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Free advice, from three of the world's most qualified experts.
Pardon My Take
On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*
My Dad Wrote A Porno
Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he's decided to read it to the world in this comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading a chapter a week and discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for.
Diane Rehm’s weekly podcast features newsmakers, writers, artists and thinkers on the issues she cares about most: what’s going on in Washington, ideas that inform, and the latest on living well as we live longer.
Half-hour programs heard weekly. The radio outreach of RZIM is a listener-supported ministry that powerfully mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs seek to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.
Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie, Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project, for free.
My Black Friend
An entertaining discussion about race related issues in America. No topic is off limits and nothing should be taken too seriously! Danny Richardson & Big Debo tackle the issues and break down the barriers.
Today's political debates, particularly on cable news, talk radio and blog comments can be limiting. In this podcast, Bruce Carlson applies as much history as possible to the politics of today.
Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.
I Hate My Boss
Bosses can drive you crazy. How do you deal with micromanagers, unclear direction -- or get a promotion? Our workplace heroes Liz Dolan (ex-CMO, Nike, NatGeo Channels) and Larry Seal (executive coach) will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life. A fictional ad agency, Penn & Pencil, will serve as a comedic point of reference for your questions. Do you have one? Call us! 424-224-5711. I Hate My Boss. Workplace Drama. Comedic ...
Pop My Culture is a weekly-ish podcast hosted by comedic actors and improvisers Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland. Join these two entertainment nerds and their special guests as they discuss movies, music, television, celebrity gossip, etc. without all those pesky “serious” topics like politics, religion and the environment. I mean, you can tune into Fresh Air for that. We’ll just tackle the trivial watercooler stuff, ok?
My Book of Mormon
Join me, Marie Kent, as I read through Mormon religious texts for the very first time. I'm reading it cover to cover along with Bryce Blankenagel, and add we witty thoughts and comments along the way. Millions of people believe these books and live their lives by them... let's see if we can find out why.
Leah Day presents this fun, informative quilting podcast about life, making quilts, and running a creative craft business. Leah shares interviews with creative business owners and stories from her own journey as a blogger, machine quilter, and crafty entrepreneur. Find the episode show notes and more information about each episode at
My Ocean
My Ocean takes listeners on an adventure into the minds of some of the world’s true ocean champions and dives in to the remarkable ways they are protecting our blue planet. Each episode profiles a new personality, someone who has thrown convention to the wind and instead followed their own path to making a difference for the world’s oceans. Hosted by Alexis Brown.
my American friend
"my American friend" : English language blog and podcast. Learning English by using it to explore the American and European cultures, habits and lifestyle. The Italian singer/songwriter Marta Innocenti and her American friend Cindy are going to help you improve the language while taking you into a pleasant journey on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. www.myamericanfriendblog.commyAmericanfriendpodcast@gmail.comtwitter: mAf_podcastyoutube channel : myAmericanfriendblogfacebook page : my Ameri ...
Married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane bring you the podcast they swore they would never do. 'My Wife Hates Me' combines all of the bickering of a husband and wife with the sharp wit of two cutting edge comedians. Both painfully honest and brutally funny, Vos and Bonnie (Opie and Anthony, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents) give you a glimpse into their lives every week as they vent about the industry, every day life and each other. Subscribe now for free to get every epis ...
Start A Business, Become Your Own Boss And Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones
my third ear
A series exploring seemingly lesser known sounds across a range of arts genres and pop culture.
Your Dreams My Nightmares is an audio side project hosted by Sam Weber featuring conversations with illustrators, artists and designers.
the best podcast ever
A weekly hip hop talk show.
My Seven Chakras
How to Meditate? What is Ayurveda? What are Chakras? What is Spirituality? How do I learn Reiki? What is Energy Healing? What is Chakra balancing? How do I tap into my Intuition? How do I lose weight naturally? How to begin my Yoga practice? How do I find my life purpose or calling? If these questions have been running through your mind, then you're in the right place. My Seven Chakras is a podcast that digs deep into the ancient world to uncover nuggets of wisdom and polish them with the po ...
We tried their way. We tried apologies, capitulation, and shame. Now it's time for them to try something: GET OFF MY LAWN.For more from Gavin visit and use code Gavin for a $10 discount on his daily show.
Free advice, from three of the world's most qualified experts.
