Best Undiagnosed podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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A new podcast series devoted to raising global pulmonary hypertension awareness with dynamic stories from PH patients, caregivers and medical professionals from around the world. New Episodes every Monday & Thursday. Through this series of impactful, insightful and, most importantly, hopeful stories from members of the global pulmonary hypertension community, we hope to further the global #phaware conversation as well as to capture, engage and enable misdiagnosed and undiagnosed PH patients ...
In the US alone, 100 million people suffer from chronic pain. Worldwide, 1.5 billion people are afflicted with it. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, it affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Chronic pain forces people to change jobs, or stop working completely. It can cause depression and anxiety, and it can make daily life nearly impossible. I am a sufferer of chronic pain and this podcast grew out of my pursuit of a diagnosis. This is my ...
Please join co-hosts Danna Bowman and Tiffany Mladinich to lightheartedly, yet thoroughly discuss thyroid disease with some of the most advanced, innovative physicians, educators, bloggers, thyroid thrivers and advocates available.In easy-going 'talk show' style, we set out on a mission to ensure that no one ever goes undiagnosed and/or undertreated and that all are aware of the intricacies that involve living life to the fullest with thyroid disease.United and informed, we will change the a ...
Poetry lovers and lovers themselves would certainly know and remember these lines: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....” These and other sublime verses are contained in this collection of tender, mystical, philosophical poems Sonnets from the Portuguese, published originally in 1850. The poet herself was part of one of the most famous literary love-stories of all time – a saga filled with romance, danger and severe opposition from her family. Born into a prominent and extremely we ...
The ”in good shape” studio discussion: each week we invite an expert to the studio to talk about issues concerning health and well-being. Topics include alternative or conventional medicine, exercise, nutrition and wellness. That and more on ”in good shape” every week on DW-TV.
On the podcast “The Art of Mental Health” Kevin Toliver-Lyons, founder of the Susan D. Lyons Foundation for Hope which advocates for people with mental illness shares his story of dealing with his mother's undiagnosed mental illness and his journey to discover himself. Art therapy is also discussed as the foundations flagship program "Painting by the Beach" begins. Kevin's mother and founders namesake Susan D. Lyons took her own life in 2014. The resources on this podcast are provided for in ...
Current content form the Popular Science Magazine
Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution is a paradigm shift in the way we look at modern medicine and gives listeners hope to get to the root cause of their symptoms, naturally.
For the modern day family that deals with mental health issues, substance abuse, divorce, & Autism. Mr. Joe explores topics such as Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder Rapid Cycling, Mixed States, Schizoaffective Disorder, Mania & Depression. He shares his own journey of substance abuse, which also includes his Suboxone treatment & withdrawals. The entire journey is seen through the eyes of Mr. Joe, raised by alcoholic parents, one of which lives with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Stop Macular Degeneration & Other Eye Disease Naturally
RARECast is a Global Genes podcast hosted by veteran journalist Daniel Levine. It focuses on the intersection of rare disease with business, science, and policy.
An experiential and experimental podcast about my journey through my careening marriage defined, in some ways, by my wife's mental health diagnoses.
Don't Sleep
The audio diary of two, undiagnosed insomniacs.
Dr. Richard A. DiCenso, also known as Dr. D. has helped thousands dealing with undiagnosed symptoms, chronic pain, and other health issues.
ADHD Sanity Break
Sanity Break is brought to you by ADHD Life Coaches Liz Devine Hewson and Mark Lund, MD from Twin Lights Coaching.
The You Don't Fight Alone podcast exists to share the human stories of those of us living with mental illness. Join us for each episode as we journey though the life of each guest, going through the ups and downs of shared human experience. The first season will be published biweekly on Wednesdays.
A Podcast for Biological, Adoptive, & Foster Moms. No experts. No topics. Just real talk from real moms about real life.
Kids in Crisis Radio Show is a weekly podcast where award-winning journalist, Beth Greer, (aka Super Natural Mom®) interviews internationally-recognized health care providers, leaders and innovators about effective, alternative, holistic treatments for children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Addiction and other behavioral problems. This show was created for YOU, the parent, loved one or professional who wants expert information and practical advice and tools about emerging, non-toxic approaches ...
Hari Khalsa, MSN, FNP, nurse practitioner and founder of Healthcare Whisperer, a patient advocacy company. Healthcare Whisperer is committed to the belief that every person deserves the best possible access to healthcare and to be treated with dignity, integrity and compassion.
Rising healthcare costs, increasing insurance premiums, and decreasing care - this is the current state of our healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry continues to make empty promises by masking patients symptoms and providing a false sense of hope."Dr. Hotze's Wellness Revolution" is a paradigm shift in the way we look at modern medicine and gives listeners hope to get to the root cause of their symptoms, naturally.Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & W ...
You Inside Out
UIO, aka You inside out, features 20–30 minutes of straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today. From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.
The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) held an all-day symposium entitled "Bridging the Translational Divides," which featured presentations and keynote speeches by invited national leaders in translational research and some of the leading faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The ICTR will re-engineer clinical and translational research, reorganize research facilities, transform training and educational programs, and expand the pool of young investigators. Th ...
