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Best Montessori podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Montessori podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A Montessori podcast for parents and teachers about raising children and educating students while bettering ourselves right alongside them
Podcasts from Baan Dek Montessori, in Sioux Falls, SD.An incredible Montessori foundation for children and an inspirational resource for teachers and parents.
Montessori Mom
A podcast by a Mom about Mom-ing the Montessori way.Host: Danielle Mitchell
The Preschool Podcast, brought to you by HiMama, is a platform for learning from leading professionals in early childhood education. If you work in a daycare, childcare or preschool setting, The Preschool Podcast will provide you with both practical advice for managing your organization, center or classroom, as well as thought provoking content and insights about the field of early childhood education. Each week, we chat with leaders in early childhood education, from teachers and educators ...
Montessori Moment
Listen in to learn about Montessori education and discover how you can apply Montessori principles at home. Designed for parents but available to all we cover topics from choosing a school to supporting children develop healthy relationships with their peers and siblings.
Podcast by White Paper Press
This is the authoritative book written by Montessori to describe her methods. It gives an overview of the Montessori Method as developed for 3 to 6 year olds. It is a short work, intended as a manual for teachers and parents, detailing the materials used as well as her philosophy in developing them. "As a result of the widespread interest that has been taken in my method of child education, certain books have been issued, which may appear to the general reader to be authoritative expositions ...
Education that Nurtures the Human Potential
In the early 1900's Dr. Maria Montessori began to reform educational methods with her work the 'Case dei Bambini' in Rome, Italy. Montessori began her work by developing methods to educate mentally retarded children, the method she developed was used with several children who at age eight took the state examinations in reading and writing, the children passed with above average scores. Because of this success (which is known as the 'first Montessori Miracle') Dr. Montessori was asked to open ...
The vision of Montessori Seeds of Education is about empowering children to sow their individual seeds (innate talents or abilities) in order to reap the benefits for their future. Learn more about Montessori. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.
Quirky Parenting
A husband and wife team (Andrew Thomsen & Mikki Tuohy) discuss motherhood, montessori, and minimalism. You can check out all of our episodes at http://www.quirkyandthenerd.com/quirky-parenting-podcast/ Submit a question to us at http://www.quirkyandthenerd.com/questions Artwork by: Cyrus Cords http://www.cyruscords.com/ Music by: Nicolai Heidlas "Colorful Spots"
Great Lives
Biographical series in which guests choose someone who has inspired their lives.
"The mother and the child" is a lecture given by Maria Montessori in 1915. The famous educational reformer speaks about the importance to give children freedom and a suitable environment, so they will be able to fully develop according to their own nature. - Summary by kattekliek
A podcast from the Natural Education Alliance discussing child-centered education.
Walking with Freya
A podcast for parents and caregivers of children with special needs to share their stories.
New, expectant or aspiring mama? You’ve come to the right place. Learn from holistic health experts—and moms like you—about the importance and how-tos of self-care in a mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
The Share Chair Podcast has one simple message: LEARN FROM LISTENING. Hear our stories--and hear yourself in them.We're talking to seemingly simple people to hear their not-so-simple stories. By doing so, we shine light on the fact that everyone has hidden talents, hidden opinions, hidden aspirations. One just has to take the time to get to know them.
Parent Savers
We provide new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world, and the next dirty diaper. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network.
Real Talk With Laurie with host Lauire Bowen shows her tenacity and determination as she brings guests who inspire and transform you; while Laurie's humour and easy going nature will keep even the most depressing of topics, light. Laurie’s faith, compassion and capacity for empathy is her greatest strength and as you tune in you will feel immediately at ease when you call in, so give her a call - don’t be shy. Laurie Bowen has lived a life of trauma and abuse and yet she continues to rise. H ...
Chronicles of Nannya is a resource podcast meant to help connect and inspire nannies from around the world. Every week we cover a new activity, issue or aspect of nannying in the hopes that you can use the information with your little ones! Nannying is hard work, but the rewards are endless! Thank you for all your support!
The Illinois Early Learning Project is a source of evidence-based, reliable information for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children.
