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The Book Review
The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.
Daily 30 minute relationship and mental health information conversations hosted by Pamela Brewer. Monday focus is men, Tuesday focus is on transitions, Wednesday focus is on women, Thursday (Thoughtful Thursday) we hear from clinical experts, Friday (Friday : On The Psychological Side) takes an expansive look at the world at large from a psychological perspective.
The Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes show offers a unique perspective on news, politics and life. Bruce and Pamela tell stories and make us laugh with an injection of common sense. If you care about the community you live in, listen in to their conversations.
Daily Devotional with Pamela Crim | BIG Life Mentor
Pamela Wible, M.D., reports medical news, politics, and culture. Known for her original investigative reporting on medical student/physician suicide and human rights violations in medicine, Dr. Wible takes on taboo topics that impact your life now. She features whistleblower stories and champions change agents who challenge our culture and beliefs while offering practical tips and business strategies for those who value independence, innovation, and truth.
Quantum Matrix Radio explores the challenging issues of 9/11 and a post-9/11 world with solutions in mind. Hosts Pamela Senzee and David Meiswinkle draw from the science of quantum physics in order to confirm that we can indeed transform the world paradigm for the better using positive thought coupled with action and dedication.
Join internationally known business performance expert and author, Pamela S. (“Pam”) Harper, Founding Partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc., and her business partner/husband D. Scott (“Scott”) Harper, an internationally known innovation expert, for thought-provoking conversations with visionary leaders who are transforming the face of business. Each week, a new show focuses on sparking fresh insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas to take you and your organization to new h ...
The Last Bohemians
The Last Bohemians meets female firebrands and maverick outsiders who have lived live on the edge and who still refuse to play by the rules, from subversive musicians and rock'n'roll groupies to groundbreaking artists and game-changing style icons.The series is presented by journalist Kate Hutchinson and is produced by an all-female audio team, with portraits by Laura Kelly. Season one features Molly Parkin, Bonnie Greer, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pauline Black, Amanda Feilding and Pamela Des Barres.
LAB Radio
Welcome to LAB Radio! (Learn About Bitcoin and Learn About the Blockchain). This show emerged organically from within the CoinStructive team as a way to document various subject matter, people and companies in the ecosystem around this new technology. LAB Radio covers subject matter like: What is Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Security vs Utility Tokens, Compliance, Smart Contracts, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Altcoins, multi-disciplinary use cases, and how this Technology will change societ ...
Christian songs from various places and times.
This Podcast is dedicated to your personal and spiritual growth!
Pamela Hester
Welcome to Pamela Hester where amazing things happen. Create&Ceo-Designer of WOWIMW on Instagram 👉@pamelawowimw PastoralCounselor| Evangelist Awareness|Advocate Against ViolenceEducator|MotivationalSpeaker|Author📚One Foot in OneFootOut|Christian MyBIO Click👇
Get Real with Pamela Hosted By Pamela Kawada
Ever wondered how you can buy and sell real estate the smart way in Los Angeles? Well, your host Pamela Rich has been a real estate agent for years, and knows a thing or two about the industry. The buy and sell experience can be intimating, confusing, and overwhelming, but Pamela has seen it all. She gives her clients a no-nonsense, direct approach, and she tells it like it is! You'll never be unsure when Pamela is around. This sassy gal works in the Pacific Palisades area and knows the ins ...
HealthTips is about real people, staying fit! No needless sermons, or advice - just plain talk - from people who DO!Write to us at, and tell us your fitness secret!
SADCAST: the podcast for working creatives. Hosted by Pamela Rounis, creative director & co-publisher of SAD Magazine. (Stories. Art. Design.) Conversations about creative practice, with a little neurosis thrown in.
Fatal Females
It all began 12 years ago - two young women in school, playing cards in the common area and casually discussing feminine affairs. Now flash forward to the present and two besties will fill your idle hours with talk of gore, malice, violence, and murder. Pour yourself a glass of alcohol (we already have) and steel your wits against these villainous vixens.
Hype is the flagship podcast of Covering the most interesting fandom news and giving a voice to the fans who power their communities, Hype serves as the last word on the entertainment world. The weekly show is hosted by Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi, and more.
Hotel California
Tutto quanto fa spettacolo
Astronomy Cast
A weekly facts based journey through the cosmos.
A Theatre podcast for people who are obsessed with theatre and have no desire to recover from their addictions. We talk about Broadway flops, scandals and new work. "Who Fails, Who Sues, We Tell Their Stories"
Criminologist Lee Mellor discusses the darkest, most perverse, bestial crimes known to man. You can’t handle it. Tap out now.
