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Messages from Passion City Church, visit us at
The Passion Podcast is a conversation with artists, speakers, and culture-makers who have focused their lives on the fame of Jesus. Hear the authentic moments of inspiration and creativity, to the extraordinary lives of Jesus followers around the globe, impacted and connected by the Passion movement. The Passion Podcast is currently hosted by Jason Dyba, with special episodes led by Louie Giglio and others.
Everyday Folks Radio celebrates America's ordinary yet extraordinary people. Weekly shows are hosted by EVERYDAY FOLKS books author Billy Jones and other great personalities.
Passion To Succeed
Welcome to The Passion to Succeed Podcast. Created by Craig White Passion to Succeed we will bring passionate entrepreneurs and millionaire mentors into your world to empower you to the next level, changing the way you think, developing your mindset to those of the world’s super achievers. Craig is known as a Top level Leader, A Master Coach and the blueprint for success who has influenced and coached thousands of people to believe in themselves and take their life to the next level. This is ...
Sharing life: My experiences from the evolution of my Christian faith to growing up in Cameroon, attending college in Wisconsin, moving to Boston, and many more! Happy to share and hear your thoughts and experiences as well!
EastCoast Passion
EastCoast Passion. A digital media brand where we'll be talking about motivation, design, food and drinks, and social issues.
Her Passion Project is hosted by Meag B (Biz Mentor and Career Coach) & Alex Koga (An Online Fitness Coach) who wanted to create a space to connect with ladies on a deeper level than an Instagram post. This show is for the viewer, new topic requests and questions are always being accepted! After a few listens, their addictive personality and passion will leave you coming back week after week for more! Meag & Alex are proud to be your new best friends!! #PassionistasForLife
International missions - refugee camps - international prisons - rural church planting in isolated communities. We are an international missions org that works to teach and train at the pastoral level. This station gives hints and glimpses into what we do. You can always learn more by staying up to date with us at
Welcome to the Passion. Potential. Purpose. podcast. I am your host Dennis J. I encourage you to listen to my postcard and absorb the knowledge being dropped.
Stop Existing & Start Living With Passion! ©
Series of update and possible interviews that pertain to my project
Hey Guys! My name is Jessica. I live in the mitten state. I have natural red hair. And, in spite of being shy growing up I know I’m made of more than what people saw. So, Here is me taking my first step out there & making my voice heard, because my voice has a purpose; I have something of value to say. I have a passionate outlook on many things. I just NEVER spoke up. Now that stops. So, come join me on my journey of learning my voice, and speaking up and Being Me!
Passion Principle
Anything and everything authentic
Messages from Passion City Church DC, visit us at
A monthly podcast covering all aspects of the paranormal; to include UFO/ET topics, Bigfoot/cryptids, NDEs, psychics/mediums, ghosts/spirits & hauntings.
Welcome to the “Quest For Purpose & Passion Podcast,” where we talk with entrepreneurs living their passions and defining their purpose.
Passion Project.
This is Coaching Café where we talk to all kinds of Amazing people! We also interview coaches who help people everyday. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Create Your Freedom
Weekly Sermons from Holy Cross Lutheran Church. We serve the community of Athens, and the students of the University of Georgia, by preaching and living out the good news of Jesus Christ and his saving love for the world. We worship each week at 8:45 and 11:11 at Holy Cross Lutheran Church (800 Westlake Drive), and on Thursday evenings at 8:00PM at the Presbyterian Student Center (1250 South Lumpkin Street) on the UGA campus.
The Blogging Your Passion podcast is hosted by a professional blogger, Jonathan Milligan, who loves helping other bloggers succeed. The podcast covers topics like getting traffic to your website, SEO, making money blogging, how to create great content, and even time management.
We all have it in us. An innate desire. A passion for something. Chances are your passion found you. It wasn't something you sought after. What if we could hack that process to produce the same sort of enthusiasm for our everyday jobs? This podcast brings the people and ideas to help us achieve that result!
Passion for Performance is a podcast hosted by Coach Peter Clifford from High Performance Tri about High Performance sport. The show will give you advice, tips and thoughts around improving your performance to world class levels.
Passionate people, deep conversations. Thoughts on how to deal with listening to your heart and some examples to guide us forward. The Passion People Podcast is a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest and what all comes with it.
Brian Lee from the talks with successful people in a variety of industries about their story in an effort to share knowledge and give back. The podcast allows our community to control the narrative and share awesome stories of excellence. Subscribe to the podcast to be inspired and motivated by exceptional illustrations of brilliance and overcoming barriers to achieve greatness. Key areas covered in the podcast include entrepreneurship, building wealth, real estate inve ...
