Best Pansexual podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Sex Stories
Intimate conversations about our most intimate interactions in an effort to increase communication around sex and improve sex lives everywhere. Sex Stories is a series of one-on-one conversations with humans of all backgrounds about sex: the good, the bad, the awkward, and everything in-between.
The token queers at Blumhouse go through the horror canon to see where on the undead Kinsey scale your faves belong. Don't be nervous: we've done this before. Hosted by Mark Fortin, Michael Kennedy, and Nay Bever.
The BiCast
Podcast For The Bisexual+ Community
Out of the Pan
Covering pansexual issues, pansexual meaning "knowing no boundaries of sex or gender", including transgender, bisexual and polyamorous issues.
A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them! George is an FtM transgender man, Jess is his pansexual genderqueer wife; they talk parenting, work, and such.
Polyamory Weekly
Minx and her listeners discuss loving more and polyamory, the lifestyle of being involved in more than one commited, long-term, loving relationship with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved. In this community-driven show, each week Minx talks sex, relationships, communication, family, erotica, psychology, orgasms and anything else that comes up in the ins and outs of the daily polyamorous lifestyle.
Bi Connections
The Podcast connecting you to love, sex, dating and whatever else the ___ from Milli, a black non-binary pansexual blerd with J. Renee, a pansexual black woman living their best lives. Email us!
Polyamory Weekly
Responsible non-monogamy from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view
we are a cool, real, lezbian comedy couple who are lavishly and overwhelmingly in love with each other, chunking out 2 hours of time every other week with ya'll to dish the sapphic dirt. queer fantasia, interpreted through a modern lens, self criticism, public engagement. we want to be pushing ourselves to reinterpret, reassess, and reanalyze dyke culture that has been left before us. nothing exists in a vacuum and ya'll know we love to process. clara's insta: clarapluton val's insta: teenbe ...
Comically Anxious
Comically Anxious is the offensive/awkward life and anxiety comedy podcast by Rebecca Errin and Brandy Leigh. Lets get weird and ugly laugh!
Getting Bi
Bi+ podcast brought to you by PAVES
Queerious Podcast
Queerious Podcast is a platform for Queer Artists to talk through their personal experiences through questions, games and a lot of laughter. Jen Carss is your very own Queer host and wanted to hear more peoples fascinating stories; their journeys growing up, working in the arts industry and what lessons we can take from living in our own beautiful Queer world.
Poly Wanna Podcast
A show about polyamory with your host Britt Vasicek
Fatherless Men
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey HD are The Fatherless Men. Join them weekly as they give their uptake on daily issues from a fatherless perspective, in a style that is often without direction and always entertaining. Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventureInstagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDWanna get in touch with us?Email:
Master Bastard
Four aging, life-long friends and adversaries fend off the ordinary through the poetry of the profane. From potty humor to funeral home funnies, the Bastards don't just slaughter the sacred cow, they have sex with it first. It takes a real Bastard to laugh at another's suffering. But to laugh at the suffering of your closest friends, it takes something more. A Master Bastard.
an intersectional feminist podcast which tells the stories of the personal and essential so these dialogues won’t be lost. intersectionality represents the vectors of oppression that occur when systems of power and hierarchy interact.bringing these stories to light not only gives those a platform but also creates room for change and growth.our movement becomes less powerful if people are being left behind
Adam and Karl confront the hot topic issues of today through song, conversation, storytelling and comedy.
A podcast with host Ms. Michelle devoted to discussing EVERYTHING.
The Blank Tapes
The show is about an adult in college giving his honest opinions about certain topics. The show will deliver true stories about the lives of others. Some will be fun and others will be serious. What I want the the audience to do is simply listen. I believe a lot of people have a lot to say, and I think this is the era where we can speak up.
Gay Soul Talk
A safe space for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, asexual and pansexual souls (of all ages) along with their family, friends and allies to talk about whatever needs to be talked about. To be on this show, email In your email, share what you want to talk about.
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Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD discuss Humfrey's antics at a house party, is Humfrey pansexual, xenophobia in South Africa, allowing self-compassion, self-care and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDWanna get in touch with us?Email: father ...…
Ep12, Brandy's browser history, Becca's queef stories, Brandy is her own Street Person of the week, and the horrifying story of Naked Train Man.By Becca & Brandy.
