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Join itmeJP and GassyMexican as they talk about everything in this weekly podcast about nothing.
Tex Arcana
At the borderlands of truth and fiction, dreams and nightmares, you’ll find a rusty, bullet-riddled road sign that reads Welcome to Texas. Atmospheric, scripted, and informative, Tex Arcana is equal parts museum and mausoleum. Each episode explores an obscure slice of Texas legend and digs deep to unearth the historical and cultural truths beneath. We want to share our passion for history and storytelling in a way that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re a lifelong Texan or just passin’ throug ...
My Time with Tex
Comedy skit from The EMS Lounge
Por ahora no sé de qué será este podcast pero como quiera escuchen!!!
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If defenses are switching without putting up any fight, shouldn't post play be re-emphasized as a counter? Plus, why trying to counter the Warriors can only detrimental.
Almost a third of the league are trying their best to lose as much as possible before lottery reform kicks in next year. I highlight the tank jobs being done and discuss the implications of moving forward with lottery reform.
Blake Griffin has been traded to Detroit for more role player depth and some draft picks. I discuss what this means for both teams moving forward.
Where we talk about the death of the show, that the death of the show is a joke, and infographs.Recorded 12/28/2015
Where we talk about food, TwitchCon, movies, and answer some questions. Recorded 10/2/2015
Where we talk about Seament, PAX, and answer some questions. Recorded 9/8/2015
Where we talk about the long break, flex jeans, and kidney stones (for the last time, dammit)Recorded 8/18/2015
Where we talk about shutting up in movies, being robbed, and other stuffRecorded 7/31/2015
Where we talk about time travel, the Pan American games, and General Butt NakedRecorded 7/24/2015
Where we talk about awkward fan interactions and the birthing process.Recorded 7/16/2015
Episode 02 where we talk about run ins with the law, pets, and more!Recorded 7/10/2015
Episode 01 of the most famous morning talk show to have ever talked staring: JP "itmeJP" McDaniel AKA JPELE Max "GassyMexican" Gonzalez AKA CherryPickinGrannyRecorded 7/3/2015
This is the pilot episode for a podcast about nothing with JP "itmeJP" McDaniel and Max "GassyMexican" Gonzalez
Once again had to cut the interview short.
Once again I had to cut my interview short with Bubba.
Funny skit done about Tex's prison mate.
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