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Naruto Shippuden Live
We, at Naruto Shippuden Live, always give you the most up-to-date and groundbreaking deck types, news releases from James Takenaka himself, and combos made by you, the listeners! Tune in to enjoy!
Naruto Chat
A weekly show for naruto fans. Every week we give news about Naruto, what happened last and what is going to happen next on Naruto. Hope you like it. Send feedback!E-mail
Naruto Talk
Manga artist and author Masashi Kishimoto discusses his 15 years of work creating the best-selling manga series, Naruto, a story steeped in traditional Japanese culture that sold over 200 million copies in print worldwide and inspired movies, novels, and video games. Masashi discusses his involvement in the latest Naruto film and takes questions from fans.
Naruto Fan Club
Naruto news and info! This podcast all you need with Naruto! We talk about Naruto in Jappan and in America!
Talking Naruto
Benel Germosen (Talking Smark podcast, Harlem Comedy Festival) and Lawson Leong (Nice to Meet You comedy special) have a hypothesis. Naruto is the WWE of anime. What does that mean? That it's simultaneously the best and worst anime of all time. To test their theory, they have submitted to watch season of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto in chronological order. What you're listening to is an exploration into the world to Naruto and anime from the point of view of two New York comedians. So ...
Naradio's Podcast
This Naruto Podcast will talk about everything from the latest Naruto video game news to shows. Every Tuesday I'll have a new episode up about the latest english episode, and the manga and shippuden translations. If you have any questions, or would like to be on the show, just e-mail
Welcome to Shonen Jump, a weekly digital manga magazine published in North America, featuring the most popular manga in the world! You can read heavy-hitters like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more on the SAME DAY they come out in Japan! And you can read it how you want to—on iOS, Android or anything with a Flash-enabled Internet browser. Plus if you become an annual member, we’ll send you seasonal Yu-Gi-Oh! promo cards in the mail, give you digital gifts and MORE! Become a member today!
7Volt Media's weekly free-for-all podcast. We talk the latest in anime and pro wrestling and everything in between.
Anime Hour
Anime Hour is a weekly podcast about anything anime with your hosts Jordan Steed, Max Briseno, and Zach Smith we hope you enjoy! Please rate and subscribe!
Fan-Fiction isn't for the articulate. So it's time to point that out. Listen as we read horribly written; sometimes downright disgusting stories. Super Sexy Swingin' Fan Fiction 3.0 is here. After a long delay we return with a new Co-Host; LycanOfLight. VERY NSFW
The TK Podcast is a podcast started by KingsHaki and RoronoaTrey. We discuss One Piece but also all anime/manga/nintendo games and sometimes other things. The hosts are KingsHaki, RoronoaTrey and Bluefirecrashdown.Contact us here, or on twitter at Kings_Haki, RoronoaTrey15 or Azure_Ursus
A podcast about anime and manga. The idea may be unoriginal, but the execution is flawless!
In 1997, Kishimoto Masashi published the pilot chapter for his manga, Naruto, in the popular Shueisha publication Weekly Shonen Jump. Half a decade later, the manga had become a staple of the magazine, and storied animation studio, Studio Pierrot, began assembling the anime adaptation of that work - an adaptation that would aid in the rise of Anime's now sky-high appeal among young people around the world. Almost two decades after Naruto began, a good decade after the original run of the ser ...
NJC - Podcast
Noris Japan Connection - Podcast
An Anime podcast where your hosts Bish , Tyson , Kevin aswell as some super awesome guests, watch an anime and discuss it. We will also be taking anime suggestions from the audience, so join in with the Kunai Conversation on twitter @GetALife Podcast , using #GALPKunai SENPAI !!!
On the Spot Anime
Welcome to On the Spot Anime! I, Kenji-San, will be putting random people on the SPOT and discussing your choice of Anime! We have segments like "You're on the Spot", "Anime on the Spot", and "Battle Stadium!" This is a very interactive podcast, so please enjoy and join the forum! This first episode will be covering exactly what is going to happen on the podcast to come.