Writes4Women is all about celebrating women's voices and supporting women's rights. It’s about writing the voice, reading the voice and being the voice. It's where women are invited to take up as much space as they want and we do!Every month co-hosts Pamela Cook (the professional author) and Kel Butler (the total newbie) take the audience along with them as they write their own books. Pam's 5th and Kel's 1st. In MENTORING MOMENTS Pam mentors Kel as she writes her book, focussing on a particu ...
The Explicit Content Podcast is the culmination of several hosts, several topics, and one main desire, to be straightforward and have direct and honest conversations about marketing. Our shows topics include Social Media, Native Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and SEO.Hosts: Jeff Julian, Melanie Deziel, Andy Crestodina, Joe Cox, Demian Ross, Lindsay McKinney, Katie Martell, Megan Zander, and Pamela Muldoon
A podcast about movies the awards forgot
A place for women who stutter to share stories, thoughts and feelings about our stuttering experience. It can be isolating for women in the predominately male stuttering community. Women talking often and openly about stuttering may lessen that isolation.
#Herspiration Happy Hour is a podcast from our #herspiration web series in which we discuss how our inspiring women have achieved or are working to achieved success through work-life balance in a fun “happy hour” setting. Hosted by Dr. Pamela Gurley, CEO of Clark and Hill Enterprise, and Dr. Zoe Zorka, the show is also a forum for our experts and guests to answer questions and offer in-depth business and networking tips to inspire others. The podcast is also available on iTunes and other med ...
MS Dev Show
THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.
Weekly messages from Harvest Bible Church in Stockton, CA brought to you by Pastors Mark and Pamela Butler. For more information, please visit
Each fortnight, hosts Lauren and Alicia delve into a ‘deviant’ woman from history, fiction, mythology and the contemporary world: those who aren’t afraid to break the rules, to subvert the system, to explore, to seek and to challenge the status quo.
We need to make room for stuttering in our lives.
Sharing tips with married couples to help preserve the joy and love long after the wedding.
Tori and Tyrella (now both married but were once known as The Brothers Sisters) get together bi-weekly to discuss a different case straight from the headlines or news feed. If you like to hear 90's lingo, FRIENDS quotes, and the occasional [perhaps frequent] curse word in your true crime stories, then this is the show for you. TTYL
My Biz Dream Team
Helping Online Entrepreneurs Achieve Uncommon Results !
A daily podcast from The North Star where Shaun King will analyze and break down the most pressing news stories of the day. Every Monday through Friday, Shaun will not only unpack stories of injustice, racism and corruption, but will also tell you who's fighting back and how we can support and join them.
Edge Effects
A Digital Magazine from the Center for Culture, History, and Environment
The Official Podcast of
Looking for a bite-sized, upbeat summary of Brexit, EU and world events for your morning commute? Take back control of your listening experience and tune in to MPVB for analysis, opinions and the occasional joke. Available on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, Spotify and all good podcasting apps.
A podcast for showcasing stories, essays, and poems from around the world.
Dr. Drew and Rehab Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab talk about "This Life" with featured guests. Also introducing the exciting and new video channel offshoot, "This Life #YOULIVE" podcast available at youtube/Drdrew and Facebook/Drdrew featuring the previous KROQ Loveline co-host Mike Catherwood who is the current partner on KABC AM 790 Midday Live podcast. Go to for current shows and the collection of all Dr. Drew podcasts.
Zoe and the team pick their highlights of the week including the biggest showbiz guests!
My Real Voice
My name is Pamela. I like to talk about things that interest me like music, current events and social media. I'll be telling stores about my live. Talking about my disability and the obstacles that I have had to overcome. My twitters name is: @craftychick1974YouTube: azwheels00 Cover art photo by Become a supporter of this podcast:
Discussion of Loveland OH
“Living Optimally with Pamela Jones” helps you find balance in all areas of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social) and teaches you how to operate from a place of overflow instead of depletion. This show is full of everyday quick and easy ideas that you can easily apply to live a more fulfilling life.
Open Stacks
On Open Stacks, we bring you conversations with scholars, poets, novelists and activists on books that surprise challenge delight and impress. Here, as in our stores, the most seasoned of readers can once again feel a sense of wonder in discovering a book.
Love Letters Live
Changing the world for the better, one letter at a time.
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show series
This conversation is for those who have suffered heartbreak. It is for those troubled by anxiety, depression, loss, grief, questioning their self-worth, caught in addiction or obsessive/compulsive behavior, and struggling to find meaning. While the list is broad in scope, it shares a common theme: The conditions reflect a broken relationship to ...…
There's another reason that kids aren't getting vaccinated, and it has nothing to do with parents' beliefs.By KTAR.
Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine Commencement 2019. Pamela Wible MD share her most inspiring patients with the graduates.
This case is wicked crazy and takes place in 1990. A man is found "passed out" in his home by his wife and he is pronounced dead at the scene, the result of what appeared to be a burglary gone wrong. But did his wife have more to do with it than she is letting on? Part 2 of 3. Want more content? Get bonus episodes, an exclusive weekly show, and ...…
On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun digs into the horrible police shooting that happened earlier this week in Baytown, Texas. He lays out an important action step in order to press for justice in this case and then leaves us with a heartwarming story to end the difficult week on a note of hope.…
Famous today as the overlooked illustrator of the influential Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck, in her own time Pamela Colman Smith something of an enigma. Known for her lively and enchanting Jamaican folklore performances, her publishing press and literary magazine, and for her extraordinary miniature theatre, Pamela - Pixie to her friends - wove ...…
Pamela Scott lives in Glasgow, UK. Her work has appeared in various magazines including Brilliant Flash Fiction, Peeking Cat Poetry, The Cannon’s Mouth, Sarasvati, The Dawntreader and Toasted Cheese Literary Magazine. She has also featured in anthologies published by Collections of Poetry and Prose and Indigo Dreams Press. She is working on her ...…
In this episode Alex and Amar discuss the looming European elections, Extinction Rebellion and Pamela Anderson's political activism.By My Parents Voted Brexit.
Det. Steiger recounts two cases of serial murder he investigated - sex slayer DeWayne Lee Harris and jihadist Ali Muhammad Brown - along with some truly strange mass murders.By Lee Mellor & Vanessa Vanelli.
Shaun King dedicates today’s episode of The Breakdown to Muhlaysia Booker. Muhlaysia was a Black transgender woman who was shot and killed this weekend - and this horrible violence against her must push us to action. Shaun pushes all of us to confront the violence toward Black trans women in our country, and breaks down what we must do to inter ...…
Chevy has a new feature that will help make driving safer for teens.By KTAR.
Arizona lawmakers have a budget deal in place. But does it have enough support to pass? And what is included in the deal?By KTAR.
At times of uncertainty, books of anxiety abound, but the question of how to write the unknown is always in flux. Enter a state of incomprehension on this week’s Front Table, with books that can help us keep sight of our fears, from life after climate change to the Isle of Sky in Virgina Woolf’s To the Lighthouse.…
The award-winning author and Professor Emeritus of Literature and Creative Writing discusses storytelling during environmental crisis, legacies of Japanese incarceration, and why ethnographies are environmental writing. The post What Counts as Environmental Storytelling: A Conversation with Karen Tei Yamashita appeared first on Edge Effects.…
Today’s devotional is for the women who have been hurt. Those who woke up disappointed today. Those who feel overwhelmed. Those who are beginning to believe it’s too late and they’re loosing hope. For you, the one who is disheartened by the journey right now with not a lot left to give. In Isaiah 61:3 God reminds you He will give a crown of bea ...…
Special note: It’s so exciting and gratifying for me to share this 200th episode of the voices of women who stutter from all over the world. I never believed in 2010 when I started this that it would still be going strong nine years later. I have talked to women from 41 different countries around […]…
This week we bring you the Stefon of the 2003 Oscar race: Anthony Hopkins inadvertently saying racial slurs, Nicole Kidman with curly hair, a cringeworthy adaptation of Philip Roth, holdover from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, cast members from The Real World London. It was only inevitable that we would eventually discuss The Human Stain, but for ...…
Thought you needed a professional camera to capture the world around you? Worried that your eye was not enough? Thought you had to spend years and dollars to get the equipment you needed to capture the beauty around you? Not so. Today's guest talks about your ability to look within-using just your phone to learn, love and create.…
Game of Thrones is finally over. So why are millions of fans calling for them to redo the show?By KTAR.
Is Uber going to make ambulances obsolete?By KTAR.
