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The Aidan Project
Aidan Coughlan's inquisitive podcast examines current events, history and culture. What is happening in the world and how do we make sense of it? Aidan, assisted by expert guests from around the globe, is on a quest to find out. Why not join him?
South Wagga Wagga Church
Aidan Hates Drama
Aidan only likes comedy. His older cousin Phil, forces him to watch dramatic movies to expand his horizons. Aidan hates it.
Bed Time Stories is a collection of 14 short stories especially for young children.
Bed time Stories for Aidan Christopher is a collection of: Favorite stories submitted and read by the Volunteers at This project has been undertaken to celebrate the October 2007 arrival into the world of: Aidan Christopher ! (Description written by: Robert Scott (his uncle))
Aidan Rico
Welcome to the Aidan podcast, where amazing things happen.
Aidan Chu
Welcome to my collection of tidbits
Spiritual Calisthenics For People Who Are Willing To Think! Not your typical religious podcast, but with something for everyone whose mind is open enough to function.
Podcast Series on how to grow online business
Two friends and some friendly banter. Most of it self centred trash.
Podcast by Matt Adams
As part of the UCLA Extension course Using the Internet for Career/College Counseling Lieve and I took part in this interview to get a snapshot of working as a college counselor in an international school environment.
Join Aidan and Joe in their valiant quest to explore their House of Corners! The House is filled with vertices, each with it's own theme that the two boys are determined to discover and discuss at whimsical length!
Listen to the weekly sermons and other recorded lectures of Fr. Gregory and stay connected to the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom.
These guys will solve your problems, ease your worries and put a smile on your face! "This is a bold statement I don't think we can live up to this" - Nathan.
Uriel's Gifts
Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. "In A (very different) Pastor's Study" looks at issues, especially issues that folks like you and I face in our daily lives. It replaces "The Sabbat School Class for a number of reasons including that it needs to be more often than at Sabbats, and we want to present highly serious material beyond what would be associated with a class which might be held as a supplement to the main ritual for t ...
Emmet Kennedy and Matchbook’s betting expert's Jesse May and Aidan O'Sullivan are joined by an array of special guests to preview the best betting action in the coming week's sport, and provide a rare glimpse into the world of high-stakes betting.
"This week in Forex" is a weekly TV News Show, recorded in New York and London . Written, produced and presented by Aidan Doyle, the show provides it's worldwide viewing audience a market round-up of the events of the previous week,and an outlook for the week ahead, within the worlds largest finacial market, Foreign exchange. Also includes a section featuring trading advice from a different renowned trader each week.For your local programing and other info visit the Official Show website: ww ...
Hosted by Interaction Designer Aidan Simpson, the Method podcast profiles designers at Google, giving listeners an inside look at their journeys and design choices.
AA Gaming
Podcast by Aidan and AJ
A podcast about Nurturing Your Child's Emotional Health. Produced by Catherine-Amélie Meury, a parent of two children attending Aidan Montessori School, in Washington D.C.
Big questions and theories explained in under 2 minutes from A History of Ideas on BBC Radio 4. Animations voiced by Harry Shearer, Gillian Anderson, Stephen Fry and Aidan Turner. Scripted by Nigel Warburton. This project is made in collaboration with The Open University and the animations were created by Cognitive.
Hosted by Interaction Designer Aidan Simpson, the Method podcast profiles designers at Google, giving listeners an inside look at their journeys and design choices.
Nia And Friends
She is nine years old and in 3rd Grade. She has performed on Broadway - was "Duffy" in the Broadway Musical "Annie." She has worked with Adrian R'Mante and Cameron Goodman. Her theatre mentors are Jennifer Salberg and Barbara Cole ... Uterhardt. She is now learning ukulele, piano and hula dancing. Plus she loves playing with Lego Friends and Mindstorms!
Instagib! Podcast
A podcast for multiplayer gaming goodness
Podcast by Aidan McCarthy
Hosted by Aidan Landrum, a Youth Elite triathlete in Athens, Georgia, and focusing on youth, junior and U23 development. Tune in for news and interviews with athletes, coaches, race directors, industry specialists, and pros to learn more about how youth non-drafting and draft legal triathlon is positioned across the globe.
Actor Aidan Turner talks about Poldark. Set in the late 1700s, the series follows Captain Ross Poldark (Turner), who returns from war only to face financial ruin, romantic betrayal, and a golden opportunity that only he can see. Already a hit in the UK, the Times (London) calls the series a beautifully filmed Sundaynight romp.
Learn all about gardening with Aidan Omar!
Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park talk about their decisions to make an Early Exit from the drinking life, the gray area of drinking and the ongoing edits they make to their lives.
K&A Podcast
We've all heard about the musicians, but what about the people behind the scenes that make it happen? Karl and Aidan interview those that you may not have heard of but are just as important.