No return: tales from Melbourne's trans and gender diverse community with producer/director Brroke Murray.By Sally with Brooke Murray.
The last time George took Child#2 to scout camp, he was very newly transitioned, and understandably concerned about how his trans status would affect the experience. George is planning to take Child#2 to scout camp again soon. Are the boy scouts more manageable than the cub scouts? Will his trans status be a problem this time? Episode #125 - "H ...…
Stephanie [20’s, straight-ish/open to anything cis female, NYC-born, stylist, lingerie designer, sex-activist] and Wyoh talk about: working in a sex shop as a teenager sex-positive mom discovering BDSM porn in 4th grade masturbation specifics blowjob technique specifics and favorite positions and *CUMING* from giving a blowjob requests for usin ...…
This week we’re joined by writer Cameron Johnson (EMPIRE) to talk Rusty Cundieff’s 1995 anthology flick TALES FROM THE HOOD! We talk about a lot of dark, complicated topics, because that’s what the best horror films allow us to dive into. And TALES FROM THE HOOD is nothing if not the best. Plus, in Tea Time we sip on NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, IT CHAPT ...…
hello! this episode was originally broadcast on 104.9 KHUH LP-FM Hollow Earth Radio Seattle on this episode we talk about why white men don't get wet in the rain, gossip, the trans queerstory of the wild west & a surprise mystery guest calls into the station! find us on patreon at find us on facebook at Hot Takes With Hot Dyke ...…
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD discuss being naked arond friends, losing virginity, football, Romelu Lukaku's experiences at Inter Milan, living in the past, giving last chances, supporting friends, family and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humf ...…
Episode 11 - The ladies get trashed and attempt to record an episode - Becca and Brandy discover that two bottles of wine in the span of one episode is one bottle of wine too many. Also, we experiment with a guest interview from Beth in California, and Rapunzel educates you on the hidden meanings within the DMX song "X Gon Give It To Ya".…
A chat with two artistes beind two of many fab Fringe shows: Transgression with Jacob Thomas (they/them) and Boobs with Selina Jenkins (she/her)By Sally with Jacob Thomas and Selina Jenkins.
Tam [40, cis female, bi, kinky submissive] and Wyoh talk about: All things (or at least a lot of em) kinky & submissive: BDSM! Meanings of collars. What to do post-First Master, D/s dynamics, jealousy, ethics, discovering your submissive self, latex & boob harnesses. experimenting w tampons pre-period losing virginity w another person conscious ...…
This week we’re joined by Blumhouse bigwig Couper Samuelson to talk the steamy, dreamy TALENTED MR. RIPLEY! We discuss making fun of white people, deadly gays, and some super sneaky inside info on Michael’s new movie! Plus, in Tea Time we sip on MINDHUNTER, SUCCESSION, EUPHORIA, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, and GORILLA GANG! Find us on Twitter and In ...…
hello!!!! A NEW EPISODE HAS ARRIVED we talk about being codependent lesbians, lil nas x & adult babies. find us on patreon at facebook @Hot Take With Hot Dykez clara's insta: @clarapluton val's insta: teenbeat_84 <3By Clara Pluton & Val Nigro.
Episode 10 - The ladies valiantly fight through a cold and a mouth-guard to tell you about running around town in Victorian dresses, give some tips on how to remain in control when using ride-share apps (it involves choking your driver while he drives), and describe their packages (spoiler, all the anatomy is there). Also anxiety things.…
Kevin Patterson and Alana Phelan join us to talk about their latest queer superhero novel and how to be more inclusive in fiction. 0:00 Introduction and host chat Thanks to Anita Wagner for introducing me to the term “petamour” 1:30 Poly in the news Vice has a great new article about poly families and poly parenting 3:05 Contact us Questions? C ...…
Kevin Patterson and Alana Phelan, coauthors of For Hire: Operator and the soon-to-be-released For Hire: Audition, talk about why they write a queer poly superhero universe. 0:00 Introduction and host chat Thanks to Anita Wagner for introducing me to the term “petamour” 1:30 Poly in the news Vice has a great new article about poly families and p ...…
"I would be doing a disservice to my old people if I lay down and gave up." Edie Shepherd on one way re how to keep going re activism. Check out Edie's amazing efforts on today's episode.By Sally with Edie Shepherd.
