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Hello Shite
Welcome to Hello Shite — the podcast that attempts to polish culture's biggest turds. Or, if it can't do that, at least spray them liberally with Febreeze Mist and present them in a slightly jaunty hat.
Red Shite and Boo
Each week, comedians Mike Mulloy (America) and Daniel Sloss (UK) sit down and discuss the best, the dumbest, and the most evil persons from their respective country.
View from the Shite Seats with your hosts @therealrobbo, @rammlet and @mattypnufc
This is a podcast about Orphan Black with weekly discussions about your favourite show. Each week, your hosts, Tara and Ashlee will analyse and share their feelings about episodes, characters and themes.
Movie Page Podcast
James, Matt and Tom discuss the films they've seen this week and movies in general
Three morons from Lurgan talk shite for an hour.SHARE US WITH YER MATES! us onTwitter: new episodes from itunes:
Wolf Power
Some Lads talking shite.
Brownchat 2
Let’s talk some shite
Stoned to bits talking shite giving yous a giggle
Ronan & Josh
Welcome to the Ronan & Josh podcast, where amazing things happen. Shite is spoken. And green is smokin’
The Roundabout Crew Podcast may well be the worst piece of garbage in existence to some, but to others, it's 40 minutes of pure wizardry. So strap yourself in, as Tom, Elliot, Ken and Alana discuss current events, tell stories that are of some interest, but most of all... talk absolute shite.Professional, sophisticated, and inspirational... these are three descriptions that in no way have any relevance to this podcast.Subscribe, like, comment and share!Our social media:YouTube: TheRoundabout ...
Movie Seriosity
This is Movie Seriosity, where we talk casually about movies and make up words! Based in Ireland this Podcast is all about having the craic* when it comes to films and shite-talk*.
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This week the Fellas banter Love Coffee, cleanliness, Ready Player One, Scarface, suit shopping, hero photographer and Russia coming to America''I said good day sir''
This week the Fellas don the Sash and banter Bundoran, dog flaps,the twelfth, Exploris, office SJW's and raping Roblox''suck my dogs black pouch''
This week the Fellas discuss the heatwave, getting drugged up, the MOT conspiracy, civil marriage, Mansplaining, the gay ATM and then answer questions from CrazyDiscoStu''Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, world cup please''
This week Dev return's from camp, we chat Taco Bell and Justice League, Gringo,horny teachers, X passport, Gym life and our favourite Zoo ''we needa get sexy''If you would like to support the podcast, you can do so by donating the price of a coffee over at - are available on our website - https://www.the ...…
This week the Fellas celebrate Fa's day by battling feminism,the Lush protest, THC rights, racist history and Bonfire watch''fetus Canon''
This week the Fellas discuss the William St massacre, drinking at the bird bar, parking fines, Lil Tay, Peter Stringfellow, Anthony Bourdain and scoring drugs at the market.''gravy ring''
This week it's all about mugs! Buy em, drink em, live longer.We also chat about protestant dreams, the evil Shitzu, farm life, Arlene's emails and Dev's economics ''Fetish Cheese''
Is this the end of The Roundabout Crew? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You'll have to listen to all 75 minutes to find out!
This week the Fellas chat Irish abortion, a bra for your nuts, Kendrick Lamar and the 'N' word, Amazon Echo, influencers and the hangover pill''Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dubYo da dub dub''
We're back! The podcast no one asked to return, returns.
The Roundabout Crew are back with everyone's favourite podcast that has no relevance to anything! Alana talks about some horror flying stories, Elliot creates some radio beef, the crew try to put their own spin on a scene Tom has to rehearse and Kenny makes everyone write their own nursery rhymes. Rates us 5 star in the iTunes store, slide into ...…
The before and after reaction to Avengers Infinity War from Ryan and Ross. One loves super hero films, the other hates super hero films. Warning - Shite Talk and Spoilers
This week the Fellas chat sunshine and hailstones at the spa, the big fat Royal Wedding, celebrity idols and Mental Health''your dick will get cancer''
The Roundabout Crew Podcast is a little less spicy this week, as there's no vindaloo to heat it up! But wait! We have our good mate Frenchy fill his tiny shoes. Elliot talks about a guy who won the lotto twice, Burns chats to us about the Royal Wedding and Tom brings up some embarrassing sex stories (which is all of them). Rate us 5 stars in th ...…
This week the Fellas take the comedy test, discuss hot men,spare ribs, baby consent, Vanity von Glow, free speech and Infinity War''GuacsApp''
The Roundabout Crew are back with everyone's favourite podcast that has no relevance to anything. Elliot announces he's off to the UK indefinitely and Tom quizzes him on the country, Kenny finds some odd phrases from around the world, Alana tells us about the new Shannon Noll themed restaurant, and Elliot plays a Family Feud host with the weird ...…
Join the boiz and Burn$ as they go over their road trip, test each other on their favourite TV shows and read the news with marshmallows in their mouths As always for your chance for a shout out on the podcast, leave a 5 star review! You can do it on iTunes, our socials or write it on a Steeden and throw us a sweet cut out pass…
This week the Fellas chat with comedian Darren Matthews about religion, politics, drugs, sex, music and travel''there's a dick in my boots''