Mara Williams
Mara has been a Guest Host on Lyme Light Radio which is currently on hiatus. Please tune-in to the many archived shows available Mara Williams is one of America's leading experts on Tick Borne Diseases TBDs, specifically Lyme disease.A health care provider for over 30 years, Mara is a board certified nurse practitioner and energetic healer, a sought after speaker, and the author of Nature's Dirty Needle, What You Need to Know About Chronic Lyme Disease and How to Get the Help to Feel Better. ...
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April 29 is Undiagnosed Rare Disease Day. It is a day when advocates raise awareness among the general public and policy makers about the emotional, physical, and financial impact living with an undiagnosed rare disease has on patients and their families. Ahead of this year’s Undiagnosed Rare Disease Day we spoke with Ava Szajnuk, an 11-year-ol ...…
Many Americans suffer from the #1 most commonly undiagnosed condition because our blood says we’re normal! Most blood tests will only show results of the amount in INACTIVE thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. The inactive hormone – called T4- must be converted into the active hormone – called T3 – for our cells to produce energy. The enzyme res ...…
Many Americans suffer from the #1 most commonly undiagnosed condition because our blood says we’re normal! Most blood tests will only show results of the amount in INACTIVE thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. The inactive hormone – called T4- must be converted into the active hormone – called T3 – for our cells to produce energy. The enzyme res ...…
Health How to know if your heavy period is a sign of a bleeding disorder Though rare, many women with undiagnosed disorders don't realize they're unusual.
Mr. Joe returns for a second day in a row with a brand new podcast episode and brand new personal experiences to discuss. He reveals the latest rants, accusations, and insults delivered from his ex-wife. Mr. Joe also discusses teenage children and their desire to be with friends rather than family.
Technology Last week in tech: Fancy cars, folded smartphones, and robot dogs pulling a truck Listen to our podcast.
Popular Science Blogs Nexus Media News Flint residents are using fruits and vegetables to combat lead poisoning The ongoing trauma in Michigan can't ever be undone, but locals are trying to do what they can to cope.
Technology New York City's old buildings need serious upgrades to meet new emissions standards New York City passed a carbon tax for large structures.
Health Negative calorie foods don't exist, and these biologists have the flaming lizard poop to prove it Bearded dragons are much more cooperative than humans.
Space Tonights Pink Moon wont actually be a pink moon, and other upsetting moon facts What is going on with my moon?
Health Even after Hurricane Sandy, many people wouldnt prepare before a future storm Global warming will put more people in storms' paths who have little experience with natural disasters.
Space This comet stuffed inside a meteorite is the ultimate cosmic turducken And it could teach us about the early solar system.
Animals This ancient hypercarnivore had three sets of razor-sharp teeth A paleontologist found the giant fossil in a drawer on this lunch break.
Animals Glowing millipede genitalia give scientists a leg up in the lab Megapixels: We've got a handy new imaging technique for defining millipede species.
Health Filtering diesel exhaust could make it worse For those with allergies, supposedly cleaner fumes can mean worse lung function
Science This woman counted literal baby steps, and they walk farther than you'd think They may be slow, but they cover entire football fields if left to their own devices.
Technology Volvo taught its cars to warn each other about icy roads Cool things happen when cars communicate with each other.
In Good Shape discusses the benefits of abstinence from food with Bettina Becher, a Benefit® yoga teacher and instructor for therapeutic fasting at the Weg der Mitte health foundation in Berlin.
Darren Bell is a former PHA Canada President and Chair of the Board of Directors. One of PHA Canada's founding board members, Darren joined the PH community when his son Dylan was diagnosed with IPAH in 1998. Dylan lost his battle with PAH in 2007 at the age of 12, two years after his younger brother Hunter passed away from an acute intestinal ...…
Health Neuroscientists just brought pig brain cells back to life, changing our view of death The new technology might also help researchers better treat brain injuries.
Environment Plastic hitches a ride on rain, snow, and wind to pollute the whole planet Even the most remote locations arent safe from our trash.
Technology Smartphone camera flashes are terrible because they don't really flash A real flash on a smartphone camera is possible, but unlikely.
Science The weirdest things we learned this week: Animal prostitution and Pavlovian pee responses Our editors scrounged up some truly bizarre facts.
Environment Humanity hit fast forward on geological time, and there's no rewind Loggers changed the way a river carved into the earths crust.
Animals Why these towns are trying to save an 'agricultural pest' In Colorados Front Range, advocates capture and relocate prairie dogs before their burrows are bulldozed.
Gadgets A $27 breakfast-sandwich maker and tasty deals happening today A quick guide to getting the goods for cheaper.
Technology This is how a motorcycle shock works The modern high-performance shock is a wonder of linear response and tunability.
Health Pleasant scents might help you quit smoking Research suggests a good sniff could distract you from cravings.
Gadgets 50 percent off a robot vacuum and other deals happening today A quick guide to getting the goods for cheaper.
Technology The world's biggest plane has 6 engines and a 385-foot wingspan Breaking down the Stratolaunch, by the numbers
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