Join hosts Aidan Walker and Blake Peterson every Monday for a discussion of films both old and new. Featuring reviews, guests, and specials, Cinemadventure is a podcast for film lovers.
Welcome to the KHW Podcast! Listen in as your charismatic hosts, (Spencer, Aidan, Grace, and Nick), discuss the newest and most exciting pieces of Kingdom Hearts news, as well as Kingdom Hearts as a game series, as well as any and every topic in the "Playlist Podcast".
Australian comedian Aidan 'Taco' Jones podcasts from the only place he feels comfortable talking to himself, wherever that happens to be that week. In January 2017, gassed-up on dreams of romance, Aidan flew to Sydney to reconnect with an old flame, but as he boarded the plane, she broke the news to him that she had a new boyfriend. After a few lonely days in Sydney, Aidan sat under a tree in a park, and because he had no one else to share it with, he told the story into his phone. Like all ...
How and why do immigration experiences vary?Period 5 Aidan Jazmin and Linden
Join Kevin Kelly and Aidan Delaney every episode as they bring stuff to the table and tell you "trust me, it's good". We chat about music, movies, whatever we really enjoy, or maybe in some cases, things we might have OPINIONS on!
We are Ireland's newest motoring sensation. Drawing on the motoring knowledge from both sides of the industry, Aidan Timmons and Bob Flavin have combined to provide a unique, advisory flavour to issues affecting the dealers, customers and they do it in a easily digestible way.
Can't Tell Me Nothing
It's the greatest podcast of our generation. It's the podcast that hasyou jogging in Lanvin. When you're the absolute best podcast, youget hated on the most. Join the whitest boys in the room, Steve andAidan, as they celebrate the discography of the biggest rockstar inthe world: Kanye West.
The County Cricket Podcast hosted by cricket fans who think they know about cricket. Join Aidan Leape, Hugh Dickinson, Matt Wright and Oliver Thrift each week as they guide you through the County Championship Season, chuntering at technique, moaning at the weather, and maybe even saying something mildly interesting as they go. Uploaded each week for us by @itsByTheMinitue (thanks guys, we'd literally be nowhere without you). Follow them on Twitter, and follow us too, @tossingup
Decalcifying your pinneal gland one stupid theory at a time. Hosted by known reptoids: Jared, Eddie, and Aidan.
Sam and friends talk about films, and Sam and Aidan do their top five of any given subject.
Hi i am aidan, the host of Cookie live, this show will be playing music, and talking with friends live
The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, the play dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet exacts on his uncle Claudius for murdering King Hamlet, Claudius's brother and Prince Hamlet's father, and then succeeding to the throne and taking as his wife Gertrude, the old king's widow and Prince Hamlet's mother. The play vividly portrays both true and feigned madness – from overwhelming grief to seething rage – and explores themes o ...
Bon Journos
Chatting about some of the stories of the week you might've missed! With Kevin Kelly, Aidan Delaney, and Ryan McBride.
My Top 5
Listen to Aidan and Sam talk about everything from films to books to television, from celebrities to bands and events and new stories.
Chit Chat!
Weekly Chit chat from the boys, Ed, Shmed and Aidan about common and current sports news (and some occasional side convos)
Aidan Timmons from Motor Trade Publishers and Bob Flavin from have combined to provide all the information, news and advice you need to get the best value for money when buying a vehicle and stay safe on the road. While the podcast is advisory by its nature, it is delivered in a digestible package.
The weekly podcast hosted by Adam Sweet and Aidan Segers where they discuss pretty much anything and everything you can think of.
Grain of Salt
Need help with dating and relationships? Listen as Aidan Avery, Mark Speener and Chantel Jessee answer questions and delve into diverse topics.
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Dortmund fans were given an increasingly rare treat on Match Day 31 – an attractively played comprehensive win over a top-level opponent. The emergence of Jadon Sancho as an impact player ahead of the new season adds a little extra spice. Matt catches up with a well-pleased Abel to talk BVB as well as set the table for Bayern’s clash on Wednesd ...…
The X-Men: Most days, my two sons Zane and Aidan don’t like each other. Aidan steals Zane’s Legos, so Zane puts dog fur in Aidan’s milk. At some point, they bro-hug it out, and Zane shrugs, “It’s family. You can’t get away.” Then they team up against me. Brother X and I are as close as two brothers can be. Well, two brothers born eight years ap ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The CommitmentsAuthor: Roddy DoyleNarrator: Aidan GillenFormat: AbridgedLength: 3 hrs and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-22-08Publisher: Random House AudioBooksRatings: 4 of 5 out of 5 votesGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryPublisher's Summary:Bar ...…
Lorcan McCabe, Dairy Farmer in Co. Cavan and Deputy President Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, Aidan Brennan, Irish Farmer's Journal, Charlie McConalogue, F.F. TD for Donegal, Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and The Marine
Taylor, Anthony, and Andrew are rejoined by Aidan, as they talk about Atari's new console, GPU prices, Switch Ports, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more things.Tune in every Saturday 3pm PST @ us on Facebook at – our Facebook Forums –…180179249227660/Fol ...…
B & B are swooping into your ears with the season three finale (!!): Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. Keep an eye out for rogue ex-boyfriends; they're popping up faster than the MTA. Miranda is shamed by her food ordering habits and reconnects with cutie Steve, Charlotte finally gets what she wants from Trey, Samantha has a very unploppable noise complaint, ...…
Richard speaks to county Laois man Aidan Kehoe who discovered that the secret to success often lies in being lucky enough to meet the right people & being savvy enough to impress them when you get the chance.
