Best Tex podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Tex Arcana
At the borderlands of truth and fiction, dreams and nightmares, you’ll find a rusty, bullet-riddled road sign that reads Welcome to Texas. Atmospheric, scripted, and informative, Tex Arcana is equal parts museum and mausoleum. Each episode explores an obscure slice of Texas legend and digs deep to unearth the historical and cultural truths beneath. We want to share our passion for history and storytelling in a way that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re a lifelong Texan or just passin’ throug ...
Here are the best bits of Roo and Ditts to share with your mates!
Every day these boys cover Adelaide’s biggest stories and everything that matters to the city. Whether it’s the big story, breaking sports news, or just general fun you’ll hear it on Roo and Ditts. Blakey also joins them with Adelaide's favourite segment ‘At Home With The Ricciutios’ and his unique calls. Listen to Roo & Ditts for Breakfast 6-9am weekdays on 104.7 Triple M Adelaide or catch up with the show here.
The mission of the TEX Talks Podcast and Speaker Series is to identify, capture, and share the entrepreneurial spirit that surrounds the University of Texas at Austin and its community. Entrepreneurs share their stories with students to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow, and then we share with others to enjoy via podcast and video formats.Talks will feature leaders in all entrepreneurial backgrounds including CPGs, Fintech, SaaS, medicine, energy, music, education, and others that are cha ...
The official home for audio programming from Acme Packing Co., SB Nation's community for fans of the Green Bay Packers.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Breakdown podcast returns with host Bill Rankin. He's covering the murder prosecution of Claud "Tex" McIver, a wealthy and politically connected lawyer in Atlanta who shot his wife in the back. McIver claims it was an accident, and the prosecution has its work cut out for it in trying to prove malice murder. But the defendant took several actions after the shooting that made the community and the cops wonder about his innocence.The AJC's Breakdown podcast i ...
Doc and Jock brings together the expertise of a Physical Therapist and a Strength and Conditioning Coach. The goal is to provide a one stop resource to answer your training questions. Whether you’re rehabbing an injury, working your weaknesses, or wanting to look good naked Dr. Danny or Coach Joe can help.Dr. Danny is a Mobility Wod Instructor, founder and practicing physical therapist at Athletes’ Potential. CrossFit athletes, executives, and weekend warriors search out Dr. Danny’s expertis ...
The Podyuken Network presents the TeX-Wing Podcast! Houston's own Officially Unofficial Podcast about Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures Game!
A's beat reporters take an inside look at the team in "Extras." Broadcaster Ken Korach talks in depth with A's personalities in "Taking Effect."
The Sibcast
Listen to siblings Jason and Katrina shoot the breeze with a metaphorical arsenal that would make even the NRA wilt. And weep. And vote Sanders. No format. No objectives. Essentially you’re listening in on an underprepared, overproduced, hour-or-so-long phone conversation (come to mention it that's exactly what you're doing) between a stylish, tall-spirited, put-together wife/mom and a beard-mage masquerading presently as a deadbeat. - Nary a dull moment! Now and then a crudely sharpened one ...
Gravity Lab Radio
Motorcycle Life
Motorcycle Life is your “go-to” place for trusted information on motorcycling.
The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.
The BR-BT Podcast
Bully Ry and Big Tex take their minds to the airwaves--we talk Fantasy Football, pro wrestling, video games, movies and TV, any anything else you want to hear us talk about!
Interviewing culturally diverse chef's in Houston's community to help us realize that, at our core, we are all the same with a slightly different flavor in how we live our lives.
Ben & Skin
105.3 The Fan
A food history and cooking comedy podcast. John presents Rebecca one culinary item per show while giving it's history and trivia (Rebecca doesn't know the topic beforehand). It's funny, instructional and sometimes (most of the time) gross. Based in Baltimore MD.
DC Crossover
Casual fan chatter on our perspective of the four major Washington D.C. sports teams. (Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, Wizards)
Young & Happy
Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything humans do is predicated on our own happiness. They explore all the inner-workings of becoming intentionally happy, while talking to people from all walks of life about what influences their daily joy.
If you've ever wanted to know more about the creative process of a full-length album, you're in luck. Tales From the Homestead is a podcast series that takes you behind the scenes of Tallsome Tales, the sixth release from The Carnivaleros. The Tucson-based band describes their music as Desert Bayou, which includes a mix of Eastern European, Zydeco, and Tex-Mex influences.Every episode, we deconstruct a new song before playing it, giving you the inside scoop on every cut off the album.You'll ...
Interviews with some amazing names in Rock as heard on Triple M.
Richard Dahlstrom
Welcome to the Richard Dahlstrom Podcast. Richard is an Author, Speaker and the Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA. More information at
Start Cooking
Are you a busy person who just never got around to learning the basics of cooking? We built just for you. You'll learn how to make quick and tasty meals, plus learn the basic cooking skills you'll need. Get ready to start cooking! Many more episodes are available through our Start Cooking video feed, go to for details.
