Best Robotech podcasts we could find (Updated August 2019)
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Nick and Shamus revisit the 80's sci-fi epic, Robotech. Join them every two weeks as Nick watches the series for the first time and Shamus guides him through it. Perfect for fans new to Robotech or longtime protoculture addicts. No spoilers! Also, they like your skull.
Video Podcast ( VP ) ps2realm@hotmail.com
Warhammer 40k based talk show but we get down and dirty with all kinds of geek stuff.
Mobile Armor Radio
Mobile Armor Radio is the place to talk Gundams, Robotech, Battletech and everything else Mecha! If you like Big Stompy Robots then this is the place for you!
Nich and Charles rewatch the classic cartoon show Robotech.
Animezing Podcast
Animezing Podcast is's source for news, reviews, previews and everything else you want to know about anime and manga! Whether you're a diehard otaku or even just a little curious about Asian animation, this is the show for you.
A celebration of the Novels adapted for the animated series ROBOTECH as written by NY Times Bestselling Authors Brian Daley and James Luceno.
Coalition Deadboys
The official site of the Coalition Deadboys Podcast. Join us as we discuss all things related to games from the universe of Palladium Books!
The Cockpit
A podcast all about giant robots in anime, games, and anywhere else we can find them.
A vet-led podcast discussing military science fiction. We stopped editing out the cursing, but the general level of discussion is likely PG-13 for occasional juvenile crassness. Don't listen to us in church, you may burst into flames. PRPG, PR&PG, scifi, sci-fi
Fan Film Feeder
Search for "Fan Film Feeder" in iTunes to get fed.
the My Boyfriend the Pilot hypnocast. Through the power of love and music, minmei defeats the Zentradi.
Dork Therapy
Podcast by Considering Comic Books
Subscribe to our podcast!CollectionDX is proud to host Destroy All Podcasts DX with Jeremy, Dylan, Mike, Star, Betty, and Zuey, a podcast updated every Monday about animation and cult film with an emphasis on the Japanese and the deeply weird. It may contain foul language and filthy, dirty lies. It should not be listened to by human beings or taken orally. Please stick our ad in your podcast. Write us angry letters at feedback at destroyallpodcastsdx dot com! Our super awesome spokesrobot by ...
MechaCon Podcast
Latest news from MechaCon
Welcome To Geek Culture Congress, where super nerd Luis "Speedy Jr' Gonzalez, comedian and actor Tarik Lewis, and WLLD Wild 94.1 Tampa Florida's #1 night time jock, Joey Franchize, talk about everything Geek! TV and Movie Reviews, Comic Books, Video Games, Anime, Interviews with creators, and more!
D and D's
A geek family podcast
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Rand's dream is bonkers on episode 73 of Robotech, Sandstorm. Scott's a jerk, Lancer has sick burns, and Annie's in a dream so she can do anything.
We take a deeper dive in Codex Space Marines this week. In the preshow we tried to make a bare bones Brigade just for the additional Command Points but eh… It wasn’t working out. If feel like you had a lot of toys but it wasn’t a cohesive force of supportive units… Listen to figure out where we went wrong. Hey guys, The reviews are in. The Spac ...…
Hot off the presses we take a first glance at the new Codex Space Marines. There is TON of good stuff in here. It’s a must have for any Marine player. Hey hey We give our first impressions of the Codex Space Marines. There is too much here to go over in one podcast.. There will be more. This is an army builders paradise. The old units are good, ...…
Speedy Junior gives us a spoiler free review of Hobbs and Shaw spinoff movie from Fast & Furious in theaters Friday August 2nd!
Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate...almost f*k it up... but here it is
Facebook Live #21 - le damos candela a Shōji Kawamori - bastante prepotente el tipo - Robotech Radio Teatro damos una muestraBy robotechespanol.
