Best Sitcom podcasts we could find (Updated August 2018)
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The Sitcom Club
Join us every week as we discuss classic & contemporary British sitcoms, focusing on a different show each episode.
Sitcom Geeks
A podcast series for those interested in the mechanics of situation comedy. James Cary and Dave Cohen discuss the art of sitcom writing for TV and Radio.
The world of mental health is a crazy place. I should know, I spent six years studying psychology and psychotherapy. Not to say my new series is autobiographical, but you couldn’t make up some of the things that go on in the world of soul surgery. ‘Choices‘, tells the story of a young psychotherapy student, at sea in a bizarre world of frauds and fanatics. Ainesh Sharma is an under confident, over intellectual Indian-Irish twenty something. Ainesh has always been a victim of circumstance; wo ...
Sitcom Showdown
Nominating the best sitcom episodes of all time, for the Sitcom Showdown hall of fame. Sibling team Steve and Jeffers take turns selecting a classic sitcom ep to put the case for its inclusion, having to convince each other along the way. Let the showdown begin!
Finchley Fitness is a SoundSitcom production
...that\'s life abroad
A retrospective on all 180 episodes of Seinfeld being hosted by two guys who can barely run their own lives
Seinfeld Recaps and Reviews of classic Seinfeld Episodes
A couple embarks on a quest to determine who of the Seinfeld & Friends gangs is the worst person. With Sitcoms Like These, who needs enemies?
Good Sitcom Ideas
Joe Kenmore pitches his best sitcom ideas.
Greenhorn Tales is an audio drama about two young dudes, Cam and Nick, living in the small community of Bristol. They share an apartment and are desperately trying to be adults, but are not quite succeeding. They are complete greenhorns at adult life.
I keep saying that my life is like a romantic comedy minus the romance and me just laughing at my own jokes. It seems like the best policy in life is to learn to laugh at yourself or you'll end up crying at everything. This podcast covers everything in life that makes it hilarious, pathetic, tragic, entertaining, and everything else that makes for a good sitcom.
A podcast about “The Andy Griffith Show” and all things Mayberry. Episodes contain interviews, listeners feedback, and loads of Mayberry fun. The Two Chairs No Waiting is hosted by Allan Newsome. Allan is the webmaster for and has been very active in The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) community since 1992 running the daily e-mail newsletter called the “Who’s Been Messin’ Up the Bulletin Board” Digest along with multiple Mayberry related websites.
Dave and Diana of TGIF Arcade discuss each episode of Frasier and probably have some wacky misunderstandings.
Father Knows Best a beloved family show that both parents and kids loved in the 1940's and later became a favorite on TV. Join us for each episode in the great family show.
Friends On Friends
"Friends On Friends" is a twice weekly podcast discussing every episode of "Friends" with hosts Casey Hackett and Chris Brook. What happens when one friend (Casey) forces another friend (Chris), who has never seen a single episode of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, to watch and discuss every single episode? It's "Friends On Friends." New episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden played Our Miss Brooks the fun-loving radio show but was sometimes frazzled English teacher at Madison High School, Our Miss Brooks . Probably the most famous teacher ever on radio, Connie Brooks was a wonderful combination of sincere and smart, and Eve Arden played her perfectly. From the very beginning of the radio run in 1948, Our Miss Brooks became a favorite of women, high school kids and parents across the nation.
This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources.
Goodies Podcast
Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Elizabeth has never seen Friends before. Michael has seen every episode about 1000 times. Join them on an odyssey through the 236 episodes of the classic sitcom.
An episode-by-episode discussion of the classic '90s sitcom The Redd Planet. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think, you'll learn to love again.
An exhaustive deconstruction of the classic (?) '90s sitcom by Jon Pernisek, Brandon Shockney, and their cavalcade of guests.
Mission Statement
A podcast about comedy writing presented by the producers of The Sitcom Mission competition.
Just a couple of nerds gettin' real upset about 90's sitcoms. You got it, dude.
Jon Starkey, a big city snob and wine aficionado is reluctantly sent to represent Pluto, a dwarf planet at the edge of civilised space. There he encounters everything from hick locals to psychotic AI software to undead football teams... Subscribe and follow his weekly adventures!
Dead Drunk Detective is a seven part comedy-noir podcast serial starring the most unlikely of private detectives. How unlikely? He’s a drunk zombie, and his name is Johnny Stumbles. And with his sarcastic secretary Betty, he’ll have to deal with Dracula, The Bogeyman, and The Devil to get to the bottom of the case… and the bottle.
