionary).We take a look at the Sunday talk shows and much more WBRN Radio . El lunes por la mañana El mariscal de campo es una persona que juzga y critica algo después del evento (el Diccionario Oxford).Echamos ...…
M.A.P. Memory Association Path for bible verses & favorite songs
The Podcast this week is so chock full of things we need to bullet-point all the content!*SuperflyOz opens up the podcast's mailbag this week finding two letters. The first letter provides a personal memory of a listener's meeting with the late Senator Daniel Akaka. *The second letter provides a listeners insight on the legalization of Marijuan ...…
Pastor Jake continued our “Take 5” series which will look at Jesus’ life from 5 different perspectives (takes): Peter, Thomas, Matthew, Pilate, and Paul. The plan is for Pastor Jake to tell each week’s perspective from that person’s point of view. On Sunday (Take 4) he was Pilate. Pilate is very different than the other 4 “takes” we will get in ...…
2:20 - Combat Sports Talk (Boxing & UFC) 19:09 - The Lords discuss their #GameStruck4. The FOUR most influential titles to each Lord as a GAMER! #Memories 39:02 - Last week ILP Poll results. 41:34 - RIP Matt (Xbox Addict) #IronLordSalute (Go Fund Me link below) 43:02 - MASTERPIECE TALK! (God Of War Non Spoiler Impressions) 1:04:44 - Lord Cognit ...…
Speaking on "What we saw was not told: Witnesses of humanitarian situations and dealing with the trauma that follows".Dr Derek Farrell has travelled to many areas affected by natural and man made disasters to teach the community how to treat traumatic memories.Bashar Baghdadi originates from Jordan and has over 9 years experience working with i ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Coweta Particular Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Memorials of a Miracle, Part 2 Subtitle: Joshua: A Faithful Generation Speaker: Dr. John Suttles Broadcaster: Coweta Particular Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Joshua 4:1-7 Length: 34 min.…
Laine MacNeil breaks down a monologue from Marsha Norman's play "Night, Mother". Laine worked on this play in acting class, with her real life mother as her scene partner. She fills us in on that process, and talks about what it was like working so intimately with one of the most important people in her life. Laine used a lot of childhood memor ...…
Memorials matter to those who have a personal connection to that which is being memorialized.
Pastor Cazis continues his series on Ecclesiastes with a message entitled "Life Priorities'.Points in today's message are:1. Many aspects of life are out of my control2. Know the value of time3. We will not always understand life's results4. A life of wisdom can make a big impactThe text is Ecclesiastes 9:1-181 For all this I considered in my h ...…
In this EPIC edition of the Damage Control Podcast Ryan attempts a feat rarely attempted by man, he tries to recap the plot of all 18 MCU movies from memory. Luckily Jon is there to course correct. Join us as we recap the MCU and preview Avengers: Infinity War!
Main Point"Sex is not just a physical thing. It's a soul thing."Challenge QuestionAre you honoring God with your body?Memory Verse1 Corinthians 6:18 (NIV)18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.
Speaker: Rev. Rex Kessler Church: Lilla Memorial Baptist Church Resources: Don't Give Up On Your Dreams (download)
Trisquel has a new release, and Chris tries out the new ReactOS. Plus our thoughts on Microsoft announcing their own Linux, the German government switching to NextCloud, and the fix is in for Gnome Shell's infamous "Memory leak". Sponsored By: Ting: Save $25 off your first device, or $25 in service credit if you bring one! Links: Trisquel 8.0 L ...…
In this episode, Canan and Laura reflect on the presence of patriarchy in the environments they grew up in, and how it influenced them and shaped who they are today as women, as well as their choices and their work. They talk about gender roles, taboos, sexuality, learnings as well as family memories, while referencing books and documentaries t ...…
Michael Stallard is cofounder and president of the Connection Culture Group, a leadership training and consulting firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He gives keynote speeches, teaches workshops and consults at a wide variety of business, government, healthcare and education organizations including Costco, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cent ...…
In this week's episode-- Episode 10!-- Joel and Jose look back on the last nine episodes. Both of these amature Podcasters were blown away by how long the show has carried on, as well as grateful for one another's company. Afterall, even without the Podcast, Joel and Jose would talk about these issues over drinks, but they greatly appreciate al ...…
PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE GREATEST. ROYAL. RUMBLE. COMING NEXT WEEK. We will have the review in TWO WEEKS! Thanks for listening and tell your friends! Valiant Vision social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Twi ...…
Today we're looking at stories from another angle - talking to Grammy nominated storyteller American Diane Ferlatte who doesn't commit her stories to the page - it's all in the performance and from then on in people's memories.
RIP AVICIIwww.DjCanale.comiTunes: Canale Radio
Catching up with old skool friends! Talking comedy, race, ethnic ethics and our favorite school teachers and good old memories! #bringbackcarlramsey
Westworld It’s just like old times this week on Brokebot Mountain, as David and Phil are rejoined by the long lost Kari McGinnis for a look back at Season 1 of the show that started this show that talks about other shows. We’re revisiting Westworld’s first 10 episodes to refresh our memories as we come out of the (too) long hiatus and prepare t ...…
Lovin the historic small towns of America, including the largest town of its size, anywhere!; All’s “Faire” in love, with the Bristol Renaissance in Kenosha, Wisconsin; This week’s Love in History: Welcome to our Lovin Nightmare (we hope we don’t scare you) with the story of Alice and Sheryl Cooper. Extended features for Lovin America’s Patrons ...…
Warning: This episode includes a graphic description. Sgt Carl Adams served with MGySgt Glenn Denton in Golf Company 2/7 in Vietnam. He was killed on the first day of August battle in 1969. It was his remains that Shelton and Denton carried down the hill, the day that the squad became known as the Kool-Aid Kids. Denton was at first excited that ...…
Daniel Louie was part of the 1st Marine Division Association. His family came out to a ceremony and decided that they wanted a tree. Many of the trees, in the early days, only had the veterans name and service unless they were killed in action. Daniel's tree was planted over 20 years ago.
PFC Joseph Pinto, USMC, was part of Golf Company 2/7 in Vietnam. Pinto was killed the day after Richard Shelton. On August 26, Denton and his squad were heading out through rice paddies when they were mortared by enemy fire. Many, included Denton, were wounded. Pinto was killed.
Warning. This episode includes graphic detail. PFC Richard Shelton's death made a huge impact on MGySgt Glenn Denton's life. He is the reason why Camp Hamilton Veteran Memorial Park exists. Shelton was a part of Denton's squad with the Golf Company in Vietnam. Shelton was killed in action on August 25, 1969. The first of the casualties occurred ...…
PFC Jerry Sylvia was part of the Golf Company 2/7 in Vietnam. He was killed in action on September 6, 1969, by friendly fire. Golf Company hadn't had enemy contact in 2-3 hours. Glenn told the medivac that they were secure. The medivac was supposed to land in the smoke on the perimeter. Everything was going well until a gunship decided to do ta ...…
Jerry Story was a member of the United States Marine Corps. His tree was dedicated by his nephew Tim, who had served in the Navy.
Bobby Roberts was a Marine in Vietnam who was killed in action on August 24, 1969. He was part of a late August battle. Two weeks prior to his death, Roberts arrived in Vietnam. He was killed on the second day of the battle.
Lincoln Wing Chan was a Marine Korean War veteran. In the 1990s, we started having the 1st Marine Division Bodfish Chapter and camp at Camp Hamilton. People would show up from all over California and the southwest. Lincoln Wing Chan was part of Bodfish Forever.
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