Best Potterotica podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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Prepare to be titillated, pop culture fans, because Fangasm is here; featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and a heavy dose of comedic commentary. (Think: My Dad Wrote A Porno, except spotlighting your favorite book, TV, and movie characters.) Didn’t know erotic fanfiction existed? Neither did hosts and fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush & Danny Chapman...until now. In each episode, they read and discuss a hot and steamy chapter from an erotic fanfiction story. Yep ...
A chapter-by-chapter discussion of the Harry Potter novels, hosted by Dan and Jessica Ryno.
CALL or TEXT with your hot topics and trends! 201-762-4256 (USA) Every week, 4 out of 13+ hosts from AllGames Radio, GeekyAntics Network and beyond get together to discuss what's trending on social media, geek culture, and life as a whole. Topics will vary from week to week and the hosts will never know what everyone is bringing to the table. It's Knuckleballer Radio on a grander scale.. And we're totally, well, mostly unscripted. We'll cover everything from comics to video games to music to ...
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Like all good boners (and stories), this beaut must cum to an end. But is it the end for Sandor and Sansa? What about Brienne and Jaime? Arya and Gendry? Tune into this glorious finale for surprises, sisterhood, and spilled tea.By fangasm.
Rise and grind, y'all! It's the big morning after the big O and we see where all of our fav characters ended up and who they ended up with. Wink.By fangasm.
THIS EPISODE IS SEX ON WHEELS. Who let the dogs out? THE HOUND. And by dogs we mean orgasms. Okay, we are clearly still too #swordsup to make any sense but TRUST: SanSan is getting sexy sexy and we are here. for. it.By fangasm.
Sandor and Sansa are up in her bedroom and you know what's gonna happen next: PRAYER SESH. Wait, what? Exactly our and Sandor's thoughts. See if things go from on your knees to, *on your knees* (hint: they do).By fangasm.
Sandor has to win the squad over before he can be Sansa's rebound and that includes late night food, Nic Cage films, and a house full of women.By fangasm.
Is Sansa a pickup artist? Because girl's got GAME. Will Sansa's flirtations (and confessions) with the tall, mysterious stranger at the bar result in them leaving the bar together? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!By fangasm.
Rebound? More like ReHOUND! Wink. This episode has it all: booze, boys, bars, and the appearance of not 1 but THREE new characters into the sexy mix. Bonus: Arya saves the day per usual.By fangasm.
Get a load of this: 7 girlfriends, one bonfire, a ton of booze, and a vendetta against a fuckboi. It's modern day but with all of your favorite Game of Thrones ladies and they're about to head to a bar to wreak some havoc and mend Sansa's broken heart with a rebound bloke.By fangasm.
Ships and boners AHOY! Although most of this motion happens on dry land, this finale is WET and wild. We get another glorious cameo plus window steaming, arse squeezing, and battle-worthy screaming.By fangasm.
We’ve got rafts, we’ve got a shaft, we’ve got more honk if you’re horny jokes, AND WE HAVE A SPECIAL CAMEO. It’s getting steamy up in here and in a famous car window.By fangasm.
Looks like this ship is about to set sail and would you believe it if we told you ship-shaped pasties are involved in the foreplay? BELIEVE IT.By fangasm.
All hands on dick, we mean deck. Maybe both? See what happens when Jaime and Brienne do a dry run of the Titanic exhibit and start to turn it into a wet run. (What? Just go with it.)By fangasm.
Beheadings turn into getting head, bloodspill turns into jizzspill, and thrones turn into moans—because IT'S GAME OF THRONES SZN! This is one of the silliest AU settings yet and it has to do with the historic ship of dreams AND our GOT ship of dreams. So tune in and see why we WinterFELL so hard for it. | Get wet and wild with us in our free, p ...…
The hosts of Game of Owns—Zach and Hannah—help us slay a quick lowdown on the Game of Thrones universe so you can feel primed and ready to tear your clothes off and get into the upcoming GoT season(s).By fangasm.
*CEO of Men’s Wearhouse voice* You’ll like this finale—we guarantee it. See if Jim and Pam patch things up and if Jim and Dwight finally heat things up. HINT: yes and yessss.By fangasm.
What happens when a pirate (Dwight) and a fireman (Jimbo) get in close quarters at a holiday party? Rum, condoms, and MAYHEM that’s what.By fangasm.
Tongueher Mufflin ain’t ready for the roleplay that is going down at the Halloween office party, but Pam and Peter (who?) are ready to unleash their master plan—a trick for a treat.By fangasm.
Pam’s matchmaking skills may be a bit rusty, but she’s definitely onto something when she chooses a Halloween costume for Jim that will catch more than just Dwight’s eye.By fangasm.
Jim comes to grip with his office crush as Dwight comes to grip with his pen in a suggestive way. Will Jim decide to act on this new revelation or pretend it never happened? Hint: a matchmaker enters the picture.By fangasm.
It may be another prank war, but the stakes (and wangs) are very different. Starting off in a library and ending in some office wrestling, this season is gonna be H-O-T!By fangasm.
It’s the Season 9 finale and it starts with a song and ends with a bang. See if Jim and Pam JAM out with their clams out!By fangasm.
Hot damn, we meet BDS-Pam and she’s up to somethin’. Is the prank war finally turning into a wank war? Jim would answer you but he’s currently indisposed.By fangasm.
We’re still at Jim’s house and things are heating up faster than a bedside George Foreman. Is it payback time or layback time?!By fangasm.
Betcha didn’t think they’d end up in the warehouse bathroom. Will Pam help Jim out with his little problem? Will the warehouse get christened for the first time? Basically, will it be WANK or PRANK?By fangasm.
It’s just another day at work…except for two secret lovers who are playing a series of escalating pranks on each other that turn real sexy real fast when a certain pill accidentally comes into play. Didn’t see that coming (that’s what she said).By fangasm.
Get a quick lowdown on The Office series before tearing your clothes off and getting into the season. | Take a walk on the wet and wild side in our free, private FB group—The Fanny Pack: —OR— If you're extra horny and want more steamy content, join our Patreon:…
We have some news (and a lot of emotions!) about the future of the podcast. Hint: we’re taking our content from monogamous to poly. In order to keep the pod going WE NEED YOUR HELP!By fangasm.
FYI: Fangasm was previously known as The Potterotica Podcast | Let’s go back to the very beginning: sex club, babay! This finale is HOT and full of twists: both plot and body parts. It all comes down to a shocking reunion at a muggle restaurant double date and it is GOOD.By fangasm.
FYI: Fangasm was previously known as The Potterotica Podcast | Have we found the origin of the black cloth? And the very first tramp stamp? Albus and Gellert share an, ahem, explosive reunion where all bets—and belts—are off.By fangasm.
FYI: Fangasm was previously known as The Potterotica Podcast | New apparatuses + more basement dates + some serious horseplay + Albus learns an important lesson in ‘obedience’ in the form of a kinky punishment from Gellert.By fangasm.
FYI: Fangasm was previously known as The Potterotica Podcast | Make like Albus and buckle up, cuz this gets GOOD. After making an unbreakable vow of chastity that they would keep each other’s identities a secret, Albus and his master get down to business, or should we say biznASS.By fangasm.
FYI: Fangasm was previously known as The Potterotica Podcast | Back at Hogwarts, Albus spills the tea (err, Dragon Barrel Brandy) to Bathilda about what went down between he and the Maitre at the sex club and let’s just say Mistress Beebee has some concerns about Albus’ blue eyed dom. Will he go through with his meetup? Bonus: we finally learn ...…
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