Gary Rodger (aka Mooncat) and Tilt Araiza (aka Ocho) bring Sitcom Club-style discussion to things other than sitcoms; they'll take on TV, cinema and other aspects of popular culture, frequently 20th century British fare.
It's simple, we talk TV. Enjoy!
How To Write Comedy
The official podcast of Think Funny Comedy Writing Workshops.
An a podcasted sitcom (sitcast? Podcom?) set in a grocery store in Kalamazoo County
A podcast about the exploits of Tim Taylor and the rest of the Home Improvement gang hosted by Adam and Jordan. Listen as they recap each episode from the 1990s classic TV show.
What the Friends?
Not just any old podcast about Friends. We are three TV junkies who have somehow managed to never watch Friends. Join us for episode-by-episode commentary on Friends, starting with the finale and working backwards.
A podcast, by people like you: We cover, TV, Film and many different subjects, whilst under the influence of booze.
Wooden Overcoats
Award Winning Sitcom - Start with Season 1 Episode 1Rudyard Funn and his equally miserable sister Antigone run their family's failing funeral parlour, where they get the body in the coffin in the ground on time. But one day they find everyone enjoying themselves at the funerals of a new competitor - the impossibly perfect Eric Chapman! With their dogsbody Georgie, and a mouse called Madeleine, the Funns are taking drastic steps to stay in the business…
An evening of sit-com readings from new and diverse writers.
Welcome to Come and Knock on Our Door: A Noted Authority on Sitcoms. Each week we’ll critique, deconstruct, and celebrate situation comedies from the dawn of the format through the 1990s. Please subscribe and visit us at to share your ideas and feedback.
Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden played Our Miss Brooks the fun-loving radio show but was sometimes frazzled English teacher at Madison High School, Our Miss Brooks . Probably the most famous teacher ever on radio, Connie Brooks was a wonderful combination of sincere and smart, and Eve Arden played her perfectly. From the very beginning of the radio run in 1948, Our Miss Brooks became a favorite of women, high school kids and parents across the nation.
The award-winning fairy-tale medical sitcom! Overworked, cynical witch Alba tends to the health of the King, Queen and citizens of the tiny kingdom of Farloria, with the help of her obnoxious apprentice Magnus and an absent-minded fairy named Holly.
The Jerks are taking in one case at a time...
Lights Out
Join Mallory the fruit bat as she struggles to contain her incorrigible best friend Spencer from wreaking havoc throughout the nocturnal exhibit.LIGHTS OUT is a sitcom for your ears! This monthly scripted podcast is written and produced by Helen Burak, starring Megan Goldman and Helen Burak, with music by Nicolai Heidlas. Cover art by Bart Klick and Zach Stoppel.
Simpsons Time is several people's favorite feature of Amanda's radio program Nazario Scenario. One episode is discussed per week, focusing on the show's writing and its impact on the cultural landscape. Here we present the episode recaps and analysis all on their own, in snacktacular scaled-down form. Note: For a re-bigulated listening experience with the rest of Amanda's show, you can find the Nazario Scenario archives here.
Father Knows Best a beloved family show that both parents and kids loved in the 1940's and later became a favorite on TV. Join us for each episode in the great family show.
Situation Podemy
A sitcom discussion podcast
Quality Time with Family Ties is a weekly podcast in which three guys watch and review Family Ties - the '80s sitcom that made Michael J. Fox a star. Part of the Fanbase Press Podcast Network.
Every week, Ras and Louie take turns nominating the best episodes of the very best comedy shows of all time. Released every Monday night.
Rodney Spitz PI is a bumbling, down-on-his-luck PI whose misfit gang of office buddies end up committing more crimes than they solve. Each episode of this scripted comedy podcast follows Rodney though the calamity of a brand new case. It's a modern day twist on the classic radio serial. He's a PI that can't seem to get anything right but that's never stopped him before!
Don't be a plonker all you life and join your host Sam Whiles on the worlds first in depth discussion, analysis and celebration of Britain's (possibly the worlds) favourite sitcom!
by Anthony Dynar and Branden Haize.
Jon Starkey, a big city snob and wine aficionado is reluctantly sent to represent Pluto, a dwarf planet at the edge of civilised space. There he encounters everything from hick locals to psychotic AI software to undead football teams... Subscribe and follow his weekly adventures!
Co-Pilots dives headfirst into the pilots of failed television shows. Hosted by Matt Greenberg and Caroline Orlin, former co-hosts of CINE 123 on WHRW 90.5FM Binghamton.
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show series
On the 100th episode of Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan discuss Wilson’s girlfriend. They also share some analytics, complete their season in summation, and get introspective about their run. The episode is available for download here.