Tentacles And Catgirls
Your Lovable Host Mr Tentacles reviews anime and any random subject
An anime noob, an anime moderate, and an anime expert watch Naruto every week and slowly lose their minds.
Discussion on the latest in gaming, animation, movies, and pretty much everything in general. We tend to talk about mostly PSP related topics
Kage Summit
Kage Summit is what happens when random people each week get together to talk about anime. Brought to you by
Love anime but you need your fix on your commute to work? Wanting to relive your favorite conversations about Naruto and Cowboy Bebop? Just wish you were listening to two nerds talk for an hour? Well have we got the anime based podcast for you! Blake and Spencer Get Jumped is a weekly podcast where we watch anime and tell you the story of what happens! Whether you want to get into anime but don't know where to start or you're an anime superfan looking to relive your favorite moments, this sh ...
YamiNabe is an Otaku Culture Podcast. Our topics range from new anime, con experiences, manga and much more!
This is a podcast focused on discussing the "Big 3" of Shounen Manga. In this inaugural episode, we discuss Naruto Ch. 678 and Bleach Ch. 582 Full disclosure: some explicit language is sometimes used in our discussions. But anyway, come join us for the discussion of the manga series we all love to read!
Channel Anime
A bunch of degenerate losers talk about anime and play anime related games. There is a microphone. What could go wrong? NSFW: Lots of swearing
We talk about the episodes of everyone's favorite Toonami shows, you listen. Hopefully.
We Watch Anime
Just two guys and a girl that love to watch, talk, and make fun of Anime and the Anime fandom culture. Did I mention they're idiots?
Hey Guys its me UltimateNinjaSpammer I do videos on the ultimate ninja storm generations game, just so none of you get mad at me or anything my name is primarily a joke but I might incorporate spamming into my videos possibly the best people to spam with FYI are the narutos (especially sage) and young kakashi with chidori. Honestly though you can somehow spam with every character. I Will also be bringing you throughout story mode,survival and tournaments. click here ...
D&W Origins
Podcasts of the portable designed serie : Dragon and Weed : Origins.
Learn Japanese through anime and music with customized, intermediate Japanese lessons based on Naruto, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Final Fantasy, DBZ, Corpse Party and many more!To access the extended lessons visit us at our website @
a podcast about anime and manga
Otaku the Town
A podcast about anime, we guess, or whatever. Three friends join together each week to watch and discuss the shounen anime of their youth. 'This is not just a Naruto podcast,' we whisper to ourselves in the dark each night. Currently we are watching and discussing Naruto.
Four guys, eight fists, a million things to talk about. Join us as we talk about media both new and old, ponder life, and argue. Classy people listen to this podcast, and we're sure you're pretty classy. Be sure to listen in!
Robot Punch Gaming is a geek podcast and website who are fans of video games, movies, anime, manga and comics.
Podcast coming to you weekly on everything that is naruto
We talk about movies, music, games, Naruto, and other stuff.
Anime Podcasters
A podcast made up of Anime super fans who discuss their favorite anime shows such as Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Death Note & much more.
I sometimes can’t sleep or can’t think straight, so I make a beat and look naruto memes
Animezing Podcast
Animezing Podcast is's source for news, reviews, previews and everything else you want to know about anime and manga! Whether you're a diehard otaku or even just a little curious about Asian animation, this is the show for you.
SMH Network
Anime, Comics and Pop Culture Podcasts. We talk about everything in the news and Naruto. CHECK US OUT!
A podcast about video games, anime, and what the hell ever I want to talk about. This is not for weaboos. This is not for naruto fans.
A manga discussion podcast focusing on shojo (and josei!) series that make your heart go doki-doki. Covering classics like CLAMP’s “Cardcaptor Sakura” and Yuu Watase’s “Fushigi Yuugi” to newer favorites like Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” and Hiro Fujiwara’s “Maid Sama!” Shojo & Tell host Ashley McDonnell discusses one series per episode with a rotating shojo superfan. (And sometimes, a shoujo superfan.)Shojo [or shoujo] manga: Japanese comics made for young women. A breath of fresh air ...
Our brand of weird and wacky review commentary on anime shows such as Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super and Gangsta. Watch out for spoilers #Desu!