Our Trailer for our FOB Theater on 1985's Enemy Mine Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate
This week we are joined by Dave from MiniWargaming for a segment and in the middle of the show we give our review of the American Team Championship. Finishing Moves is back too! Heya After a quick preamble we jump into a segment with Dave from MiniWargaming. We talk about a TON of cool stuff they have coming out over the next few months. These ...…
~14~ Mobile Armor Radio is the show for every Mecha fan. From Gundam to Robotech to Battletech to CAV and beyond. Jumpship: 00:00 - 01:46 Dropship: 01:47 - 09:39 ComStar 09:40 - 38:24Pacific Rim Game on Pre-order Battletech Clan Invasion KS now live! ...…
We’re back! Sorry for missing last week. In this episode we start of talking about timed Warhammer 40k Tournament games. Then we’re joined by Matthias Weeks from Adeption. After that we review Warcry and finish out talking Chaos Knights. It’s a double sized episode. Hey hey Part one is about Chess Clocks in 40k. It’s the way of the future but w ...…
Deep cuts to old Robotech comics AND Robotech: The Movie? Issue 22 of Titan Comics' Robotech gives us the goods. Little Bowie is the best, Max never fails to sound like Cam Clarke, and we go in-depth on the Harmony Gold/Tatsunoko renewal news. Plus all things Robotech: Remix!
Hablamos del Remix y de Radio Teatro, un proyecto que nos estará haciendo Roy con la ayuda de ustedesBy robotechespanol.
Notes will go up tomorrow. Boogered a thing or two and had to "correct" myself. It's Romulan Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey
En un episodio de los podcast que se graba para audio solamente - se habla del AX 2019 y asuntos de la licencia - Gustavo tiene el control de la nave en este episodio #robotech, #macross, #podcastBy robotechespanol.
Borger King Locutus in the House Show Notes:
EDIT: Uploaded louder audio with some minor edits. Show notes:
Facebook Live #19 - Hablamos con Aniki Kai sobre la mala concepción de que la licencia fue renovada 35 años mas - Y asuntos de la licencia de Macross en el resto del mundoBy robotechespanol.
Paul and Skari from the Skaredcast team up again to talk about the Chaos Knight codex. Despite their creepy and bulky visage these things can be fast! Expect quality shooting from giant robots that zip all around the battlefield. Hey all Paul and Skari make our way through the Chaos Knight Codex. It’s a thin but neat book. The Knights don’t get ...…
Annie and Rand are the best duo on episode 72 of Robotech, The Fortress. Annie tries out skiing, Lunk drinks protoculture, and Scott casually sends a child on a dangerous mission.
We talk Spider Man Far From Home Spoiler warning!, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Joker Movie, Robotech and anything else we could remember! LOL
Paul and Adam Camilleri put in a tow hander this show. We discuss Custodes tech, Daemons, and traveling with an army. New and old players of these armies may end up learning something… If not, maybe you can get some insight on what you may see out there in the field. Hey guys Adam Camilleri from the Down Under Network. joins Paul for this show. ...…
Space Bastards is the new Hardback anthology for fans of fun, visceral 90's action-scifi and bad-ass characters. Eric Peterson talks about his influences, about comics, and about writing without apologies! ...…
Ep. 47- Robotech Espanol FB Live #17 - Muschietti en FlashBy robotechespanol.
~13~ Mobile Armor Radio is the show for every Mecha fan. From Gundam to Robotech to Battletech to CAV and beyond. Jumpship: 00:00 - 02:07 Dropship: 02:08 - 21:34 ComStar 21:35 - 48:44 MechBay Hanger: 48:45 - 1:18:16 ExFil: 1:18:17 - End website: email: twitter: ...…
Back from the Ironman and getting set for the ATC – Paul gives a brief rundown on the games he played last weekend. In the middle of the show we’re joined by Adam Camilleri from the Down Under Network then we close out talking about the top 5 Stratagems in the game and meta shifts. Hey all 4-1! Not bad… I played against great opponents this pas ...…
Check Out our Spoiler Free review of Spiderman Far From Home!
We finally get the Max/Miriya dynamic we've always wanted in issue 21 of Titan Comics' Robotech series. Dana is back, everyone has cute noses, and we get perhaps the deepest cut reference so far?
