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Happy Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by Sofia Stanley, Emile Ennis Jr. and Kennelia Stradwick, that serves listeners a taste of exactly what happens when a lawyer, a host and a comedian, walk into a cyber bar. Listen as they discuss, argue, dissect, analyze anything and everything including sex, religion and politricks. They rarely agree on anything, except that, sometimes the only thing that gets you through the week is, a shot of conversation. At Happy Hour you BYOB, but the tea is on us.
Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.Go to for more info.
Dum Tee Dum is a weekly podcast about The Archers that features Lucy Freeman, Roifield Brown and you.
A Shot of Politics
Podcast by Jon McGowan
Typecast is a show about the writing craft, in which Chicago Tribune reporter Kevin Pang picks the brain of writers far better than him.
We're a podcast attempting to keep up with the pop culture references on Gilmore Girls. Each episode, we chose a new reference from the show, be it a movie, tv show, or work out guru, dive into the media, and explain to you and ourselves what Lorelai meant by it.
A podcast conversation with Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which Beth and Adam rewatch episodes of MST3K and then talk about them, or about whatever.
Welcome to The 100 Podcast: A Show About CW’s Sci-Fi Series, The 100! Dan and Olga host with occasional guests. Please send us feedback through twitter @The100Podcast or send us an email at Hope you enjoy the podcast! In partnership with TV Time.
Welcome to the podcast show for Transgender Men, FTM, Female to Male, you know - Trans Guys! FTM related topics are discussed, and there are also guests from time to time who come on and share their stories as well.
Kondabolu Brothers
Ashok and Hari Kondabolu (aka THE KONDABOLU BROTHERS) go from city to city, delighting audiences with insights on important cultural matters such as "soap" and "handshakes." They also dissect their experiences growing up as second generation Indian Americans and how their upbringing influences their take on pop culture and politics.
Happy Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by Sofia Stanley, Emile Ennis Jr. and Kennelia Stradwick, that serves listeners a taste of exactly what happens when a lawyer, a host and a comedian, walk into a cyber bar. Listen as they discuss, argue, dissect, analyze anything and everything including sex, religion and politricks. They rarely agree on anything, except that, sometimes the only thing that gets you through the week is, a shot of conversation. At Happy Hour you BYOB, but the tea is on us.
The Main Action is a show about the new up and coming card game Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games.
A Podcast about Show Control. We cover everything related to show control, from QLab to TouchOSC. Our cast of experts will entertain and enlighten you about all the amazing possibilities.Visit for more info.
An album by album re-watch of Billy Joel's career, with snarky and occasionally informed co-hosts Meg Donahue and Adam Ragusea. This 13-episode miniseries starts with reviews of proto-Joel releases from Billy's boyhood band The Hassles and his infamous organ-metal duo Attila, then proceeds through his solo albums of widely varying quality but uniform Joel-ness. Relive the insufferable sincerity of "Piano Man," the poofy-haired smooth sax lines of "The Stranger," the late-80s cocaine sheen of ...
Paul Taylor Vogelzang is an award-winning blogger, podcaster, writer, producer and style fanatic, known for his down to earth accessible reporting and advice for men and women 50 + age, and their families. Paul was one of the founding editors of MommyCast & MommyCast Latina, the wildly popular, very first mom podcasts in audio and video, and its producer from 2004 to 2009. Paul’s current, but also award winning podcast, The Not Old - Better Show launched in 2014. Paul continues to share vibr ...
This is the show for professional speakers, performers, and people who speak to influence such as entrepreneurs or business professionals. Performance Coach Cindy Ashton and Speak to Sell Expert Jason Reid discuss the craft of performing, story-telling, and how to connect to your audience so that you can increase your influence and your profits. Cindy and Jason also go behind the mike and share entertaining stories from the stage, and the road with leading speakers, actors, comedians, and ot ...
A drunken show about the entrepreneur's journey and those crazy enough to say screw the man to go after their dreams. Hosted by Bottoms Up Beer's Josh Springer and Produced by Creative Zombie Studio's Brad Shoemaker.
Welcome to The 100 Podcast: A Show About CW’s Sci-Fi Series, The 100! Dan and Olga host with occasional guests. Please send us feedback through twitter @The100Podcast or send us an email at Hope you enjoy the podcast! In partnership with TV Time.