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Listen in for our special One-Punch Man issue review, plus news, life events and answers to your questions! Segments: 0:40 - Introductions 7:35 - News 22:19 - Issue Review 41:00 - Questions
Everyone is dying for this weekend This week Benel and Lawson go thorough the forest of death Honestly A lot of snakes are gonna get killed We also find out what hidden secret Ako has and if shes fucks m8 Spoilers Yeah probably
Thanks for tuning in to Channel Anime! The boys at the Channel Anime network attempt to argue through every single possible outcome of school council members, kendo teams, and magical girls. Actually... a lot of magical girls. One magical girl. She is too powerful. 2 OP pls nerf. The gang continues to play the game Superfight in an attempt to p ...…
Yes I know there are still some audio sync issues. No, I'm not going to do another pass to resolve them. Yes, it is Audacity's fault and not mine, this time. TWITTER: OLIVIA: Fearghal Casey.
Wow. It's a new episode. Naruto almost gambles, Orochimaru bites himself, Jiryaiya knows something is wrong, Tsunade is tempted, and Tonton is chillin'. Overall, wow. It sure is Naruto. Wow.It's NARUSHOW!
Covers all of Pretear by Junichi Sato and Kaori Naruse (four volumes) Remember back in 2001 when the Pretear anime was the cool new shojo? Did you know there was a manga that’s actually pretty vastly different than that anime you remember so fondly? May Fisher-Guest (host of the Digimon podcast Lost in Translationmon) and ever-present host Ashl ...…
You know what a highaction magical ninja anime needs A protract series of episodes about standardized testing And thats exactly what you get Lawson and Benel discuss the written portion of the Chunin exams What do they learn from all this Do they learn anything at all What is up with the ninjas from the Hidden Sound village How did Tenten get m ...…
Hello and welcome to your first bonus episode of Otaku the Town, where Paul is dead because we killed him! This week we talk about Cowboy Bebop, a show so good we spend most of the episode crying and declaring our unworthiness. Topics include beefy dadbots, stank jazz, and how cool smoking is. Intro: "Tank!" by the Seatbelts Interludes: "Rush" ...…
Podcast Commander Urian returns for a special appearance! Plus the issue review, JUMP Feud and more! Segments 0:40 - Introductions 5:45 - News 17:00 - JUMP Feud 21:31 - Issue Review 1:16:30 - Questions
Taylor is very sorry for what he did to Emily this episode. Tim was fine with it. Naruto trains with some balloons and some balls, Jiraiya does some "stuff", and Orochimaru is back, we guess. We mostly just make euphemisms. It's NARUSHOW!
We really had trouble pulling ourselves together this week. Please send in your recommendations on what we should do regarding our great fatigue over this endeavor. TWITTER: Fearghal Casey.
Discusses the first volumes of Fruits Basket Another by Natsuki Takaya and Sacrificial Princess & the King of Beasts by Yu Tomofuji Welcome to our first preview guide! What's a preview guide, you ask? Our preview guide episodes will cover the first volume of newly released shojo/josei series (in the US), providing first reactions about the mang ...…
Hello and welcome to Hot Bros, where your three hottest friends are heating it up! This week we talk about episodes 24-26 of Naruto and the hateful rays of our greatest foe: The Sun. Topics include test-taking strategies, collective courage, and Naruto's kinks.By (Elliott, Paul, Kayla).
We're back from San Diego with a con recap, plus the issue review and answers to your questions! Segments 0:40 - Introduction 2:13 - Con Recap 16:37 - Issue Review 52:08 - Questions
Welcome to another riveting episode of Channel Anime! The dudes return for our monthly (debatable) "Discussion Forum~!" series on our Channel Anime Network. This month's topic is "What Anime made us feel emotions without warning?" Listen as Callum rants about how an immeasurable number of anime make him cry, Rafael recounts how his sole reason ...…
this week we have a listener WRITTEN fan-fic about Dragon Quest 8. Thank you THYDEATHSWORD Part 1: Part 2:…
This week Benel and Lawson talk about the Chunin Exam were introduced to a host of new characters including Gaara Kokoro and the woman shes Temari but we never learn her name in the episode Lawson and Benel also talk about how fucking great Rock Lee is spoilers He should be the main character
You know, normally I write something snippy here while simultaneously giving our beloved listeners an idea as to what they're in for in the episode they're downloading. But this time around? It's all about Guy's good butt. It's a good butt, Guy. We're glad the television program Naruto gave us time with your good butt. Congratulations on the go ...…
In this episode of the podcast Hotshot and JaianMusic get together to deconstruct Zankyou No Terror a psychological thriller styled anime.