Its time for the rubber to hit the road and the Astra Militarum list Paul has been talking about will get its first test out in the wild. We’re getting ready for the ATC, and a few tournaments in the Armageddon Series. I hope you see you out there. In this show we also review Warhammer Adventures and Contrast Paints. Hey hey For the Iron Man to ...…
Billy Young and the Gang from Devious Eye Entertainment swing by the congress to let us take a exclusive sneak peak at Reverie The Awoken, give us an update and more! See the video here !
Our final installment on the first 3 episodes of this classic anime series. Part 3 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the SDF-1 Audio clip: Archer (C) Fox (Disney now? So Lana is a Disney Princess? What about Ray? These jokes never get old)…
~3~ Mobile Armor Radio Reads is a special edition podcast where we review the old IDW Transformers series. This time we look at Monstrosity! website: email: twitter: facebook: discord: https://discor ...…
Part 2 of Nate & Doc Oat's discussion on Medics in SciFi Notes on the website:
We do a review of SHAFT #shaft! also Brightburn #brightburn, #blackmirror, E3 Highlights, and X-Men Movies #darkphoenix !!!!!
The title is a little tongue in cheek but the sentiment is real. Last year and early this year we saw some lists emerge as the clear tournament juggernauts. Now the field is wide open and we’ve seen a good amount of variance on the table. We’re no where close to stagnation but the tides are continuing to turn. Hey all In the first part of the s ...…
We can't decide if we like Lancer more or less on episode 71 of Robotech, The Secret Route. Lancer white knights in the worst possible way, Annie maybe likes the name Mint, and Rick takes the Kobayashi Maru.
So, it's after midnight and my eyes are bleeding, but the episode (at least part 1) is up. We ran long so I split it into 2 segments. Here's part one (ep 8). Part 2 will go up next week. We talk Medics in scifi with Doc Oats! Remember, hydrate and change your socks.…
Not happy with the audio quality. Computer crashed and the recovery file had clicks... @_@ Part 2 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the Battle above Macross
Val and Paul jam this episode – we examine when too much of a good thing is bad and a couple of objective ways to evaluate your performance on the tabletop. We talk about different ways to evaluate a unit’s effectiveness to YOU. Hey all Last week I didn’t put the Alliance Open in the show notes. You heard us speaking with them in the show but i ...…
~2~ Mobile Armor Radio Reads is a special edition podcast where we review the old IDW Transformers series. This time we look at Spotlight Orion Pax and Autocracy. website: email: twitter: facebook: d ...…
EJ Moreno , #rottentomatoes certified movie critic and contributor to Flickering Myth dot com reviews X-Men: Dark Phoenix X-Men Movies #xmen #darkphoenix #review for the Congress before you spend money on it this weekend!
Part 1 of 3 for Ep 1-3: the Battle for Macross Island
Damnit Jim! I need a Medic. Next time on PR&PG we discuss Medics (or the lack thereof) in Military SciFi.
~12~.Mobile Armor Radio is the show for every Mecha fan. From Gundam to Robotech to Battletech to CAV and beyond..Jumpship: 00:00 - 01:39.Dropship: 01:40 - 15:54.ComStar 15:55 - 35:00Unit Color Compendium .Robotech RPG PDF ...…
Army building is a personal journey sometimes. Sometimes you can save a lot of time borrowing list ideas from other people. We often think of netlisting as just taking point for point in a tournament winner’s list but it’s also just fine to get ideas from other people. Hey hey, So sorry that we missed last week. I hope that things calm down sch ...…
In an impromtu podcast: Show host and 2000AD creator Mark McCann talks about Black North, the upcoming sci-fi Noir Kickstarter, coming soon with co-creators 2000AD's Steven Austin and FutureQuake's Dave Evans. Mark talks candidly about the project and what fans can expect. As always, we'd love to hear from you in the comments :)…
Rotten Tomatoes certified critic EJ Moreno from stops by as a guest on Geek Culture Congress to give his review of Godzilla - King of Monsters spoiler free!
Scott turns up the angst on episode 70 of Robotech, Enter Marlene. Diagrams are complicated for Annie, Rick Hunter takes "wolf squadron" too literally, and we go really deep into an alternate take on this episode.
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