"TigerTalk" features radio broadcasters Dan Dickerson and Pat Caputo talking baseball. " Extras" is whereTigers beat reporters and national correspondents join forces to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
Der Video-Podcast der Stiftung Warentest berichtet über aktuelle Untersuchungen von test und Finanztest, stellt neue Bücher und Sonderhefte vor und gibt allgemeine Tipps für Verbraucher.
Pass the Chipotle is a podcast produced and presented by Rocio Carvajal food history writer, cook and author, this show will take you to discover the edible treasures of Mexico’s gastronomic traditions with stories and interviews with cooks, authors and entrepreneurs. It will change the way you think about Mexican food, cooking and eating guaranteed! Rocio uses great storytelling to build bridges of dialogue and understanding across cultures, which is why the show has something to offer to a ...
We talk about football, give below average football analysis and talk about everything from politics, drinks and the meaning of life.
We are a weekly podcast discussing Major League Baseball news, predictions, highlights, and fantasy. Tune in to let Mark and Ryan walk you through each professional season!
A sports flash briefing created solely for voice controlled devices. FanSided Daily keeps you in the know on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College, Soccer and more!
Fatal Females
It all began 12 years ago - two young women in school, playing cards in the common area and casually discussing feminine affairs. Now flash forward to the present and two besties will fill your idle hours with talk of gore, malice, violence, and murder. Pour yourself a glass of alcohol (we already have) and steel your wits against these villainous vixens.
Four buddies who love wrestling so much, we put together a show all about it! The buddies: Tex Valdez, Arturo Padilla, Nico Gonzalez, and Gustavo Ventura.
Come and Take It
Come and Take It is a talk show about Texas, by Texans. Three friends born and raised in Texas share their views on the state's history, culture, and just what it means to be Texan.
Wake Up with Greg and Ali, weekdays from 5:30am
Top Rope Chef
Top Rope Chef is a weekly podcast all about food and wrestling. Jaclyn Maynard and Bradley Jones are cooking through the entire WWF Cookbook 'Can You Take the Heat' and experimenting with food and recipes that they will, in turn, share with you.
SportsBeat KC
Podcast by The Kansas City Star
Best of The “Hawkeye in the Morning” Show
Power Athlete Radio is the premiere podcast is strength and conditioning. The show is hosted by Luke Summers and Tex McQuilkin and features Power Athlete CEO John Welbourn. Each week the crew ignites earbuds across the globe with world class coaches, authors, scientists and more.
Nutmeg Junction
A new "old time radio" program. This audio theater program is an homage to the golden age of scripted radio programs. The show airs on WAPJ 105.1 FM, WHDD FM 91.9, WHDD AM 1020 WLHV FM 88.1 and WBSL FM 91.7 Nutmeg Junction features exceptional vocal actors from the talented theater community in northwest Connecticut. The show is written and created by J. Timothy Quirk and directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz with original music including the theme song by Robert C. Fullerton. The cast includes Kur ...
Scotty K and Bret Mega Mornings on KLIF-FM in Dallas!
The Dawg Pod
Hello Dawg Fans! The Dawg Pod is the *ultimate*, fan-driven, independent University of Washington Husky football podcast.
Mets beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
Toons so cheap, they're free!
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
The Will &Grace After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of NBC's Will & Grace.Show Summary: In the original eight-season run of this groundbreaking sitcom, best friends Will, a meticulous corporate lawyer, and Grace, a neurotic interior decorator, share a New York apartment after Grace leaves her fiancé at the altar. Will and Grace, along with their pals Karen, an outspoken socialite, and Jack, a free-spirited actor, face the highs and lows of life in Manhattan together. From sex, ...
Live and local, Charles Jenkin and Boomer Von Cannon engage you, the listeners with your phone calls for conversation about the ever-increasing restaurant scene in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Charles and Boomer will talk about a series of specific topics each week - Restaurants that are no longer around to enjoy, restaurants that have stood the test of time, restaurants that started here and have gone national, along with different cuisines.
'Empowering Motivated Athletes'
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Top 3 Overnight Sport Pressure Test Nathan Templeton - Melbourne Terror Plot Dr Karl - Talking Science Port Adelaide Treasury Bus Tour I Love Living Life WIth You - What Would Your Partner Say? The Metros I Love Living Life With You - Your Hilarious Answers!
