Best Sitcom podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Sitcom Geeks
A podcast series for those interested in the mechanics of situation comedy. James Cary and Dave Cohen discuss the art of sitcom writing for TV and Radio.
Mo Rocca has always loved obituaries. With Mobituaries he introduces listeners to the people who have long intrigued him—from the 20th century's greatest entertainer ... to the Civil Rights pioneer who is completely forgotten ... to sitcom characters gone all too soon. Even if you know the names, you’ve never understood why they matter…until now.
Mission To Zyxx
An improvised science fiction sitcom following a team of ambassadors as they attempt to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic Zyxx Quadrant… better known as the "ass end of space."
Wooden Overcoats
Award Winning Sitcom - Start with Season 1 Episode 1Rudyard Funn and his equally miserable sister Antigone run their family's failing funeral parlour, where they get the body in the coffin in the ground on time. But one day they find everyone enjoying themselves at the funerals of a new competitor - the impossibly perfect Eric Chapman! With their dogsbody Georgie, and a mouse called Madeleine, the Funns are taking drastic steps to stay in the business…
A retrospective on all 180 episodes of Seinfeld being hosted by two guys who can barely run their own lives
Award-winning BBC Radio 4 sitcom written by and starring Steve Delaney as the Count himself, broadcast in 7 series from 2005 to 2012 and resurrected for 5 special Christmas episodes from 2014 to 2017 (and a TV version ran for 3 series from 2013). The confused bumbling Arthur is a former variety star, a veteran of stage and screen - or at least he thinks he is. While constantly manoeuvring to secure the perks due to his supposedly exalted position in showbiz, his overweening sense of his own ...
Hut 33
BBC Radio 4 sitcom set at Bletchley Park in 1941, written by James Cary who appears in it with Olivia Colman, Tom Goodman-Hill, Robert Bathurst, Fergus Craig, Alex McQueen and Lil Roughley. Hut 33 follows the comic adventures of a misfit team of codebreakers forced to share a draughty wooden hut as they try to break German ciphers. Broadcast in 18 episodes from 2007 to 2009.
Brian & Roger
Brian and Roger met at a support meeting for divorced men. Both are starting again. Both are finding it hard. One of them is nice. A brand new sitcom from Harry Peacock and Dan Skinner. Produced by Marc Haynes and Joel Morris. This podcast is a member of the Great Big Owl family.
The only Podcast that breaks down the humour, plot and character stories from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s The Office. We take a modern day look at the series and the real life stories that are so relatable.... features include your office pranks, wackiest work based achievements, Gareth’s Questions and a look at what’s in the news when we break in the Staff Room. You can follow us on twitter @outofofficepod_
Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan and Sophie Winkleman star in this fantastical BBC Radio 4 comedy by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto. Sam (Stephen Mangan - "Green Wing") is a fantasy novelist who is whisked off to a Tolkien-style parallel universe by a noble elf, a sexy warrior princess (Sophie Winkleman - "Peep Show", "Red Dwarf") and a feisty dwarf called Dean. Why? Because Sam's dog is the Chosen One who is destined to save 'Lower Earth' from the evil Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan - "Alist ...
Bleak Expectations
BBC Radio 4 sitcom by Mark Evans broadcast in 30 episodes from 2007 to 2012. A spoof of Charles Dickens' novels and other well-known works, set in the Victorian world of ludicrously elaborate etiquette and unhelpful new inventions. Rollicking good fun performed with great gusto by Tom Allen, Anthony Head, Sarah Hadland, Celia Imrie, David Mitchell and others.
Dead Drunk Detective is a seven part comedy-noir podcast serial starring the most unlikely of private detectives. How unlikely? He’s a drunk zombie, and his name is Johnny Stumbles. And with his sarcastic secretary Betty, he’ll have to deal with Dracula, The Bogeyman, and The Devil to get to the bottom of the case… and the bottle.
