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Best Warnerbros podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Warnerbros podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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James Arnold Taylor’s Podcast, Talking to Myself is a one man show, with many voices! Spending most of his days in little padded rooms talking to himself, James Arnold Taylor (known by his fans affectionately as “JAT”) brings over 30 years in the entertainment industry as one of Hollywood’s most prolific and versatile Voice-Actors/Performers to a 90 minute weekly podcast. Interviewing some of his most well known characters (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Johnny Test, Fred Flintstone, Ratchet from Ratchet & ...
Couch Convos Podcast
Welcome! This is a podcast where a couple of guys, and occasionally a guest, speaks to one another about pop culture related topics! Be sure to follow us here on soundcloud, and to rate and review on iTunes as well as to subscribe to our iTunes page. Enjoy!
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Today JAT reads a bunch of emails and talks seriously about how much each of us matters, by sharing a very personal story.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks turkey with Hank and the gang and then gets into some serious questions about your life's goals and accomplishments.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Pumps You Up Today! This episode JAT takes some great emails from all of you with Bob and talks about the power of a positive life.By James Arnold Taylor
This week, JAT Hangs with his characters and talks a bit about his work then takes your emails.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT fasts this week from food and TV while waiting to see if he needs to be evacuated from the wild fires in his area. Also Bob and JAT take your emails!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT dives into how he looks at goals and how it intertwines with his beliefs and encourages you to find out your goals and beliefs, plus takes emails!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about his time working as an actor on the new Kenobi Short Film made by Jamie Costa and answers emails about health and positive living!By James Arnold Taylor
SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 kicks off here and now with lots of emails and a little update on where and what JAT's been doing.By James Arnold Taylor
It's a new episode of the JATcast and it's just basically JAT talking to you and not as much to himself this time. In other words not as many characters this week so JAT can tell you whats been going on in his world and update you on the podcast!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT gets surprised by Billy, Hank and the gang with a day after his Birthday surprise, and then talks about the use of the word, "should" in our everyday and how we misuse it to blame ourselves.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT reveals a little secret about episode 30, and talks about stuff in life, cuz thats what the podcast is about.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Reads Emails, and catches up on things like his film and welcomes the shows sponsor, Allen Arnold's book, "The Story of With: A Better way to Live, Love and Create"By James Arnold Taylor
JAT and Hank get a call from Franklin who has big news for JAT... Kind of. Then JAT talks a lot about faith, food, and friends, and then... Finally gets around to telling of his time at the new Star Wars Land at Disneyland, "Galaxy's Edge" as well as his thoughts on movie reboots.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT shares some daily affirmations of positivity and tackles the subject of worry. He also plays the audio from his short story "Worried About Worry" read by him with a cameo from his daughter, Lydia. Also, talks to Hank, Billy, and takes emails with Bob!By James Arnold Taylor
It's a JAT cast in half the time of a regular JATcast to get you through to the next full episode next week! JAT talks with Reginald, "Don't call me Reggie" about his upcoming film, "Sons & Daughters" and what he likes about summer.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Let's Hank do his version of the show and then calls Ferris at the Billiard Zone and meets a fan. Then talks about nothing in particular and reads your emails!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Shares about his experiences at Star Wars Celebration 2019 last week in Chicago as well as talks about his upcoming film project based on the Prodigal Son story.By James Arnold Taylor
In celebration of the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Chicago, JAT shares his memories of attending and hosting Celebration and Star Wars Weekends with a look back and some interview clips. Also, does a little reading from the Star Wars Shakespeare book. So even if you can't attend Celebration you can celebrate with JAT!…
