Best Rowling podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Reading, Writing, Rowling: Imagination and Fiction in the Age of Harry Potter:Join Katy McDaniel (Professor of History at Marietta College) and John Granger (the Dean of Harry Potter Scholars) for a podcast focused on the scholarship of J.K. Rowling’s literary works, featuring the most prominent researchers and the most inspirational ideas in the field of Potter Studies today.
MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Pioneering the Harry Potter podcast phenomenon in August 2005, MuggleCast has continued to bring its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about J.K. Rowling's expanding universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, the theme parks, the video games, and more!
Explore the world of JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Newt Scamander! A Fantastic Beasts Podcast by
An event to event discussion of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. If you're looking for a laid back, no frills discussion of your favorite fantasy series, you're about to listen to the right thing.
Why did Hagrid bring Harry to Surrey, or Hermione get a cat in her third year? Why are Ron and Dumbledore oddly similar? And why was there all that camping in the seventh book? Quantum Harry, the Podcast looks at the unifying theme of the HP series, shedding new light on JK Rowling's narrative choices and forever changing the way you read Harry Potter.
Eight enchanting tales about a variety of whimsical dragons, by a master of the craft, E Nesbit, are contained in this absolutely delightful volume, The Book of Dragons. While it's essentially meant for children, there are plenty of adults who will find it irresistible enough to peek into and a most charming way to spend a magical hour. Beautifully illustrated by the enormously talented Harold Robert Millar, the Scottish designer and illustrator famed for his unique and imaginative illustrat ...
Speaking Of Wealth
Welcome to the "Speaking of Wealth" podcast showcasing profit strategies for speakers, publishers, authors, consultants, and info-marketers. Learn valuable skills to make your business more successful, more passive, more automated, and more scalable. Your host, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and experts including; Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) ...
Black Lightning The '82 Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the CW series Black Lightning. Wally Analog, Rowls Royce Elite, Hattori Hanzo & Mr. Nutz 05 will review each episode and give their perspectives on the show's impact on the culture. Contact: holler@est1982podcast.comBlack Lightning and images are trademarks of DC Comics. The podcast is not sponsored or affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. or The CW.
Graham Norton entertaining the nation, with a vibrant mix of celeb guests and chat. From BBC Radio 2
Join two women who have never read Harry Potter and two of JK Rowlings biggest fans for a journey of magic and mischief (and wine).
CS Joseph Podcast
Social Engineer specializing in Jungian Analytical Psychology Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sam and Stormy died and they can't get into Heaven until they review every horror movie on Netflix.
Two law school buddies discuss the believability of conspiracy theories ranging from aliens to Tupac.
Love YA Like Crazy
In each episode of Love YA Like Crazy, hosts Carrie and Jake rant about a different young adult book. Spoilers and swearing abound! Love YA Like Crazy is a member of the Ear Trumpet Audio podcast network.
What does Madam Hooch do in her spare time? Can wizards own multiple wands at once? Are Howlers ever sent as pranks? Listen to 3 lifelong friends and Pottermaniacs muse over these topics and many more as they discuss, ponder, laugh and theorize about their all-time favourite book series.
Join Robbie Dorman as he and a wide array of guests discuss a wide variety of topics. From cult movies to podcast parodies to pro wrestling, The Serial Fanaticist is the podcast for people who love a lot of different things.
Sinners VS Saints
A bi-weekly ish podcast where two friends mix drinks, make bad jokes, and match up the good and evil in the world to see who comes out on top. We explore everything from hauntings to dictators, from activists to actual saints.
Short life stories and biographies of Christians who have impacted the world in a positive way by their Christian values and actions and their personal skills. This segment is called "Christians who made a difference".
Move the human story forward! ™ ideaXme Ltd. The humans behind the big ideas that shape our world. Help and inspiration for future creators and for all those who love big ideas and great stories. Find the big ideas that shape our world. And the humans stories of the creators. Here, creators talk of the connection between their big ideas and their own history as human beings. Includes surprising facts. Who would they like to meet? What question would they like to ask that person? ideaXme is a ...
The Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast, where books aren’t just for school, book clubs aren’t just for women, and beer makes everything better. Each week, the Drunk Guys tackle a famous book while drinking #Craftbeer matching the book, characters, themes, etc. What beer goes with Orwell's 1984? Founder's Dissenter IPA, of course. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Seven pumpkin beers. A great #Podcast for readers, drinkers, or anyone with a raunchy sense of humor. Way better than English class. Find us ...
Inc. Uncensored
Inc. Uncensored is a lively weekly podcast exploring the fast-moving world of startups, entrepreneurship, technology, and high-growth businesses—all through the eyes of the veteran business journalists of Inc. and We’ll keep you up to date on industry trends, best practices, and cool companies. The host is Inc. editor James Ledbetter (formerly of Reuters, TIME and The Industry Standard) and regular participants include: Executive editor Jon Fine, longtime BusinessWeek columnist and ...
Bingeable, bite-sized wisdom via quotes from Oprah, Liza Koshy, Ellen, Will Smith and more.
A podcast about all the wonderful literature I read. Recommendations, reviews, summaries, and comments. Enjoy!
Nørdi handler om fantasy og science fiction i begrepets videste definisjon. Vær med på en reise innenfor disse to sjangerene, og vi vil på veien ta opp temaer som zombier, alver, romfart, realisme og magi.
Game on! Get ready for stories you’ve never heard, questions you’ve never asked and things you’ve never noticed about the beloved TV series Friday Night Lights in season 2 of EW’s BINGE. Each season, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to analyze key scenes, interview major players and theorize moments from your favorite TV shows and movies. Think of us as your binge guide, but with opinions. (Season 2: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS)
"Specialis Revelio" is the spell to reveal an object’s hidden secrets or magical properties, and that’s exactly what we do on this podcast. We started at the beginning of the series and take you through chapter by chapter, making connections with later books and revealing hidden things we haven’t discovered yet. We’ll also be uncovering some questions we never thought to ask. I’d like to note that this podcast is meant for diehard fans rather than brand new readers. Even though we go chapter ...
Killing the Magic with Dean Thomas is a weekly podcast hosted by the not so infamous Lucie Sheehan. From trying to figure out which Hogwarts house would throw the best party (Hufflepuff) to understanding the word 'lol', Killing the Magic has it all! Tune in to hear Lucie (aka Dean) chat with a mate or two each week about life, growing up, or just a random idea.
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Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds (Unabridged) David Goggins Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Price: $21.99 Publish Date: November 28, 2018 © ℗ © 2018 Lioncrest Publishing
Becoming (Unabridged) Michelle Obama Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Price: $17.99 Publish Date: November 13, 2018
Girl, Wash Your Face Rachel Hollis Genre: Self-Development Price: $14.99 Publish Date: February 6, 2018
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Mark Manson Genre: Self-Development Price: $14.99 Publish Date: September 13, 2016
Where the Crawdads Sing (Unabridged) Delia Owens Genre: Fiction Price: $14.99 Publish Date: August 14, 2018
Extreme Ownership Jocko Willink & Leif Babin Genre: Business & Personal Finance Price: $14.99 Publish Date: October 20, 2015
Educated: A Memoir (Unabridged) Tara Westover Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Price: $14.99 Publish Date: February 20, 2018
Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results (Unabridged) James Clear Genre: Business & Personal Finance Price: $10.99 Publish Date: October 16, 2018
The Bone Farm: A Jane Hawk Case File (Unabridged) Dean Koontz Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers Price: $1.99 Publish Date: April 25, 2018 © ℗ © 2018 Brilliance Audio
How to Make Sh*t Happen: Make More Money, Get in Better Shape, Create Epic Relationships and Control (Unabridged) Sean Whalen Genre: Self-Development Price: $5.99 Publish Date: February 8, 2019 © ℗ © 2019 Sean Whalen
Support The Channel Or The Podcast Here: Patreon Podcast If you would like to transcribe or translate: Click Here Find Us Here:
Support The Channel Or The Podcast Here: Patreon Podcast If you would like to transcribe or translate: Click Here Find Us Here:
Lynn works on two of the pod kids in a segregated safe room; Jennifer plots revenge; Jefferson receives some interesting news; Anissa makes a shocking discovery.