A view from the cockpit into the world of Aviation
A comedy podcast about hip hop presented by award winning comedian Romesh RanganathanEdited by James TorranceProduced by Mr Box Productions: (
MFST ( gives you the greatest sports talk show around! Welcome to the My Fantasy Podcast! Subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes and don't forget to check out the website!
Crash On My Couch
Crash On My Couch - a weekly podcast with YouTubers Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire, proving that we all live in a truly crazy world. From conspiracy theories to weird cultures of Japan to questions about relationships, happiness, and pet revenge, we’ll discover all the fun facts that are currently a necessity for surviving life in our 20s - or at least breaking the ice at the next party.
Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement. She was widely criticized for her militant tactics, but her work is recognised as a crucial element in achieving women's suffrage in Britain. In her autobiography, written and published just as the Great War was breaking out, Pankhurst tells of her experiences in fighting for women's rights. (Summary by Petra)
Every week we look back on our memories of the video games we played growing up. We discuss a brief history of the game, the memories that impacted our lives, and the experience of going back to the games in the present day.
Every Sunday Travis Marziani and Terry Lin talk about e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and travel. Both run their own online stores and share their successes, failures, and what happens behind the scenes.
Learn German step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase with the Radio Lingua Network
A podcast by Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield taking a monster-by-monster look at all of the goofy, inspired, and sometimes dull creature designs in the 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual of Dungeons and Dragons. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for short episodes about your favorite beasties.
Welcome to our podcast! We talk about........anything! Come hangout while you listen to us talk about anything while being drunk. Yes, we get very drunk on every episode. Feel free to tell us your opinions and we will tell you why we don't care. #myatrociouscollectionpodcast
This podcast will teach beginner & intermediate Microsoft Excel users the different Excel tools like: Formulas, Pivot Tables, Charts, Analysis, Macros, VBA, Dashboards, Power BI, Add-Ins, Shortcuts, Tips plus much more. I interview Excel MVPs and experts around the world to share their Excel insights, knowledge, tips and tricks that will get you on the way to becoming an advanced Excel user, just like them.
My Sporting Life
The great and the good of the sporting world join Danny Kelly to talk through their glittering careers on talkSPORT - the world's biggest sports radio station.
Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened - but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he's decided to read it to the world in this comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading a chapter a week and discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for.
My Thought Coach
These guided affirmations will help the law of attraction work for you and help you think in a way that will bring you what you WANT, not what you fear! The most listened to affirmation MP3 from will be posted every month, along with other great stuff.pr4c578f
Investing, business, finance &economics - Mark Homer has the experience to help you with many of your questions & challenges. Mark My Words is a successful, eccentric & introverted businessman’s experience of 20 years with no waffle, ads, bravado or big pitches. Mark will interview the worlds most successful business, finance & money experts as well as impart his knowledge in a factual, direct manner. Mark runs & owns multiple businesses & property portfolios so teaches you what he does on a ...
Bible stories are brought to life in Bible Stories My Kids Love!
My Sexy Podcast
Perched off a tree branch* in New York’s Upper Westside, award-winning comic, Sabrina Jalees* pinches, probes and tickles her favorite*** comics. Each episode features sexy conversations about stand-up, life’s eternal bitch-slap as well as uplifting cameos by Sabrina’s very Swiss mother, Ursula, with tips on happiness, healthiness and reminders to do your taxes.*high-tech studio**Just For Laugh’s, VH1’s Best Week Ever, Much Music’s Video On Trial, MTV’s Failosophy***Best looking
Pardon My French is a podcast hosted by Garance Doré, founder of the eponymous website, author of the New York Times best-selling book Love Style Life, and CFDA award winning writer, illustrator and photographer. Grounded in her love for fashion, creativity and self-expression, here she shares stories and her point-of-view on everyday subjects with her guests, in a relaxed and open conversation. In everything she does, Garance brings a French eye (and accent), with an unabashed sense of humo ...
Join us as we spend each episode talking with a mathematical professional about their favorite result. And since the best things in life come in pairs, find out what our guest thinks pairs best with their theorem.
My Own Shakespeare
Public figures talk about the piece of Shakespeare that inspires them most.The pieces are read by well known actors. From BBC Radio 4
Join host Adam Peacock as he talks to the lesser known characters from your favorite horror films. Each week is an all new, fully improvised journey into the unknown featuring friends and luminaries from the worlds of comedy, horror, and beyond. The A.V. Club calls My Neighbors Are Dead "Comedic Gold," Dread Central says it's "The Best Horror Podcast You’re Not Listening To," and Rue Morgue says the show is "Exactly the comedic palate cleanser we need heading into 2018."
