Best Poultry podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Chicken Whisperer
Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer®, brought to you by Kalmbach Feeds, is a nationally broadcast web radio show all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Each week, the Chicken Whisperer®, Editor In Chief of, Chicken Whisperer Magazine, Author of, The Chicken Whisperer's Guide To Keeping Chickens, and National Spokesperson for the USDA-APHIS Biosecurity for Birds Program, welcomes experts in their field from around the country to share ...
Meat Talk
The meat and poultry industry podcast
Community Chickens
Community Chickens is a joint effort by Mother Earth News and Grit magazines to create a community of poultry enthusiasts who want to learn more about flock care, breeds, and enjoy hearing stories from the coop!
Elnora Comstock is a sixteen year old girl who lives on the edge of the famous Limberlost swamp in Indiana. Her widowed mother is a cold and bitter woman who deprives Elnora of all that a young girl's heart desires. The mother lives in a fog of depression caused by Elnora's father's tragic death on the night Elnora was born. She ekes out a living from a small poultry business, but refuses to exploit the resources of the forest land around her like the rest of their neighbors. Elnora is a bri ...
Comedy/real play D&D
Featuring interviews with GAO officials on significant issues and new reports, the Watchdog Report is recorded, hosted, and produced by GAO staff.
In a rapidly changing world, MADE in Germany examines the risks and benefits of digitalization and its impact on the way we work, what we earn and how we live. The program also investigates the ethics of business, and showcases young entrepreneurs who are redefining the workplace. Instead of just crunching the numbers, MADE delves deeper into issues and also explores the emotional side to stories.
KSTE Farm Hour
Sundays Noon-1p on Talk 650 KSTE
Small Farm Nation
Farm Marketing Help, Farm Marketing Tips
The compiler of [this book] having entered early in life upon a train of duties, was frequently embarrassed by her ignorance of domestic affairs. For, whilst receipt books for elegant preparations were often seen, those connected with the ordinary, but far more useful part of household duties, were not easily procured; thus situated, she applied to persons of experience, and embodied the information collected in a book, to which, since years have matured her judgment, she has added much that ...
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A popular myth says that the metal rings on a trench coat belt are where you clip your hand grenades. Gerhard Elfers takes a sharp look at the overcoat originally worn by British military officers that’s now a wardrobe mainstay.
The weapons industry is comparatively small but it’s often in the headlines. German weapons manufacturers can’t sell to just anyone – the government has the final say. But why? An interview with the German weapons industry’s top lobbyist.
In Estonia, just about every sector operates online, from health to education to financial transactions. That makes the country vulnerable to cyberattack. The most effective weapon against cybercriminals is a rather offline affair – user training.
War always brings death, suffering and destruction in its wake. But it can also be a spur to economic growth. From weapons manufacturing and technological innovation to exploitation of new territory and new markets, war can be a lucrative business.
Drones can also be weapons. Loaded with explosives, they’re a bomb. Equipped with a camera, they’re a tool for espionage. German startup Dedrone has developed systems to protect against drone attacks. Buyers come from all over the world.
A German-made shotgun or a Japanese katana sword – our German-Japanese reporter Kiyo Dörrer gave both of them a try. What’s so great about shooting at clay pigeons? And why does a katana sword cost 10,000 euros?
In thisepisode we’ll be talking about meat snacks, one of the most excitingsub-industries in the world’s meat/poultry whole-shebang. Why dowe think this? Taken as a whole – meaning jerky, biltong, salami, salumi, Parmaand Prosciutto ham, cured meat, Chinese lap chong, etc – the global meat snackindustry is worth today around $10 billion dollars ...…
Today I’m speaking with Callene and Eric Rapp of Rare Hare Barn in Kansas. I love this topic of raising rabbits for meat because, in general, our society has become very disconnected from our food—and what food is, right? Nowhere in the meat world is that more evidenced than with rabbits. We discuss many fascinating aspects of running a rabbit ...…
Greetings from Manhattan, KS! Chef Sam from a remote location, Curtis and Mike are joined by a guest in the West Studio. Curtis' Dad Larry sits in and discusses all things Beer Breath with the guys. The guys talk about a great microbrew in Wichita, KS. Discussion on who has the better team sprouts from a (most recent decade) K-State basketball ...…
President Trump recently promised farmers that he’ll open the southern border to make it easier to get much needed farm laborers into the United States. We have the details. California just released their yearly roundup of agricultural statistics. Which crops were the big winners? Which California counties are responsible for the most farm inco ...…
Episode 1152. Today, Dr. Brigid McCrea, Ph.D., will be discussing, Routes Of Entry For Salmonella To Get Into Your Flock. Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer®, brought to you by Kalmbach Feeds, is a nationally broadcast web radio show and podcast all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, heritage poultry, and living a self-suffi ...…
Trey and Dominic come together in the Topeka studio to discuss Man Flu. Both crew members are a tad under the weather today, so the voices you hear might be a little scruffly. Trey is back from the KC Chiefs playoff game against the Colts. He discusses that game and the snowy environment. Dive into Uinta Brewing Co brews with the boys and liste ...…
In Zimbabwe and Gambia, there are more women in the workforce than men. In industrialized countries like Germany, it's not unusual for women with children to be housewives. Cristina Cubas wonders if German policy deliberately keeps women in the home.
The applause, the smell of greasepaint. Acting is an exciting profession. But it's not easy to make a living as an actor in Germany. There's little to no job security. MADE met actress Iris Boss to find out more.
The greater the risk, the higher the potential profit. Risk is the engine of innovation, and its nemesis is security.
Jürgen Klein and his colleagues from the Germany company DMT inspect wire ropes and steel cables around the world, ensuring maximum safety. If they make a mistake, it can be a matter of life and death.
Thais spend more time on the Internet than any other people in the world. Few are concerned about protecting their private data. While some entrepreneurs are exploiting it, others are setting up companies to protect it.
The networked society is highly vulnerable to data theft. Cyber crime costs Germany billions.
After a flash back to Sir Fartington in the Water Elemental Plane we join back with our adventurers as they try to find their way to The Water Elemental Plane to save Sir fartington.
In this episode I’m joined by Sarah Hoffman of Green Dirt Farm in Missouri, where she raises sheep on pasture, milks them and turns their milk into award-winning cheese. We discuss Sarah’s journey to farm life and how her desire to raise children in that setting led her and her husband to make some courageous career choices.…
The B.B. crew records from 3 different locations causing some interesting technical difficulties. All problems are resolved and the crew goes on to discuss how bad Kansas State Basketball is. Sam hits us with some “would you rather” questions envolving watching the cats play offense. Like our stuff? Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite pla ...…
Don’t believe all the negativity about this year’s water supply for California farmers. The Department of Water Resources has encouraging news about this year’s Sierra snowpack, water that will eventually find its way to Central Valley Project and State Water Project customers. We have the numbers. THere’s an ever so slight opening in the door ...…
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