The social site's super-speedy path to a $3B valuation. Plus, Inc.'s writers and editors discuss a new generation of black founders that is rising in Atlanta, and explain what's causing the solar slowdown. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Preview of next week's episode! We're now on Instagram! follow us on Twitter @crackpotpodcast, Like us on FaceBook or call 612-888-3090 Art by Jake Luck
Ira Pastor, founder of Bioquark and ideaXme Longevity and Aging ambassador interviews Jose Santiago Mejia, MD. Note: Ira Pastor and Dr Mejia have formed a collaboration agreement starting December 2018. Ira Pastor comments: In 2019, while the general public may be familiar with such biotechnology terms as genomics and proteomics, which form com ...…
This week, the Drunk Guys bite down and take some beers while they discuss E.L. James’ seminal (ha) work, Fifty Shades Darker. The beers that run a train on them include Life Itself and Shake Me Down by Platform Beer Co., Flying Dog Brewery’s Doggie Style, Prairie Artisan Ales‘ Birthday Bomb, Oil
What are Ron’s, Ginny’s, and Hermione’s Tarot archetypes? How can Scabbers/Peter be linked to the Hanged Man card in the first book? And which Deathly Hallow is the equivalent of the Mirror of Erised? Episode 32: The Mirror and the Stone EPISODE GUIDEBy (B. L. Purdom).
News covers Cursed Child in San Fran, Fantastic Worlds and Crimes of Grindelwald Uh oh! Dan Fogler says Fantastic Beasts 3 is bigger than the first two films combined! Voicemails cover a furry little correction, mother in-laws and unbreakable vows Chapter-by-Chapter continues with A Sluggish Memory 7-Word Summary: Young wizards can make Horcrux ...…
Katy and her co-host Emily Strand discuss these fan favorites with guests Katherine Sas (University of Pennsylvania) and Robb McDaniel (Middle Tennessee State University). We take a deep dive into the characterization and group dynamics of Harry’s father’s generation. Are they really “marauders”? Are they bullies? Why did things go so badly for ...…
Death, drugs, and rock & roll. Come as you are, whether you're easily amused or not. This week Zach and Tim talk about the death of Kurt Cobain, lead singer and songwriter for the seminal band Nirvana. You may not be surprised by the conclusions they reached, but at least one of them was! Pictures: We're now on Instag ...…
[Insert HILARIOUS show synopsis here] . . Please visit for exclusive content, written reviews, and other scary stuff. . Follow us! Twitter: @Horrorshow__Pod Facebook: @RealHorrorshow Executive Producer, Writer & Host: Sam Oty Associate Producer, Writer & Co-Host: Stormy Skies Theme Song: “Creepy Doll” by Jonathan Coulton [www ...…
This time on SpeakBeasty: → We’re so international! → Phoenix Register: There will be new beasts in FB3!!! → Owl Post: Credence’s queer coding, thanks to our pal Ezra. Plus, MACUSA needs to sort out their priorities. → Lizzie’s sister used to flush her head down the loo. → Exploring Newt and Theseus’s relationship! → Are they hiring for the pos ...…
When Anissa returns to work at the clinic, she meets a domestic violence victim who motivates her to take action; Gambi makes a discovery.
Inc.'s writers and editors discuss Maria Aspan's new book, Startup Money Made Easy, how fancy parental perks are helping retain talent, and three young companies trying to take a slice of the men's health-care market (what could go wrong?). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Preview of next week's episode! We're now on Instagram! Follow us on Twitter @crackpotpodcast Like us on FaceBook or call 612-888-3090 Art by Jake Luck
Robbie is joined by Andrew Bloom to discuss Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Andrew’s Review of Into the Spider-Verse
Support The Channel Or The Podcast Here: Patreon Podcast If you would like to transcribe or translate: Click Here< ...…
Support The Channel Or The Podcast Here: Patreon Podcast If you would like to transcribe or translate: Click Here< ...…
What are Dumbledore’s, Harry’s, and Voldemort’s Tarot archetypes? How do certain Tarot cards and the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament reveal which saints are aligned with the four Hogwarts houses? And how is the Tarot Lovers card linked to Harry’s Sorting? Episode 31: The Devil You Know Watch the Episode 31 video on YouTube. Related essay: In ...…
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