Everyone has a personal reality, and it's much easier to function in the world if your own reality is at least similar to the reality of those around you. In Episode 78, George discussed how good it was to have someone validating that his reality was congruent with actual reality. Today we revisited that topic, discussing the realities of trans ...…
Wyoh and Bekah talk about: growing up in the Birther movement & being told that masturbating was sex with the Devil (and thinking that’s kinda…hot) working through psychological religious trauma getting kicked out at 18 for having sex with her boyfriend she was only supposed to be “courting” understanding sexuality beyond the physical act of se ...…
Trooper is back and he brought gifts! The Bastards chat and then play a very visual online game. Just skip the last 20 minutes unless you love Audio Gold! Classtard! Get your hot, Classtard, here!!By
This week the Queerwolves are joined by author, screenwriter, and podcaster Mallory O’Meara (Reading Glasses podcast, “The Lady from the Black Lagoon”) to talk the 2000 modern werewolf classic GINGER SNAPS! This is a classic Queerwolf episode, by which we mean it’s 90 percent digressions. We have a conversation about trigger warnings, Nay tells ...…
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD discuss Humfrey's perfprmance at the National Theatre, Joseph's trip to Brussels, Amsterdam, dealing with family issues and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDWanna get in touch with us?Email: fatherlessmen@g ...…
Episode 9 - Becca and Brandy recap recent anxieties, review the latest in the world of craigslist weirdos, and discover how difficult it can be to get ACTUAL street people to share embarrassing moments. Brandy describes what part of her back is the back of her back. This week's crazy crime centers on one man's fascination with banging blowup th ...…
Huge week; Victorian birth certificate celebration but on the job nationally re so-called Religious Discrimination BillBy Sally Goldner.
An episode for those of you who have been asking for details: Wyoh talks about vulnerable feelings, the Sex Stories events that happened in August, and her experience finally getting on OK Cupid.By Wyoh Lee.
[22, female, Wisconsin, engaged to her partner of 5 years, wants to explore her pansexual identity] !!! NOTE: we talk about heavy stuff including: abusive partners, mental health struggles & eating disorders. !!! Lo & Wyoh talk about: discovering VHS porn under her parent’s dresser w/ “two large-breasted females” porn on her iPod touch bad rela ...…
This week the Queerwolves are putting the “fun” in “funeral!” To commemorate Sam’s last episode as a full time co-host, we’re taking a big bite out of the uncensored cut of TAMMY AND THE T-REX (coming at you soon from Vinegar Syndrome). Sam made final requests of us all: Nay leads a group round of Yays or Nays, Michael indulges in his most extr ...…
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD discuss the last two weeks/episode on the podcast, lessons learnt, insight gained, Steve King, maintaining positivity and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDWanna get in touch with us?Email: fatherlessmen@gma ...…
Episode 8 - Becca and Brandy open with recent anxieties, Becca trashes a few Craigslist articles, Brandy interviews "Street People", and Becca details the true story of how good 'ol Florida Greg Greg terrorized a random family with his genitals. Becca and Brandy also investigate the side-effects of using sandpaper as toilet paper.…
Luci talks birth certificates, lateral hostility and TGD in FringeBy Sally with Luci.
When George got his drivers license changed back in 2013, he needed a doctor's note and had two options. Many states are new increasing their number of options for documentation of gender, and Jess is finally getting their license changed too, with significantly fewer barriers to access. Now that they have an accurate identity document, how man ...…
Adam [38-years-old, friends know as gay male, exploring pansexual non-binary possibly trans individual] and Wyoh talk about: truth or dare & wrestling as early forms of play (that could lead to things like dry humping) rubbing on friends to the point of ejaculation dating women until college coming out mid-20’s in spite of having a supportive f ...…
The Bastards take a belated dive into the trailers from San Diego Comic Con 2019. Their rundown is constantly interrupted by argument based side quests and long kept secret revelations. I Classtard my pants.By
on this fortnightly episode Val and Clara talk about sexologist, performance artist and porn star Annie Sprinkle as well as a DEEP DEEEP dive into top and bottom culture. IT'S A GOOD ONE. clara's ig: clarapluton val's ig: teenbeat_84 find us on patreon! find us on facebook!…
My boyfriend’s wife cheated on us, and now they are divorcing. He and I are still together, but I feel like a homewrecker. Download the episode directly 0:00 Introduction and host chat Format tweaks Winter Poly Wonderland is February 14-17 in the mountains of West Virginia Jay Wiseman is crusading against folks with dick pics as their profile p ...…
Email, call 802-505-POLY, Twitter @polyweekly or visit or Cunning Minx.