Tell a young person what to do – play fair, be yourself, stick to the task at hand – and most will tune you out. But show them how choices and consequences play out in the real world, and the impact will be far more effective and long lasting. Based on interviews with over 100 people from around the world and from all walks of life as they reflect on their most profound and unexpected moments of clarity about who they are and how they should treat others. The lessons help teach 23 powerful c ...
Science often starts with questions. Each question has a story. But most podcasts are about answers and their associated stories. In this series, I will talk to researchers about their research questions, methods, and how they ask their questions. There is a lot one can learn about asking questions. This is useful for students starting/learning to ask research questions.I am a grad student. Learn more about me from the link below.http://rvndrpn.wixsite.com/ravindra
EdGuru Podcast
loppear on Huffduffer
Podcast by Mr Mac
Melissa and Kate, two laid-back moms, explore the topics you most want to hear about it--family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, balancing family and work, and more--all in the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee. Sometimes ridiculous, always on point, these two best friends put the fun back in parenting and creating your happier, simpler home.
Ed talks with Nati
Interviews with edtech founders, educators, and more.
Teaching with CLASS
Welcome to Teaching with CLASS®, a podcast for all your CLASS questions, concerns, and stories.
I AM Rebecca Grugan
Welcome to the I AM Rebecca Grugan podcast. Here we talk about education, business, ideas, family and everything in between. We will interview people, share meetings and ideas and strategies.
Coastal Muse
Coastal Muse is an entertainment variety show. About once a month hosts Frank on the east coast and John on the Pacific will bring you one or more music, movie or event reviews. Here and there they will showcase some of the great talent, past and present that is sometimes hiddden in our wonderful world. Coastal Muse has a bit of something for many. From sports to mothers speaking their minds about children and family, Frank and John will amuse you with their twists and digressions. Plus they ...
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How to handle the strong-willed childBy Jesse McCarthy
If travel is in your plans, what small things, let's call them heroes, do you have laying around that might make the trip so much easier?By Baan Dek Montessori
We talk with Dr. Natalie Danner, the LaVonne Kopecky Plambeck Endowed Chair of Montessori Education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, who gives us an introduction to the Montessori approach in early childhood education.By IEL
Jeanne-Marie Paynel, founder and CEO of Voila Montessori, is a Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant. Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role - not as servants or teachers, but as guides for their children's natural development. She believes that a supportive and peaceful atmosphere at home will allow every ch ...…
We conducted a school outreach as a part of the ESA and NSW OEH outreach award in 2016. This is an interview with 3 of the school children involved in the outreach. You can read about the project here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/aec.12836By Just-Questions
In the early summer of 1945, Lee Miller sent a telegram back to London about what she had seen in the Nazi death camps. “I implore you to believe this is true,” she wrote. Her employers were Vogue magazine. How did a famous beauty like Miller end up covering the war?Her extraordinary life and the images she left, most famously posing in Hitler' ...…
Planning age-appropriate activities is key to having a successful preschool program. In this episode, Cheryl Hatch, founder of the blog Preschool Plan It, shares her tips for working with preschoolers. She emphasizes the importance of contextual learning, scaffolding and supporting preschoolers through this learning stage! Resources: Preschool ...…
Kelly Brogan, M.D., is a holistic health psychiatrist, author of the New York Times bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, Own Your Self, the children’s book, A Time for Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating ...…
Savannah is an incredibly involved senior from neighboring school, Grand Haven. In this episode, she discusses what she has learned about herself through her involvement in her school's LINKS program--a place where a mainstream student is "linked" with a student on the autism spectrum to be supportive during class. Additionally, Savannah is eng ...…
Music is a wonderful tool for young families. It encourages quality time together and is a great motivator that allows your kids to have fun in a safe, nurturing environment. What are some great musical activities you can do with your kids? How can music help with chores and other activities kids may not like. Plus, how you can make music out o ...…
"It's absolutely joyous, one of the highlights of my career!" Peter Oborne on being joined by Martin Jarvis, the man who brings Just William to life.Journalist Oborne is nominating both William Brown and his creator, Richmal Crompton. She wrote 39 multi-million selling books, and her delight in William is clear to hear in the archive. Other con ...…