It's the People Person's Paper Podcast! Each week, hosts Hilton Price and Brian Sittler and a bevy of guests chronologically examine every episode of the hit NBC sitcom The Office, analyzing storylines and character development, and identifying that special something that made this seemingly unremarkable remake of a BBC TV show into a cultural phenomenon.
BBC Radio 2 sitcom set in a sleepy English village where an alien invasion somehow becomes bogged down in local politics. Broadcast in 11 episodes from 2012 to 2014, starring Hattie Morahan, Hannah Murray, Jan Francis, Peter Davison, Charles Edwards & Julian Rhind-Tutt.
The Will &Grace After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of NBC's Will & Grace.Show Summary: In the original eight-season run of this groundbreaking sitcom, best friends Will, a meticulous corporate lawyer, and Grace, a neurotic interior decorator, share a New York apartment after Grace leaves her fiancé at the altar. Will and Grace, along with their pals Karen, an outspoken socialite, and Jack, a free-spirited actor, face the highs and lows of life in Manhattan together. From sex, ...
The world of mental health is a crazy place. I should know, I spent six years studying psychology and psychotherapy. Not to say my new series is autobiographical, but you couldn’t make up some of the things that go on in the world of soul surgery. ‘Choices‘, tells the story of a young psychotherapy student, at sea in a bizarre world of frauds and fanatics. Ainesh Sharma is an under confident, over intellectual Indian-Irish twenty something. Ainesh has always been a victim of circumstance; wo ...
This podcast is dedicated to the 80's television show sitcom The Wonder Years.A Grown Kevin Arnold recalls his days growing up in the tumultuous times of the late 60s and early 70s. In this podcast I pick out my favorite episodes of each season and review them. So join me your host Angela Bowen as I take a trip back in time to the hippie movement, the Vietnam War, the Beatles and so much more. So don your bellbottom pants, power up that lava lamp and crank up some Beach Boys and join me as I ...
Podcast by Cox n' Crendor Show
David Almeida invites Orlando actors & artists to go through the classic 1980s sitcom "The Facts Of Life" episode-by-episode. Sidebar discussions about anything and everything entertainment will undoubtedly ensue.
A deep dive into the songs used in the medical sitcom scrubs
Raised by TV
When​ ​Jon​ ​Gabrus​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​Lapkus​ ​were​ ​growing​ ​up,​ ​they​ ​watched​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​TV.​ ​Like,​ ​a​ ​LOT​ ​of TV.​ ​Now​ ​adults​ ​with​ ​minds​ ​hopelessly​ ​warped​ ​by​ ​television,​ ​they’ve​ ​come​ ​together​ ​to​ ​indulge their​ ​shared​ ​obsession.​ ​On​ ​Raised​ ​By​ ​TV,​ ​Jon​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​revisit​ ​the​ ​best​ ​and​ ​worst​ ​TV​ ​of​ ​the late​ ​80s​ ​and​ ​early​ ​90s​ ​-​ ​everything​ ​from​ ​game​ ​shows​ ​and​ ​TGIF​ ​to​ ​Oprah​ ​and​ ​cereal commercials.
The man they call 'Britain�s Funniest Milton', Milton Jones,stars in his own sitcom set in a house which Milton shares with hislong-suffering sister Susan and her slightly useless husband Ian. Above themis the house�s owner, their daffy Aunt Dilys and below them, in the basement,lives the ever-smooth ever-competent Anton.
Essential listening for the broadcast production, journalism and technology communities. Practical advice on all aspects of TV, radio, journalism.
Ever seen Fresh Prince, Good Times, or the Cosby Show? Well you have come to the right place Clik explores popular Black sitcoms and the impact they have today. Join us every week to get real academic and real nerdy as we dive into the reintroduction and reevaluation of the Black Sitcom! Seeking truth, understanding and changing our perspectives about the impact of Black Television
People Talk
This is People Talk. A Sitcom, in a Talk Show, in a Sketch Show, in a PodcastJoin Tom Ward as he sneaks guests into his home to interview them while his landlord has popped to the shops.Featuring Jeff Innocent, John Kearns, Sindhu Vee, Marcel Lucont and many more.