We're back! After a couple weeks of life getting in the way of fun, we are back at it. Tex-Wing is going through some changes to condense the content, and expand our formats. We talk Republic and Separatists, games we've been playing, lists we've been tinkering with, and find out what makes Will such a sensitive boy!…
Flashback to Dennis asking Jack for a raise, and the jokes from the previous show are revisited. Dennis lets it out that Fred Allen will be returning to the air next week. Mel Blanc has some fun pretending to be the sound man. The fun moves into the studio as Phil plays, Shoo Shoo Baby. Jack departs from the issue of the raise, and teases Phil ...…
Robbery Detail. Thieves break in, and threaten an elderly couple as they ransack their home. Arriving in the office of the Robbery detail, Joe Friday gets the gruesome details from partner Ben Romero on how the elderly couple were tortured and beaten during the robbery of their jewelry. Joe offers voiceover to transition the scene to the home, ...…
Join Serone & Simpson as they journey through the depths of pizza decision making! Plus, there is some sports talk with the Redskins getting screwed out of a win, the Wizards playing horribly, and of course the “2-Point Conversion” & “Pine-Pony Express.” Subscribe – Download – Rate – Review Podcast Available: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Goog ...…
After a frustrating tilt against the Seattle Seahawks — which culminated in Mike McCarthy essentially punting the game away — the guys gather to ponder what's left for this year's Packers. Luckily for the team, the rest of the NFC seems relatively uninterested in the playoffs. So you're saying there's a chance...…
The guys discuss the Cowboys win over the Falcons.
The guys talk a little Mavs basketball after their win over the Warriors.
The guys review the win over the Falcons, the best way possible, with Sham Goes Ham.
Top 3 + How To Deal With Vicious Dogs Overnight Sport Amelia Mulcahy - The Weather Outlook For The Week Roo & Ditts' Interesting People - Taylor Tara Howard Spredbury - SA Teacher Union Strike When Has Your Partner Thought You Were Cheating But Got It Wrong? + Your Thoughts! Roo & Ditts Angels Ricciuto Family Review - The Grinch Movie Wil Ander ...…
Finally Jack and the crew are all ready to get back to Hollywood and leave the slopes behind. But first he has to deal with his absent-minded doctor and goofy nurse. Also despite a lack of birthday gifts from his faithful cast, he does get a fairly impressive singing telegram. If you remember, this ski trip is supposed to have taken place the w ...…
We explore what it really means when the chef says get out of the kitchen!
Gildersleeve is moving kind of slow as he lingers in getting out to work. The family gives him a hard time about not being on the job. Marjorie starts looking at sales for doing Christmas shopping, LeRoy asks for some spending money, but is encouraged to get a job of his own. In trying to help, Gildy tries to put in a good word for LeRoy, and g ...…
Just returning from the post office, Abner has a pile of mail, but not the items Lum is expecting. With labor shortages, is he being realistic in hoping to get applications from the replacement school teacher? Lum wants to invest in the future of our nation, and pay top wages to the next teacher. Professor Sloane is eager to get to his next pos ...…
Top Rope Chef stars Jaclyn Maynard and Bradley Jones. It's a podcast about food and wrestling. We talking about our experiences cooking through the entire WWF cookbook "Can You Take the Heat,' give random cooking advice and talk about the greatest sport on earth: professional ...…
He was the first Texan to serve as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and as Vice President of the United States. He was outspoken, cantakerous, and controversial, and relished his nickname 'Cactus Jack'. This week we cover part one of our discussion of John Nance Garner.
Top 3 Things You Need To Know Monday Talk Back Overnight Sport When Have You Passed Wind Innapropriately? + Your Funny Stories Julian Assange - Should We Be Supporting Him? Lehmo World Surf Life Saving Championships Kicks off in Adelaide! Tom Gliesner - HYBPA Season Finale
Support us on Patreon to get our bonus episodes: Prompt for this episode: What’s your favorite cartoon dragon? Prompt for next episode: What’s your favorite Christmas cartoon? ::CARTOONS WATCHED:: Felix the Cat in Polly-Tics (1928) — Youtube upload by Toonjet CArtoons Gabby in Two for the Zoo (1941) — Youtube upload ...…
May 14, 2013. Omaha, Nebraska. For five years the brutal murders of Thomas Hunter, 11, and Shirlee Sherman, 57, were a mystery. Then, in 2013, Roger and Mary Brumback, both 65, were murdered and the similarities between the two led the police to Anthony Garcia, a former employee of Roger Brumback and Thomas’ father, William Hunter, who appeared ...…
As George tries to get the show started we learn that Gracie is missing. We learn that she's busy at home, trying to take care of sick relatives. The whole cast is on hand to pitch in their words of humor and concern over Gracie. Artie Shaw, Bud Easton, and Senor Lee. The action moves to Gracie's house where medical jokes are the theme. Since i ...…
The meeting of the Jolly Boys club is called to order, and Floyd shares some complaints. He feels the club has been taking advantage of him, and not paying rent for the meeting room. Gildy is upset over not getting his bang for his buck. Should they open the club to new members? This could be the ideal time to invite Mr Bullard into the club, i ...…
In their weekly podcast, Sporting Kansas City defender Ike Opara and Star reporter Sam McDowell cycle through a series of random questions and get a peek of the conversation inside the club locker room.