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD along with kvng discuss kvng's Broken Ep, having sex with family pictures in the room, introductory periods in relationships, self taught vs expert help and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDGuests:KvngInsta ...…
Episode 7 - Becca and Brandy forget to introduce their own show, and Rapunzel comes on to read/discuss "Butt Drugs Guy Shoots Self In Nuts". We learn the "true" definition of "Pansexual", then Brandy and Becca discover new ways they would like to make money by providing their services on Craigslist.By Becca & Brandy.
Critical time for birth certitifcate reform; launch of We Deserve, in solidarity with sex workersBy Sally Goldner.
Nichole [30, recently married, monogamous, kinky submissive, bi-curious, works in the corporate world] and Wyoh talk about: Growing up in Ohio Meeting Mistress Devlynn DeSade What it’s like to be in a monogamous relationship for seven years & their bedroom-only D/s relationship and the energy they give to one another (that sex is a huge part of ...…
This week the Queerwolves are rejoined by horror academic Jen Moorman to talk the Lesbian Bible, aka 1996’s BOUND! We discuss the massive impact of that fingering scene, our best and worst pick-up lines, anti-hierarchical relationships, and “really cool” uses of toilets. Plus, in Tea Time we sip on STRANGER THINGS, THE QUIET ROOM, HOBBS & SHAW, ...…
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD along with Diana to discuss hot girl summer, men embracing sensitivity, micro relationships, travel, careers, jobs, systemic oppression and much more!!! Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: @Humfrey_HDGuests:DianaInstagram: @Missdiana ...…
Episode 6 - Callback to Rapunzel's rat stomach, a look at how clean Becca's cervix is, with a few new awkward craiglist articles. Brandy and Becca ask each other some questions about fears, superpowers, and what they would lick for $500 (spoilers - anything).By Becca & Brandy.
We Deserve - Jess talks about the project and the community launch Friday 16th; birth certificates and religious discrimination law updates. Remember Qlife 1800184527.By Jess from Transgender Victoria with Sally.
When George took Child#2 to the therapist this week, he made sure to address his supposed fears regarding gender as discussed last episode. Aside from some confusion that his other mom had likely caused by over-explaining in words and concepts that are above his cognitive level, he wasn't actually scared about gender. He was, however, using tha ...…
B [30’s, photographer, pansexual, male-bodied, submissive-leaning, NYC] and Wyoh talk about: growing up with six siblings sex ed via a book identifying first as gay and later as pansexual where to masturbate at a boarding school feeling defeated with early orgasms his super romantic first time with a woman that didn’t go quite as expected a han ...…
The Bastards talk about Bullet Head, boozing and renaissance art. Then they chatter on about the woes of Olde English 800 diarrhea. Terlet gets annoyed with the random topic shifting, shame and shouting ensues. Classtard.By
This week the reunited Queerwolves sit down with SFX artist and Face Off champion Nora Hewitt to talk 1998’s THE FACULTY! We discuss the relative queerness of the teen characters, whether or not the film has a happy ending, the walking fashion show that is Josh Hartnett, how to pass alien slug bodies, and lots and lots of Clea DuVall. Plus, in ...…
originally broadcast Monday August 5th 2019 on 104.9 KHUH LP FM Hollow Earth Radio Seattle on this fortnightly episode we talk about our trip down the coast, we answer your q's & play a mini interview with scientist Emily Waldron! find us on patreon at find us on facebook at clara's insta: clarapluto ...…
Joseph Adventure and Humfrey_HD discuss breakups on wedding days, wedding day scenarios, black men don't cheat, parenting, being bad fathers, sleeping with other people's girlfriends, looking back at achievements and much more!!!Hosts:Joseph AdventureTwitter: @JosephAdventure Instagram: @Joseph_AdventureHumfrey HDTwitter: @Humfrey_HDInstagram: ...…
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