This week we hang with Sean Hegarty.Go check out his podcast Sean on Twitter @Sean_Hegarty
The Roundabout Crew podcast live from some random caravan park in Noosa! The boiz recorded this ep in their camper van at the half way point of their Cairns to Sydney road trip - and polished off a bottle of rum in the process. Don't miss out on the sloppy brilliance
This week the Fellas talk movies, fighting Shrek, Assad bombing,TJ Miller, the trans-weightlifter and doing a burglar ''It's a long road to Syria''
The boiz and Burn$ are in a different studio today and the Feng Shui is just a bit off - but they still manage to bang out another classic with Kenny writing/directing a radio sitcom, Burn$ takes us through some Facebook blunders, Elliot asks some hard hitting questions and Tom updates us with some new Urban Dictionary definitions. Make sure to ...…
This week the Fellas travel to medieval Ireland, forget the Middle East, poo poo the Royals and fight the RUC/PSNI''Gammon, my second favorite meat''
Did you miss the YouTube live stream of this episode? You square! Luckily in this day and age you can get anything you want any time you want, so here is Episode 71, where we have many questions... Who wins the first ever Roundabout Crew Joke-Off? Which town has the most vulgar name in the world? Did Justin enjoy his fake bucks party? How will ...…
This week the Fellas discuss the rugby rape trial, new laws, 400 personalities, deaf violinists and the changing room''anybody got a bucket of sand''
Join the Crew as they discuss the ball tampering saga, go over some crazy soapie story lines and discuss their upcoming Cairns to Sydney roadtrip! As always to get a shout out on the poddy, just leave us a 5 star review on iTunes, any of our socials or send us a strippergram (only if they still exist)…
This week the Fellas discuss Cambridge Analytica,Circle, Power Rangers and the Sieg Heil Pug''a wee ASBO anklet''
This week Tom brings in the burner phone and the Crew listens to all the unhinged voicemails left by the fans, Elliot plays a Spicks n Specks game with a twist and Burn$y does her MAFS application for 2019! As always, for a shout out on the show don't forget to leave us a 5 star review - you can do it on iTunes, leave us a message on any of our ...…
This week the Fellas discuss St Patrick's Day, Russian nerve attack,meeting North Korea, free speech, the Talford gangs and pay tribute to Stephen HawkingTriggered!!!
This week the Fellas survive the Beast from the East, boat police, bird peckers, fighting for food and political Oscars''drink my nuts''
This week the Crew play a game of Yes or No, Elliot froths over the NRL season starting, Tom talks YouTube beef and Burnsy takes the Boix through some drunken thefts As always - Leave us a Mambo 5 Star Review and we will read it out! You can do it on iTunes, our socials or tattoo it to your body, just like that dude from the hit TV show Prison ...…
Marc and Edward declare war on the obscure in this episode, by cruelly mocking a weak - and largely forgotten - Channel 4 documentary series from the 1990s. 'The Next Big Thing' follows the fortunes of top indie-style band FMB: from gigging in London's fashionable Islington (and supporting erstwhile rock behemoths Guns N' Wankers), all the way ...…
This week the Crew talk about Secret Garden, their bucket lists, throwing a cheese party and make some bold predictions for 2018! Be sure to leave us a review on any of our podcasting platforms, socials or you can write it in the rear windscreen of a dirty car - we will read it out on our next ep!
This week the Fellas discuss Tantric pooping, brewing beard oil, Oxscam and inherited circumcision''follow the yellow dick road''
On this weeks ep' Elliot talks about times you've been out of your element, Burn$ goes through the funniest athlete names and Kenny challenges the guys to remix the national anthem! For a shout out, leave us a 5 star message on iTunes, whooska, spotify our socials or you can even write a note in a bottle, throw it out to sea and hopefully Kenny ...…
This week the Fellas discuss health care craic, funeral riot, the aul Olympics, Boston Dynamics, gun control and the fall of Stormont ''Boner for Columbine''
Join the boiz and Burn$ on a Valentines Day special as they discuss who would you cheat on, play a few cheeky games and Tom goes on a rant about cheese And as always, leave us a review and we will read it out! You can do it on iTunes, our socials, or leave a nice note in our packed lunches for school…
This week the Fellas are in Semi Studios to discuss His & Hairs, Hilden Brewery, Mojitos, Deepfakes, Lurgan dog killer and an emotional support Hamster''that's not how I prepare my dogs''
Burn$y is off in Hawaii so we've replaced her with special guest, Max Price! Join the boiz as they write each other fake obituaries & test their fatherhood IQ. Scientists say this is a banger ep - and as always, be sure to leave us a 5 star review and we'll read out! Drop us a comment on iTunes, The Roundabout Crew socials or even an obscene li ...…
Join the boiz Burn$y for another banger ep! This week Tom talks about O-Week, Kenny plays a game of Price is Right and TekNo release their next exclusive track - Booking In Sex On A Weeknight! As always, leave a 5 star review and we will read it out! You can drop us a message on iTunes, our socials or even leave a post it note on Elliot's car.…
This week the Fellas chat pains and gains, Amazon Go and ruin the world, Cringles done Kirk and the Gay test ''Kendo Reeves''
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