Covers volumes 9 to 17 of Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura Don your armor (read: your prettiest, frilliest dress) and get ready to defend Tsukimi and all the residents of Amamizukan from corporate kidnapper Kai Fish. Guest Carrie McClain (an editor at Black Nerd Problems) and host Ashley list off the moments that made them cry in the sec ...…
We interviewed My Hero Academia creator, Horikoshi Sensei, during his visit to San Diego Comic-Con! Listen in to hear his thoughts on meeting his fans, superheroes and more.
There are those who exist with a special ability that develops when they reach adolescence. Yu Otosaka is one of these special individuals, but he uses his power, the ability to possess others for a few seconds, in order to satisfy his own selfish desires. As a result, he's able to live a successful school life without any issues. This changes ...…
Hey guys, Taylor here. I was very sleepy when I was the podkage of this episode, and as a result made several very sleepy mistakes. Don't worry though, Tim and Emily were there to bail me out while we talked about Jiraiya being a perv, Naruto being annoying, and the shark guy and Itachi doing stuff. Plus, we even maybe kinda Sasuke ...…
This week we cover episodes 22 and 23 of Naruto, where things get so out of control that it basically just becomes a different show for a little bit. It's not a great sign when an inexplicable ninja turtle is one of the less-weird parts of the episode. Topics include Naruto a capella, Elliott fetish bingo, and Leonardo Dicaprio—but umm not in t ...…
Thanks for tuning in to Channel Anime! The lads endeavour to bring you the greatest content about anime on this side of the globe. You'll just have to deal with the absolute joke that was produced instead. The entirety of the Catholic Church, a dude dressed up as a goat, the entire school council replaced by the baseball team. These are just a ...…
This week we reach euphoric highs of schlock, only to be laid-low by the disappearance of a mile-long sword. This audio might be a little messy, unfortunately our guest's normal microphone broke, but thanks to the wonderful efforts of former guest and Wrestling on Air team member Scott, I think their audio ended up sounding rather good all thin ...…
We're back with another big issue and huge plans for San Diego Comic-Con! Segments 0:40 - Introductions 2:42 - News & Updates 12:15 - Issue Review 1:09:17 - Questions
In this episode of the podcast GoProKyo and JaianMusic get together to deconstruct Zankyou No Terror a psychological thriller styled anime.
This week Lawson and Benel talk about episode 1015 of Naruto
Wow, Naruto really doesn't let you breath, does it? A mere episode after the conclusion of all that Orochimaru business, Tim, Taylor, and Emily are forced right back into the action as Sasuke's brother and some shark dude show up in the Leaf Village, ready to start causing havoc. Can Kakashi take on Itachi? SPOILER ALERT: Absolutely not.It's NA ...…
Covers volumes 1 to 8 of Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura Chances are you’ve heard heaps and heaps of praise bestowed upon this manga about a jellyfish otaku whose life is changed forever by a crossdresser. That praise is HELLA ACCURATE. Carrie McClain (an editor at Black Nerd Problems) and host Ashley reveal how much they’ve become Prin ...…
This episode was originally posted on July 23, 2009. Kirran is more popular than me now. Most of these links are dead. Tonight on Whiskey Thursday we discuss the first two episodes of Gunbuster. fightbait’s Thing – Gurren Lagann episode 5.5 Moonstone’s Thing – King’s of Power Four Billion Percent Download Discuss in the forum (This episode paro ...…
The Super & The Sexy come through again. This time with a Trump submitted one. Read Along:
I literally have no idea what was going on with the audio this week so I just gave up. The next episodes are Shippuden, episodes 41-45! TWITTER: Fearghal Casey.