Jana and Sarah, with special guest Tyler, wrap up season 1 of Frasier. We talk about traveling with family, and that ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, aka, happiness.
Also known as our 100th episode bitches!Rejoice in our 100th episode, an occasion that nobody expected or asked for, but here it is anyway. Michael and Elizabeth discuss a potential Frasier revival, debate the merits of Phoebe's guitar teachings, and seriously worry about Ross' mental state. It truly is a party atmosphere.Follow the show on Ins ...…
Rob and Akiva are STILL Trying to Figure Out What to do Next We Lied. We said the next time you heard Rob & Akiva it would be the start of a new podcast but the feedback was too all over the map… so we’re back with another podcast to figure it out. Listen to Rob and Akiva announce a comeback The post Rob & Akiva are STILL Trying to Figure out W ...…
In a video episode for Patreon, we talk about our experiences riding the bus, why it’s impossible to grasp athletes’ heights, and another cyberpunk RPG at @weplaygamescast. Episode recap: Frasier is a creepy stalker, Martin thinks he’s being put in a home, and Niles and Daphne try to recreate their (second) most memorable meteor shower. The Bad ...…
S7E16 - "Simon Says." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . Simon says some sexually harassing s--t.
Simpsons Time! - "ep 24: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" - s2
The Games is nominated by Jeffers for a place in the Hall of Fame as a golden example of mockumentary and a high watermark of Australian sitcommery. Looking at the series 1 episode 'Robbo and the 100 Metres', it seems a medal is assured, but of course that's up to referee Steve. Will The Games get a place on the podium? Twitter: @SitcomShowdown ...…
Episode 99 has the dudes discussing A Marked Man. Other topics include: a Home Improvement diner, running away, and magazines! The episode is available for download here.
Hey baby, I hear those blues a-callin'...That's right, folks! Sarah and Jana get started on the very first season of Frasier. Settle in, cause we're gonna be here a while. Today we have our brother Tyler guest hosting with us. Tune in!
We’re still kicking off the Big New Chapter in Frasier! And to celebrate, we discuss the weirdness of burger places at petting zoos and the potential future show reboot. Episode recap: Daphne and Niles just barely got together and she’s already questioning the choice. Frasier goes Full Shakespearean. And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon: Part 2 ...…
Also known as The One with the Storage Whores.It's an awkward episode this week, Elizabeth is putting a brave face on things, but Michael is doing everything he can to avoid talking about the toe-curling closeness of a certain brother and sister, and for once we're not talking about Monica and Ross. Also on the show a spirited game of Bamboozle ...…
S7E15 - " ‘Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . when Gary David Goldberg does it, that means it’s not a crime...[EXPLETIVE DELETED] I [EXPLETIVE DELETED] up!
Simpsons Time! - "ep 176: Homer's Enemy" - s8
James talks down the line to top US comedy writer and novelist Jonathan Ames about the hilarious HBO series Bored To Death, being championed by David Letterman and... Are You Being Served?? Yep.
This week on Home Impodcast, the Binford Boys discuss “Sisters and Brothers.” They also delve into Adam’s living quarters, Gilmore Girls, and tea. The episode is available for download here. It is also accessible via iTunes.
For our bookend episode, we dig into the good, the bad, and the weird. Sarah and Jana discuss the almost tv shows and their very improbable premises.
What Happens Next? Rob & Akiva Talk Podcasting Comeback Possibilities Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur reunite after many months away from the Seinfeld podcast to talk about the options to potentially record again in the future. The post What Happens Next? Rob & Akiva on the Podcasting Comeback Trail appeared first on…
Penguins of Madagascar is nominated by Steve, introducing the animated delights of 'Hello Dollface' to Jeffers. Can its 14-minute runtime pack enough gags and goodness in to justify a slot in the Hall of Fame? Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No ...…
2 weeks ago we had the culmination of 7 years worth of TV, the will-they?/won’t they? of a generation. No way that could lead to any kind of a comedown, right? Episode recap: After years of waiting, Daphne and Niles have admitted their feelings for each other, and for some reason their significant others aren’t super pleased about it? It… it’ll ...…
S7E14 - "My Best Friend’s Girl." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . Andy gets Rick O-carsick.
This week on Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan finish up the two-part episode “Tool Time After Dark.” Some might call it a train wreck, some might call it a masterpiece. Decide for yourself as they finish ranking the clips. The episode is available for download here.
The time has come for us to say goodbye to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's been a wild ride and we wish it could go on forever. We discuss the future of the characters and the nostalgic impact the show still has on us today.
