Best Smashboxx podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Bio Quickly becoming Arizona's number one video DJ, Rolemodel, is a regular at all of the top Clubs in Old Town Scottsdale, including residencies at Bottled Blonde, Hi-fi, El Hefe, Pussycat Lounge, American Junkie & Smashboxx. Rolemodel has worked with the Phoenix Suns during the past 4 seasons to create edits for the pre game and for the Dance team. Rolemodel brings both the ear and eye candy, mixing great sounds and providing entertaining visuals during each set he plays. All of his nights ...
We talk about the newest information in disc golf. In depth conversations with the game's top pros. And all the inside information that you won't find anywhere else.
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We talk Cat's win at Waco. And we talk about the DGPT's Waco coverage.
*Explicit Mix* - Various BPM. One hour from live St. Patrick's Day set in Scottsdale, AZ. After this weekend, my prediction is there will be an abundance of babies born on December 19th, 2019. Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
We talk about our adventures in Austin, TX during SxSW.
Dustin & Hannah Leatherman from Eagles Wings join us first to talk about their grant winners. Dana talks events. And then Paul & Zach Biscardi join to talk about Foundation Disc Golf.
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Workout mix featuring songs used during the Pisces sign! Shout out to Mike Mroz from Jersey! Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
Eagle joins the podcast for a fantastic interview. And of course we talk about the DGPT media.
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - March Workout Mix 2019. Shout out to long time supporter Travis Harris in Australia! Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
Eat Like Guy Fieri For A Day And We’ll Reveal How Dynamite You Are Pick Between These Opposites And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Dip You Are Intro Music: Circus of the Star ...…
Calving joins us after his win at LVC. Steve Hill from the PDGA comes on to talk PDGA NT media.
*Explicit Mix* - Various BPM - Open Format Mix. Shout out to Kristin! Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
Answer These 5 Questions And We'll Tell You Which New Netflix Show You Should Watch Next? Which '90s Pop Idol Are You? Intro Music: Circus of the Stars by Braid…
We talk about the Discmania announcement. We talk about spoilers. And Patreon Giveaways.
We talk with Dana about the Wintertime Open. Dave joins the show and talks about what this year for the NextGen looks like and talks about fatherhood. Support SmashBoxxTV at
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Part 2 of the Ami Vert Workout Mix Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
If You Were A Vowel, Which One Would You Be? Which Iconic TV/Movie Teacher Are You? Choose 7 Disney Songs And We'll Reveal Which Disney Villain You're Most Similar T ...…
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Part 1 of the Ami Vert Workout Mix Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ❤❤❤ #djrolemodel
What Type Of Frog Are You? Which Shark From “Baby Shark” Song Are You? What % Creative Are You Based On The Art Supplies You Choose? ...…
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - 2019 edition of the Valentine Workout Mix. Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
Jamie Thomas is our next guest in the Unsanctioned zone. Jamie answers these quizzes! What Career Should You Actually Have? Which Booze Are You? Get a 3rd exclusive quiz on…
Anthony steps inside the SmashBoxx for the 2nd time. Get to know his touring plans this year.
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Workout mix featuring songs previously used during the Aquarius sign. Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
Hannah McBeth plays along with our new podcast. We ask her these very tough quizzes! Everyone Is Going To Have A Best Month In 2019 And A Worst, Find Out Yours We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are Based On The Sundae You Make ...…
Paul talks smack about Wysocki. And talks about his bag updates and his recent win.
Chris Finn talks to us about DUDE and his new RAD initiative in Australia.
AJ Risley answers these quizzes: We Know Exactly Which Emoji Matches Your Personality We Can Tell How Old You Are Based On Your Taste In Fast Food Support the podcast on Patreon and get acce ...…
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Two notes on this mix: Every song is a bootleg edit and has never been featured on the workout mix before! See you at the Kumite! Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
Aftershow talk about discs and stuff.
Paige joins the show to talk about her trip to Croatia & Europe. Plus she gives us an insight into her 2019 plans.
*Explicit Mix* - 128BPM - Hi. :) Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
Eagles Wings Disc Golf stops by to talk about their Jr. Disc Golfer initiative. Silas & Esther talk about the upcoming 2019 season coming up. Sara Hokom talks about her new sponsor MVP.
Paul talks about Discraft's team that he is now helping manage.
support SmashBoxxTV: We talk to Steve Rico about his 2019 touring plans and the future of Legacy.
AJ gives us the lowdown on his 2018 season. for support.
Kevin talks about 2019 and his new discs with Prodigy.
Dana talks events. Zoe & Dustin of UPlayDG talk about their non-profit.
*Explicit Mix* - Various BPM - Whats ‘s up Paris? Part two of my favorite songs from the podcast in 2018. Thanks for the message Gabi in Saskatoon! . Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
Dion gives us insight into Paul's future Discraft bag and we talk dream jobs.
Terry is gone for the week. So Dana fills in and we talk news before Uli joins the show about an hour and 10 minutes into the podcast.
*Explicit Mix* - Various BPM - Two part series of over 40 of my favorite songs that were featured on the pod this year. Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
We keep it short for once. Talk about some DG social media, what the pros are up to, and a few odds and ends.
We join Terry down under. Talk about the Aussie Championships & other DG news.
*Explicit Mix* 128BPM - Part 3 of the best of 2018 workout series, featuring some of the top songs featured on the workout mix. Best wishes & great luck! Instagram: @djrolemodel ??? #djrolemodel
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