This podcast is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony Cheam will offer you tools and strategies for personal transformation. Whether it be financially, in your relationships, spiritually or your overall enjoyment of life, you will learn everything you need to know about upgrading all areas of life and feeling truly fulfilled and at peace along the way. To your continued upgrade and evolution, live it up with power, purpose and passion!
Earhole Passion
A Bit of Music to Make Your Heart Smile!
Sermon Uploads from Antioch (formerly Christ Fellowship) in Fort Worth, Texas. Listen to our Pastor Jamey Miller discuss what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information please visit our website at
The Motivational Millennial Podcast co-hosts, Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes, speak with leaders, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, altruists and other Millennials living life with a sense of purpose and achieving their dreams. We explore the discovery of their passions, the beauty in the pursuit of their dreams, and how they overcome challenges on their paths.
The sermon podcast for Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL
Trip Hop Passion
Thank You for joining me in this wonderful world of Trip Hop. I am truly grateful for all these artist and everyone else involved in creating these gems.Trip Hop is DownTempo, Deep Sensual Soulful Ambient Tracks with Dynamic Female ( sometime Male) Vocalization Enjoy!!!
The Tecla award nominated podcast, The Empowerment Hour, is a digital global classroom where individuals across all ages, backgrounds, and career levels tune in for guidance and motivation to live life on their own terms. It's where inspiring thought leaders, modern day influencers, and social game changers come to discuss their own personal journeys and have real conversations about the journey to success, what that means, and why it's different for everyone. Hosted by award winning author ...
Colin Vallee
An interview show passion project about other peoples passion projects, and their couches.
This podcast is a collection of fun conversations unpacking the philosophy of education.
Get ready for conversations that awaken, inspire and activate. Voice of Evolution Radio is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create compassionate, sustainable change in the world.
We have all heard it before, follow your passion! That’s cool, but what if your passion doesn’t pay the bills? Well, who says you have to choose between making a difference and making a profit? Welcome to the Purpose Meets Profit podcast! Hosted by two millennial entrepreneurs, Logan Cohen and Gerard Adams, who let their purpose drive them while they create viable businesses. Gerard is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who continues to innovate even with multiple successful ...
A podcast about my passion in life: Coloring books for adults!
The Motor Affair
The Motor Affair, is about of the love affair we have for cars. A place we share our passion behind the wheel, behind the lens, or on the microphone with like minded car enthusiasts. The Motor Affair team is Jason Connor and Patrick Stevenson. Jason's passion of cars started from a very young age and his films and writings can been seen on, the Hooniverse YouTube channel as well as various Internet Brands sites. Patrick Stevenson, an automotive journalist and artist, who can b ...
Oasis Ministries
We want to turn average husbands into great leaders for God. We want to heal broken and weary wives and watch them become women of prayer and wives of passion. To strengthen those that no one cares for or loves. To train our teenagers who have lost their way to become great men and women of God. The Gospel we share is not just for the rich, kind, or the family who has it all together; it’s also for the drug addict you saw today on the street and the lady who feels she is only worth what her ...
Tell Me How
Concentrated wisdom from incredible people around us: the experts in various parts of life. Stuff that comes from years of experience and passion and cannot be learned from the books.
Guest Podcasts
Hear from other widely respected Christian leaders as they share their own passion for the supremacy and majesty of Jesus. Let them help you grow your own vision of how wonderful our Lord is today! Check back for more teachings, added regularly
Welcome to the SocialRay Podcast where we share stories of social media influencers and entrepreneurs and their stories of how they built successful brands, businesses, and followings. Many have used social media successfully to build their business and follow their passions. Discover the mindsets, strategies, and advice that will help you take your business and life to the next level.
Listen to the weekend messages of Palm Valley Church located in Mission, TX.
Welcome to the weekly podcast of First Baptist Church Woodstock. FBCW is a dynamic ministry with campuses in Woodstock, GA | Jasper, GA | Marietta, GA | Panama City Beach, FL. Our desire through this podcast is to see you grow in your walk with Christ. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @FBCWoodstock, and online at
We are two "average joe" youth pastors who have a passion for youth ministry and desire to share that passion with others around the globe!Contact UsFacebook: talkswithjoe.wordpress.comEmail: talkswithjoe@gmail.comiTunes: AND SUBSCRIBE
Brentwood United Methodist Church sermons
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Episode 19: On this bonus episode, I talk with author Gary Michael Vasey about the chilling subject of the Black-Eyed Kids, based on his book, The Chilling, True Terror of the Black-Eyed Kids: A Monster Compilation.