This episode spans 1 month! Due reasons beyond JAT's control he starts and stops recording several times in this episode and which takes him to the present day! Great Scott!!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT talks about his first VO jobs and finds audio of them on-line. He also calls his agent Franklin and takes your emails!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT and Obi-Wan Kenobi interview JAT's alter-ego Johnny Test! JAT also talks technology from how he records his podcast to the amazing Virtual Reality Tech he'll be using this week at Multi-Con from High Fidelity. Also, answers an email about how he and his wife met. Plus, a visit from Magneto!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about the famous Obi-Wan Line, "Hello There!" as well as how bullying and judgements affect us. JAT also closes the show this week with a visit from his alter egos, the Minions!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT tells of his time voicing Jack Sparrow and the day he spent with Johnny Depp, voicing the Skull for the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at DisneyWorld. Also emails, and closes the show with Obi-Wan reciting lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, "Higher Ground"By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about the differences between joy and happiness, and shares of his love of art and the importance it plays in his life. He also explains his faith on a deeper level, takes your emails and introduces a new segment to the end of the show. A reading from Gilbert Gottfried as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
This week JAT gets an exclusive interview with one of his most famous alter egos, Ratchet from the hit video game series and feature film, Ratchet & Clank! Also JAT talks about mindfulness and how to achieve more in a day.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Dives Deep and talks about various topics today including how to find peace in suffering and keep at your dreams. It's a JAT "Pep Talk" for all of you along with emails and the usual gang of characters!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Concludes his 3 part interview with friend and author Allen Arnold about Allen's new book, "The Story of With" also they talk about creative energy and how and where to apply it in everyday life. Check out more about Allen Arnold at: www.WithAllen.com Get the book the Story of With on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Story-Better-Live-Love ...…
JAT Talks DC Universe and about his roles on Young Justice. Also he plays part 2 of his interview with Allen Arnold, author of "The Story of With" along with excerpts from the audio book read by JAT and Catherine Taber. Plus, emails, and more!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT interviews one of his alter egos, The Fallen, from the Transformers franchise... Well tries to at least. He also interviews his friend, author, Allen Arnold and plays an excerpt from Allen's book, "The Story of With" featuring the voice of fellow Clone Wars star, Catherine Taber. There's listener e-mails and more!…
JAT tells a very personal story of how his wife and he came to the conclusion to adopt. Also, he concludes his 4 part interview with Dave Filoni, and takes your emails.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about what he got for Christmas, continues his exclusive interview with Dave Filoni, Takes your emails and Talks with Reginald about the importance of sleep.By James Arnold Taylor
It's the day after Christmas and the last Podcast of the year! JAT Talks about finding your dreams and goals for the New Year, rants a bit about Hollywood, plays more of his exclusive interview with Dave Filoni and takes your emails.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT celebrates Christmas with the gang and interviews Santa and his Elf Arthur. Also Answers Emails and plays some Clone Wars Christmas readings from Obi-Wan Kenobi.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about his voicing of Obi-Wan in Battlefront II and plays part 1 of an exclusive never before heard interview with Clone Wars Director Dave Filoni. JAT also answers listener emails.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT makes some new voices, and takes your emails! It's a JAT Free-for-all of voices today!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT talks to Hank and Billy, introduces us to a new character "Bob", recaps his Thanksgiving, takes your emails and explains why it's important to forgive.By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Talks about your creative ability and what you should be doing with it! Also tells a story about a recent trip to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. Plus answers emails and more!By James Arnold Taylor
JAT Tells his story of evacuating from the Woolsey Fire, and Obi-Wan Kenobi Interviews Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Also, an AskJAT Segment where JAT answers questions from emails.By James Arnold Taylor
Episode 3 JAT talks Ratchet, takes your emails and makes a call to his agent Franklin, and meets Franklin's son Bryan, who just doesn't get James. He also espouses on things like cars, his characters and more!By James Arnold Taylor
In this episode JAT talks about why the Prequels aren't as bad as some of you think! He also gets visits from Hank, Reginald "Don't call me Reggie", The Announcer Guy and more! JAT also relives some past Star Wars memories with a clip from his first ever interview with the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid! Please SUBSCRIBE and spread the word!…
Episode 001 James has an exclusive interview with his alter ego, Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Finding out how Obi-Wan likes the planet Earth and if he prefers good ol’ fashion hamburgers over Bantha burgers? JAT also takes you behind the scenes of the podcast, introducing you to some of the new characters and crew helping him do the show. Plus, ...…
James Arnold Taylor's new podcast, "Talking to Myself" is coming soon! Here's a peek at what to expect!By James Arnold Taylor
This week we pit Heroes and Villains against each other in the Ultimate Showdown.Find us on twitter @CGMTVuk or email us at cgmbroadcasting@gmail.comBy CGM TV
Welcome! This is a podcast where a couple of guys, and occasionally a guest, speaks to one another about pop culture related topics! Be sure to follow us here on soundcloud, and to rate and review on iTunes as well as to subscribe to our iTunes page. Enjoy!
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