A podcast about the exploits of Tim Taylor and the rest of the Home Improvement gang hosted by Adam and Jordan. Listen as they recap each episode from the 1990s classic TV show.
The ManBuyCow Podcast
Rufus and Howard are trying to make a sitcom and sketch show; but with dinosaurs in the garden, a kettle that can see the future, and a doorway to hell in the cellar - will they ever make it to the end?
A variety show for sarcastic people. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New podcast drops every Tuesday!
The team from The After Dark Podcast Network talk all things PoP Culture. West Ham, Leicester City & Liverpool.
Steve and Ted in the Morning is a fully produced news and entertainment program aired live each weekday morning from 6a-9a on KNSS. With the talents of Steve McIntosh and Ted Woodward, Steve and Ted in the Morning has grown to become one of the most listened to morning programs with adults in Wichita. Tune in weekday mornings to Steve and Ted in the Morning for the very latest news, traffic and weather, business, and sports.
Boku No Stop!
Pitch Drop Network hosts rewatch and break down anime. There are jokes.Current anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Seven-time Emmy Award winner Jim Williams welcomes the top executives and stars in the streaming entertainment business to his weekly chat.
Welcome to The People of Culture Podcast, where amazing things happen.
Welcome to the Magnificent Vibes Podcast!!! Where we will be discussing all the Latest in Sports, Media, and other stuff nobody cares about!!
The Raging Joy Podcast is a comedy podcast that features comedian host Erik Barnes (@ErikWBarnes) and his guests spitting fire, spewing venom, vomiting fury, inflicting good, injecting happy, and gushing joy onto the world. Erik's guests share the things in life that make them the angriest but also share the thing in life that brings them back down to earth and make life worth living. Follow the show @ragingjoypod.
Actor sitcoms
Catch These Vibez with Chill ...... catch all of today’s current events & culture from the perspective of Chill and Catch these Vibez!!! Stay tuned for a segments such as “Netflix with Chill”. - What I’m watching on Netflix , “Good Vibez Only”. - Positive News ,“Catch These Hands”. - Disappointing News, not so smart moments , “Don’t Kill My Vibe/That’s a Vibe” - The music review and more !!!
TV Tangents
Rebecca Markus and Natalie Kotrc grew up in the 80s watching too much TV and obsessing over old shows like The Monkees. Now they want to share that obsession with an audience. TV Tangents examines television from every decade of the 20th century. Join them as they reminisce about popular shows and some you may have never heard of.Follow TV Tangents onFacebookandInstagram.Become a patron onPatreonand get access to exclusive content.
Californication After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Showtime's Californication.Show Summary: David Duchovny returns to series television in this adult sitcom as Hank Moody, an alcoholic, womanizing novelist struggling to help raise his precocious daughter, Becca, while still yearning for his sophisticated ex, Karen. Also featured in the show are Hank's agent, Charlie, and his one-time wife, Marcy.
Marital Status
Scott & Teresa Ammons, America's Most Outrageous couple gives entertaining takes on current affairs and recounts hilarious stories from their built-for-sitcom married life with help from their friends.
You're Listening
Join Nicholas Tristan and Laura Leibow as they discuss the hit NBC sitcom Frasier, discuss their favourite episodes with honoured guests, and find out just why today's kids can't get enough of Frasier!
The Captain
Major Rager on the Stager
Join host Chris McCarthy as he grabs your ears with both hands and takes them on an audio adventure through the 9th and final season of beloved 90s sitcom Family Matters. Featuring fans and non-fans of the show, we analyze the absurdity of each of the 22 episodes and are joined by some colorful characters who claim to be creators of the TGIF staple itself!
Hattys Running a bath showcases some of the best new comedy and creative’s around . Working in the creative arts, life is often not 9-5pm and an evening in is a very rare thing or if you do have one there is the guilt you should be working. So in this show my guests are invited to relax and share with me what they like to do with a guilt free night inn. Hattys running a bath is a “ desert island” disc of your perfect night Inn, while discovering new talent in a far from normal chat show form ...