Camille O’Sullivan has been treading the boards around Ireland and beyond for many years. As she returns to the Gate Theatre with Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece this week, she speaks to Róisín Ingle about the production. She also talks about the life-changing car accident that saw her ditch architecture for a career as a singer, her boyfrien ...…
Welcome back to Stories Behind the Grind. My name is Aidan Vuocolo and today on Stories Behind The Grind I talk to Kim Toovey who forged his career at McDonalds, rising through the ranks and building his skillset across many well known franchises including Grill'd and Doughnut Time. Kim is now CEO of Suki Restaurants (Poke Bowl/Sushi Franchise) ...…
Episode Description: Everything that is important to you and us covered in the 8.6 Patch Notes In this episode, Blake and Micheal discuss the Duskblade nerf and the compensations Riot gave to its users. Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en Contact us HERE or… Facebook Group – Facebook Page – https ...…
Aidan had to watch Martin Scorsese's classic Goodfellas. They take calls (1:25).
Welcome back to Stories Behind the Grind. My name is Aidan Vuocolo and today on The Grind I talk to Oana, facebook marketing specialist and solopreneur.
KickBack with Aidan and Ben as they interview Greg Horton the Casual Athlete about the many different outlets for expressing your mental health.
In this edition of the Matchbook Betting Podcast, Jesse May, Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan and Brad Allen look ahead to the start of the Major League Baseball Season. Join Matchbook today and avail of a £500 commission refund bonus in your first 5 weeks -
In this edition of the Matchbook Betting Podcast, Emmet Kennedy, Aidan “Sully” O’Sullivan and Karl Swanton preview this weekend's European Champions Cup games. Join Matchbook today and avail of a £500 commission refund bonus in your first 5 weeks -
In this edition of the Matchbook Betting Podcast, Emmet Kennedy, Aidan "Sully" O'Sullivan and Ollie Noonan preview the best Tournament Matchups bets for the Shell Houston Open on Matchbook. Join Matchbook today and avail of a £500 commission refund bonus in your first 5 weeks -
The final Not The Suburbs episode is at hand (*whole world cries*.) The downtown crew talks about microbreweries and what it could mean for the future of Winnipeg. Jeremy takes a journey into Little Brown Jug and Aidan discusses the importance of the Legislative Building, interviewing people that were protesting the bombings in Syria. https://i ...…
On this low energy episode Eddie is high, Jared is sleepy, and Aidan is tired. We talk about a smattering of crap like: Spongebob Plushies, Hoteps, anti-semitic DC lawmaker guy, Trump going to Chuck E. Cheese, and Alex Jones leaping from the Trump Train.
Spotlight on Sheffield with Aidan Coughlan, Cabaret Voltaire, Television Personalities, 2.3, Eula Cooper, AC Temple, and (yet more) Amy Rigby. Plus Bob tells a story on how he once wrote a song that ripped off Cabaret Voltaire.
Aidan and Ben are joined by Blake Horsley to discuss the stigmas surrounding bipolar disorder.