Discover classical music loved by celebrated guests from all walks of life. To hear the music in full go to BBC Playlister.
My Africa
A brand new interview podcast for Africa. Get to know the stories behind the most famous names in Africa. Brought to you by Pulse Nigeria. #MyAfrica- Hosted by Osagie Alonge (@OsaGz)
Join us for the ultimate Teen Mom deep dive - more than just a recap show, host Liz Bentley will scour the internet to bring the best drama that MTV didn’t air. From police reports to deleted tweets, Liz has the details on all the fights, breakups, and arrests of your favorite MTV moms. If you think the they bring the drama on TV, just wait until you hear what really happened. Extended episodes covering each mom's journey as seen that week are available on Patreon ( ...
I Need My Space
Outer space doesn’t have to be all uncharted territory and vast unknowns. This weekly show from Inverse, enlists the universe's greatest experts, explorers, and enthusiasts to answer the questions that are worth spacing out over. Hosted by senior editor Rae Paoletta and comedian Steve Ward, each episode will launch headfirst into topics of astronomical proportions with an approachable style. When will we realistically get to Mars? How would we build a space colony better than Earth? What wil ...
Christopher Swan is on a big adventure, literally on a plane, train, or automobile, traveling the US, meeting uniquely inspiring people that have created lives they love. These stories are from voices that might not be heard, crossing boundaries of diversity and uniqueness, that inherently celebrate our differences — people that have taken chances, carved out uncommon paths, and stood up for their beliefs. Guests have included social good advocates, to artists, to small business owners, to c ...
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The 47th episode! I (Jack Brew) am here to play you some of my favourite ska, reggae and ska punk tunes from around the globe! Today i am bringing back the featured cd... feature??? i am gonna play for you a few tracks from a specific album that is getting a lot of time in my cd player at the moment! this one is "Higher Guns" by Boston band The ...…
Item #1 Item #2 Item #3 Item #4 Item #5 Item #6 Item #7 Item #8 Item #9 Item #10 Item #11 Item #12 Item #13 Item #14 Item #15 Item #16 Item #17 Item #18 Item #19 Item #20 Item #21 Item #22 Item #23 Item #24 Item #25
John Watson and his team of 50 PCB designers at Legrand are beta partners in using Altium Nexus, the new Altium solution that takes Altium Designer and pumps it up with a healthy dose of project management capabilities. Find out why John is more excited about Altium Nexus than Altium Designer 18, and how he and his team have combat rogue librar ...…
In this episode, my friend Mark Metry who hosts the Humans 2.0 Podcast interviewed me about my journey in leaving medical school to pursue entrepreneurship. I share my struggles, mindsets, and why I left medical school to do online business and social media. Even though I didn't have all the answers or know if there was a sure path when I took ...…
I talk about survival kits in the woods and I tell you what I'm bringing with me on my trip to the city
You take your dog out on it's leash and walk it around for 20 minutes to only have it come back inside and crap on your rug. Why? Well in this podcast we will go over the top 5 reasons why your dog may be gun shy on it's leash and I will also give you some solutions!If you enjoyed this podcast don't forget to subscribe/favorite it so you don't ...…
My campaign is running to reform broken politics that have completely disconnected the voter from the government. Not only disconnected the voter from the government, but allowed the government to become entirely beholding to these monopolies. Whether it's in the tech sector, the banking sector, or the health insurance sector, an increasingly s ...…
I hate election years. These aren’t debates. They’re two-hour commercials For Subway’s latest A six-foot long shit sandwich party tray And everybody has to take a bite No matter who you support No matter who the media supports Your media, my media It’s all a load of shit Something about each candidate A position, an attitude It’s going to taste ...…
Over the past few weeks, we've been sharing the MountainLore podcast on the My Appalachia page. For those of you who have been listening through, we invite you to come on over to and subscribe to the full podcasts!
Over the past few weeks, we've been sharing the MountainLore podcast on the My Appalachia page. For those of you who have been listening through, we invite you to come on over to and subscribe to the full podcasts!
Episode Summary:Guess what! We all waste money, one way or another. It doesn't matter if you're buying new clothes for your kid (every six months), throwing away half your groceries (because you didn't cook any of it), or getting that sweet, sweet "coffee" on your way into work.It happens. It can be frustrating as hell, but it's nearly impossib ...…
The Transport Agency suspended a Wellington certifier just weeks after using him to inspect truck-trailers caught up in a safety investigation. The certifier, double Olympic gold medal rower Dick Joyce, says he's been unfairly targeted by the agency, and it's not the first time.