Also known as The One with the Moist Maker.Elizabeth and Michael delve into another classic as we discover Elizabeth's least favourite word, we meet a literature teacher who is easily pleased, and Joey's years of sleazing on ladies finally catch up with him.Check out the show on Instagram, on Twitter @FriendsPod, and as always, tell a Friend.…
Got your cereal ready and your angst on? Today Jana and Sarah discuss one of their all-time favorite shows ever, Daria. Tune in!
Alex and Cara watch as Joey becomes a butt double and George breaks up with his girlfriend.
The end of an era, the start of another era, et cet-era. Season 2 of Co-Pilots starts Thursday, September 6th!
Chance in a Million is nominated by Jeffers, who expects this 1980s British disastercom to have a much bigger chance of entering the hall of fame than its title suggests. It all depends on whether Tom and Alison's adventures with the Taxman and some Portuguese runaways can impress Steve. Can Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen get a second sitcom ...…
'My job isn't to tell the writer how to be better, my job is to help them figure out what they want to write.' Plenty of excellent advice for ALL writers from top script consultant Hayley McKenzie of Script Angel.
This week on Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan discuss part-one of Tool Time After Dark. They also talk vehicle maintenance and their rankings of the clips. The episode is available for download here.
Sarah and Jana approach the beginning of the end with the last season of Fresh Prince. We talk about when boys become men and Will gives us a tour of the stage and blooper reals.
Jay said last week that he was gonna let Nikkita talk more this week. Do you think that actually happened?? Small recap of the last week's episode, but it was pretty boring, so we started getting right into paradise and what might happen! Can you believe hometowns are THIS WEEK???
S7E13 - "The Wrecker’s Ball." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . hey paved paradise and put up a mini-mall.
The epic erotic romance saga continues! "I know I've said that I feel bad for all of the people in this movie, but I feel worse for the horse."
Also known as The One with More Turkey for Mr Chandler.It's Thanksgiving time again for the Central Perk Gang, and you know they've got something special planned for turkey day. Specifically a little time travel as we go back in time to see a turkey on Joey's head, Phoebe lose an arm, and Chandler lose a piece of his toe. Which is apparently br ...…
This week on Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan talk No, No, Godot. Other topics include: Tim Allen at Disney, scalping tickets, and the theater. The episode can be downloaded here. It is also available on iTunes.
Introducing Farlorian Fridays! It's a new tradition we've started on our Patreon feed: Every Friday, we'll be bringing you a new bit of whimsy from the world of Alba Salix: bonus and deleted scenes, unrecorded scripts and games of various sorts. We'll also post a few to our Alba Salix and Other Bothers podcast feeds, but Patreon patrons get to ...…
Today Jana and Sarah discuss guns and weddings for the last part of season 5 of Fresh Prince. Can you dig it?
People are making kind of a big deal about this episode for some reason. We really don’t get it. Episode recap: Daphne and Donny are getting married today, and in typical sitcom fashion, absolutely everything goes to plan. Editor’s Note: Dave said Saul Rubinek was born in a concentration camp. Technically it was a post-war refugee camp converte ...…
S7E12 - "The Job Not Taken." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . Foster’s is Australian for “bad acting.”
Hahaha Jay is gonna hate me when he sees this title. But we have a lot to unwrap from this week! The guys are starting to show their true colors and we are starting to see who the producers are pushing for bachelor. Also, Happy Independence Day, America.
Celebrating 50 episodes with a film that reinvents the "shower scene."
An interview with comedy writer, Lucien Young (Siblings, Murder in Successville, Alice in Brexitland) about all things comedic, including the spec Frasier Script he wrote aged 11. Back his Shakespearean Sonnets book here:
"This show is basically like Dunkirk meets Minority Report."
Our annual 4th of July episode is here! We’re chatting about Home Improvement‘s “Talk to Me.” We also cover topics like episode guest star Dave Chappelle (including this Vulture article), childhood chores, and Ed Helms in The Clapper (on Netflix). The episode is available for download here.
Jana and Sarah jump into the fifth season of Fresh Prince and they get into it! Fragile/toxic masculinity, gun ownership, and practical effects. Also, please let us know if you have any thoughts on what sitcom we should cover next!
New Efficiency Crackdown
New Efficiency Crackdown
Open All Hours is rightfully nominated by Steve for the hall of fame, hoping that Ronnie Barker's exploits with Jamaican Ginger Cake will go down well with Jeffers. Twitter: @SitcomShowdown Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.…
Holiday cookie parties are way more intense than you may have ever realized. We do a really deep dive into accents on the show. Episode recap: It’s days to the wedding and Daphne is ready to break and admit to Niles her feelings, if only she can get him alone. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue: Part 1 – Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs Episode 7 ...…
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