In this episode, Zack Klapman is here to talk about his adventures on Drive on NBC Sports. He just spent 700 miles in a Ariel Nomad ripping the 300 horsepower lightweight on and off road. We also discuss the joys of BMW ownership. Enjoy the show!By Jason Connor & Patrick Stevenson.
Jerry Hernandez of Flaco Creative is an hustling entrepreneur all about Brand Identity Developement. Taking brands further than just a logo and color schemes, We talk about his wholistic approach to a brand and all the nuances that entails including people, objects and culture, among other things. He gives a specific example of a water company ...…
“Christian hypocrisy is maximized when the resurrection of Jesus is minimized.”—What if the greatest barrier to Christianity is Christians? Kicking off our new series, “Trust Issues,” our friend Timothy Ateek from Breakaway Ministries joins us this week to talk about what happens when Christians become calloused to the beautiful reality of the ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #10: Today is a Brand New Day!The Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. If you're looking to become your greatest version then Anthony is here to guide you to t ...…
Sarah Lalonde - What a difference 657 days makes! by Derek Rhodenizer
What are you living for? A better question... What are you living from?What / who are you building your life out of?—This week Pastor Aaron Coe reminds us why these are such critical questions for us to ask, because ultimately what we are building from will determine how we move through life in all of its highs and lows.…
Many of us remember where we were the exact moment where we were when the Gospel first clicked for us and we understood our need for a Savior, and while that moment began an incredible journey internally, it was also meant to start an actual journey where we would then turn and live out that same Gospel to the people in the neighborhoods, citie ...…
What would it be like if you were fully known? All of your inner thoughts, feelings, your most private successes and failures on display? For all of us, this is a terrifying thought, after all, who would love someone if they could see all of the things we keep hidden away from the world?—This week, Grant Partrick wants you to know a life-shifti ...…
Today's scriptures put before us two models of complete trust in God's gracious care. We, too, are called to offer up what we have to God, for the sake of the world he loves so much. Support the show
Sales has so many moving parts that sometimes we can lose focus on what we’re actually trying to accomplish. So what happens when we finally get in front of our customer and they shoot us down or object to what we’re saying? How do we respond? Do we let it get us down or do we see it as an opportunity to solidify their decision? Today Grant and ...…
In a time where everyone is hustling and grinding, the greatest key to success is to discover what makes YOU different and pimp the hell out of it. In this episode, Nancy discusses defining success, what it means to you and the importance of finding your lane. From stepping into fear, to learning from failures, to finding your niche, this episo ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #9: You're Already LOVED & RICHRead the title, re-read it and really let it sink in. You are already loved and rich. The Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. I ...…
In the week’s message, Pastor Jamey Miller continues our Death to Life series by encouraging us about the adopted life out of Romans 8:1-17. Jamey shared that God sent his Son and Spirit to set us free so that we can live as sons and daughters in his family.
Caroline (@wik_coloring on Instagram), has colored in Hanna Karlzon´s books since 2015, and actually finished Daydreams some time ago. Her dream is to finish all of Hanna´s books someday, and she likes to color the pages in order. In this episode we talk about Polychromos, Neocolor and black Posca, and Caroline talks about some of her experimen ...…
Tune In November 10th at 3 pm EST for It’s Not Over on Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio! Before you decide to quit on your passions, tune in to hear reasons why your journey doesn’t have to end. We have all heard the phrase “If you don’t believe it, no one else will”. Many of us have stopped believing in our abilities ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #9: The POWER of SolitudeThe Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. If you're looking to become your greatest version then Anthony is here to guide you to the ne ...…
Will Polston by Craig White
Bernardo Moya by Craig White
MASTER LIFE LESSON #7: The POWER of Attitude The Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. If you're looking to become your greatest version then Anthony is here to guide you to the n ...…
You want to marry someone you trust. This week Pastor Ben Stuart closes out the Survival Skills series by taking a look at Proverbs 31 and what to look for in a spouse. Proverbs 31 describes a trustworthy woman: one who is prudent and shrewd, has grit and perseverance, is industrious and generous, and is sacrificial and thoughtful.—“As you ente ...…
God can save anyone, anywhere.—Scott Harrison is the founder and CEO of Charity Water. He spends his days working to make sure the last and least of the world have access to clean water. He's given his life to see the people most of the world has turned away from.—But this was not always his life. This is Scott's story. A story full of highs an ...…
If you have ever thought about the people who are on Hollywood Sets that do make-up for the actors and actresses before filming, that’s Amber. She has worked with top celebrities such Jeff Bridges John Goodman, Heather Graham, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and the list could go on. In terms of music performers she’s created looks for Motley Crue ...…
In this episode Jason and Patrick discuss garage changes and a few driving events. We introduce the Motor Affair Flat Six Key, which is a machined all metal key for Porsche 911s / 912E / 914 from 1970-1998. Enjoy the show and check out the Flat Six Key on Instagram @MotoraffairBy Jason Connor & Patrick Stevenson.