On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King celebrates Robert F. Smith’s announcement to forgive the student loan debt of every graduating senior at Morehouse College. Shaun uses the story as a jumping-off point to dig into the student loan crisis in this country and then closes with his thoughts on Grady Wayne Wilkes.…
You were created to be an overcomer. This means you have the ability to get OVER anything that may COME your way. Get it – Overcomer – Get OVER anything that may COME your way. You have been given a specific set of skills and experiences that have strengthened you for your journey. You are STRONG. Have you forgotten this? But this morning, I al ...…
Simonetta Lien joins Dr. Drew and Shelly Sprague to discuss her life as a model, fashion influencer, writer, social worker and founder of The Wishwall Foundation, which allows people from across the world to post their deepest wish or desire on the website’s “Wishwall.” She tells how it came about, and created an Amazon TV show that turns wishe ...…
Christopher S. Bell has been writing and releasing literary and musical works through My Idea of Fun since 2008. His sound projects include Emmett and Mary, Technological Epidemic, C. Scott and the Beltones and Fine Wives. My Idea of Fun is an art and music archive focused on digital preservation with roots in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. (www.myid ...…
How could an educational curriculum have ANYTHING to do with politics? Listen to today's guest explain the ins and outs and share a perspective that may be brand new to you.By MyNDTALK with Dr Pamela Brewer.
Jeanne Gnuse is a fan of personal change, and her history of accepting challenge is a model for us all. Decade after decade, no such thing as status quo for her. Her husband was an introspective man with an engineering degree, quiet, steady. She has the sparkle of a Broadway musical performer. At age 55 she and her husband...…
A new report shows how Arizona's education system ranks against the rest of the country. And we're not last!By KTAR.
Half of Americans have used a swimming pool as their bath. How many of them are using it as their toilet?By KTAR.
Is President Trump's immigration plan a good one?By KTAR.
Casey Cep discusses "Furious Hours," and Eliza Griswold talks about "Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America."
Raise your hand if you’ve been angry in the past week. Angry at him – angry at her – angry over a situation or circumstance. Oh I’m pretty sure the majority of us have felt some anger. Just a few minutes on social media shows me a whole lot of angry people over some current issues. So, what about all this anger? What do we do with these emotion ...…
More highlights from another fabulous week of the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show! If you want to get in touch email BBC Radio 2.
This week we're celebrating 10 years of No Meat Athlete by looking back at the history of this podcast, and sharing updates on five of the most popular episodes. Join us for a hilarious trip down memory lane.
Today there are many different forms of psychotherapy. Today's guest, an expert in rational emotional behaviorial therapy (REBT) will answer many of the questions you did not even know you had!By MyNDTALK with Dr Pamela Brewer.
On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King breaks down Joe Biden’s recent comments defending his 1994 Crime Bill. To understand what the implications are of defending this bill, Shaun needs us to understand that mass incarceration in America was designed and planned to criminalize Blackness.By The North Star.
President Trump lays out his new immigration plan live from the White House.By KTAR.
When did the Arizona Department of Corrections first discover that the locks at Lewis Prison didn't work? We've got a new timeline.By KTAR.
The SAT is going to give an "adversity score" to students who have faced more adversity socially and economically.By KTAR.
Romans 8:37 – “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” So who is it that loves you? That would be Jesus. Through the love of Jesus, we are more than conquerors. We are not just conquerors, we are MORE than conquerors. So then what are we? You likely know this scripture. Perhaps you’ve even quoted it in the middle of a trial. But ...…
Kristin didn't know until she knew. Her life was destined to be very different from what her parents intended. Because in this society your worth is often erroneously determined by your appearance - Kristin experienced many challenges - but SHE found a way to rise to the top!By MyNDTALK with Dr Pamela Brewer.
Is the constant use of digital devices affecting our brains?By KTAR.
An Oklahoma man was arrested in Arizona when police found his wife in the passenger seat... dead... naked.... and upside down!By KTAR.
Senator Lindsey Graham has a new immigration plan. Will it work?By KTAR.
On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King unpacks how the recent measures in Georgia and Alabama that ban a woman’s right to choose could become law in 2019. Shaun digs into the constitutional history of Roe v. Wade and explains what it actually says today. There is so much outrage in the country over these measures, and Shaun needs us to ...…
As Nigel Farage's Brexit Party surge in the polls, Labour decline and the Tories completely implode. Alex and Amar discuss this, and what on earth is going to happen next, in this crazy little thing called Brexit.By My Parents Voted Brexit.
Philippians 4: 6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” What do you need right now? Where do you need God to show up? Today, will you worry about it, or will you pray about it? His work has already begun. He has walked every path possible before you and cleared it ...…
Drawing upon Detective Steiger’s cases while working sex crimes, Lee analyzes the offenders using Groth’s rapist typology, before hearing an incredible tale of three separate (yet) related homicides.By Lee Mellor & Vanessa Vanelli.
She watched and struggled and loved her child. Confusion turned to joy at seeing the joy of her child - and then...suddenly... it was different.By MyNDTALK with Dr Pamela Brewer.
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