The Transport Agency suspended a Wellington certifier just weeks after using him to inspect truck-trailers caught up in a safety investigation. The certifier, double Olympic gold medal rower Dick Joyce, says he's been unfairly targeted by the agency, and it's not the first time.
It's raining politics, kids and Hollywood OH MY! Kristyn Burtt gives us the low down in Hollywood from what is a must see movie to rappers being shot. It's a broad spectrum
Weaboo | What is a Weeaboo | BasedShaman Review - A weeaboo or weeb is a term used for westerners who enjoy Japan and Japanese culture. Weeaboos tend to insert Japanese words into their everyday speech and express their love for all things Japan very often. Some people believe that love for anime makes one a weeb, but as you will see today that ...…
Time to thank you for supporting the Your Dad Stole My Rake! Another great week and we have a very happy landing! All before Paul heads to Iraq
Are you a new entrepreneur who is wishing to grow your business but unsure how? I recently hosted a Facebook Live video where I interviewed my friend Kyle Whissel from San Diego. We spoke about the reasons he decided to start working with a broker after years of independent success, the significance of video marketing, and the importance of bal ...…
6/17/18 My Big Fat Mouth: Complaining | Dave by Wesleyan Church
Moore is the founder of One Moore Book. One Moore Book is a nonprofit organization that encourages reading among children of countries with low literacy rates and underrepresented cultures by publishing culturally relevant books that speak to their truths, and by creating bookstores and reading corners that serve their communities. Her first bo ...…
My guest today is Karen Young, founder of the popular 'Hey Sigmund' website. Karen is a psychologist, an author, a speaker, an educator and a parent. She founded Hey Sigmund after realising the power of solid information to help us to manage life's challenges and live well. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Her artic ...…
Stephanie Bogan thinks it’s time for a breakthrough and through her experience working with some of the most successful planners, shares tips that will help new planners excel in their careers. Through Educe Inc., Stephanie works with countless successful advisors on elevating their career, focusing on their personal fulfillment, and changing t ...…
Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report. Live weekday mornings on the Living Astrology Facebook page. Two weeks ago Venus, Jupiter & Neptune created a Grand Water Trine, and now Mercury has replaced Venus in this wonderful configuration. What does that mean for us this week? Grab a cuppa coffee or tea and join Living Astrology's, Jane ...…
Join me on Forgotten TV where I explore TV memories of the 70s and 80s, from the fondly remembered to the obscure, short-lived TV shows, pilots, and made for TV movies. Your ForgottenTV host was raised on UHF reruns of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone on a black and white 19 inch Admiral TV, long before the average household had home video and b ...…
On this episode I have Heath Harmison. Heath has been a comic for over a decade now and his star continues to rise. I was excited to have Heath on for a few reasons. 1. I know for a fact he’s an outstanding story teller. 2. He is an entrepreneur that comes from a different industry that I am used to having on the show and I was excited to get a ...…
This episode was one of the most fun to record because my guest was such a happy, positive, and PASSIONATE person! This episode I was joined by Colleen Rempel who has a BSc in Human Nutritional Sciences and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN.) Colleen digs deep into the gut microbiome, the gut-brain connection, probiotics, probiotics, di ...…
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan negotiated a comparmised head tax on big businesses in Seattle, but now the tax has been repealed. So how will the city pay for affordable housing and homeless services now? Cartoonist Ellen Forney was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the late 1990s. She says back then there wasn't much information available, just a ...…
Strength training is exploding as more and more people realise the fitness, longevity, health, fat burning and body composition benefits. We can thank CrossFit, Functional Training and Instagram for this popularity in the Barbell. Whilst the fitness and training niche is bigger than ever, it’s still small comparatively. And for many women, the ...…
Francis is "going green" for more than one reason...Join me as I discuss how the New World Order is capitalizing on the passing of Planet X Christ to esteemed/approved Catholic mystic Marie Julie Jahenny: From Prophecies of La FRAUDAIS Marie Julie Jahenny Page 273 I read.. In the eternal Wisdom, I have my purpose to preserve life for an immense ...…