Host of "The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show" on KDWB, Minneapolis. Father of four. Motorcyles, MENSA, Judgemental and Impatient.
We're here to talk about the New England Revolution and the stuff that makes our supporter culture so great.
It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good
Weekly episodes following Ben and Megan as they begin their life with identical twins. Each week they cover updates on their twins, how they are feeling and tips they have learned to help other families who are having or already have twins.
Super Heroic is a PODCAST about Comic Books that evolve into Television Shows and Movies! Do you like movies like, Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, or Fantastic Four? Are you looking forward to movies like Batman vs Superman or Captain America: Civil War? Can you get enough of TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Flash, Gotham, or Arrow? Well, then this is the show for you! Mick Montgomery & Guests discuss the latest news, do reviews on movies and tv shows, discuss the latest Trailers, ...
The A Show Podcast
Episode 1: The A-Show digs into all things WWE.Ryan Atkinson, Tyler Rea, and Daniel Raynor give their input on how they feel the story lines are going. They dig into the out of ring topics in their segment Falls Count anywhere. They dig into the main topics in the Triple-Threat breakdown. Then Tyler and Daniel go head to head in a Best of 7 Series. In the best of segment both weigh in on hot topics from the previous week of WWE to where Ryan decides who had the more convincing points for wha ...
A weekly comic book podcast, your portal to portly prestidigitation discussing comics, comic news, comic stuff and other magical things. Hosted by Bruce Leslie and Chris Elvins, find more at chubby
Ash of Nubia
Ash of Nubia are Marco, Aldo and Fab. They play guitar, bass and drums. They sing only on chorus, sometimes. Ash of Nubia belong to a common past musical experience by former members; one day, on august 2011, they decide to change everything for starting up a new project. Ash of Nubia took roots on post-rock but what they try to define with their music are images, feelings,smells.Nubian desert is placed between Sudan and Egypt. It's am inhospitable plateau where rare rains guarantee the hard ...
Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper, the Maggid of Melbourne, teacher of Hasidut, community rabbi, lawyer, IDF reservist and father to six – shares a straight shot of Torah on topics of current interest from his Pardes classroom, his research and from his shul in Zur Hadassa. L’chaim!
Hosted by Benjamin Ulrey and Jon Roberts, Polis is a fortnightly discussion examining the impact of our urban environment on everything from politics and economics to our diets and health. Come join our conversation as we think through what we want from the cities we live in and the part they play in shaping each of us.
Raising 'Rents (parents) podcast show will give you everything you need to take care of your aging parents or an aging adult. It will inspire, educate and support through stories and experiences shared by those who have cared for an aging adult or is one themself!
Barbells, Bolts and Bourdon is a podcast that is bring to light principles that we already know and translate them to wellness and wealth in our nation. The podcast will be hosted by Joe Moore, who will be interviewing people who have found success through building, training and enjoying life.
Podcast by The K&A Show
Talk! a show
kinda a workshop page! drafts and tunes I've made/am making for podcasts go here, alongside reposts of other projects I'm doing or am involved with in some way or perhaps just like, is it okay if i LIKE something jeez
IT'S A SHOW podcast
Award Winning Host Greg Shannon enjoys rollicking interviews with iconic pop culture figures from TV, Music, Film, the Arts, and the occassional side-kick for comic relief.
We find and support the Arab world’s leading social entrepreneurs: people with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems.
P and A Show
Created in April 2017, TheMilanGuys podcast is here to interact with fans and share our opinions on the events happening in the AC Milan world. Hosted by Luca LaPorta and Mike, from the @TheMilanGuys Twitter.
Putting on a Show
A 5 minute Podcast with interviews from members of the Edinburgh Napier University Drama Society technical team who talk about their roles in putting on the winter production in 2014.
Going To A Show
Eric Reiberg asks "What's the best concert you've ever been to and why is the best?" And probably a few other questions too.
Not a Show
Climb the Pocket Audio Content is the future of fantasy football coverage. All of your favorite twitter personalities in one place. Win your league by listening to this podcast.