Listen in to the Shonen Jump panel at Anime Expo 2018! We've got news, JUMP Feud, and a special appearance by Super Eyepatch Wolf! Segments: 0:40 - Introductions 2:44 - News 43:45 - JUMP Feud
From the hidden mist Benel and Lawson emerge to talk about episode 6 through 9 The Hidden Mist arc They discuss Naruto having character rudiment over the coolness of Sabuza lament Sakuras uselessness and expound upon Hakus nonbinary status Throw your wind shurikens at the same time on 3 12
Listen here, you old dotards. It's FINALLY the end of the Orochimaru saga, y'all. Well, sort of. You'll figure it out. Also, Tim gives a rousing speech, Emily chases a cat, and Taylor enjoys some dad time.It's NARUSHOW!
We're back! We're sorry! We're still talking about Naruto! This week we discuss episodes 20 and 21 of Naruto despite the best efforts of the show to stop us. A new arc is very nearly introduced and it's all almost very exciting. Topics include spectral negging, unconventional depth measurement, and our favorite birds.…
I was forced at gunpoint to reuse this opening song. The next episodes are Shippuden 36-40! Watch it for next time or don't! TWITTER: STEW: SCOTT: | |…
We're getting ready for Anime Expo and talking manga, news and more on this week's episode!
Boy, that Naruto sure has gotten himself into a pickle. He's pissed off Gaara to the point of turning him into a full-blown monster and all he's got is...some toads on his side. Oh, and Taylor shocks Em and Tim by bringing in some outside research - that he did all on his own!It's NARUSHOW!
Covers all 9 volumes of The Full-Time Wife Escapist by Tsunami Umino What would it be like to get married as a job? Megan DeYarman (of The Manga Test Drive) and host Ashley dive into The Full-Time Wife Escapist’s (very good) takes on alternatives to traditional marriage, family generally, and employment in particular (scheduling out twice-month ...…
On this episode; the guys read a submitted fanfic suggested by ThyDeathSword. Love is in the air with Jessica from Dragon Quest 8; and her mother. Plenty of ass-smacking; hip-shaking incestuous love tonight.
This week we lose all comprehension of visual Jutsu. The next episodes are Shippuden, 31-35! TWITTER: Fearghal Casey.
We're back with a brand-new JUMP Start, the final chapter of ROBOT×LASERBEAM, and more! Segments 0:40 - Introductions 5:45 - JUMP Feud 9:27 - Issue Review 1:01:39 - Questions 1:09:47 - Predictions
Thanks for tuning in to Channel Anime! Jared vs Jared vs Callum vs Ben vs Rafael. It's anybody's game. Except Jared. Can Catgirls make Heroic Thieves? What would happen with a Sentai Team in a Cooking Scenario? Why does Jared keep talking about Stargate? So many questions... and answers are like the dulcet tones of Rafael's voice. You'll need t ...…
Can the boys ever feel sorry for the distasteful, detestable, and hateful Gaara? Emily sure thinks so, but Taylor and Tim are holding strong to their beliefs. Also, Taylor ruins Emily's joke about the World Cup, Log makes multiple experiences, and Tim enjoys hugs more than his cohorts.It's NARUSHOW!
Rokuro "Rock" Okajima is the very definition of average Joe, working long hours at a white-collar job, coddling up to suits and ties, and living the same boring routine day in, day out. That all changes however, when he's suddenly kidnapped and held hostage by mercenaries and dragged into the violent, brutal criminal world of Roanapur. Abandone ...…
This week we reference completely different shonen to reference Naruto to reference other shonen. The next bloc is episodes 26-30 of Naruto Shippuden! TWITTER: JOHN'S BLOG: Fearghal Casey.
We're back with more guests, news and big manga talkin' on this week's episode! Segments 0:40 - Introduction 8:01 - Life Events 13:39 - News 17:14 - JUMP Feud 22:02 - Issue Review 1:22:40 - Questions 1:30:49 - Predictions
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