Working with children with autism and ADHD often means working intimately with their families. In this episode, we have a conversation with Umesh Jain, child psychiatrist at SickKids Hospital, about the biology and psychology of children with autism. He shares tips on how to identify children with autism in the early years, and how to work with ...…
Meet Sarah! She's a Registered Nurse, Mom, Certified Postpartum Doula, and Doula Certified Childbirth Educator. Sarah realized that childbirth education and doula work doesn't have to be all or nothing. Like a lot of things in life, most families (like hers) end up landing somewhere in the middle. She helps new parents find the best way to nurt ...…
It's so easy to focus on the skills Montessori "teaches" children, the product, the results. What does Montessori teach?By Baan Dek Montessori
Both mom and dad need a break sometimes, and that's the perfect opportunity for a playdate. But, how do you find a group that's right for you and your child? Is there some sort of playdate etiquette you should know about? How do you go about starting a new playgroup in your area? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
I’ve been wanting to write this post for six years. Seriously. This is the day that I get to start telling the world about one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. His name is Kenny Tedford. And he’s the subject of my new book that’s being published today, called Four Days with Kenny Tedford. And despite the title, it’s one I’ve been ...…
Turnover is one of the biggest challenges of running a child care business. In this episode, Marnie Forestieri, CEO of Young Innovators, shares how she implemented an innovative business model that encourages ownership, promotes accountability and has improved her staff turnover, program quality, and income. If you’re a child care entrepreneur ...…
Do children need more play — without adults around?By Jesse McCarthy
Vulnerability is just one of those weird traits; a person doesn't often understand its power until he/she experiences it. We tend to think of it as weakness; instead, it nourishes us and grows our confidence. Josh had an unexpected experience discussing school with four classmates--none of whom, at the time, were tight friends. But, in this dis ...…
This week I am joined by Caroline Maguire, author of Why Will No One Play With Me? This fantastic book has strategies and can act as a guide for all caregivers to help coach their kids on social skills. I learned so much from reading this book and have already started using many of the tools discussed! Caroline sits down to talk about what led ...…
We talk with Dr. Jenna Weglarz-Ward, an assistant professor in early childhood education and early childhood special education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, about the inclusion of infants and toddlers with disabilities and developmental delays in child care settings.By IEL
You spend most of your day changing diapers and coming in close contact with some sort of bodily fluid from your child, we get it. The idea of potty-training may seem like the perfect solution. But, how do you know if your child is ready? And perhaps more importantly, how do you know if you're ready? Plus, helpful tips for getting your boy or g ...…
Caring for toddlers is one of the more challenging stages of early childhood development. In this episode, we chat with Raelene Ostberg, Founder of Thriving Together, about how toddlers are often difficult to work with because they are misunderstood. She shares her tips for reframing our approach of engaging with toddlers to work with them in a ...…
Akshara is just one of those girls you want to get to know. Though she has Cerebral Palsy and it does limit her physical abilities, she makes no excuses for it to deteriorate her spirit or mood. She brings joy and kindness in everything she does and she loves her international school in Utrecht. Akshara is one of those infectious teens, a teen ...…
Vered is a musician, music therapist, psychotherapist, and mom of 3. Her albums Good Morning My Love and Hello My Baby received GOLD awards from both the Parents Choice Association and the National Parenting Publications. She's the creator of Baby in Tune, a workshop that teaches parents how to use music to bond with and understand their baby. ...…
The number of families having only one child has doubled since the baby boomer generation. So, why are more and more families planning to have only one child? What are some of the benefits and trade-offs of siblings? Is only "lonely"? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Parents On Demand Network | Pregnancy Magazine
"There’s no person in the whole world like you." Mr. Rogers A thank you to Mr. Fred Rogers for what he’s done for children, and for us all...By Jesse McCarthy
Resources Montessori.edu/FAQMontessori.html creative-montessori.com academia.edu en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Montessori “The Montessori Family – A Family Tree” by Fred Kelpin dailymontessori.comBy Anne Fricke
Phone skills are often an overlooked aspect of running a child care program. In this episode, we have a conversation with Jaren Hall, CEO of Intellikid Systems on why training your preschool staff to have good phone skills is so important in making a good first impression on prospective families. Resources: Intellikid Systems…