FatFly's House is brought to you each & every Saturday 4-6pm by FatFly on 2hrs of quality upfront house music. In The HOTSEAT this week i bring you Italy's Finest duo ALAIA & GALLO.1. Wild House - Peverell & Paco Caniza2. Boys On Girls (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) - Sannie3. Break 4 Love (Archie B Remix) - Raze4. Grooves ...…
Part 5 of the series "Galatians" by Lead Pastor Dave Patterson. Download or Stream Audio Here
The first bit of changes to Time Warner following the merger with AT&T have emerged, including a name change. Today's podcast covers that plus info on how the merger could change DC Films and Aquaman and Wonder Woman news.Time Warner has changed the company name to WarnerMedia The Hollywood Reporter interview with AT&T CEO John Stankey Initial ...…
What’s up everyone? Your sensei is back. Finish the morning up, $5,700 dollars. Best trade of the day, up $9,500 dollars. That was my best winner of the day. I needed it! Finally, first big win in like a month. We’re going to break it down in today’s mid-day market recap. All right everyone. We’re going to do our mid-day market recap here. And ...…
Meet Nexus, a partnered Twitch streamer that is involved in the Rocket League eSports scene.Learn about his story, advice, and lessons of his journey to partnership on Twitch.Join the show community!Twitter - - with Nexus!Twitch - - https://tw ...…
In this episode, Marie discuss all the latest changes and updates in the world of search, including:June 8th - Google Algorithm Update - Panda or Quality RelatedJune 16th - Possible Google Algorithm UpdateRumours of manual actions sent out by GoogleWeb Light Filter can be seen in Search ConsoleMore information on Mobile First Indexing (MFI)Goog ...…
Sub-Contracting in the Janitorial Industry is big business. What do you need to know to obtain this business and what does it take to make the leap from sub-contracting to direct business. Ed Selkow shares his 35 plus years experience with us. Subscribe to watch new weekly videos about sales & marketing: ...…
Put to bed every rumor you’ve hard about the InfoComm show leaving Vegas, leaving Orlando, stopping the rotation between the two cities and everything else you may have heard, in the rumor mill, as this post-InfoComm videocast with AVIXA‘s CEO, David Labuskes, answers all these questions and more. AVIXA’s first, ever InfoComm show set a Vegas a ...…
I’ve been to a handful of podcast conferences in my day - but there’s nothing quite like Podcast Movement. As my guest, Dan Franks says, “It’s the single largest gathering of podcasters in the world,” and that makes it pretty special in its own right. But there’s so much more than just that it’s big. PM is filled with great content, attended by ...…
Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee are coming back (for real this time), The Shining is getting a sequel and Tom and Dave talk about the movie everyone is talking about so they talk about it too: Hereditary. Also: Lawrence of Arabia, The Great Escape, The Getaway, My Man Godfrey, Sweetie.By (David Lees and Tom Roe).
I’m so happy to share this wonderful conversation with Charlie Hoehn, dad, podcaster, person who helps people publish books, and (most important for our conversation today) author. Charlie’s book, Play It Away, shares his experience with soul-sucking anxiety, and the simple cure he found. The thing about this cure is, it’s something humans all ...…
Priya Parker, author of “The Art of Gathering,” shared in a Wall Street Journal article four tips on conducting effective meetings. The second tip is “Let everyone see and be seen.” As an introvert, it’s easy for me to avoid sharing my thoughts in a meeting. By creating an opportunity for everyone to be identified [...]…
The best time to get started is right now. -Rob Stephenson My guest for today’s podcast episode was Rob Stephenson – a full-time flea market flipper with over 20 years of experience. Over the past couple years, Rob and his wife Melissa have successfully turned their know-how into an online course teaching others how to become flippers. It was g ...…
My father was a sci-fi fan of the old school. The man had the entire original Star Trek series on VHS, commercial free, and an Enterprise technical manual. So in his honor, a little late for Father's Day, we go back in time to look to the future as we dive into the wormhole of classic sci-fi.
Mental health and wellness are not areas you typically think of along with cutting edge exponential technology. However, that is about to change. My guest today is Nichol Bradford. Nichol is building the future of human possibility by facilitating bold new technologies for mental health and well-being. Nichol is the executive Director and co-fo ...…
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by: Erik Peterson Mimi Smidt Tate Litchfield Aaron Williams Jeannie Morem Scott Todd This week we are going deep into the topic of spousal support—You just found the Land Geek Program, it’s the life-changing answer you’ve been looking for that’s going to help yo ...…
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