The simplest game we've looked at by a long way. Owen's trying to broaden his resume with some great voice over work while Matt and Aidan stick to what they know best, making a joke out of every aspect of the game. Given that 4 of the 31 squares are literally marked "Lottery" get ready to turn your brain off, roll the dice and pray that it's lo ...…
We're back after another brief hiatus of me not wanting to edit an entire episode! Eddie, Jared, and Aidan discuss the chaotic news from the white house of two weeks past and have existential crises as human/walrus hybrid John Bolton makes his big NSA debut. However, the main event of this ep is the throwdown between two of the Blazers' favorit ...…
Jesus wraps up his famous Sermon on the Mount calling us to completely commit to him our King and challenging us with stark choices. Such commitment is only possible by God’s grace. Sermon preached by Steve Lister. The post Committing to the King – Matthew 7:13-27 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
The post Knowing the good God – Matthew 7:1-12 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
The post Knowing true treasure – Matthew 6:19-34 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
The post Living for the Father – Matthew 6:1-18 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
The post Kingdom demands – Matthew 5:17-48 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
The post Kingdom life – Matthew 5:1-16 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
EICs Aidan Calvelli '19 and Noah Cowan '19 run down five highlighted articles published recently. Aidan and Noah then welcome Christopher Kobel '21 to discuss Putin's shadow game in Bosnia and Herzegovina (9:15). Carter Woodruff '20 joins the show to argue for constituencies determining their own Senators' resignations, using Al Franken and the ...…
On this episode of the Cinemadventure Podcast, Blake and Aidan discuss David Cronenberg’s film “Scanners” from 1981. Aidan talks about how the film creates a unique atmosphere through the use of audio, and Blake explains how some of the grisly special effects were achieved practically for the movie. Movies recommended on this week’s episode: TH ...…
It's the theatre episode! Meg talks about some theatre superstitions, and Aidan tells a few of his theatre ghost stories. Also, multiple mentions of the m-word, Aidan swearing too much, riots, wardrobe malfunctions, and more. email us at: twitter: @vdelightspod tumblr: @violentdelightspodcast…
Welcome back to Stories Behind the Grind. My name is Aidan Vuocolo and today on The Grind I talk to Jon Denner who’s vision is to tell powerful stories and give a voice to those who don’t know how to speak what they feel.Connect with Jon on Facebook:
Hello! Here is part 2 of this week's podcast and it features the second part of our second LIVE show. A lot of the number 2 here! Anyway, this half features myself and RM HUBBERT. I chat to Hubby about his upcoming album with Aidan Moffat 'Here Lies the Body', how he came to speak so openly about mental health on stage, his various collaboratio ...…
Aidan and Phil are back from their break. This week Aidan had to watch Marlon Brando's classic Street Car Nmaed Desire. They take calls (1:08). Also Aidan and Phil want to promote the HBO Documentary called The Zen Daries of Garry Shandling. It's a documentary done by Judd Apatow about the struggles of the comidic legned Garry Shandlings. Part ...…
Release the Bad Doggos We like to cover the full spectrum of cinema on this show, and any episode which begins with a Palme d'Or winner and ends with an infamously campy teen incest melodrama certainly qualifies. The former is our Film of the Week - Ruben Östlund's "The Square", and the latter - Arrow video's Blu-Ray of "Flowers in the Attic" - ...…
On this episode of the Cinemadventure podcast, Aidan and Blake discuss Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with extra special guest star Madelaine VanDerHeyden. The three talk about the meticulous set and costume design in the film, Madelaine tells a story about seeing the film multiple times in theaters, and the three discuss sound desig ...…
Goodbye Irish Aiden Join us for soap opera gossip and some dramatic new announcements! This week on EastEnders, we say goodbye to Irish Aidan, and pop across the pond to say hello to Dr. Finn’s half-bro on General Hospital. It’s all drama llama on this week’s Soapy Madams! SUBSCRIBE on iTunes at The Soapy Madams Podcast Connect with us! Faceboo ...…
Today we talk about Vietnam and Cambodia. Written and recorded by Thomas, Levi, Aidan and Dylan.
1987 was the time when David Lynch & Mark Frost first met and started to collaborate - so what exactly was Mark Frost up to right before that time? Two semi-psychological thrillers that shared enough similarities we're discussing them as one."African" mysticism, single parents, curses, psychiatry, and a dash of 80s moral concern come up in both ...…
In this week's episode, Aidan Brink joins Ryan Fasciano to go over their 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets. They also discuss all the busy transactions that have happened in the NFL, including the San Francisco 49ers signing cornerback Richard Sherman, cornerbacks Aquib Talib and Marcus Peters traded to the L.A. Rams and Cleveland ...…
Laptop trouble plauges the show this week and Chris reveals his thoughts on GoT.A potentially epic showdown leaves much to be desired.What the hell is up with drugging toddlers at day care centers?Chris reveals his pee corner plan to discipline children.Apparently drugging people is the new go to for eliminating problems...As if flying wasn't s ...…
Aidan and Ben kickback with Vic Corbett to discuss her personal story with OCD, BPD and her advocacy.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Prazeres da noite [Pleasures of the Night]Author: Sylvia DayNarrator: Luciane Romanovski, Fabio MatsuokaFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 23 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-15-17Publisher: Audible StudiosGenres: Erotica & Sexuality, FictionPub ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Fresh Air, Aidan HartleyAuthor: Terry GrossNarrator: Terry GrossFormat: Original RecordingLength: 51 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-14-03Publisher: WHYY-FMGenres: Radio & TV, Great InterviewsPublisher's Summary:Former war correspondent Aidan Ha ...…
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