This is a Show
And now... The podcast where conversation is taken to the next level. Join Ian and David as they bring the topics to the table such as ; what's the best animal?, what gross things have you seen on the bus?, and what sport would you invent? It's unlimited, unfiltered and of course; unresearched!
The T 'n A Show
Music, Movies & Everything Else
Two Joes and a Show
Two long time friends and die hard sports fans, Joe Hazen and Joe Macera, discuss the world of sports every Monday. Can't get enough? If so, check out host Joe Macera's blog, entitled Sports Facts & Useless Stats at
Choose a theme. Think of favorite books in said theme. Talk about the books! We love the books.
This is not for the faint of heart. This is for the brave, the courageous. This is for those that dare to pursue purpose, to passionately follow their dreams. This is for those that dare to Take A Shot!
If you want a more natural, simple, and effective life, you almost certainly have to UNLEARN what you have been taught. This show is dedicated to rebuilding you from the inside out.
A show about everyone, for everyone.
A semi (or bi-) weekly show covering the world of professional baseball in the USA and around the world. And some other stuff too, probably.
Originally printed in The Morning Telegraph in New York, this is the story of Miss Sabrina, the show girl, and her ups and downs with the unpredictable theatrical industry and the Great White Way, the lights and glamour of Broadway. "In order to set myself right with both the public and the vast army of Sabrinas that add youth and beauty to our stage, and brilliancy and gaiety to our well known cafes, I wish to say that she is all that she should be...”- Kenneth McGaffey (Summary by Amanda F ...
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It's a major championship worthy podcast this week as 7-time major champion Inbee Park (starts at the 26-min mark) and 10-time major champion Annika Sorenstam (starts at the 45-min mark) are our big interviews. That's 17 major championships combined - perfect timing with the ANA Inspiration. We start the roundtable with a discussion about Lexi ...…
Race and Class Alexandru Cistelecan Jonathan Yong Tienxhi Ilaria Bertazzi Historical Materialism 2017 (London) Racism & Civil Rights ‘Epistemic Revolution’ and Counterrevolution. A Marxist Critique of Decolonial Reason Alexandru Cistelecan Viewing the Myth of the Lazy Malay Through Neoliberal Lens: the Professional-Managerial Class in Malaysia ...…
Can someone in the prime of their health fall prey to heart disease? Dr Ashok Seth, Head of Cardiology at Fortis Hospitals, explains this and more.
In this first episode of 'Talking Trends', join Danny Ashok as he shares his thoughts on what's trending on YouTube this week. The selection includes:Solo: A Star Wars Story Timberlake’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show World: Fallen Kingd ...…
In January 1981, 200 Dalit families at Meenakshipuram in Tamil Nadu rebelled against upper caste discrimination and converted to Islam, setting in motion a chain of events which culminated with the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. It’s been 25 years since the Babri demolition. So, today, we look at the turn of events in one of the mos ...…
This episode, Erik starts a new series called "Knowledge - History - D&D". A chronological review of how Dungeons & Dragons came into being. We'll start by releasing episodes every other week. This first episode starts with the prehistory of D&D from 500 AD to 1950. Since this episode involved a lot of research, I wanted to share all my sources ...…
Marketing Startups: The Investor's Point of View with Ashok Kamal In Episode 18, Ashok Kamal, Executive Director at Tech Coast Angels, elaborates on the topic of marketing startups and gives listeners quality advice of customer acquisition, having a great marketing plan, as well as ground rules of marketing. Ashok discusses several key points f ...…
If you think D.C. is all politics and traffic, think again. Each week, Capital Culture explores food, culture, lifestyle and entertainment in the nation's capital - and beyond - with WTOP's Rachel Nania and Jason Fraley.By
Indian television is appalling, and the reasons for that go beyond culture. Renowned journalist Ashok Malik joins Amit Varma in episode 27 of The Seen and the Unseen to describe how government regulation played its part. Check out for more episodes You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcast App on A ...…
This week Dave and Steel are joined by Dave’s physicist friend Jason. Together the three of them discuss proton therapy, Jason’s top three physicists of all time, describe the new “Physics Hair” calendar they’re working on, answer Dave’s questions about fringe physics concepts, give parenting tips, play science-themed music from The Flaming Lip ...…
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