Crystalee Beck is a mama of three, cute, mess makers, writer, and cofounder of The Mama Ladder, an organization that empowers women at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. After leaving her corporate ladder job, she "created her own ladder" to fit her family in 2016. She gets her best ideas on mountain climbs and treasures daily ...…
Alex tells his story from Montessori to Public schools while dreaming big in the pre-med world. This summer, he spent some time observing doctors and asking them questions--and he walked away enamored with the profession. Hear his passion and thoughtfulness--and learn a little about yourself through his story as well.…
Cady Leinicke is back to talk about a book that has changed the nanny game for both of us! Non-Violent Communication written by Marshall Rosenberg has helped me communicate differently and has greatly improved my ability to really hear the unmet needs of the children with which I work. It also always a blast to record with Cady! Something we do ...…
You may have heard about Montessori schools, but this approach goes far beyond the classroom. Today we're learning about the importance of bringing these tools into your home so you can better understand you baby's developmental needs. Plus, our panelists share their firsthand experience using the Montessori methods in their own homes. Learn mo ...…
In this episode, Tessie Ragan from Perfect Start Learning joins us to shed some light on the unique advantages and challenges of providing child care to military families in a home. Without many of the resources available to larger centers and restrictions specific to military providers, Tessie has many lessons of resourcefulness and perseveran ...…
Learn 5 key facts that our culture gets wrong, so that you can stop the sleep struggle and “Am I doing it wrong?” anxiety. Kim Hawley, MA, MPH is a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor, as well as, the owner of Intuitive Parenting. Kim's passionate about helping parents confidently navigate nighttime parenting and family sleep usin ...…
Naomi speaks about the desire for change when she made a big move from middle school teacher to high school guidance counselor. In her new role, she understands, on a deeper level, the kinds of stresses students are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. The transition hasn't been simple, but it has been rewarding. Naomi is just one of the many ad ...…
Conferences are exciting, but they can sometimes feel a little stressful. Do they need to be? Spoiler: NO WAY!By Baan Dek Montessori
Circumcision has become one of the most debated issues in the country. As more information becomes available, many parents are refraining from circumcision and instead choosing to keep their boys intact. What are some of the benefits of keeping your child's foreskin intact? Should you be concerned about potential health risks, such as disease a ...…
Meet, Karly and Ali. Hosts of the Birth Kweens Podcast, a wildly honest conversation on all things natural pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and women's health. Together, they've attended 1,000+ births and have A LOT to say on this. They help women explore their pregnancy options with a funny, lighthearted approach. Our conversation is one of my fa ...…
In the 45 years since Council for Professional Recognition was founded, A LOT has changed in the field of early childhood education. The Council's CEO, Dr. Valora Washington, joins us in this episode to discuss these advancements and ongoing efforts to support early childhood educators in their professional development, including the Child Deve ...…
William Kelly talks about how his Montessori schooling, from preschool to junior high, helped him develop into a successful educational-technology entrepreneur and a flourishing human being.By Jesse McCarthy
Rachel LOVES theatre. Loves it! And she has a show coming up in just two weeks. Rachel talks about the preparation it takes to make a good show and how she feels as a performer. If you listen to the podcast before November 7, know that the show dates for PETER AND THE STARCATCHER are November 7, 8, and 9 at 7PM at Spring Lake High School Audito ...…
Nanny resumes are the first step to finding your best fit nanny family. Briana Murphy joins us to talk through the importance of resumes and how to present yourself in the best light. It was a joy to record this episode and I'm excited for you all to hear it! Link: www.yournannyresume.com Be sure to follow Chronicles of Nannya on Facebook: http ...…
You've maybe heard of sound games, or a child identifying their sound rather than their letter. Why?By Baan Dek Montessori
For Parama, an Indonesian-born Dutch student, music AND science are his loves. With such unique passions, any listener is sure to hear what makes Parama special. Additionally, Parama discusses what he loves about both cultures in which he has grown up.Enjoy and learn!By David Theune and Elise McGannon
Parenting differences are one of the top reasons for divorce in this country. So, what's the best way to handle these types of situations? How do you avoid fighting in front of your kids? What do you do when the conversation gets too "heated"? And is there any truth to the statement "If mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy"? Learn more about yo ...…
anne fricke.com/walking-with-freya/By Anne Fricke
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