Jake's Thoughts
Welcome to Jake's Thoughts where basically I, Jake, tell you whatever I'm thinking about! No script, very little prior knowledge. Just my thoughts and whatever comes into my mind while I'm talking!
Music, Movies, Books, TV Shows, & Game Lover!My Podcast MMBT is about my opinion on how the Music Industry, Hollywood and Broadcast Networks can gain back the fringes and those who feel left out from mainstream media. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Pop Everything
From the creators of The Complete Guide to Everything, Pop Everything is a weekly podcast covering pop culture in a humorless way.
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Hey there Seaver Fans!Angela Bowen here, the host of Show Me That Smile Again: A Growing Pains Podcast.Jumping into the weekend early with a New Growing Pains Podcast Episode!Now Available To Download From ITunes Apple Podcast App, SoundCloud App and the Podbean App!Today, i'm covering S4E14: Feet Of Clay, which aired on February 8, 1989.In thi ...…
James and Dave talk about what we learn from all the new comedy that's tumbling out of our tellies, the BBC Writersroom window, writing books, self-publishing and London Book Fair. Rufus Jones is also declared an Ian Botham of Comedy and Derry Girls a Costume Comedy.
Happy First Day Of Spring Everyone!Angela Bowen here, the host of She's A Small Wonder: A Small Wonder Podcast.Today, I'm covering S1E5: Sibling Rivalry, which aired on October 5, 1985In this episode feeling neglected due to his parents' preoccupation with Vicky, Jamie decides to run away. But when he uses Vicky to avoid contact with his parent ...…
Would you... will you... listen to Steve and Ted?By Steve & Ted.
Entertainment news on The Blur with Ted WoodwardBy Steve & Ted.
Guest: Fox News correspondent Jeff MonossoBy Steve & Ted.
Business news and a local business update with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.By Steve & Ted.
The attempted theft of an Al Capone statue resulted in a dented fedora.By Steve & Ted.
The KSN First Alert Forecast with Kansas Today Meteorologist Ronelle WilliamsBy Steve & Ted.
Moneytracker Don Grant with some real estate advice.By Steve & Ted.
President Trump met with Brazilian President Bolsonaro, good for commodities trading says Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.By Steve & Ted.
Local and national news and sports on Steve and Ted in the MorningBy Steve & Ted.
The crew has gone into hiding from the Emperor following the tumultuous events of the Battle of the Planet Crushers. Pleck makes a friend. Dar has news. Nermut gets discovered. Starring: Jeremy Bent as C-53 Alden Ford as Pleck Decksetter Allie Kokesh as Dar Seth Lind as Nermut Bundaloy Winston Noel as C.L.I.N.T.S Moujan Zolfaghari as Bargie Edi ...…
This week on Home Impodcast, Adam and Jordan have a conversation with Home Improvement writer/producer Billy Riback. The conversation touches on the early days of the show, writing jokes for Rodney Dangerfield, and what a reboot might look like. The episode is available here.
Paul and I talk about and/or mention in passing: Mrs. Garrett & Howard, Chef Boyardee, Le Cordon Bleu, Poppin’ Fresh, the Chug-A-Lug, the Rusty Anchor, The Golden Girls, casting of parents, Angie, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Three’s Company, Debralee Scott, Doris Roberts, Robert Hays, Garry Marshall, Flo, favorite Facts of Life seasons, back ...…
On a new installment of “First And Last,” Jon & Lauren watch the series premiere and finale of ER! They declare that “Noah Wyle is bae,” don’t understand why no one in the pilot is using gloves, and wonder if they would have made good doctors, before getting into the TV deaths that affected them the most. This episode is brought to you by Brill ...…
Roger is recovering in Lowestoft. (Brian and Roger illustration by Paul Trussel)
We look at the potential health benefits of laughter.By Steve & Ted.
Entertainment news in The Blur with Ted WoodwardBy Steve & Ted.
Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers in New YorkBy Steve & Ted.
The stock market is reacting to the announcement of a federal investigation into the 737 Max.By Steve & Ted.
Steve and Ted go over WalletHub's latest list. Kansas is at the very bottom of the list.By Steve & Ted.
Not "helicopter parents" but "lawnmower parents."By Steve & Ted.
We talk with Moneytracker Don Grant C.F.P. to help maximize savings potential.By Steve & Ted.
Local and national news update, plus Steve and Ted get a commodities update from Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.By Steve & Ted.
Steve goes on a rant about problems at the state level.By Steve & Ted.
Comedian Opey Olagbaju (@swankyopey) discusses his anger towards hypocrisy, how he managed and reigned in the explosive temper of his youth, and how his family and friends help center his mind. Please rate, review, subscribe and all the other stuff. Follow the show on Twitter: @ragingjoypod Follow Erik Barnes on Twitter: @ErikWBarnes…
Local business update from Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.By Steve & Ted.
Entertainment news in The Blur with Ted Woodward.By Steve & Ted.
Guest: Fox News Correspondent Rachel SutherlandBy Steve & Ted.
Local business update from Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.By Steve & Ted.
Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff LongwellBy Steve & Ted.
KSN First Alert Forecast from Kansas Today Meteorologist Ronelle WilliamsBy Steve & Ted.
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about the new taxes.By Steve & Ted.
Local and national news update, plus a commodities update from Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.By Steve & Ted.
The Shockers will be in the NIT, local and national news and sports updates on Steve and Ted in the Morning.By Steve & Ted.
It's time for some more goofs and witch like cackles! Jesse and Crendor decide to create a university and it's as terrible of an idea as it sounds. Also Jesse gets caught in a fight at a gas station and Crendor regales us with more of his dreams. All this, and a hunt for Bigfoot on this exciting episode of Cox n' Crendor!Get 15% off your first ...…
Happy Sunday Night Everyone!Angela Bowen here, the host of Tea Time With Mr. Belvedere: A Mr. Belvedere Podcast.Today, I'm jumping ahead to Season 5 to cover S5E12: Spot, which aired on January 13, 1989.In this episode George brings home a dog for Wesley, but he’s less than thrilled about it. Poor Spot.This dog was so cute and amazing.He rides ...…
In this episode of Boku No Stop! we discuss episodes 21+22 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, "The Birth of NERV" and "At least, be human". This time out we break into the Director's Cut period of the series, a set of four episodes that have been cut, recut, reanimated, chopped, and screwed into anywhere between 3 to 6 cuts of each. We finally get an ...…
Welcome to the Weekend Seaver Fans!Angela Bowen here, the host of Show Me That Smile Again: A Growing Pains Podcast.How far would you go to impress your crush?Would you go so far as to throw yourself a pretend birthday party like Ben?Today the next BEN SEAVER EPISODE I'm covering is S4E8: Ben’s First Kiss, which aired on, December 7, 1988.In th ...…
A final check in with Steve at the Blarney Breakfast.By Steve & Ted.
The 44th Annual Blarney Breakfast at Old Chicago East.By Steve & Ted.
Yes, it will, entertainment news on The Blur.By Steve & Ted.
Local business update with Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy.By Steve & Ted.
On 3/14/19 a record was set for calculating the value of pi.By Steve & Ted.
Local and national news and sports, plus the forecast from KSN's Ronelle WilliamsBy Steve & Ted.
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about those student loan payments.By Steve & Ted.
The 44th Annual Blarney Breakfast at Old Chicago East.By Steve & Ted.
Ted hosting, Steve joins us from the 44th Annual Blarney Breakfast.By Steve & Ted.
Grace’s dad is acting homophobic and Karen is out of control with her wedding planning… Join in the conversation with @LouisaSharamatyan @ThisisMayte @BrendanHaley A weekly after-show series that breaks down episodes of NBC's Will & Grace. The series is an American sitcom created by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan. Set in New York City, the show ...…
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