The Star's Brooke Pryor, Lynn Worthy, Vahe Gregorian and Sam Mellinger talk Chiefs heading into their Monday Night Football matchup with the 9-1 Los Angeles Rams.
Playing to the military crowd at the Birmingham hospital, Jack, Don, and Mary tailor their jokes to life on the post. Jokes about doctors, and medicine are a theme. Phil enters with his characteristic loud entrance, and jokes about his nightlife with the band. Larry Stevens reads a fan letter... sort of. Larry's song is snipped, and the militar ...…
Graham MacNamee welcomes Dinah Shore to tell about a truck driver who is a fan of hers. The overworked, and sleepy owner operator was revived after hearing Dinah sing a song he requested. The sound affect of the week is shared, and revealed how it was made. Listen to learn how a guillotine is made with sound. A potential radio announcer is give ...…
An old friend visits Nick Carter. Marvin is looking for his bride, who had been out of the country, and expected to return a few days ago. Alice Evans is reported to be registered in a hotel, but is it the right girl? Has 3 years changed her? Nick mobilizes Riley, Patsy, and Penny to search for a missing Mr Winslow, then he puts Alice to the te ...…
Getting into her role for a school production, Kathy practices her lines as a carrot. Jim is annoyed at interruptions to his evening newspaper. When an important contract is discovered, Jim just can't call without being properly introduced. Priorities have shifted,, and dinner is late, Kathy looks like a pumpkin, and not a carrot. Is there some ...…
Last Action HeroTraining on the road with very little equipment, convincing sport coaches that lifting won't ruin specificity, keeping your relationship on the rails...yeah, these are all topics discussed on this week's episode. Will Tex get his whole torso waxed in front of a live studio audience? He hasn't refused outright. Will we be able to ...…
Cowboys COO Stephen Jones joins the boys for his weekly interview to preview Cowboys vs. Falcons and share some thoughts on ketchup.
Fibber McGee and Molly - Bowling Night. 481116 Fibber's usual bowling night has been moved to tonight, and he gets ready to head out. Wallace Wimple phones to bow out of the bowling match. Who will Fibber get to take his place for the important bowling tournament? Doc Gamble visits, bu ends up having his bowling skills criticized. Billy Mills p ...…
Still agonizing over the duty to fire professor Sloane, Lum gets his chance when the phone rings, and it’s the errant teacher on the line. A sudden toothache wins some time for Lum to delay his task. How long can Lum keep dragging this out? Excuses pile up as the clock ticks. Nothing will stop Lum from making that return phone call. Not even tr ...…
Will discovers that Noah has a child he hasn’t told Grace about, but is now sworn to secrecy. Karen and Jack’s relationship is tested when she fired him from the play she’s producing and replaces him with Jon Cryer.A weekly after-show series that breaks down episodes of NBC's Will & Grace. The series is an American sitcom created by Max Mutchni ...…
Presented by: Rocio Carvajal Food history writer, cook and author. Episode 33 Saul Talavera is a Mexican-American cook, owner of “el Tamalucas” selling traditional, bespoke and gourmet tamales in Las Vegas Nevada, USA After many years working as manager in a fast food restaurant Saul […]
John and Rebecca get snoody about turkeys this week. From the domestication of turkeys in Mexico, to the widespread love of the gobbler all over the world, we cover the turkey's important history. A waddle full of fun facts are covered and we finish with a second helping of horrible Thanksgiving stories. Happy Thanksgiving everyone (or Thursday ...…
DJ​ is on the road this week but the show must go on! GLR will come you from Skydive Spaceland Dallas​ with our guest David Pugin​. David is a full-time skydiver and like many instructors, has lived an eclectic life. David is taking his good buddy Sean from 22kill on a tandem skydive to help raise support for organizations supporting our troops ...…
Harrison Barnes joins the Ben and Skin show fresh off a 50 point victory over the Jazz.
Shan and RJ are back at it again in this edition of Around the Beef
Office parties are disappearing and the fellas discuss why
Opener – Red Hot Chili Peppers announce! Top 3 – Speed Camera guy, Trolley guy, instant loans Lawrence Mooney 630 Sport Top 5 things we learnt this week Pressure Test – Chili Peppers things Death row Mum – Sunday Night- Matt Doran Ryan Williams ate McDonalds for 30 days – is fine! SA Tourism Minister – Red Hot Chili Peppers announce Roo went to ...…
5. Tex fills in 4. Private Investigator 3. Lehmo best sport names 2. Marraige names 1. Typo fails
After claiming his third Manager of the Year Award,'s Darwin Zook and A's reporter Jane Lee talk about the job Bob Melvin did in 2018. Plus, which way will the team go to address their need for catching depth?
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