MASTER LIFE LESSON #6 - The POWER of Integrity.The Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. If you're looking to become your greatest version then Anthony is here to guide you to the ...…
The fall season is upon us, as the temperatures drop and the trees lose their leaves, autumn is a great reminder of the beauty of letting go. In the same way the trees lose their leaves as Mother Nature transitions from summer to fall, Nancy discusses how the similarities of the autumn season can be applied in our own lives and how letting go c ...…
Given the depth of our conversation with Hera, this episode would be released in 2 parts of about 30 minutes each. In her day job, Hera works at the open contracting partnership as a senior community manager.In 2018 alone, Hera has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT Tech Review’s list of 35 Innovators Under 35. She also received the UK ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #5: The Obstacle IS THE WAYToday's episode is all about obstacles and their purpose in your life. That's right, even the things you wish did not exist, serve a purpose for you. The Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, hea ...…
John 11:22-33. The stench of death pervades our lives, and threatened to keep Jesus from Lazarus. But he overpowered the stink of death with the fragrant scent of new creation. Support the show
This week we continued our sermon series entitled Death to Life as Lead Pastor Jamey Miller preaches on Romans 7 and unpacks how God is calling us to serve in new ways of the spirit and to live life free from bondage.
Tune In November 3rd at 4 pm EST for Change: Three Important Ways To Get It on Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio! Show Host, Anika S will discuss three important steps to take in order to see real change your journey. The first step is to make your voice heard during this election season and do your part to help in the ...…
Emily Laughlin is a illustrator, and colorista, known for her delicate and beautiful versions of Johanna Basford´s art. In this episode you get to know her, and what it is about Johanna´s books, fineliners and Ergosoft pencils, that she likes so much. We also talk about her "rule of three", and how she achieves balance in her pictures. And of c ...…
In this episode I talk about my journey as an entrepreneur and also the realities of how it's not always easy and enjoyable. It's a short episode where I share my thoughts on how important it is to take a chance to pursue what you love while you have time and to also take steps to creating the life you want by taking action. It's different from ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #4: The POWER of GIVINGThe Power Purpose & Passion podcast with Anthony Cheam is all about taking your life to the next level. Anthony covers every topic between energy, health & fitness to productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. If you're looking to become your greatest version then Anthony is here to guide you to the next ...…
I want to know Jesus more than a Judge--I want to know Jesus as my friend!
Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog? There are many tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies on how to do it. But the average blogger is often left scratching their head on how to actually do it. In this episode, Jonathan walks us through a simple 4-step process to get traffic by the end of the day using the Facebook Boost Post stra ...…
In this episode we have an interview with leading Australian Sports Dietician Alicia Edge. In the interview we discuss current trends in his performance sports nutrition, how the nutritionist can facilitate what the desired outcomes are for coaches and also delve into the world of REDS ... Relative Energy Deficit Syndrome. REDS is a huge proble ...…
MASTER LIFE LESSON #3: How to Live a Simple LifeToday is the third master lesson, and we’re discussing simplicity over complexity. Steve Jobs wanted to simplify his life, so he only wore black and didn’t waste brain power picking clothes. This opened his mind to his creative genius and he was able to follow through with his purpose. If you have ...…
We tried something different here! Carol Salva and I patched together a podcast from a number of Voxer posts over a week. I think this is a great conversation, through an interesting new method.
Episode 18: On this episode my guest is Nomar Slevik, a UFOlogist and author, about his research into UFO and Abduction cases in his home state of Maine and in the Northeastern US, some of which is covered in his latest book, Otherworldly Encounters: Evidence of UFO Sightings and Abductions.
MASTER LIFE LESSON #2: Be FOR LOVE, Not AGAINST HATEToday is the second day in our 10 day series on mastering your life and today’s lesson is, what you are for will strengthen you, and what you are against will weaken you. You will become a mirror image of that which you fight. You can’t destroy evil with more evil. If you want to be rich, you ...…
Andrew Tyler is the Founder of Two restaurants located in Telluride and Denver Colorado called “there…” Tyler has a very cultural and storied background that truly embodies pursuing your passion. By the time Tyler was 25 years old he was running a $10 million dollar beverage company working for Nobu, a Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur w ...…
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